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  1. Searching an Alphabetized list for data, then RESORT
  2. How do I enter cell references in "Equal to" box in solver
  3. Drop Down LIsts
  4. vlookup
  5. Multiple functions per cell?
  6. How do you ...
  7. data tables in Excel
  8. Sum Count of Two Numbers in the same Row
  9. Excel Formula please
  10. How to sum items from column A only if Column B row equals X
  11. Inserting rows
  12. Count matching cells
  13. Quick-keys for FILL color?
  14. SUMIF Function Inside SUMPRODUCT Function
  15. cell to show ' 0 ' , or nothing at all, if the sum is a negative number
  16. Text Functions,
  17. Free hosting , Domain names , Earn money from your Site
  18. Copying formats - column widths, formats, outlining to worksheets
  19. Excel Templet purchase order multiable pages
  20. Compile list of same cell from multiple worksheets
  21. Multiple Substitutes
  22. LOOKUP command
  23. Sum of Range of Cells
  24. What does @SUM mean?
  25. Enable Macros
  26. Exclude certain cells from printing.
  27. Conditional format of minimum number
  28. HYPERLINK IF referencing the cell of the function..
  29. Using MATCH() for an exclusive find?
  30. What does a $ in an excel formula do?
  31. Excel-Master
  32. Date Formula
  33. excel help
  34. COUNTIF - multiple conditions
  35. List of property names and values for a given object.
  36. SUMPRODUCT Acting Quirky
  37. creating and moving hyperlinks - Please help!!!!
  38. Automating Worksheet Names
  39. Return employee name when the employee's number is entered
  40. transfer information from one worksheet to another using a butto.
  41. Vlookup function question
  42. Macro Template File
  43. Custom menu
  44. lookup help
  45. Excel Solver violates constraints
  46. Help With HLOOK
  48. VLOOKUP on separate file: Works fine for a while....
  49. A bit of a Stumper
  50. Macro Help - Copying and appending data
  51. Collapsable Rows?
  52. How do I increment a formula?
  53. changing cell colors with formula
  54. Formula to determine whether number falls within range??
  55. Separate address column to Five columns
  56. Permutation in excel
  57. Rational exansion of a decimal number
  58. COUNTIF With Non-Continuous Cells
  59. Time Sheet to show hours owed
  60. Protecting Cells
  61. Permutation in excel
  62. Some help needed
  63. Percentage formula's
  64. Software to create color coded maps from excel?
  65. Finding Duplicates
  66. multiple pivot ranges
  67. need 360-day loan amortization excel spreadsheet template
  68. Rolling Balance after 30 days
  69. Re: Find function
  70. Need date to appear 90 days later than initial date entered
  71. Creating Scenarios and Scenario Manager
  72. freeze content
  73. Validation from Database (not sorted)
  74. How do you update links
  75. filters logics
  77. Countif function
  78. Find function
  79. use if function to change cell color
  80. create an array with unique items IN MEMORY
  81. dynamic connections in excel?
  82. random combination of letters
  83. Counting with Array Formula
  84. How to find MATCH numbers ?
  85. fill handle + query
  86. Can I get excel to auto save details from a cell into the doc nam.
  87. multiply the value of a cell
  88. How can I get rid this value "#VALUE!" in the cell
  89. Excel formulas
  90. Worksheet terminology
  91. how can i change the row from 123 to ABC
  92. If Then Statement in Excel
  93. Excel, Need some help
  94. Copy and paste from one spreadsheet to another
  95. Vlookup to find Second INstance
  96. blank cells
  97. Max Lookup formula
  98. Need to find 200 students from column of 1000
  99. Format a cell for hours ' minutes "
  100. Can Excel send alerts when due dates are not met?
  101. How to identify entries in a matrix also present in another list
  102. help locating first empty cell in a Column
  104. Indirect function - Limitations
  105. Please help....
  106. In excel, how can I create a towards column in a single box?
  107. A calendar calculator template that reflects remaing weeks in a ye
  108. Formulas not recalculating when values change on another sheet
  109. Counting number of occurrences
  110. Autofilter - can I increase the drop down font
  111. Cell value & hyperlink
  112. Another IF question
  113. How did excel get de-installed? Got error mssg: CiceroUIWndFrame
  114. I can't delete columns - help!
  115. Macros for the AR Aging Workbook template?
  116. converting number string to number with decimal
  117. Auto populating fields
  118. Re: Help
  119. lookup returns row number-why?
  120. The number of hours in a day cannot exceed 24...
  121. Allow unprotected cells to spell check after sheet is protected
  122. Summing on multiple conditions
  123. Sumproduct question
  124. Re: IF statement
  125. Moving Around a Blank Spreadsheet
  126. IF statement
  127. If Or?
  128. Using Sumif with 2 conditions
  129. Locating Last Nonzero Cell in a Row
  130. Populating several cells
  131. Limits of MINV matrix function
  132. Problems with an IF statement
  133. Ranked list
  134. HELP - Date Range In 1 Cell Calculation
  135. Downloading documents
  136. concatenate strings
  137. How can I use like a mail merge feature in excel to create a form
  138. How do you calculate CAGR In Excel 2003 with no initial cost?
  139. count unique phrases in a word table or spreadsheet
  140. Columns
  141. counting comments
  142. Average based on Hour
  143. Compare Side by Side in Office XP Excel
  144. lookup based on a row number
  145. select lines from multiple worksheets and write to new worksheet
  146. Hiding a row if date is filled
  147. Help to adapt Formula syntax to work with Visible Filtered Cells
  148. How generate trendline equations for Power, Exp and Log trendlines
  149. how to get rid of #N/A
  150. combining data
  151. Conditional Formatting
  152. Date Creation in Cell
  153. COUNTIF or not to COUNTIF on a range in another sheet
  154. how could I import a text file with comma separated values into ex
  155. how to use input formula from several worksheets in excel?
  156. combining 2 pieces of text from 2 columns
  157. Formula error in merged cells
  158. data validation list should have opt. to select based on criteria
  159. Print only cells with values
  160. Linkage data between two spreadsheet
  161. How do you add a-z (alphabetically) to your toolbar in micr works
  162. Make boxes apear on paper?
  163. output based on data in a graph
  164. Page Header
  165. Search feature in workbook
  166. Getting the first 3 digits out of 6 digit cells?
  167. Can't get list in Document Contents for workwheet
  168. drop-down list validation won't allow a different worksheet
  169. options under tools dose not come up
  170. Formula Assistance Required
  171. How do I define "contains' as the default custom filter?
  172. how do i get this
  173. Finding DUplicate Data set in Worksheets
  174. Locking a table
  175. Formula to determine number of Standard Deviations based on % of population
  176. Opening multiple Excel files that contain varied selected sheets
  177. What is wrong on the fomular: Offset(MIN(A1:A10),,-1)?
  178. Sales League table
  179. Comparing Two Spreadsheets
  180. Locking cells after one answer
  181. Re: Help with formula please...
  182. Help with formula
  183. calculating number of months from today
  184. countif
  185. Date functions
  186. how do I keep the dropdown list button visible continuously
  187. Excel 2003 Subtotals not working correctly
  188. Using countif with 2 conditions
  189. Can I use Excel to create this text file?
  190. Locking format
  191. ranking
  192. Re: Help with formula please...
  193. Re: Couple of hopefully easy questions
  194. Value of a Cell by Time
  195. Forecasting weekday occupancy between two years
  196. matching numbers in col a and col b
  197. Preceding a number by zeros, that is still a number
  198. using linest to generate 3rd order polynomial coefficients
  199. looping through a set of calculations
  200. I cannot convert using HEX2DEC formula? i need a plug in i think?
  201. Calculating Month Average Exch Rate from Exchange Rates Calendar!!!
  202. Adding Cells
  203. drop_down_box
  204. What is the shortcut key for adding $ to a cell reference eg $c$3
  205. =max(range includes #N/As)
  206. Changing positive figures to minus figures
  207. Optimizing mortage payback
  208. How do I get it to insert addresses instead of Next Record?
  209. When I move a vertical border it deletes horizontal borders
  210. add a column only if 5 other cells on the row satisfy criteria
  211. Vlookup Headache
  212. search value in a table and sum another column
  213. one formula to make a multiplication table work
  214. having a two tables on the same page with different widths
  215. Filtering Columns to Align Matching Data
  216. How do I count a value if another field = a specific value? Excel
  217. tab scrolling buttons not responding
  218. tab scrolling buttons
  219. Very Frustrating - Please Help!
  220. Converting CSV files into Excel files
  221. I Need Help with complex formula ?
  222. Avoiding #NUM!
  223. freeze other columns when columns have been frozen already
  224. dynamic defined ranges
  225. Vlookup for data contained in a cell
  226. Excel chart problem
  227. mixed font styles in the output of a formula?
  228. Sorting Identical Data set in a work sheet
  229. Need to compare 2 tables to generate 3rd table
  230. Need to get rid of blank rows without sort
  231. Need help summing time
  232. Cell references
  233. HELP ASAP get rid of blank rows without sort
  234. RE: Cell references
  235. formatting dates
  236. Creation of a Generic Macro
  237. RE: Cell references
  238. RE: Excel chart problem
  239. Please Help and Thank you!
  240. Matching data using date criteria...
  241. finding name within range
  242. Re: Conditionl Format
  243. Re: Conditionl Format
  244. Word Associated Shading or Color
  245. numbers
  246. Calculating two numbers in one cell
  247. vlookup over 2 sheets?
  248. Dates Not Formatting as Dates
  249. lookup cell content in multiple files
  250. Retuning a column number for a specific value
  251. trouble shoot pointing to a cell
  252. How do I change where Excel looks for templates?
  253. tab scrolling buttons - excel 2003
  254. is there a "distinct" function native to Excel
  255. Can excel sort entire rows of data like access?
  256. Lookup question.
  257. Help One Way did not work
  259. Conditional Formatting that will display conditional data
  260. formula change
  261. Multiple If Statements
  262. Adding numbers in a single cell
  264. Look up problem
  265. European date formats
  266. Comparing ranges and deleting
  267. extract data Column 1 starting with A1, A4, A7, A10, etc.
  268. Macro
  270. How do I split a cell of 2 words into two cells
  271. Re: Count "how many in a row"
  272. how do i find # hrs & mins. between 2 different dates and times
  273. Contains instead of Equal
  274. Help Needed Urgently
  275. Connect columns, with restrictions
  276. Count "how many in a row"
  277. Re: Count "how many in a row"
  278. Adding time Values up in Excel
  279. format column for unique values only
  280. move from one column to another after a set condition
  281. How do I stop Excel from treating blank cells as zero?
  282. Make a formula that adds every 4th cell in a column indefinately?
  283. Copy and paste from 1 workbook to another
  284. Display "Last updated date" for the Workbook (without using a macr
  285. What is the spreadsheet function in excel
  286. Non-random numbers generated by excel's data analysis random gener
  287. Counting cells
  288. Subtotal results without word "Total"
  289. how do i calculate time in & out in excel using a formula
  290. Frequency of values with Criteria
  291. If typed 12805 then 12/8/05
  292. link help
  293. How do I sort entire spread sheet. Names w/data
  294. linked cell is displaying formula instead of the data
  295. Your online office "help" system REALLY sucks!! I'm not kidding!!
  296. vlookup almost does this but not completely...
  297. Delete repeated Cells
  298. #Value error when linking workbooks
  299. 2 different Companys. Data Sort
  300. Information from column to row
  301. finding if name within range
  302. Contents of cell
  303. error N/A
  304. Lookup
  305. organizing a workbook
  306. using getpivotdata function
  307. vlookup reverts to data from a previous report
  308. Functions not "recalculating" when input changes ???
  309. Merge & Center function is turned off...how do I turn it back on?
  310. using a checkbox for a conditional function
  311. Copy Cell Referecnces
  312. Text from Max value
  313. How do I randomize ascending data (number values) in excel?
  314. I want to add automaticaly my postponed check in my banking regis.
  315. Multiple coin flips in a single cell
  316. Sumproduct not working when summing values between two numbers
  317. Prevent Worksheet Deletions
  318. Pivot Table - 'Merge Labels' option and formatting
  319. Reformat IF(ISERROR(....) : if 1st option returns empty, look at 2nd option.
  320. Shared files
  321. How do I reconcile bank statements?
  322. How many std deviations is Excel function "STDEVP"
  323. Locate and retrivie data in table/matrix
  324. attendance sheet
  325. Frequency within date range
  326. File won't open. Error message "too many different cell formats"
  327. Pulling data from another workbook
  328. Format single column cells to be 6 characters long
  329. Pivot Table Question
  330. Use functions when cells are merged
  331. Select one of many clipboard item to paste into document
  332. using filters with the sum function
  333. how to format only a specific character or number in each cell withina range of cells
  334. Delete Rows where cells does not meet criteria
  335. How do I quickly fill a formula result into a column of cells?
  336. printing problems
  337. DATEIF Name error
  338. Arrays
  339. can you filter more than two items in excel 2000
  340. Workbook & multiple spreadsheets
  341. Pivot tables and total count
  342. =CONCATENATE() help!
  343. conditional formatting autoshapes
  344. Help with Formulas
  346. Fill handle formula
  347. Pivot tables - calculated fields
  348. Trying to freeze panes. line down and through middle of worksheet.
  349. Showing Garbagge in my File.
  350. Interpolation using GROWTH function?
  351. Fill down to nonblank rows
  352. creating function (vba) with range arguments
  353. Protection-exceptions to delete a row
  354. Copy & Paste macro
  355. Summing specific cells!
  356. Subtraction formula for consecutive cells in a column, skipping blanks
  357. Auto number invoices in Excel
  358. XIRR function not defined?
  359. Excel sheet question
  360. 1430 to 2:30pm
  361. SUMIF problem...
  362. Average Function Help Needed
  363. =(A6)!$O$14 - why won't this look for same name sheet as A6?
  364. Summing accross sheets
  365. is there a percent error function in excel?
  366. removing year from date
  367. Put comments on a locked spreadsheet even though cells not locked
  368. if function
  369. Splitting Character String
  370. Remove apostrophe
  371. Need help with formulas
  372. Dro pdown list formulas
  373. halves
  374. Excel formula for monthly interest rates
  375. Referencing worksheets
  376. Smart tags for financial symbols
  377. Re: If
  378. Re: If
  379. Re: If
  380. How do I create a weekly series?
  381. Compare two lists with two variables
  382. return a cell contents as the result of usiing "small"
  383. if statement problem
  384. Need Help Writing a Formula
  385. Delete repeated numbers in Excel
  386. delete repeated numbers
  387. comparing two columns & then perform a calculation
  388. Sort from lowest to highest
  389. Excel should have a tan^-1 Cos^-1 and sin^-1
  390. display minutes and seconds in excel
  391. Re: ifsum slows down calculations
  392. How can I count values greater than and less than certain values?
  393. Apply cell shading based on adjacent cells in EXCEL
  394. EXCEL: IF CELL B6 RED, HOW DO I GET A "W" (ie for win)to show up
  395. serial number cell
  396. Find and Concatenate
  397. Range of data within a column
  398. Another Nesting IF Statement Problem
  399. Pivot table grouping of dates in row fields will not work. Why?
  400. Formula Help with Lists
  401. nesting if statements
  402. Summing only those cells that aren't hidden
  403. Random Numbers
  404. preserve "-" when importing text field from access
  405. SUMIF excel function not working
  406. How do you convert embedded drop-down lists in Excel '97?
  407. How to replace a word with a word from other column?
  408. counting unique values and matching to quantities
  409. What formula would I use to get -2 / -2 = -100%
  410. linear interpolation function in excel
  411. How to record macro to print pages modified today
  412. Controlling text in an Excel worksheet
  413. Concatenate and Vlookup
  414. Don't know what to call what I need?
  415. Re: can you entre a bar code into a excel cell?
  416. Help with conditional format
  417. Type in letter return word
  418. Please assist
  419. Linking cells
  420. Function
  421. Count cells with condition
  422. Is it possible to put 2 splits on one page? If so... How?
  423. Using dates in formulas
  424. My DCOUNTA formula results do not display in Excel.
  425. keep date format in a Combo box
  426. Fill-in empty cells from SAP report
  427. automatically insert row at each page break
  428. Conditional Average
  429. VBA Custom function for lookup
  430. % change in the last two cells in a row
  431. 27 sets of data. Need to find zero in each set
  432. Help writing an Excel Formula
  433. converting a number to English text ( not to Baht) is needed
  434. Count the number of Cells in one ROW with conditions
  435. How Show decimal in Bar Function
  436. How to pluck out initials of a 2 or 3 word name
  437. Count occurances Problem
  438. Div/0 error
  440. return left most part of cell
  441. Index question
  442. Excel should let me sort by colour
  443. How can I get excel to look up prices in a table
  444. Conditional Formatting Reference / Inserting Rows
  445. special sum formula
  446. Evaluating Rank to determine formula
  447. commission spreadsheet
  448. IF Function??
  449. Evaluating results of a concatenate formula, as a formula
  450. Sumproduct.................
  451. Determining a specific time during the day
  452. Regression Statistics are returned as Rounded to 1 vs. several dec
  453. Close excel do not save
  454. Check box, then add current time to cell
  455. text function
  456. How do I calculate a future date in excel?
  457. delete spaces
  458. Using offset more than once on the same sheet
  459. format social security number
  460. Counting occurences of a substring in a range of cells.
  461. Complicated formula
  462. Compare two different size lists
  463. if function multiple variables
  464. Unhiding multiple worksheets in Excel 2000
  465. cut and paste subtotal from excel
  466. creating a excel spread sheet using ffinancial functions
  467. Looking for experience with counting and conditions in excel 2003
  468. Re: Using COUNTIF for Counting Words?
  469. countif OR function
  470. VBA function for "Mean" using Array as argument
  471. How do you sum just values that are bold in a list of values?
  472. separate text into different cells
  473. Refer new sheet to previous sheet
  474. How do I select on two variables in a range of data in excel
  476. how to return mulitple corresponding values
  477. Warning - "Fixed objects will move"
  478. Repeat calculations
  479. Fair Play
  480. Calculation of full hours
  481. Function for decreasing salary by 2.5%
  482. Count cells with specific values in the cells next to them?
  483. How can we see two different excel sheets on one screen?
  484. Can a UDF be used on an array of cells?
  485. Help with a Date Formula
  486. calculate payment with first payment due date variable?
  487. Counting .5 in a pivot table
  488. Count or result of matching cells
  489. Experienced any problems with nested subtotals using Windows XP
  490. List box, copy multiple Cells
  491. Moveing Data to another Worksheet
  492. How do I prevent a formula element from incrementing when copying
  493. How to highlight an Excel row by clicking on a cell
  494. Select different source data for a PivotTable
  495. How do I prompt a user to update a cell value (ie the date)?
  496. return cell reference from any column
  497. ... Count, <<< Positive Values minus Negative Values >>> ...
  498. Filtering data and replace on to an new worksheet
  499. networkdays
  500. Formulas not updating until save
  501. countif - Criterion1 OR [Criterion2 AND Criterion3]
  502. Format of CSV File in export
  503. Macro help!
  504. Weeknum & Year
  505. Insert manual line break in formula
  506. Extract each item in the list
  507. Any function for Crop/Cut Text
  508. Percent of total in Pivot tables
  509. INDEX and workbooks
  510. VLOOKUP in SUMPRODUCT array
  511. #Name? Error when using NETWORKDAYS function ......
  512. Colour (color) problems
  513. Vlookup
  514. Counting Occurrence of Text within Text in Cells in Range.
  515. How do I convert a given number into a letter?
  516. What do I need to do here please.
  517. problems with macros
  518. Asking for Formula ~ Thanks!
  519. Verifying Dates
  520. Translate WEEKNUM result into a date
  521. Getting Yahoo Stock Quotes by a USer Defined Function
  522. MODE isn't working properly.
  523. Financial Calculation Help Needed -- Annunity
  524. combine the two into a single formula please
  525. Sumproduct + Array Function?
  526. Help on Networkdays
  527. ok for the first but I would like the first 2 Left please.
  528. ok for the first but I would like the first 2 Left please.
  529. ok for the first but I would like the first 2 Left please.
  530. Excel 2000 to 2003 update links doesn't work properly any suggest
  531. How can i italicize a word via a formula?
  532. Count Occurances if two conditions true
  533. Convert Range name in cell for VLookup
  534. VLookup returns #VALUE!
  535. RE: Track changes across multiple worksheets
  536. Need Help: 'sheets' function with a variable in a formula
  537. countif >0, specific cells
  538. finding the right number
  539. Linking Columns and cells
  540. Problem with a "if" "then" situation.
  541. formula for finding a value!
  542. dates and if statement work on one sheet, not on another
  543. How do I use space provided for Company information
  544. How do I get custom views created in Excel 2K to show in Excel 200
  545. Dynamic Time Display
  546. Countif not blank
  547. Need help with lookup on text format
  548. ActiveX works in my spreadsheet but when sent to others, doesn't
  549. Counting cells that meet 2 differnet criteria
  550. Functions not "recalculating" when input changes ???
  551. Formula for rounding to the nearst eighth of one percent
  552. Excel Font Effects should include Upper Case
  553. Re: function for finding a value!
  554. Sorting by text colour
  555. Excel: Format Control: 'cell link' reamins constant. How to copy
  556. Creating Macro or Code Help?
  557. Sunrise / Sunset
  558. Import Data
  559. Formatting cells is not retained when saved as csv file
  560. Need assistance with printing macro
  561. Sorting Data
  562. Can we have custom Column headers instead of default
  563. Annual interest rate
  564. running balance in excel
  565. How do I find a name in a list of names?
  566. How can I get the domain name out a email adress?
  567. what is the formula to change 08/14/51 into 1951?
  568. Count occurances in range of cells
  569. How do I use VLOOKUP to find values across more than 1 sheet or Wo
  570. How do I keep with column widths of a pivot table when I refresh
  571. VLookup on two criteria - Not two dimensional
  572. excel function help
  573. sum using reference from other worksheet
  574. Lookup function, need help
  575. Automated file name retrieval and updates
  576. Analysis ToolPak Translator
  577. in a line of three possible answers how to prevent multiple answer
  578. excel files into money 2005
  579. How do I retrieve a date in a column of dates which > my criteria
  580. Return to individual sheets
  581. Linking total amounts
  582. sum and variable rows
  583. Disabling protected cell selection
  584. Formula which is greater tahn or equal to zero
  585. Create a single sheet from many sheets
  586. Comparing dates
  587. Can a conditional formula indicate "date added" next to a text?
  588. Vlookup Calculation Issue
  589. Cenvert dollar amount into words
  590. no formula results in cell
  591. I need a template for my supply inventory
  592. Auto convert an alphanumeric string (CIS9638S) to numbers only?
  593. RE: Auto convert an alphanumeric string (CIS9638S) to numbers only?
  594. Arithmetical Mode Value for Filtered cells in Multiple Adjacent columns
  595. If column c # is 101..then column e is $14.32 & column g is $8.00
  596. How do I calculate and show negative time in Excel?
  597. RE: Auto convert an alphanumeric string (CIS9638S) to numbers only?
  598. roundup within a formula
  599. RE: roundup within a formula
  600. i need help with a calculation formula...
  601. Sort with a List
  602. Excel 2003 - Copy Cell Reference
  603. Multiple Item Replace???
  604. How do I show negative number in brackets using excel?
  605. Add money to a sum
  606. Data Entry
  607. How to add equal values and than replace them with their sum?
  608. Formula with current Date
  609. Re: Date format
  610. Copy a cell value and add literals
  611. Multi - Level Question involving Data Mapping and Formulation
  612. Identifying Dups in different ranges
  613. Count IF problem
  614. Need to find a row in a worksheet based on the value of a cell
  615. Statistical functions query
  616. Function to ignore decimals
  617. Creating Worksheet Using Server Object
  618. If statements
  619. Transposing Data
  620. Creating Worksheet using Server Object
  621. I want to make three sub colums under an original colum
  622. How do I copy a function with a called cell constant?
  624. VLOOKUP for Zip Code Ranges
  625. Formula
  626. Is the IRR calculation based on cash flows at beginning of year?
  627. Conditional Formatting
  628. Can I show a formula's result on a worksheet tab?
  629. Ladder Help
  630. change case in excel
  631. Using boolean function for color fill
  632. Re: Truncating text before a hyphen
  633. Truncating text before a hyphen
  634. Formulas and worksheet linking
  635. IF Command conditional formating
  636. find position of a number in a string
  637. League Tables
  638. What Function to use?
  639. Require alpha-numeric entry
  640. How to share a workbook to our staffs
  641. Solution Required to prevent #Ref! when rows deleted
  642. Re: Function or number depending on input
  643. Discount rate - what to use?
  644. Filtrera Pivottabell
  645. IF formula?
  646. Calculate Date range
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