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EE prices first LTE phones and tariffs in the UK

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      23rd Oct 2012
....and heres why i had, and still have, no interest in moving to EE for 4G LTE. It was never going to be unlimited was it?

But seriously! 36 a month for 2 years only gets you 500Mb!?!?

As one of the comments said...

500MB at an average of 30Mbps would run out in just over 2 minutes! sort of defeats the point of having LTE don’t you think?
EE has finally revealed tariff and handset pricing information for its LTE network, due to officially launch in the UK on October 30th. Those hoping for unlimited data will be disappointed, with the company instead opting for different data allowances depending on the monthly cost of your contract. All the tariffs come with unlimited calls and texts on a standard 24 month contract, with the following pricing options available:

Anyone looking for more data will either have to purchase additional add-ons when running low, or move up to the 60 business tariff which features 16GB of data. Regardless of how much data you have, you can use it however you see fit, with VoIP access and tethering supported across the full range of tariffs. Customers hoping to avoid eating into their precious data will also be able to access BT's Wi-Fi hotspots littered across the UK at no extra cost as part of their plans.
Those hoping for a less restrictive 12 month contract will have to add an extra 10 per month to their chosen tariff. Customers wanting to bring their own handset, meanwhile, will be able to do so from November 9th, as EE will also offer 12 month SIM only plans. The company says that those will be 15 cheaper than the 24 month plans, with prices starting at 21 per month. MiFis will also be made available, starting at 15.99 per month for 2GB of data.

EE also let slip details of how existing Orange and T-Mobile customers will be able to move over to an LTE tariff. Anyone who has joined the networks recently and obtained a 3G handset such as the Galaxy S III or HTC One X will be able to swap to the equivalent LTE model for a one-off fee of 99. Those still locked into their contracts will also have the chance to switch early. Customers will still have to pay for the final months of their plan, but EE will apply a 33 percent discount on the remaining balance provided you've been with either network for six months or longer.
Finally, the carrier is offering some additional incentives to entice customers over to its LTE service. Those paying 41 or more will be receive a free add-on, with choices including music streaming provided by Deezer, two free mobile games per month, or live mobile TV supporting up to 19 channels. As if that wasn't enough, EE is launching its own [/URL]on-demand Film service. It's a standard content store accessible across mobile devices, but with an added twist: customers will be offered a coupon every week that will let them watch any title in the store for free. Fans of Orange Wednesdays will also be pleased to know that EE will offer an identical service, allowing customers access to two movie tickets for the price of one every Wednesday in cinemas across the UK.


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      23rd Oct 2012
I haven't got the first feintest clue what you're on about

I don't use my phone for online stuff, it's too titchy, and besides, when I step outside front door, I like to feel detached from tinternet.

Still, from what I can sus from above, prices seem like a lot of loot for not very much

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      23rd Oct 2012
Crikey! That is just like... um... the way they've done it in the U.S.

Just for comparison: 4G data is unlimited here in Finland, and fees range from 20/month for a 50 Mb/sec subscription to 40/month for a "full speed" 100 Mb/sec subscription.

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      23rd Oct 2012
Sounds like you get a very good Deal there Urmas - unlimited 4G data for €20 is a bargain!

It seems silly to have a 500MB cap - especially at 36/month. It makes 4G pointless for the time being, as 3G is much better value and still plenty fast for most mobile needs.
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      23rd Oct 2012
... not to mention that it will take time EVERYWHERE to get 4G infrastructure up and running COUNTRY WIDE.

But still... latencies are much lower, and upload speeds...

Here is a speed test from Helsinki (September 2012, operator: DNA, 50 Mb/s contract):


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      23rd Oct 2012
I'm sticking to the old Nokia that my daughter gave me about 8 or 9 years ago.

It's a PHONE and that's all I want.

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      23rd Oct 2012
my phone ... http://www.speedtest.net/result/2260628551.png


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