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DataGrid1_UpdateCommand (update price)

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      23rd Jul 2005
Have a datagrid that displays the price column in this format $12,400.00 from
a table.

Went to the Property Builder of the datagrid and selected the Price column
and changed the Data formatting expression to {0:c}

Have the following code in the DataGrid1_UpdateCommand event handler

string key = DataGrid1.DataKeys[e.Item.ItemIndex].ToString();

//Price column
TextBox tb = (TextBox) e.Item.Cells[1].Controls[0];
string stPrice = tb.Text.SubString(1); //this is the decimal number without
the '$'
decimal dc = decimal.Parse(stPrice); //convert string number to decimal

DataSet1.CAR_DETAILRow r;

r = dataSet11.CAR_DETAIL.FindByCAR_ID(int.Parse(key));

r.PRICE=dc; //this line causes problems; in my table the datatype of Price is
//number and I keep getting the error "Input string was
not in a
//correct format."


DataGrid1.EditItemIndex = -1;

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I've also tried using
Convert.ToDecimal and still same error message.

Is there a better way of updating the changes of a datagrid to the database?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I'm using c# and oracle9i table



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