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DtaGridView - Add DataBinding using bindingsource

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      14th May 2008
Hello all,

I am relatively new to windows forms and I am trying to make this work
(pseudo code):

Create bindingsource.
Set DataSource property of bindingsource to generic list
Check to see if datasource of datagridview is null
if it isn't add databindings


private BindingSource bs = new BindingSource();
bs.DataSource = objList.CollBuildings;

if (dgvBuildings.DataBindings["DataSource"] == null)
dgvBuildings.DataBindings.Add(new Binding("DataSource", bs, ""));
} // end if

It doesn't error, but I get no data displayed in the grid. This does
dgvBuildings.DataSource = bs;

Is there some advantage to using the DataBindings.Add as opposed to
setting the datasource directly?

Thanks for your help and have a great day!
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      15th May 2008
Hi RobinS!

That makes sense, thanks for your help!

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