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Countif with Multiple Criteria

New Member
Join Date: Jul 2010
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      15th Jul 2010
Hello everyone,

I need help fast. I am creating a Summary Page (Worksheet 1) and would like to pull data from Worksheet 2. My Worksheet 2 has various columns and many rows. In Column A, I have a list of employee names, for example: Henderson, Craig. In Column G, I have a list of Yes or No corresponding to the employee name. I need a countif formula to count the number of "No" in Column G, but ONLY if it matches a specific name in Column A "Henderson".

What will be the countif formula to be calculated in my Summary Page (Worksheet 1)? The data will be pulled from Worksheet 2.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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      1st Sep 2010
easiest would be to make a reference column and combine column A & G (you can use concatenate formula or just =A#&G#, then on summary page your countif formula would be on your new ref column (which we'll pretend if column 'H' and your names on summary page start we'll pretend they start in A2)

=countif(worksheet 2!H$2:H$99,A2&"No")

Hope this helps
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