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Can't connect through wireless router

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Join Date: Nov 2007
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      1st Nov 2007
I'm stumped with this network problem.

- I have an ADSL modem that connects to a Wireless router that connects to my home PC (through ethernet cable) running Windows XP. I connect with my notebook via wireless. I've had this setup for several years with no problems but recently something has gotten messed up and now I cannot connect from my home computer although my notebook connects to the internet with no problem through the wirless router.
- If I connect my home computer directly (avoiding the wireless router) to the ADSL modem I can connect to the internet no problem. The problem occurs when I connect through the router.
- When connected to the router I get the 169.254.x.x. IP address with a subnet mask =, default gateway is blank, connection-specif DNS suffix is blank. I can use IPCONFIG to release the IP address. But when I use IPCONFIG /renew it gives me an "unable to connect to DHCP server" error. Connecting directly to the modem I don't have this problem.
- It seems to that somehow my setup has changed.
- I don't think the issue is with the modem or the wireless router but something with windows on my home PC trying to go through the router

Any ideas on what I can do?
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      2nd Nov 2007
The absence of a default gateway address is a major part of the problem. The following article from Microsoft Technet should help if you can get past all the technical details.

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