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CPU Cooling With Toilet Water?

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      5th Apr 2012
Hot on the heels of news that Google uses toilet water to cool one of its data centers, it has emerged that an enterprising hardware hacker had the same idea some seven years ago. As you will see in the following pictures, though, Jeff Gagnon’s computer is much more than a toilet-cooled rig — it’s a case mod tour de force.

For a start, it doesn’t actually have a case — instead, it has a lovingly hand-cut and -painted (while topless; see below) Tux penguin backboard, which the motherboard, hard drive, and power supply are all nailed to.

Then there’s the CPU waterblock, which has been handmade from a lump of copper and, I presume, an arc welder or a soldering iron. But where does that tubing go, I hear you ask? Where’s the water reservoir, the pump, the radiator?

Well, it just so happens that there’s a toilet on the other side of the wall — and so Gagnon, who is obviously a fan of doing things as gracefully as possible, simply drilled through the wall and put a water pump in the cistern of a toilet. There’s no sign of a radiator: It looks like it’s actually just an open system, with water freely flowing in and out of the cistern. Here’s a quote from Gagnon, on the actual functionality and efficiency of the system:

The more we go to the toilet, the more the CPU heat is going down. With this setup, the CPU heat is about 19 Celsius — very nice! After a weekend out of home (not flushing the toilet for a while), the toilet reservoir is warm and the CPU heat is about 29 Celcius…
See the whole article with pictures at ExtremeTech.com
So, the more you go, the more you can overclock
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      6th Apr 2012
I think someone needs to invest in a new cistern tank ewwww mingin

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      7th Apr 2012
Originally Posted by TriplexDread View Post
I think someone needs to invest in a new cistern tank ewwww mingin
Half a cup of neat Domestos would sort that out


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      10th Sep 2012
Originally Posted by Abarbarian View Post
Half a cup of neat Domestos would sort that out
Lol, it would also warm the bleach into a vapour as it went into the PC around the cooling tower, anyone for a dose of chlorine gas?

My goodness whats that refreshing odour making my eyes water and my lungs bleed, is it a new blend of Glade Airfresh or Eau de toilette perchance?

Last edited by Alienware; 10th Sep 2012 at 04:00 AM..
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      11th Sep 2012

Really banned for a little bit of sarcasm? It's ok for this bloke to say "I think someone needs to invest in a new cistern tank ewwww mingin!"

But the minute I post a little sarcasm at the idea of putting bleach into a PC cooling unit I return to login and find I have been BANNED for the above post.

That's pretty childish behaviour, who the hell mod's this forum, is it some bad tempered little kid who draws some kind of sadistic pleasure from banning new user's who havent paid for VIP access.

Yes, your BAN is really effective as you can no doubt see.

I have no doubt you'll probably ban this account too, go right ahead I've finished having my little rant and I have no desire to be a part of any community run by the likes of you!

You can BAN an IP range but you might want to bear in mind that some people have enough experiance under there belt to walk all over your BAN.. When you dig around in your logs you may find that originally I was located in the United States, but now I am located in Bolivia. Thats the kind of experiance money can't buy.

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      11th Sep 2012
If you are the person who was using the monica Alienware, you were simply banned for contravening the Forum Guidelines, namely ...

User Name Policy
Please note that the User-name should conform to the following guidelines and it should not be changed once set. Forum members are required to register with a displayed name or user-name which does NOT feature an email address, ALL CAPS, an obvious company name, or names that may carry a message or meaning that may be interpreted as inappropriate. Admin decision in this regard is final and user-names deemed inappropriate for the forum will be deleted or renamed.

... I banned you, you don't like it, take it up with Admin.

Have a nice day.


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      11th Sep 2012
If the karzi user was to clean out their cistern I trust they would have the sense to shut down 'puter and remove tubes prior to sploshing in some bleach.

Anyway, all water containers used regularly like a cistern ain't going to look too pretty, don't mean to say it's unhygenic though.

Good idea I reckon, would be better with the cistern lid on though.

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