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Cheap gigabit switch with no WOL issues

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      9th Jan 2011
Looking for a cheap (less than $35.00) switch from Asus, D-LINK, TP-
LINK etc. that doesn't interfere with wake on LAN (S3 standby and
shutdown). Four or five ports is sufficient. Any recommendations?

Seems like these new cheap switches feature green ethernet technology
that may prevent WOL from working. I see reviews and posts like these;

D-Link DGS-2205
Cons: Does not support Wake-on-LAN. Confirmed by D-Link customer
"If your computer become idle it automatically deactivate the link
from the switch and if you use your Wake on LAN function it will not
be able to reach your computer."

Trendnet TEG-S80G
Cons: WOL support questionable - when I had intermittent success with
WOL through this switch, I asked Trendnet tech support if WOL was
supported and they told me that it was *not*. Argh - nowhere is this
mentioned in any spec or documentation.

"I wish I could find an inexpensive gigabit switch that doesn't have
this stupid "green technology" that shuts off ports that aren't in-use
and breaks Wake-on-LAN."

"I just wanted to mention something. I have one of the 5G GigE
switches and one of my pet peeves is I cannot send a WOL packet to my
desktop connected to this switch if the computer is shut down. If the
computer is in Hibernate/Standby mode though it will wake up. If the
same desktop is connected to my router it works fine.
I suspect it is part of the "Green" Technology, but honestly it annoys
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      12th Jan 2011
On Jan 9, 5:41*pm, Grinder <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> You'll likely not get a definitive answer from any support group, but I
> would ask Rosewill about WOL on this one:
> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16833166061
> Less than $30 delivered, if you use the promo code.
> I've spoken to them a couple of times and they sound fairly reasonable.
> * Also, their product descriptions are usually pretty explicit. *No
> mention of green tech or WOL in product descriptions or the manual.- Hidequoted text -

Thanks, I got a Netgear GS105 from the local store to avoid any return
shipping fee. No complaints so far.
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