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Building a PC

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      19th Aug 2006

I just moved to Manchester from Sydney, Australia (don't ask why) and I'm looking to build my first PC. My budget is around 300 to 400 pounds. This is an example of what I'm looking for, can people help me out with good brand and good value hardware? The computer will be mainly used for gaming, ie. Counter Strike and World of Warcraft.

AMD Athlon 3200+
160GB Hard Drive
256MB Video Card - ie. nVidia 7600GT
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      19th Aug 2006
You'll find it hard to build a gaming PC for 400. You should look more around the 600 mark if you want it to last you a few years.

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      19th Aug 2006
you could probably do it just about but you'd have to really skimp on some things which isn't really a good idea, as Reef said 600 is a more realistic budget

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      19th Aug 2006
Socket 939 3200 retail - 60
160Gb Hard Drive - 40
1Gb DDR RAM - 75
7600GT w/256Mb - 95.00

Total: 270.00

Which leaves you 130.00 to buy:

Optical drives
Floppy drive

Which would come to about 200.00, unless you gonna buy crap.

So, maybe, for about 470.00, you could do it.

Assuming two things:

1) You don't mind buying socket 939 which will soon be history.

2) You're just talking about the base unit and not including mouse, keyboard, monitor & speakers.

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      22nd Aug 2006
ermm from Sydney to MANCHESTER

good luck to you


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