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  1. How do I read unknown values from an existing chart?
  2. Border lines dissapear from bottom of graphs
  3. How to change default format
  4. Chart whitespace
  5. CHARTS---X-Y labelling
  6. Fixing the size of a row
  7. Sharing chart on two pages
  8. Adjusting display on Y axis to leave out some digits values.
  9. Saving charts in Excel 2007 so compatible with earlier versions
  10. Is there an addin for displaying correlation matrices as contour p
  11. Print Specific Charts
  12. Pie Chart Data Labels
  13. Trendline equation calculation
  14. how do i save an excel graph as an image file for use on the inter
  15. pie charts instead of bubbles
  16. Conditional formatting of lines in a chart
  17. Change y-axis to category in a column chart
  18. "treat empty cells as" is greyed out in charts
  19. Chart problem.
  20. Pivot table/chart row multiple records question
  21. chart error message / work sheet not open ?
  22. multiple chart types on pivot
  23. chart type
  24. How do I keep chart/data link when copying worksheet
  25. X Axis only showing label from a range
  26. display a letter in a chart
  27. secondary (Y) axis greyed out on Chart Options
  28. Combination Bar Charts, Bars shrink when X-values inserted
  29. How do I create a drop down menu in a chart
  30. Vertical line on column chart with monthly data
  31. "Not plotted" option / blank cells in graph
  32. Powerpoint chart -> Excel
  33. Saving Excel 2007 chart as web-page
  34. how to add a horizontal benchmark value line in a column chart?
  35. amortization schedule
  36. thickening a bar in a chart
  37. Converting a year date into a specific day date
  38. data markers in graphs overlap
  39. Re: How can I change the color of negative bubble in bubble chart
  40. dymanically generate chart, based on multiple values
  41. How can I change the color of negative bubble in bubble chart
  42. PivotChart disassociation from PivotTable
  43. Generate Chart Based on Cell Values
  44. Graphically present salary increments/yr
  45. Excel Graphing sort of scatterplot but not really.
  46. Excel- orgchart and databases
  47. Export charts
  48. Ferrero's Conditional Bar Chart Qs
  49. Extract X data from Chart
  50. Series Named Range Problem
  51. xl2007 3D-Rotation - Grabbing and Turning
  52. auto data source, removing null
  53. Adding labels to a waterfall BAR chart
  54. adding baseline and goal lines to a column graph
  55. Text box embedded in xl chart doesn't print
  56. how do i do a production possibilities graph between 2 products
  57. Show Filters on an Pivot Chart
  58. Dynamic change of chart source
  59. 3D Stacked column - scale question
  60. Naming charts on own sheet
  61. Find the balance of amount from a total count of 60....
  62. The tilt-wheel on my Intellimouse horizontally scroll worksheets.
  63. Diabetes tracker? BG, BP, Wt, INR, exercise, carbs - in 1 chart
  64. Scattergraph: Meaningful interpretation
  65. Excel 2007 Charting Slow:
  66. How to create chart basic
  67. How to create a scatters chart
  68. Charts
  69. Using a formula to determine variable rows in Chart
  70. change last serie to be line in the line-column Excel chart in Wor
  71. I want to plot 2 different graphs together
  72. How do I force a secondary horizontal axis to act as a date axis?
  73. Series order in Legend
  74. accessing outlook data using excel macro
  75. Excel ScatterPlots
  76. Change chart type in single data series, Excel 2007
  77. Names on a Bubble Chart
  78. 100% Stacked Bar
  79. Q: Including subtotals in a pivot chart
  80. kind of chart?
  81. New Food Pyramid
  82. Resize chart and preserve formatting (Excel 2007)
  83. include more than 3 data series as columns in combination chart
  84. Stacked bar and lines on 2 axes
  85. Trendline won't show as well
  86. Elimiating extra White space around chart ?
  87. Why the hidden column can't be shown on charts?
  88. Trendline won't show?
  89. Separations in a Line Chart
  90. Undelete Legend Items
  91. Combime individual dates in a month in a Pivot Chart
  92. color bar with pattern macro
  93. what type of chart?
  94. Automatic chart title
  95. Opening a file
  96. Reversing chart
  97. Graph with horizontal color blocks marking certain numbers
  98. related to PIE charts N BAR charts
  99. Is there a Template for an event planning checkoff list?
  100. change chart print size
  101. Creating graph from values in multiple tabs within workbook
  102. XY scatter chart
  103. Source data for XY scatter chart
  104. XY Scatter x & y axis grid numbers
  105. source data from multiple sheets
  106. Minimum and maximum value of Axis set by user by reference to form
  107. switching x axis
  108. Lognormal base in charts (excel 2007)
  109. 2 Axes, same scale wanted
  110. Chart dependent on column
  111. Year curves in charts?
  112. chart "squaring"
  113. Source Data Mess
  114. Peltiertech dynamic control chart
  115. Pie in Pie Chart
  116. HELP!
  117. excel chart - absolute referencing????!
  118. Size of plot area expands when Chart Title is deleted - why?
  119. Stacked charts
  120. Opening 2003 graqhs in 2007
  121. bar graph column label alignment
  122. Line and Point in the same chart?
  123. Representing Dual Data in a Stacked Bar Chart
  124. create SPC chart with 3 sigma Upper/Lower control limit
  125. How to create professional charts
  126. Quadrant Chart
  127. Ploynomial Trendline Equation Changes After Copy Paste
  128. trapping charts event
  129. dialog box for axis minimums, maximums, and major units
  130. how to produce a lin-log graph instead of log-lin graph?
  131. How do I obtain cell information (column/row) from data marker?
  132. Stacked chart with 2 series
  133. Format Data Table
  134. Trendline Formula Problems
  135. Stacked Bar graph
  136. Pie Chart
  137. Chart features unavailable
  138. Population Pyramid and Negative Numbers
  139. Some charts won't let data labels to be at "Outside end"
  140. Secondary y-axis for certain x-axis categories (not by series)
  141. How is a Paretto chart created in Excel?
  142. excel chartimg
  143. Possible to change colors 3d bar chart by point in Excel 2003?
  144. Greyed out series order scroll bar
  145. Lines on x-axis
  146. How do I change the scale on the y axis to letters?
  147. Combining a regular bar chart and stacked bar chart
  148. excel programming
  149. Linking chart data labels to cells whose contents change
  150. Pivot Table Question
  151. Picture objects and text boxes change position
  152. Excel 2007 and dynamic charting
  153. Data Labels on charts
  154. Stacked bar graph of varying widths?
  155. Set RN = Range(Cells(2, 1), Cells(r, 1)) error
  156. Do you have time?
  157. RE: Excel chart imbedded image shrinks
  158. How do I add a target line to a chart?
  159. Creating notches in box whisker plots in Microsoft Excel
  160. how to change colors of slices in a pie chart
  161. Time Series Question
  162. changing colors of slices in a pie chart
  163. Macro error, range object need data?
  164. pivot charting doesn't work for me - bill -
  165. row count function
  166. Black Prints as Grey/Gray
  167. how to draw trend lines through only certain data points
  168. A mind of its own?
  169. Trendline error
  170. VB pre-defined range ?
  171. Replacing Chart title with Text box
  172. How do I adjust a curve ?
  173. How do I change chart defaults so new charts have them automatical
  174. How do I add a vertical line to a horizontal bar chart?
  175. Embeddd Charts Page Crashing Excel
  176. Column/line graph settings
  177. condition chart color bar range
  178. Eliminating "tails" on line charts
  179. Labeling The Right Hand Side Of A Graph With Axis Values ?
  180. How to hatch the area under the curve?
  181. Series name
  182. stacked column chart with negative values
  183. move axis
  184. Plot temperatures with F on one Y axis and C on another
  185. charts
  186. Can 2 graph lines show on same shart
  187. Bar Graphs
  188. Charts and Combo Boxes
  189. Area Chart combined with Line Chart
  190. How do I add two vertical scales to a line graph?
  191. multiple data
  192. data input into cell a1 drives c1 data gathered from a list
  193. cluster column chart with data point labels
  194. Looking for help re chart speed after upgrade to Excel 2007
  195. How do I specify min/max error bars for individual data points?
  196. rookie question
  197. Plotting average values against time intervals
  198. timeline
  200. outline an excel graph
  201. add high/low/close lines to a stacked column chart
  202. How do I add different cells to have one bar chart?
  203. Number format changes in chart after closing and opening
  204. max data serie
  205. Awesome
  206. chart with color automation
  207. Hide part of axis
  208. Y2 Axis Labels on Y1 Data Point
  209. Semi-transparent backgound
  210. Pivot Chart WebPart
  211. Linear Trendline Vs Common Sense
  212. How can I place the legend next to the data point on a chart?
  213. "Add Trendline" grayed out
  214. Where can I find and how to use gauge graphs?
  215. How do I plot values to match log scale on chart? Ron Hudson
  216. Field Name Error Msg
  217. Control in Chart Sheet
  218. change exist chart to be dynamic
  219. how to create a chart of a sheet from a xsl file that is on a url
  220. Excel Pie Chart and Chart tips
  221. Dynamic Chart Title?
  222. How do I make a combination chart in 2007 as in 2003?
  223. Let's see if you can solve this.
  224. Analysis Toolbox Ad-in for charts
  225. Charts on 2 axis'
  226. Chart Size/Space
  227. pivot chart question
  228. XL2007 Pivot Charts: Path to data in another workbook keeps chang
  229. stacked column chart with 3 fixed amount ranges
  230. A Bar Chart with 1 Line
  231. Named range as chart data reference (error)
  232. Changing many charts in one worksheet
  233. How do I plot "Month, Year" on the x-axis for prior to 1900?
  234. making the fill gradiant reliant on another source range
  235. Excel 2003 Column Chart
  236. Excel 2007
  237. Levy Jennings QC plot template
  238. 2007 viewer?
  239. Data Series question
  240. Y axis scale macro
  241. Trendline Question
  242. Charts
  243. zero values in bar chart
  244. Carrying format with cell reference to another sheet.
  245. Chart Automatically Updating
  246. Copied graphs not working
  247. Chart automation with entry data
  248. Excel 2007 x-y data point dragging
  249. Can I select Multiple Items in a Chart
  250. add individual data points to a bar chart of averages
  251. No Record Source, no dependencies?
  252. Copying excel chart to word document without gridlines
  253. Conditional Shading Areas
  254. excel
  255. Is it possible to create completey new chart types in excel?
  256. How do I delete pages in Excel? Keeps printing blank pages at end.
  257. stacked bar chart
  258. chart options show data table
  259. 3D Chart Resize
  260. Dynamic range chart losing its dynamism..??
  261. Conditional Formatting - Data Labels
  262. skip cells with zero values in chart (cells not empty)
  263. SUM data if meets criteria
  264. How to limit pie-chart slices to top 5 & rest to group in others
  265. Order of X-axis
  266. Something similiar to conditional formatting
  267. Can I put pictures in a cell and get them in an axis of a graph?
  268. Charts
  269. Copy Paste Chart format in Excel 2003 using VB.NET
  270. Stack Chart
  271. pasting text into a text box
  272. Copy Data from One Group of Cells to Another Group
  273. How do I set up a graph for and (Alegebra ) with x and Y axis t-c
  274. blank display
  275. Copy and paste cahrt to new sheet-update data automatically?
  276. Source Range
  277. dates as minimum axis values
  278. $150 to be automatically write as "one hundred fifty" in MS Excel
  279. Footnoting Assumptions
  280. Multiple 2d charts in a 3d display
  281. Multiple 2d charts in a 3d display
  282. How do I not display selected data in a stacked column chart?
  283. How to: 3 side by side columns with overlayed (?) data
  284. Bubble Charts
  285. Excluding Error Values
  286. line chart problem when I open file in 2007
  287. Bar chart with character data in x and y axis ?
  288. percent correct
  289. set text direction for multi-level category labels
  290. Chart lines
  291. I need a date line
  292. Hiding Charts
  293. Pie Chart Sectional Pull-outs
  294. Charts created in Excel 2003 are not showing up in excel 2007
  295. different scale on the horizontal axis
  296. Change Y-Axis Run length?
  297. Reverse chart column and row order
  298. Reverse chart order
  299. Combining Chart Styles
  300. Reverse chart order
  301. Is it possible to cut a pie chart into sections instead of slices
  302. y-axis auto range based on data limits
  303. How do you add straight lines to a candlestick chart?
  304. I am completely fed up!!
  305. How do make a line correspond to date
  306. Formula for Graphs
  307. In charts, is it possible to change data references to relevant?
  308. more than 2 secondary y axis with individual ranges of value
  309. Chart does not show up in print preview and wont print?
  310. how do i add a scroll bar to a line chart?
  311. Charting more than 255 bits of data
  312. Re-Ordering Data Sets in Charts
  313. how do i get venn diagrams in excel sheets?
  314. column charts on two axis
  315. pie of pie
  316. how do I draw a historgram?
  317. Chart suppression of zero's
  318. How do i draw a regression line on a scatter graph
  319. Scatter Chart
  320. weekly charts
  321. editing multiple charts excel 2007
  322. Data Tables and Conditional Formatting
  323. How can the last 12months on the x-axis auto update each month?
  324. Bar chart with no zero columns
  325. How to assign individual colours to each bar chart?
  326. Digital Dashboard Graph in excel?
  327. Changing the color scheme for multiple pie charts so they all matc
  328. Combining Workbooks
  329. Forced Scaling
  330. Chart size
  331. Data Lables, in chart go away when reopening
  332. graphs
  333. Resizing trendline title in legend
  334. zero value removes columns. How do I keep columns with zero value
  335. Avoid plotting refferanced blanks as zeros in scatter plot graphs
  336. Side-by-side bar chart
  337. How do I change the default line colors in Excel graphs?
  338. link colors to descriptions in bar charts
  339. Color vs Colorindex for series border
  340. Cluster Column Pivot Chart
  341. Bar Chart
  342. Maintain formatting in linked chart title
  343. Wonky Area Graph Problem
  344. Slope line in stacked area chart
  345. Dynamic Charts Problem
  346. calculate the area under the curve
  347. Using part of a cell in a chart title
  348. how excel calculates the major units on an axis when MajorUnitIsAuto property set to true
  349. how excel calculates the major units on an axis when MajorUnitIsAuto property set to true
  350. Color coded bar chart
  351. drawing bell graphs side-by-side
  352. creating an Excel chart using a map of a country?
  353. Data labels
  354. combine stacked bar charts
  355. excel copyright
  356. excel copyright issues
  357. Chart with Quarterly and Monthly Results
  358. How to group bars showing counts and overlay line compliance chart
  359. Sizing Excel charts
  360. Cannot assign a range to seriecollection values
  361. Read series values range of a chart
  362. excel trying to add rows +col
  363. Sector diagram - splitting the pieces?
  364. Completing a Chart
  365. How to present one outstanding data in a chart
  366. how do i draw two bell curves side by side w/ some over-lap?
  367. Updating Values and X Axis Labels
  368. Scale of Data Table in Graph Object
  369. Can I make a "tab name" the "chart title"?
  370. Chart will not update!
  371. Adjusting series
  372. graph won't update when data is changed
  373. I need help with charts in Excel 2007
  374. Error message when adding a name
  375. Another Pivot Chart Autoformating Question
  376. data series and axis labels
  377. Graphing points to the 10^-19
  378. Line Graph Template
  379. Help With Upright Bar Chart ASAP!
  380. Is it possible to chart series data from multiple rows in a table?
  381. Chart 3 items
  382. change the colour of the "invert if negative" option in Excel
  383. how to create a data table from an imported graph
  384. column size mis-match
  385. Create a Chart w/data from multiple worksheets
  386. Charting xy scatter of uneven columns of data
  387. Selecting a chart, colors disappear.
  388. custom calculation in Mutiple consolidation pivot table
  389. Show total in a Stacked Chart
  390. Help...my charts are acting up!
  391. My own stock chart with open/close same level?
  392. why
  393. how do I display two stacked columns per month on a chart
  394. Updating Charts
  395. Scatter chart assistance
  396. My chart is not showing; it's all grayed out.
  397. I have a problem with charts linked to another excel file.
  398. Creating step-up bars
  399. Handle missing values
  400. Hide and unhide a serie
  401. color
  402. Add a line to data table
  403. Plot area distorted when I copy Excel chart into Powerpoint
  404. Widening Columns in Chart
  405. Charting Smoke drift in winds based upon varying speed and altitud
  406. Broken x-axis in excel
  407. Secondary Y axis and more with Pivot charts...
  408. Problem adding a vertical line to a graph with months on x-axis
  409. Dynamic Range
  410. Bevaior Chart Graph
  411. have tried to load analysis toolpac but als nothing happens
  412. Possible to turn off graph refresh temporarily?
  413. Average On A Chart
  414. X Axis needed for Line Chart
  415. How can I make last characters of y-axis lables in graphs to show
  416. Column Chart Update automatically for all worksheets?
  417. adding dynamic lines or quadrants to bubble chart?
  418. Noy able to update the PowerPoint charts with the data from ExcelS
  419. Problem in updating the Powerpoint Embedded Chart with Excel figur
  420. How do I do individual error bars for bar graphs?
  421. Want to creat custom Number formula
  422. Help with bars in bar chart
  423. Sub-categories on the X axis
  424. Series Data Problems
  425. Pivot Table Suppression of Zeros
  426. Display
  427. Bar Charts
  428. xy scatter with date/time as x axis
  429. Filtering Excel 2003 Charts to a date range
  430. Unlocking A Grid For Moving Text Around In A Chart: How, Please ?
  431. quick change of data
  432. Dual Vertical Y-Axis
  433. Pivot charts for brains
  434. Creating a step-up line as a graph ?
  435. Overlapping Fills in XY Scatter Chart
  436. I need to create 3 pie charts that are same size . . .
  437. MS Excel does not interpolate empty cells
  438. Showing x,y coordinates of a line
  439. Resizing a Line Chart
  440. format colors on bar charts by value
  441. remove dates from chart
  443. trouble editing axis labels
  444. Colour scheme changes when copying
  445. 3d shading
  446. XL2007 surface chart tesselation
  447. column chart with 3 categories
  448. Axis with 2 labels
  449. pie chart & column chart w/same source data
  450. Need: Standard Combination Work Sheet Template
  451. PlotArea question
  452. Custom Charts in Excel 2007
  453. Plot points on a chart and record the coordinates
  454. monthly separation tick marks on x-axis
  455. DataLabel Overlap
  456. Horizontally Banded Chart Background
  457. show only items with values on chart
  458. Charting
  459. Bubble Chart question
  460. rag status template
  461. Log chart error
  462. X and Y axes
  463. Conditional Charts
  464. Charting a linear equation
  465. High-Low Lines not available
  466. How do I use a single cell value to chart a horizontal line in Exc
  467. Sorting charts
  468. separating two years of data on one chart
  469. Charts disappearing
  470. How can I display my table in chart area?
  471. Addins
  472. Two alternative scales on same chart??
  473. Line chart, multiple series, data is inter-mixed
  474. How do I use the templates for job cost tracking?
  475. OFFSET for multiple columns & combobox format
  476. Charts/XY(scatter)/Smooth lines option
  477. Defining default fonts for charts
  478. How do I draw a floating cluster Gantt Chart with VBA.
  479. stacked column with series in variable locations
  480. Pivot chart formats
  481. dual x-axis problem
  482. Need Dynamic Data source help
  483. "washout" the background picture in a chart
  484. Dynamic chart, OFFSET, #N/A Help
  485. Value Filter menu is gray except for Top 10 in Pivot Chart 2007
  486. Why Color Flled Data Series on Line Chart Slants
  487. Stacked column data does not display
  488. Transferring chart data from one worksheet to another
  489. Bars and Area at the same time
  490. How do I create a stacked chart based on 2 tables of data?
  491. picture graph in Excel 2007
  492. Microsoft Excel 11.0 Object Library documentation?
  493. Excel 2007 - Can I add to a Line of Best Fit
  494. Excel 2007 - Adding Labels to Scattergraph Points
  495. Gantt chart colour change
  496. graphs from worksheet
  497. How to change transparency of series
  498. making boxplot in excel 2007
  499. My graphs no longer refresh w/new data, why? auto calc is on.
  500. I would like to add a base line to a chart ...
  501. Using a Named Range for Data Source In A Chart
  502. trendline equation does not display correctly
  503. x-axis time series with 2 different begin dates
  504. Custom data point
  505. My chart is not updating
  506. Graph Area is Covered by Grey Shading
  507. beginner chart
  508. Several Pivot Charts One Sheet of Data
  509. Syntax for selecting a textbox within a chart?
  510. Y-Axis Auto-Scale Min Erroneously Set At Zero
  511. Changing the Same thing on multiple charts
  512. Show Percent changes
  513. In bar chart using values-NOT show the value of zero
  514. Troubles with irregular dates
  515. 90% line across line chart
  516. I: Utilizing non-standard graphs
  517. Copy chart to clipboard - VBA
  518. Control size of chart - CopyPicture
  519. dynamic ranges in excel 2007
  520. X axis problem
  521. Line Chart values appearing at wrong place
  522. Stacked chart
  523. Box Plot--Very confused. Can someone help me?
  524. how do i change chart legend entry in Excel?
  525. Y Axis Values Doubled?
  526. Can't Zoom
  527. Excel Charts
  528. Graphs dissapear
  529. Omit points from plot if cell is formula returns a non-numeric res
  530. Display > sign on a chart
  531. Autoscale a Line Chart to stack the curves
  532. Apply custom chart type - VBA
  533. Adding a manually controlled Line to XY scatter
  534. Mekko charts in Excel 2007
  535. Seeking example of buget vs. actual for multiple team members
  536. Axis change for stacked and clustered columns
  537. Can I combine a stacked bar with regular bars on the same chart?
  538. Importing Data and Creating Charts from Spreadsheet
  539. Data Labels Keep Moving!!
  540. conexion between infopath and a MSDE Database
  541. Possible to show clustered and stacked columns on one chart?
  542. Dynamic Series Range
  543. Scale on line graph
  544. define series in scatterplot from column
  545. Pivot Field Data count
  546. Line-Column Chart
  547. Colors for chart bars
  548. Combine a Bubble chart with other chart type
  549. What happened to the stripe fills for data series in Excel 2007?
  550. Coding "Category (X) Axis"...
  551. How does Excel smooth chart data when smooth option is selected?
  552. Coloring the scales of a chart
  553. Chart Scale
  554. pivot table defaults to pivot chart
  555. Automatically Adjust The Scale on the Y-Axis?
  556. scatterplot with three data sets
  557. Carry on chart into future
  558. Maximum and Minimum Lines linking a chart
  559. Scatterplot with a best-fit line
  560. x-axis display
  561. "Stacked scatter plot"?
  562. how do i get a chart to print in millimetres
  563. how to print chart in millimetres
  564. using column 1 as x-axis data
  565. Baseline values for comparison
  566. How can I avoid that zero values in the data set are displayed in.
  567. Fooling Excel on Time Series Charts
  568. Question Variation: Shading a portion of the space between two lines
  569. Use Combo Box to Select Month to Display Data on Chart
  570. flow charts
  571. How do I get monthly data in the data area to remain in order
  572. Need rotation schedule with 6 tables of 6 people for all to meet o
  573. How do I align, data labels and leaders on a pie Chart in Excel
  574. Pivot Chart doesn't work for me
  575. How to remove weekends from chart in Excel 2007 ?
  576. Creating and Editing a Chart
  577. Copying an Excel.Series...HOW?
  578. How do I plot several sets with different x values in the same plo
  579. Creating Excel chart sheet using C#
  580. Secondary-axis gridlines
  581. Stacked charts
  582. How can I make graphics with 5 inputs in Excel 2003?
  583. Is there a way to dynamically create the range?
  584. Resizing Chart window using VBA
  585. In excel, how do I vary a cell over a data range & see its effect?
  586. -ve values in Y Axis
  587. graph data from multiple worksheets
  588. How do I get the bars on a chart to display from low to high?
  589. Changing Right Position of Chart
  590. Chart pasted from excel to word is distorted
  591. Chart Templates in Excel 2007
  592. How do I change the size of the text box of data labels?
  593. How do I set a trendline for only say the first 25% of the data s.
  594. adding data to chart
  595. Loss of Data Label Format
  596. How do I access to property of chart object ?
  597. Copying Excel 2007 Charts to Word
  598. Not enough room on Values and X axis labels
  599. creating combo charts
  600. Scatter graph, how do I show overlapping points?
  601. Moving a line chart data point revises data table value in Excel '
  602. Deselecting records in pivot table automatically
  603. Some questions about Excel 2007 Charts
  604. Show Values in KG and LBs
  605. Re: Is this chart possible?
  606. error value in axis
  607. Can't see chart
  608. Pattern fills in Excel 2007
  609. Charting in Columns
  610. How do I set up a line - bar graph bar first and line all others?
  611. Percentage data with one entry extremely high
  612. Charting with non contiguous columns
  613. How do resize objects (charts) in Excel to precise specs?
  614. Charting 3 columns help
  615. Combination Graph with current year and prior year sales
  616. How do I universally change the background of a data label in grap
  617. Chart disappears when values are hidden
  618. Changing graph axes using named range
  619. name of axis is not printed fully in charts
  620. how do I create a gantt chart in excel
  621. Grouping by the hour
  622. Creating a pareto chart
  623. One Range, Two Colors
  624. I want help with charts
  625. Stacked chart with data gaps
  626. Macro Scatter Graph Plot
  627. Is it possible to make a box and whisker plot (box plot) in Excel.
  628. How do I create a donut chart in Excel
  629. freeformbuilder
  630. Data Labels with Percentages
  631. Trendline Equation error Excel 2007?
  632. Up/down Bars - Line Chart
  633. max series
  634. Pie Charts
  635. Multiple stacked bar charts
  636. Greyscale
  637. How can I restore part of a file?
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