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Bios update, can't actually retrieve the update from the internet? =<

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Join Date: Jun 2008
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      9th Aug 2008
Hi, me again =P

I've realised that what happened last time was due to me not having the most recent asus update,

I've now got the most recent asus update facility and i've tried to download the bios update... This is where it all goes wrong,

when i connect to any of the update servers it says "sorry there's no proper bios images on the server"

And i can't actually get the bios update =[

Does anyone know any way around this because i'm becoming slightly impatient with myself and asus now =/

Thanks, by the way this is my motherboard specs and bios current thingy mabob

Model: P5N32-E
Version: ASUS P5N32-E SLI ACPI BIOS Revision 1205
Chipset: C55XEMCP55PXE
Date: 08/22/2007
Bios Type: Award
Bios size: 1024k

Thanks, for those that haven't seen my other post, this is because the motherboard states "Unknown CPU detected, bios update is required to unleash it's full power"

Thanks alot everyone, in advance

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      9th Aug 2008
Try downloading directly from the ASUS site they usually have several mirrors so one of them will normaly work. When you have the file on your pc then use the ASUS software to flash the bios.


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      9th Aug 2008
As Abarbarian says try downloading from Asus..In my opinion when it comes to things like BIOS, i would prefer to go to the manufacturers site and download from there..Less chance of owt going wrong that way..I have picked up quite a few nasties in the past downloading from other than the manufacturer...
Asus Support can be found here
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      12th Aug 2008
Quite honestly, Don't upgrade if you don't have any problems with your computer.

If you really need to, when I used Asus Update, it never worked, it said "no proper BIOS images on server" And on other servers it said either "server!!!!" or "Server too busy".
In my eyes, the utility to update from the internet is absolutly USELESS!!!! I'm not even sure if anyone actually got it working?

But if you want to work around it then you do have to do what Abarbarian suggested. This was the only way I updated my BIOS. First find your motherboard model on the Asus website and the download the latest BIOS version, save the file to a obvious location (Desktop, Documents etc) the open Asus Update and click on "Update BIOS from file" then find the BIOS file you downloaded on the computer and simply use that to flash the BIOS.
Oh yeah, don't power off the computer or reset it or terminate Asus Update when flashing is in progress!!!! Doing so will render the BIOS unusable because it is be corrupt and your computer will never work again!!!!!!

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Join Date: Jun 2008
Posts: 70
      12th Aug 2008
Ok here's what happened,

I downloaded the update and used ASUS EZ flash 2 to flash it

And when i did the flashing i found that my pc wouldn't turn on, it would power up and i wouldn't see anything,

Then i phoned a local company that fixes computers, they said "Sorry but there's nothing that we or you can do, phone asus, take it from there"

So i did

Then a friend of mine aged 15... 15!!!

Turned round and said "Just take out and put back in the CMOS lithium battery"

So i did

Bios updated, Pc works again

Youth 1

Old people who repair pc's 0

Lol thanks everyone anyway =]

Bios update ok ^^
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      3rd May 2013
It never worked since they came out with it and ASUS should be embarrassed as hell. They should stick with the hardware, cut overhead dump the software (sorry who ever writes it). Realize your security to servers, but... And yea you don't have to DL latest bios, Oh unless your sticking new hardware in. Usually the customer buying a MB builds their system and most likely keeps it up. Wondering why at all does ASUS even include auto update. Unless Its woven into code and would have to be completely-written? Have had literally countless Asus boards. Over 30 years, Why censored people off with software that does not work?
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      3rd May 2013
Originally Posted by Shreddi View Post
Have had literally countless Asus boards. Over 30 years,

Nice to know, considering they only started making motherboards around 1997 or so.
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