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Cannot copy files during XP install

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      24th Apr 2008
Originally Posted by Ryan J
I'm getting the same problem. Trying to install with
Windows XP Pro on my newly built system. Asus P4C800
with Intel P4 3.0Ghz and other stuff. But, i have tried
Windows XP Pro as well as Windows Server 2003 Evaluation
that i have and i recieve errors of the same degree that
you are recieving on both were files "could not be
copied" and then if i press enter for retry, its a 50/50
chance that it will go through, then if im lucky to
finish the install, it generally with have some end
before i can even reboot to input my cd-key and
everything. Unfortunately, I could not find any
information through the "Knowledge Base" which i cant
even really consider it that anymore so this is my last
resort. Any ideas Bill?

>-----Original Message-----
>Installing XP - stops on the file WDMAUD.DRV --"cannot
>copy file" Later, cannot copy DRIVER.CAB, then at least
>10 others during the course of the installation.
>ASUS P4CP-E deluxe motherboard, Seagate SCSI drives
>(RAID - Adaptec 2100S)
I was having problems installing XP Pro on new machine, reading your article prompted me to use my cdrom from my first computer that I had installed XP Pro on using the same disc without any errors, to the new machine that I kept receiving errors that it setup cannot copy files driver.cab and along long list of others.

Using my orginal LG CD-R/RW DRIVE model CED-8O83B COMPAQ PART NO. 152628-806 I was able to install the XP Pro OS system into the new machine with no errors.


Thank you very much, I was becoming very frustrated and had been trying to get this installed for three days. I had tried using the UBCD, tried other versions of Windows OS, all with no success.

I hope that this will help you.

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      12th May 2008
I have been chasing this problem for several weeks on a PC that had recently been upgraded to XP and a top of the range video card added, it suddenly crashed and after that would not load XP correctly and flagged lots of other errors along the way which have only confused and miss directed the fault finding etc etc.
With the help of another PC and applying the process of elimination I tried every combination of hardware and software configurations spoken about in this forum and others. Every piece of hardware proved to work. Proved everything from a corrupt XP disc to possible damaged motherboard..
The job was heading for the bin but I spotted a references to RAM memory in a forum relating to a similar problem and decided to checkout the RAM cards etc . Removed one of the original 128 RAM memory cards and as if by majic a result XP fully loaded.
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      18th Apr 2012
I have had this problem in the past (and again today). Today I was loading XP Pro from a slipstreamed disk for dual boot with W7. The XP load stalled when a file could not be found, and a fatal error resulted. In my case, I switched XP disks and got a full install that is just finishing as I type this. I thought I had a RAM issue or a bad block, but just using a different burned XP disk solved the problem.

I have also had to slip a different XP disk that the system could read the necessary file(s) from into the CDROM and continue loading!. That worked fine and the result has been reliable and problem free for over a month now.

I did not think that would work, but did (on a non-fatal) unreadable file XP install issue. I have always learned ;'the hard way' with computers and the discovery that I could insert files by just switching between XP disks during an install was quite a surprise to me..
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