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Can't get Attachments with Redemption - error

New Member
Join Date: Sep 2007
Posts: 3
      11th Sep 2007
Hi -
I am trying Redemption for the first time, and was trying to access Attachments.

When I try the code below (VB6) I get a popup error:
Runtime error "-2147418113 (8000ffff)':
You are not authorized to use this object. Set AuthKey property first

Private oApp As Outlook.Application
Private oMess As Outlook.MailItem
Private Sub Command2_Click()
Dim rMess As Object
	Set oApp = New Outlook.Application
	Set oMess = oApp.CreateItemFromTemplate(msgfile)
	Set rMess = New Redemption.SafeMailItem
	rMess.Item = oMess
	rtf.Text = rMess.Body
Dim rAtt As Redemption.Attachment
	For Each rAtt In rMess.Attachments 'ERROR OCCURS HERE
		With rAtt
			List1.AddItem .DisplayName
		End With
	Next rAtt
End Sub
I am not using AuthKey anywhere in my code - and when I try, I get basically the same error message.

Is this message due to the fact that I am using the Developer version ?

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New Member
Join Date: Sep 2007
Posts: 3
      11th Sep 2007
Never mind - It turns out I had Redemption reg keys I wasn't aware of - so i deleted them.

I think that some other program I use also uses Redemption....
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