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Energy40 28th Feb 2012 10:56 PM

Dcount the values

What the best way to perform Dcounts on groups in an Access report.

For example, I have 3 MOH that are in four regions either MOH East, MOH West, MOH Central and Other Region. I have a query called qryNotifablesbyAreaALL that shows a history of all the lab that have been assigned to their regions. On my report I want a total for each lab reports bases on how many are assigned to the four regions

This is what I know of the Dcount function but the result I get (obviously) is the TOTAL number of the 'Responsibility Coverage at the end of each group.

Here is the text box I placed in the 'Responsibility Coverage footer:
="Summary for " & "'Responsibility Coverage' = " & " " & [Responsibility Coverage] & " (" & Count(*) & " " & IIf(Count(*)=1,"detail record","detail records") & ")"

Can anyone please help me with the syntax to Dcount the values for each MOH and not the entire total? I know that the reason the total value is being returned is because I am Dcount'ing the entire qryNotifablesbyAreaALL query. How am i able to Dcount each MOH region in the Group Footer?

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