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Chris Szilagyi
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      5th Aug 2004

We are trying to pinpoint a problem with users in XP Pro, that are
browsing files & folders over a 256k WAN link to our Win 2000 file
server in Windows Explorer. Simply going into one folder to the next
can take 30 seconds to a minute. The XP Pro workstations are new (2.6
P4, 256 MB RAM, 10/100 NIC, etc). The problem is more noticeable when
browsing folders that have a large number of JPG & GIF image files
(1200+). From our testing, this problem only appears to happen on Win
XP Pro workstations, Win 2000 and NT 4 seem fine so far going over
this same WAN link. We have already done preliminary steps like
updating drivers, Windows update, modifying TCP Rx size, on the XP
workstation, and tested our WAN link for errors...all is fine.

If anybody can shed any light on this one, that would be great. Thank
you very much for all feedback and suggestions!

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