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  1. eliminate future zeroes
  2. 2007 Table Linked Charts - Limit Data Source Range?
  3. How do I preserve text boxes in a chart during copy/paste?
  4. 3-d referneces in chart series values
  5. numeric values in a chart
  6. Creating A Chart that counts repitition (don't know name)
  7. what does "no more new fonts may be added to this workbook" mean?
  8. how do I put a text label on a point in an XY scatter
  9. 100% stacked column with multiple years (3) and areas (7)
  10. column graph in excel
  11. Chart template not saving title formats - Excel 2007
  12. Show decrease in gap time in a line graph
  13. Create a line graph of quanitity of values
  14. Extra pie chart labels in Excel 2007
  15. connect line to data points with missing data in between
  16. Joining up data points
  17. I'm not even sure how to explain this problem
  18. Hiding Data Points in a chart
  19. Column charts - format colour by value
  20. Creating a Macro which allows me to change the data series of a ch
  21. has anyone got a template for a suitcase packing list?
  22. Graph where source data has different dates
  23. Graph where source data has different dates
  24. Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts
  25. Ungrouping a Bar Chart
  26. Export pie chart to PDF
  27. Clustered column with 2 different Y-axis
  28. X axis Scale
  29. Graphing the maximum and minimum values
  30. Putting Charts into some kind of Drop Down Menu
  31. How do wrap all columns of a pivot table to 2nd half of same page
  32. Shadow or Highlight Column in Bar Chart
  33. Formatting Data Tables in Charts
  34. Graphing daily data
  35. Bar width on existing chart changes when changing source data
  36. If there is no data i dont want the line to go down to 0%.
  37. Excel 2007: Default Chart Template
  38. link a chart source to a cell reference
  39. update pivot table data range
  40. Line graphs in Excel 2007
  41. Chart - Secondary Y-axis with different values/scale
  42. Re: need help using named range in chart
  43. entering matching data for line charts
  44. I neen a chart background to represent traffic light colors...
  45. Line graphs with multiple data sets
  46. RE: need help using named range in chart
  47. Chart does NOT show data entered for the values represented
  48. Line Chart - Multiple Lines
  49. Change Y axes (Categories) on line chart
  50. micro charts
  51. How to make micro chart sizes?
  52. Excel 2007 does not display graphics correctly from a Excel 2003
  53. Excel Charts and time values
  54. Automate data labels
  55. How do I create a blank chart?
  56. View/Change Pivot Table Query
  57. bar graph
  58. Charting in Excel 2007
  59. charts tabs
  60. Problem with Series Values - Please Help
  61. XY Scatter question : 2 data for each point (x and y)
  62. Getting out of pivot chart view -Help!
  63. Cant input series data
  64. Adding an average line
  65. Second Y axis (same as first)
  66. I'd like to have the X-axis a fixed length.
  67. can't move chart to new worksheet
  68. Can conditional formatting be used to format chart elements?
  69. How do I make a graph for a normal distribution in Excel?
  70. creating a reversal design graph
  71. autoshape on my chart got locked - Excel 2007
  72. Charting dynamic range
  73. Use Scroll Bar to Change Source Data for xlColumnClustered SheetCh
  74. Data aligning with axis
  75. 3-D Donut Chart printing
  76. Update a chart using Hyperlinks
  77. having 2 axis???
  78. Displaying 2 y Axis in different areas
  79. Axis title
  80. customizing charts
  81. Chart from version 2003 to version 2007
  82. Combining Multiple-Color Data Series into One Bar Chart
  83. Data Source in Pivot Tables
  84. data updates by clicking and dragging bar graph
  85. Dragging bar updates tabel
  86. *URGENT* Adding a Scroll Bar to a chart
  87. Excel reformatting a date axis to January
  88. Printing Excel Charts
  89. How do I lock the colours in a chart (red, amber, green)
  90. chart background format changes when I convert to pdf
  91. Data over time graph
  92. keeping an auto shape or text box visible in an excel chart
  93. Stacked Column Chart with 2 different axis values
  94. Excel (2007) won't do a particular X-Y (Point) graph for me..
  95. Trying to add resource allocation data to a gantt chart built in E
  96. Pie Chart- 30 equal 12 degree slices?
  97. Re: change max scale in chart
  98. Candlestick chart scrolling and zooming<926c54d5-872b-40f9-8718-55b7e4e550ad@e10g2000prf.googlegroups.com>
  99. Annotating line graphs using arrows
  100. I need to chart some data points!
  101. Auto Data Source Adding
  102. Display percent and value on stacked column chart
  103. Large and small values
  104. autoshapes on chart print in wrong positions
  105. Clustered Columns and stacked
  106. Chart Sort
  107. Search through a data base with multiple parameters
  108. Colour plot area of a dual axis x,y chart
  109. arrange data series order
  110. How do I get to graphic a polar funtion?
  111. Bar Graph with goal line
  112. How do you create a hyperlink to a chart within an Excel 2007 docu
  113. Need to connect all data points to give smoth continuous look to
  114. How to convert Message box from English to Portuguese
  115. Y axis labels
  116. Varying colors on a line chart with multiple series
  117. multiple charts
  118. How to I make the Excel horizontal axis count up then down
  119. Error bars, curve/line of best fit, axis help
  120. Multi axis chart
  121. How to Arrange Data for Chart
  122. reports for project Please HELP
  123. Formatting Totals on Pivot Table
  124. Consistent colours between worksheet charts?
  125. Graph formatting
  126. Click Chart to go to data?
  127. Pie chart rotate
  128. How do I create a curved graph in excel?
  129. Changing the Y axis on a column chart
  130. Created Charts not appearing in Excel
  131. This has to be easy.
  132. Re: Line chart to zero
  133. What is my x-value in a trendlinde based on dates?
  134. resize a chart using keyboard after pasting
  135. coordinate of cursor on a chart
  136. Scatter plot
  137. High Quality Omega Speedmaster Day
  138. Excel 2003 x axis not formatting years
  139. ms excel 2003 problemb
  140. how to get a pareto diagram in excel
  141. how to get a pareto diagram in excel
  142. Adding Industry Average Line
  143. Problem printing a scatter chart with more than 2706 rows of data
  144. Date axes in Excel 2003 and 2007
  145. why can't i insert a chart in excel worksheet?
  146. Unlink a chart in Excel/Powerpoint 2007
  147. Tick Mark on a Bar Chart - 2007
  148. Interleaving arrays
  149. The equivalent of a Find & Replace option
  150. Chart Labels - Conditional Formating
  151. Bar Chart overlapping
  152. adding percentages to stacked bar charts
  153. Pivot chart - switch axis
  154. Defining X-axis scales as dates or times
  155. macro to apply data labels to points of an xy scatter graph
  156. Moving Pie Chart Slices TOGETHER
  157. color code series by an independent column of data
  158. Including a Cell value into a Chart title with the Text?
  159. I would like to display the % of a pie chart on the legend
  160. Date Range Button on a Chart
  161. adding numbers in an excell chart automatically
  162. mouse-over value
  163. Problem (x axis?) incremental
  164. Chart displaying weekly data group in months without weekly labels
  165. How to make a single column grow?
  166. Line Charts - Is this possible?
  167. Adding a Second and Third Line to an Existing Stacked Bar/Line Cha
  168. Custom graph
  169. Show random labels in simple line chart
  170. Anyway to change a Chart number?
  171. Problem with xy scatter with dates
  172. Plotting Point on Gridline
  173. Re: Cumulative Distribution Graph
  174. Combine/Merge 7 charts into one
  175. Line Chart
  176. Highlight Fluctuating Breakeven Point
  177. Programmatically copying charts and cells from Excel into PowerPoi
  178. Chart with One Column Column and Two Stacked Columns
  179. Combining multiple Stacked Charts
  180. X axis captions
  181. x and y axis
  182. Refresh all but 1st sheet
  183. Multiple Line Graphs
  184. How do I (or can I) add a chart within a comment?
  185. Chart won't resize correctly
  186. Multiple Bar Chart Formats
  187. Custom EXCEL chart value axis BRAIN TEASER
  188. Best chart to show quarterly forecast vs budget
  189. Jacob & Co. Other Prices
  190. Creating Chart from Userform ListBox selections
  191. Help! Excel 2007, chart come out blank!
  192. Excel 2000 - 3D Bar and Lines
  193. error message "Some chart types cannot be combined with other char
  194. RedYellowGreen Color Banding in Chart Plot Area
  195. Positioning a drawn line shape on a chart
  196. Get Label formula with get.formula(selection()) in XL-2007
  197. Line Chart Help
  198. Y axis
  199. Dynamic chart legends
  200. Re: Excell 2007 - Group of Charts Print Preview and/or Printingproblems
  201. data label disappears when I move it
  202. Surface Chart/Contour Chart options
  203. X-axis to cross Y-axis at avrg Y-value
  204. chart formatted data point
  205. Creating Multiple Pie Charts from Excel Sheet
  206. chart size limits?
  207. create a thematic chart, to show different classes of data
  208. How do I paste the excel sheet exactly as it appears in Outlook 20
  209. Chart printing
  210. Is there a 'format painter' equivalent to use on many charts?
  211. Complicated chart, not sure how to finish it!
  212. Reverting Chart
  213. how can I make different charts the same size?
  214. data selected is not what appears on the chart
  215. 2003 office excel
  216. Quick primer for charts in XL2007, please?
  217. Thumbnail of a chart?
  218. A copy of a chart doesn't change when the original has new range
  219. VBA and Chart Legends (2003 and 2007)
  220. Unable to get the Interior property of the PlotArea class
  221. update as you go along
  222. Creating a simple chart
  223. Excel 2007 - Column charting
  224. log log charts in excel
  225. Drop Down Boxes
  226. what is the use of this
  227. how it is useful
  228. how it is useful
  229. community means what
  230. what is the use of this
  231. how to create a line-chart with 2 sets of data who has different x
  232. Chart Variables
  233. Excel 2007 does not update chart data
  234. How to create a graph for a given regression equation?
  235. standard deviation graph
  236. Edit Pie Chart Data Label
  237. Labels in Column Chart VB
  238. Displaying series on top of eachother
  239. Show average line by series on a line chart
  240. Horizontal Axis Options Changing
  241. Anyone using a thermometer to illustrate results (e.g. sales)?
  242. not able to see tick mark label
  243. Zero Values on a Pie Chart
  244. How to save an Excel 2007 Chart as a xml File.
  245. secondary Y axis
  246. Changes to Plot area color
  247. Charting survey results (Descriptions as value labels)
  248. 2003 charts don't format to page size in 2007. any suggestions
  249. Charting mixed data
  250. Polynomial equation output
  251. identifying colours of existing elements / series
  252. Text boxes in a chart, disappear
  253. dynamic charts
  254. How do I refresh pivot table/charts with new data?
  255. OTHER options for chart not plotting null ("") or zero values
  256. Charting information from nultiple work books
  257. Charting a .csv file in excel 2003
  259. RE: chart with norm-range and value
  260. outliers in charts
  261. //excel chart as object to excel chart .
  262. Extract a picture from Background of a Graph
  263. Histogram for Statistics Class
  264. How to make a chart with selective (discontinuous) data?
  265. Creating Bar Chart
  266. Pie Chart Not Charting Properly
  267. Pivot Chart Data labels
  268. Excel 2003 - Combination chart: Stacked Column + Stacked Column
  269. Re: Presentation quality Excel tables?
  270. Editing problem in work book
  271. Organizing Charts
  272. adding a line to show average for a data series on a chart
  273. Excel 2007 - no "week" period available for chart formatting
  274. Excel 2007 display problem.
  275. Excel 2007 Display Issues
  276. How do I set a Trend Line and Remove the Data Line
  277. Excel 2007 texture fill of chart data series columns
  278. Animated chart
  279. How to bring data points to front on a scatter plot?
  280. Lines appearing in front of bar but invisible behind bar labels?
  281. Floating Bar with Quartile Ranks
  282. Re: Axes on chart in UserForm
  283. Excel 2003 - chart with text categories in X and frequencies in Y
  284. How do you not include 0 value data on a graph?
  285. Triple column stacking chart
  286. RE: cycle time
  287. How to include variance data in the chart table but not on the gra
  288. how to create a cummulative column next to a stacked column
  289. How to show numbers on y-axis and percentages on data labels?
  290. Points Dimensions on a 3D Clustered Column Chart
  291. Excel 2007 embedded in VB app
  292. print a chart over multiple pages
  293. callouts on graph
  294. to add data continuously and the chart adding new lines automaticly
  295. How do I create a bell curve? I have my z, p, std. dev., mean,etc
  296. A most ghetto-fabulous GetSourceData
  297. Change Names of Legend
  298. How do I set up title rows to fit large sentences?
  299. How do I change where category x axis crosses the 2nd y axis?
  300. transparent areas in charts?
  301. How do I make a chart with 4 bars on one axis/1 line on 2nd axis?
  302. Warning message on "number of data points"
  303. Excel 3-D Pie Chart Flaw & Test
  304. Excel bar charts with percentages
  305. credit card accts. info ( APR & other acct. info. ) log
  306. 2 questions about area charts
  307. save a chart as a picture format
  308. Excel Pie Charts are Jagged
  309. How can I print a chart worksheet on legal size paper?
  310. Change Source Data in Chart
  311. Can I combine a cluster bar chart and a stacked bar chart in one
  312. how do i extrapolate values from a graph?
  313. scroll bar with check boxes
  314. How to adjust the weight of markers
  315. 3D surface chart - recorded macro error
  316. Excel 2003 Charts
  317. Disappearing Charts
  318. Charts not appearing
  319. Link excel 2007 chart formatting
  320. Automating charting? Way to?
  321. Data Charting Correctly
  322. Weekend Dates
  323. Really dynamic monthly chart title
  324. highlight high and low ranges in chart
  325. Combination Stacked Bar and Line Graph
  326. Trendling for each month when data is for 5 months
  327. Goal line or target line to Excell 2007 Chart
  328. Charting software: what does The Economist use?
  329. Graphs
  330. chart sizes with window frame
  331. How to retain format for linked data source
  332. Selecting multiple series in pivot chart
  333. How to add colum totals to a pivot chart data table
  334. Stacked bar, bar and line graph
  335. How to change labels on axis?
  336. Can I use non-numeric x axis data in excel charts?
  337. How to produce a chart based on number of cells not values in thecells
  338. Gantt chart in Excel 2003
  339. Dont want to inlcude 0's in my chart
  340. Custom Formatting a Chart Data Label
  341. How do I set up a Cartesian Coordinate Plane?
  342. Is there a basic template for a WBS - Work Breakdown Structure?
  343. Number of visible Tick Labels limited to 100 in Excel 2007
  344. Pivot Charts
  345. Piviot Chart - format x axis
  346. Placing shapes exactly on charts.
  347. Multiple types of charts in one chart
  348. Pie Charts
  349. Want to display value and difference on one chart
  351. Chart created on larger screen - Help
  352. Excel 07 - Line Chart with Month-end dates
  353. Get chart to
  354. Dynamic Chart (OFFSET Function) plots empty cells.
  355. Chart color
  356. Pie Chart - Percentage of a total?
  357. Combining a scatter with a line chart
  358. Visual Break in Bar Line
  359. Can I create a bar graph with both stacked and normal bars?
  360. Excel 2007 - ActiveChart.Export blurry images.
  361. XY scatter, select item in list to flag point
  362. Dynamic chart title
  363. need help with creating football depth chart
  364. Dynamic chart pasted to a new workbook in report can't be dynamic
  365. Creating "cliffs" in an area chart
  366. disconnected chart objects
  367. excel2007 pivot table chart x-axis
  368. Pivot tables lose of data fields when selecting
  369. Column Chart with multiple vertical axis
  370. Excel 2007 - mixed type (line, column, stacked column) in one char
  371. Hide future month's linked cells with value of zero
  372. how to indicate on chart which axis (primary or secondary) in use
  373. Preceding Zero's
  374. Excel 2007 - Custom error bars ??
  375. chart type does not correspondent with what I choose
  376. hyperlink to a chart
  377. Slider Bar
  378. How do I set up formulas to update graphs dynamically
  379. Problem Resetting Data Source Ranges via VBA
  380. restore encrypted files for original format
  381. Stacked Sum From an OLAP Cube
  382. how to draw a curve from data in excel?
  383. How do I adjust&save the PivotChart format?
  384. How to stop pivot table crashing in Excel 2007
  385. Office 2007 Names - Why can't it start with Chart?
  386. When clicking on a chart, how do I make it come to the front?
  387. what are the bubbles that appear when I click on my spreadsheet
  388. Bar Chart to line chart excel 2007
  389. Gantt Chart - Grouping?
  390. How to create a new chart type?
  391. Extra columns in Pivot Tables
  392. Copying Charts
  393. Drag Capabilities
  394. Drag Capabilities
  395. Y Axis labels
  396. Someone Help me!
  397. linking charts to one database
  398. Link from Chart File to Data File / Format Problem
  399. If formulas
  400. Dynamically Shifting Ranges
  401. how do I get rid of the dark lighting under surface plot chart?
  402. how do I get rid of the dark lighting under surface plot chart?
  403. Problem Printing Excel Charts
  404. Macro Help Needed
  405. Row Grand Totals in Pivot Tables?
  406. Re: Getting Trend Line Info from Chart
  407. Excel Chart Window
  408. Auto adjust dates in a chart
  409. I'm look for a Visitors Log Sheet
  410. Column Chart Thickness of Bars
  411. Using INDIRECT in the SERIES function...possible?
  412. Vanishing plot lines
  413. graph variance components when 1 is negative
  414. Creating Chart and calculating data
  415. Problem with Charting Null Values
  416. Is It Possible To Dynamically Name Series?
  417. how to switch the primary and secondary Y axis to opposite chart s
  418. Charting Sunrise / Sunset
  419. Hash marks on graph with axis starting at nonzero number
  420. Excel 2007
  421. How do I add text to a chart?
  422. how to create a line chart with data from multiple worksheets
  423. Adding % to Bar Chart
  424. Too Much Chart Data for Excel Col Limits
  425. Additional Series on two x
  426. Pivot Table Chart no longer works with Office:MAC 2008
  427. Advanced chart question
  428. How to make chart columns thicker
  429. changing the depth of 3d shapes
  430. Changing line appearance for future values
  431. 2 sets of values with one line
  432. using polynomial trendline equations
  433. Creating a 3rd axis (or coordinate) in Excel chart
  434. Column Chart - Adding text in the column in Excel 2007
  435. "Detail" plotting
  436. Plotting data in Excel
  437. Ignore Y axis value
  438. Data labels on chart
  439. Pivot Table and Trendlines
  440. Add custom medical graphs?
  441. Need more data series
  442. Displaying Missing Data Labels as N/A
  443. Why can't I add a label for each of my pie slices
  444. Need to create a chart with 4 parameters
  445. How do I create Multiple Series in a Bubble Chart?
  446. Add % to a graph
  447. Excel charts copied to powerpoint
  448. how do i control bubble size for each data series in excel 2007?
  449. Intersection
  450. HOW THE HELL Can I get excell to stop ploting blank cells
  451. how do I set up or adjust my column chart?
  452. Stacked Column Charting
  453. Charting in Excel
  454. Invoice Chart!
  455. multiple standard deviation
  456. gaps in category axis
  457. Change source data of a pivot chart
  458. how to creat boxplot graph by Excel?
  459. Displaying File Timestamp of Another Excel File
  460. Small Multiples with Common Scale
  461. Graphics Filename via Formula
  462. 2003/2007 compatibility
  463. Sort Chart Data
  464. Incorrect values on pivot chart???help!!!
  465. Diagonal error lines in a scatter?
  466. Scatterplot with 4 quadrants
  467. Detect Cell Colour
  468. 3-D Line -- X,Y,Z
  469. Excel Pivots
  470. How do I transpose the figures to go in reverse order in a bar gr.
  471. Graph an equation on scatterplot graph
  472. bar graphs
  473. excel 07 not displaying all Pivot Table x-axis labels
  474. Help! Bullen's Scroll/Zoom chart
  475. graphing data with standard deviaton
  476. creating & linking multiple chart
  477. Multiple Charts
  478. Excel 2007 Chart in VB6 Program
  479. Chart sheet labels in Excel 2007
  480. High Low Lines or Delta between two data sets
  481. Resolving Polynomial Trendline Formula for Chart
  482. Selective Trendlines
  483. Color gradients in charts
  484. Line Chart x - axis display date and quarter and automatically upd
  485. charrt does not appear
  486. Simplest Question
  487. Error with Chart as new sheet
  488. Trendline Significant Values
  489. How do I print color charts to imagerunner c2880 from excel 2007
  490. One bar line with two trend lines
  491. axis scaling
  492. X Axis, Excel 2007 problem...
  493. X-Axis Frustration
  494. Possible chart model?
  495. Summing graphs without differnt independent variables
  496. 2007 Graphes and Charts source
  497. labeling data points in a scatter graph
  498. Error bars plot black triangles
  499. Creating multiple charts
  500. Create multiple Charts from one worksheet
  501. Chart Certain Table Data
  502. Chart Certain Data in Table
  503. How to create 4 Quadrant Chart in Excel 2003?
  504. Can Excel graph a line from an equation? y=3x+2
  505. Help with Charting Data Series
  506. Series Lines are Not Visible in a Black Chart
  507. Reverse Enginnering - Chart -> Data Set
  508. Integrat excel workbook in asp.net for edit and display
  509. Chart Option "Sized with Window" in XL 2007 ??
  510. Can I give each axis in a radar chart a different scale?
  511. plot a series of line segements, one for each row?
  512. How do I put patterns in Excel charts
  513. How do I adjust table data by moving chart points?
  514. Sort chart values
  515. change axis values
  516. Dynamic Scatter Charts
  517. Converting from 2003 to 2007
  518. Radar Charts - Circular versions
  519. Setting axis parameters for a chart in the worksheet
  520. Trendline Equations in Excel 2003
  521. individual data points and group mean
  522. Auto-wrap titles on horizontal axis??
  523. adding marker points
  524. How do I freeze a chart from scrolling
  526. Axis Issues
  527. Maintain Aspect Ratio of 2D Plot on Different Monitors ??
  528. Bubble chart with multiple values per series
  529. Excel 2007 - chart data update loses legend
  530. Excel graph 3 sets of data. 2 sets as lines 1 as column?
  531. Excel cahrt do not want plotting of empty cells
  532. How do I plot a v-mask in excel?
  533. Re: Make a chart spin???
  534. PivotTable Report - NEW USER
  535. Old-fashioned cross-hatching in bar chart (X-post)
  536. Stacked Bar Chart
  537. Data Range updating automatically as new data is entered
  538. Monthly Comparison By Year
  539. 3D Funnel Chart
  540. Pivot Table to reference multiple sheets
  541. raisers edge/pivot tables in excel 2007
  542. Formatting Axis
  543. Bars not showing up
  544. Keeping data separate when adding a second axis
  545. How do I italicize just part of the text in the legend?
  546. Trend Line Behind Data?
  547. Text boxes and arrows on charts help
  549. Excel 2003 Color on Pivot Chart
  550. Is it possible to drag points in an Excel 2007 Scatter Chart?
  551. Pie charts with data from multiple worksheets in one workbook
  552. Summary Chart
  553. Getting text and grid at a 45 degree angle
  554. How do I group new pivottable data w/old data instead of >5/31/08
  555. How do I rotate a surfae plot?
  556. Pie of pie chart with 2 data series
  557. Re: Some text boxes on an embedded chart do not show up
  558. Tempurature Vs Pressure
  559. 2007- unwanted column chart n/a labels displaying
  560. Long Text Won't Wrap Chart X Axis
  561. how can I automate chart axes
  562. Axis points
  563. Re: Some text boxes on an embedded chart do not show up
  564. how can you place dates from1996-2006 on the x axis?
  565. when I changed the time scale on excel chart the lines on the lin.
  566. How to remove Series "#Ref!" for Xl07 chart?
  567. Scatter Diagrams
  568. charts and pivot tables
  569. change source data in multiple charts
  570. Dynamic Range
  571. Horizontal axis with its real value
  572. Data labels along below x axis when y axis has negative values
  573. Dynamic Charts - Changing Number of Series
  574. Overlapping Time Chart?
  575. 2-axis problem with horizontal crossing
  576. changing from days to months
  577. animated / motion / chart Excel
  578. Changing only Legend Text
  579. Excel 2003 - Chart printing squashed... but not always!
  580. Chart type problem
  581. bubble size display
  582. Help with series in the chart
  583. Can you choose direction on the radar chart?
  584. How to change bar to line in line-column on 2 axes chart in Excel2
  585. Chart displaying "blank" cells?
  586. Chart Help
  587. Edit Chart to Change Source Data
  588. Automatically vary range in graph depending on #rows data entered?
  589. Variable Axis Length
  590. Conditional Formatting - Apply to Charts?
  591. Use percentages instead of values
  592. Why do my charts not opening correctly ?
  593. Excel 2003 Graphs
  594. Creating a stacked column graph
  595. Excel 2003 Graphing
  596. Can you change the # of places for percentages in xcel charts
  597. Replace the column letters with my own heading
  598. How do I create a Power-Interest Griid in microsoft excel
  599. Variable or Split vertical axis scales
  600. How do I manually adjust the width of my columns in a bar graph?
  601. Problems with Viewing Charts in Excel 2007
  602. conditional formatinf of graph series
  603. Traffic light problem
  604. Using a variable for a chart limit
  605. Not plotting null or text data
  606. how can I use a number series with gaps in as a chart axis
  607. X Y Scatter Chart - Dates on X axis starting at 1900
  608. how to ungroup an embedded chart
  609. i can't see a chart i made, all i get is blue worksheet
  610. Chart Sizing Handles
  611. Excel 2003: How to nudge a chart element or shape on a chart?
  612. Floating charts
  613. Removing Plot lines between plot points on a line chart
  614. Stacked column chart - before and after?
  615. Timeline Chart, but not a Gantt
  616. RE: Aligning lines in a chart
  617. Re: Aligning lines in a chart
  618. Link chart format to a cell
  619. Aligning lines in a chart
  620. solve 2 linear equations on a graph
  621. How do I delete rows while maintaining textbox spatial relationsh.
  622. does anyone have a league table template
  623. Sales history and how Unit Price affects it...
  624. Longer Tick Marks
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