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  1. tinkering with split databases
  2. modifying backend tables and relinking
  3. Re: comparing table values
  4. Autonumber records inserted in gaps
  5. Working with question-answer pairs
  6. Simple Access Project - Almost There Just Need Some Help...
  7. time inpute mask help please
  8. Service Work Order Form
  9. Project : Retail Pharma Database
  10. Connect Tables? I have too many fields
  11. Re: Normalizing Tables
  12. table design feedback request for plating shop bath testing
  13. help with table design for Code Library
  14. Why won't Access assign a Primary Key ID to my linked SQL Table?
  15. Benefits of knowledge base software
  16. Requiring one field contingent on data in another field
  18. Select 'ONLY = TO'
  19. Table Design Question
  20. beginner : SQL in access
  21. Multiple Relationship between 2 tables
  22. Field Default Value
  23. Hospital Equipment & Maintenance Database
  24. Table design and information normalization
  25. normalizing and creating fields or related tables
  26. Table relationships between 42 tables
  27. Making new records from a subform
  28. Linking tables and autofilling fields
  29. Real Estate Contract Database Design
  30. -1 and 0 for "Yes" and "No" (?)
  31. table help
  32. CreateField Method or Data Member Not Found
  33. Re: No display of Linked Table Mgr
  34. One to one relationship
  35. How to normalize this data
  36. DoCmd.SetWarnings False
  37. A many-to-many challenge
  38. Age Validation
  39. Re: Null field when checking for duplicates in an Index
  40. Newbie problem, Added a link table for a many to many. Can't insertbecause of a foreign key constraint
  41. Limit on number of fields in MS Access forms
  42. Re: Linked Tbl Mgr behavior
  43. One Tbl? Or three?
  44. One Check box or Two
  45. Design Confusion!
  46. Auto Fill in table
  47. Autonumber associated with date
  48. How to know if # of indeces is too many?
  49. one to many design
  50. Table design for a recurring monthly charges to clients
  51. Table changes cause "the recordset is not updateable???"
  52. Cumulative values - deducting the previous value
  53. Beg. Access Class Instructor's Comment
  54. A Bit Confused
  55. How to hard code two values for a column?
  56. Help with normalization
  57. How do I make a multi-field primary key?
  58. What controls "add new field"?
  59. Number of characters in a table name
  60. ManyToManyRelationship
  61. Re: creating a table for accessing data via Access forms
  62. Suggestions for table or query to track movement
  63. database strange behavior
  64. Re: i have a good 'schema, where do i go from here?
  65. Re: Help needed with table design/layout for newbie
  66. Re: Help needed with table design/layout for newbie
  67. Linking two tables - a bit different
  68. Core Competency Assessment
  69. Confused over new db
  70. RE: Making 2 colums into one
  71. "You attempted to open a database that is already opened exlcusivl
  72. Re: db design to calculate overlap in group membership in time
  73. Re: db design to calculate overlap in group membership in time
  74. My database loads but disabled?
  75. Hyperlink datatype
  76. Let's pick a replacement for this (Access) newsgroup
  77. Resource For Help With Access
  78. Thanks
  79. Changing values
  80. change cell color
  81. Allen Browne's 'Library Resource'
  82. Export Table Records to txt file
  83. 2003 to 2007
  84. Upgrading an .mdw to 2003 format?
  85. Employee Training Help
  86. Need help with table set-up and Thanks!
  87. RE: Employee Training Help
  89. Auto Increment by 1 Letter
  90. 2 Designers
  91. Populate a new field in an existing table
  92. RE: Populate a new field in an existing table
  93. RE: Need help with table set-up and Thanks!
  94. RE: Auto Increment by 1 Letter
  95. RE: Need help with table set-up and Thanks!
  96. Re: how to set a certain format
  97. RE: how to set a certain format
  98. Trying to Siplify a Query in MS Access 2003
  99. How to add record in Subform which is in another Subform
  100. Demise of News Group Forum
  101. Modify Northwind
  102. Accessing Database design mode
  103. Allen Browne’s Name table design
  104. "Click to add" column in Access 2010
  105. Relationship
  106. Filter Form based on OnClick from Text Box of another form
  107. How to change existing table record value by VBA and How to add newrecord in existing table by VBA
  108. Use Schedule Task to run Updates, but bypass User-Level Security
  109. Test - two recent posts never showed up
  110. designing form for inserting records into separate tables
  111. How do I record the date of the first record entry.
  112. Testing DB and .....
  113. Table design question
  114. move a primary key to a child
  115. Cross References Help
  116. Re: Search Form runtime error 2448
  117. Custom groups moving from assigned to unassigned.
  118. "Free" ip address in asset database, not remove?
  119. how do i activate the overtype function in access
  120. To index or not to index
  121. Re: Text wrap in column headings
  122. Re: Text wrap in column headings
  123. Proper Table(s) Layout
  124. Basic Layout and Design Help
  125. Update Table
  126. Can't insert columns into my access db
  127. "need good structure..." followup
  128. Re: Attendance Tracking
  129. System for Analyzing a database
  130. RE: #Name?
  131. Referential Integrity Q
  132. Multiple subtables
  133. Table Help
  134. Text Field Validation Rule for Date
  135. Access 2007 FE/SQL 2005 BE - Fatal errors occurring
  136. No Duplicates for Full Name
  137. Access ID
  138. referential integrity and lookup
  139. Please help! Designing database
  140. Adding records with referential integrity
  141. Re: Auto populate field in table
  142. fone color in table
  143. Skydrive
  144. Re: Auto populate field in table
  145. What are AutoNumber Dangers
  146. data checking
  147. Junction Tables
  148. Slow running reports
  149. Who is This STEVE... ? Does he really help.. Others
  150. Help... .. Deciding one to many or many to many.. Type..
  151. Default to data in a different table?
  152. RE: Automatic Annual Leave
  153. Re: Design for future merging
  154. Re: Automatic Annual Leave
  155. Re: Automatic Annual Leave
  156. Re: Design for future merging
  157. Creating links
  158. Link fields if found
  159. CaseManagement
  160. create and print payroll check w/office
  161. Fields
  162. One or two tables
  163. "object not supported" error when copying table
  164. how to get rid of "Add new field"
  165. Lookup field and Relationships
  166. Auto Populated a Table From SQL View When New Record Shows in View
  167. Access not enforcing referential integrity!!!
  168. Vehicle Waiver Database
  169. Using Lookup Query with Calculated Value in Table ComboBox
  170. Table relationships - hoping to just enter ID once in form
  171. What to do with 1.5 million records...
  172. Fields not showing up in columns
  173. Do I have to set the primary key to include primary key fields?
  174. sample database template
  175. Trying to combine multiple records into one record in a Query
  176. Make Table v. Append to Table: Need Some Expert Design Inputs
  177. count the nulls in a report calculation
  178. Linking forms and reports.
  179. Re: Compile: File Not Found
  180. Adding a button in MS Access
  181. Add table to split database
  182. Linked servers
  183. Re: How can I use relationships to auto-create records in my subform?
  184. AutoNumber
  185. Re: Splitting database - terrible performance
  186. RE: Splitting database - terrible performance
  187. Products/Services Table
  188. Disable Tables
  189. Circularly linking multiple records
  190. MultiSelect List Box (pre Access 2007)
  191. Search for Words in Documents
  192. HTML to RTF Access
  193. Re: Attachment data type - not working in form
  194. Re: Allowing Shortcut menu's
  195. Any advice? Creating forms on the fly
  196. Questions on SQL Server
  197. Text Field Size - Access 2007
  198. Interested in thoughts on keeping the integrity of historical data
  199. does this make sense
  200. Multiple id problem
  201. Two databases or one
  202. Anyone have a worker scheduling template
  203. Suggestions to Split Transaction details
  204. Creating Relationships
  205. Race timing in access
  206. Choices to display dependent on previous choices...
  207. Another relationship question
  208. Newbee Access DB structure help
  209. Table Structure Help
  210. Prevent duplicate groups of records in a table
  211. validation for one field based on another
  212. dumb data type question
  213. Crosstab query question
  214. many-to-many table setup?
  215. Importing of tables and other database elements into a new databas
  216. Building Composit key on the fly, Boy Scout Data Base
  217. pasted record in locked form crashes database
  218. To Zero or not to Zero
  219. Re: Linked Tables - indexes
  220. need good database structure for tracking counter state
  221. Purposes of Fields in Account trasaction template
  222. Database to track inventory in company cars
  223. formatting currency field
  224. Re: Database Runtime Question
  225. Setup ?
  226. work order form and report design help
  227. Table structure for separated families
  228. Proper Indexing of Table Fields
  229. Multiple instances of product in one order.
  230. RE: table / query design
  231. 2003 vs 2007 question
  232. Any suggestions
  233. create a database
  234. Getting a total in $
  235. Split database info not showing up on forms.
  236. RE: Beginner - 3 tables in 3 loops
  237. Re: Beginner - 3 tables in 3 loops
  238. Navigation Pane unhides when creating liked table
  239. Invoice database / report question.
  240. Change blanks to 0 (zero)
  241. Re: Lame Report Requirements
  242. Tournament Brackets
  243. Why won't Single take my number?
  244. Database for VBA
  245. Creation of New Database and Exporting Tables from an existing Dat
  246. Field Validation Rule to Exclude Ampersand
  247. Sorting data
  248. Re: Memo Field Truncates my Data in Table?!
  249. Re: Memo Field Truncates my Data in Table?!
  250. Re: Memo Field Truncates my Data in Table?!
  251. Re: A "push" function to produce an email on an event
  252. Printout Problem, error 2501
  253. Point of Sale database - does it exist?
  254. Help with database
  255. Table field length limit alternative
  256. How do I include more Help options for really inexperienced users?
  257. Re: No relation between tables anymore
  258. Re: No relation between tables anymore
  259. Re: No relation between tables anymore
  260. RE: No relation between tables anymore
  261. Building cascading lookups in an Access 2007 table
  262. Relationships
  263. help with database 2
  264. Clearing yes/no fields
  265. Items table Revisited
  266. Items table help
  267. I need help setting up my database
  268. Re: Normalization
  269. Re: Normalization
  270. Re: Normalization
  271. How do I setup a date field property that allows only Saturdays?
  272. Lots of Fields or lots of records
  273. Date Format
  275. String with Varying Letter followed by Incremented Number
  276. sync combox boxes
  277. Designing a patient management
  278. Help - is this possible?
  279. Sharing a database with multi-users
  280. Changing Template Design
  281. RE: help with database
  282. RE: Importing data from multiple sources
  283. Relationships
  284. design access
  285. access database
  286. Help with creating database
  287. Data Rules Violations
  288. how do I insert a hyperlink in my access database design?
  289. Access Services?? Accessing DB from web??
  290. Adding a second employee to an event
  291. Keeping data private per User in a multi user database
  292. help transition to access from excel
  293. Thanks to Allen Browne... and all MVPs.....
  294. Should this be one to Many or Many to Many.. Relationship
  295. Relational Database Layout
  296. Superclass have only a autonumber.. is it possible?
  297. Creating new row in other table
  298. Can you help me make a simple database / template
  299. unique record numbers
  300. database for tanning salon
  301. Form Design
  302. Compact & Repair Bug
  303. Intermittent locking problem
  304. how to increase resolution PDF and/or JPEG
  305. autonumber is it possible to link two fields
  306. Player availability list
  307. Student count for Class Registration
  308. Adding up days from Date/Time entered
  309. Set Mytable = MyDB.OpenRecordset
  310. Is there an option to zoom a form in design view to say 200%
  311. What does "tlkp" mean?
  312. AYS Link broken?
  313. Renewing member database design question.
  314. Auto Population of fields
  315. Switchboard buttons not creating
  316. Database Design and expansion.
  317. RE: Training database
  318. Restated: "Fields are expensive, records are cheap"
  319. header full line but page 2 rows
  320. I was told "Fields are expensive, records are cheap"
  321. Selective database splitting
  322. Make Query or Linked Table Read Only
  323. Church Database
  324. Conversion To Acc2007 or beyond Suggestions ?
  325. Assistance with Many-to-Many Relationships
  326. Append Query and Autonumbering
  327. RE: Remote control of tabls
  328. Auto Complete field
  329. Modify existing table for more details?
  330. Efficient Table Design Questions
  331. Number format issue Access 2007
  332. Access table data type selections
  333. Set Controls Default Value from another Control
  334. Slow form, again
  335. How do I change the order that my records appear in in Forms
  337. Re:
  338. Dance Classes
  339. 1 to 5 relationship
  340. changing formats
  341. Primary and Foreign Keys
  342. Footer Totals
  343. Tab Order for Multiple Entry Form. Vertical not horizontal tabbin
  344. Sharepoint
  345. Re: Field format
  346. Relationships
  347. where can i get transport industries database
  348. Calculating percentage from eneterd values within a table/form
  349. Switchboard is always covering other windows that open
  350. Access 97 won't save changes to form design view.
  351. Access 2007 Table Issue
  352. Re: Can we put two or three sets of data into one combobox?
  353. Part and Product Database Help
  354. Unexpected Delete
  356. Duplicate Fields Problem in My Tables
  357. Pen Mode in Access 2007
  358. i want to know more about report
  359. Re: Extra relationship
  360. No duplicates wanted in column except for default value...
  361. Web Database
  362. remocao de virus manuntencao redes windows vitoria-es 62992
  363. Radio buttons
  364. Allowing both multiple values and list edits in Lookup field
  365. Design assistance requested
  366. Filling in voids in the id number
  367. Display Row Number in Datasheet View
  368. Website Integration
  369. best way to archive records?
  370. Table & Relationship Advice
  371. Relationship Layout
  372. Creating a membership database
  373. Re: Help with table design
  374. multiple back-ends
  375. Re: Help with table design
  376. Linking to record in form view
  377. Data Type in Design View
  378. Lookup needs to fill two fields
  379. Access 2007 Table Header and Footers
  380. Creating Lookup Field Between Two Tables
  381. Are rows stored in fixed or variable length records.
  382. Changing Part-Number (Primary Key)
  383. Order Entry type form to add to three tables
  384. Re: Generate OrderNo by comparing the previous orders
  385. Table Design with Many Fields
  386. Re: records
  387. Re: records
  388. Problem with Group By & Max Rcd
  389. Data Entry
  390. Unbound Data Entry Form
  391. Lookup...
  392. An Inventory order and tracking db for hydraulic fittings
  393. One-to-One Table keys
  394. Print reports with creteria - 2 questions..
  395. Relationship not producing expected result(s)
  396. Access 2007 MSACCESS.EXE consuming RAM
  397. How do I do a summary of my records
  398. Refresh problem on form interface.
  399. Query Confirmations still opening
  400. Dance class
  401. Importing Tab Delimited Text File to an Existing Table in Access
  402. Rookie-building DB-want to get right the first time! Help?
  403. splitting database
  404. Text Field is Now Combo Box
  405. designing an engineering drawing db
  406. How Can I Eliminate the "+" Sign When Displaying Table Data
  407. Table relationship question
  408. costing problem
  409. Subtacting AvgSales by Year
  410. How to design a table or table to take an x, y control columns andall the possible array values
  411. Organising External Flies
  412. Re: CRM sample database
  413. Trouble with split database
  414. database for pest control
  415. ms access 2003
  416. Default Value =now() in table
  417. Scheduling Database Template
  418. If you buy the world's best and the cheapest batteries will not blame me
  419. Time Input Mask to show "5:35pm" ONLY
  420. Creating Relationships between tables
  421. Unable to copy objects between my projects.
  422. ICON
  423. tracking from a query to a table
  424. Date Calculation
  425. Shared Data Types
  426. Email Validation
  427. Linking Command Buttons
  428. Changing the name of a table that then relates to a query
  429. Option Group and Combo Box
  430. Help with normalization
  431. VSFLEX3.OCX install
  432. One-to-one relationship
  433. Re: How to change the path to a split database file
  434. Filter Combo Box by Login ID
  435. Re: I cant see my fields in form view.
  436. Re: I cant see my fields in form view.
  437. Avoiding Redundant Records
  438. como corregir el error:No se reconoce el formato de base de datos
  439. Export Issue
  440. Duplicate Values in the index, primary key or relationship
  441. Question and Answer tables
  443. Prospective Client Tracking Database
  444. Table relationships and lookups
  445. Report page break problem
  446. How do you normalize a table?
  447. Multi-field Primary keys
  448. Tables and relationships?
  449. Re: How do you get rid of a lookup field
  450. MVPs out in force
  451. Re: How do you get rid of a lookup field
  452. Linked table shows up as "~TMPCL###.." in Front end db
  453. How to respond to a job performance review?
  454. Command Buttons in a Form
  455. RE: need help with query or report
  456. Re: need help with query or report
  457. i need to do a restaurant menu
  458. Adding automated content to existing fields
  459. Recordset with data joined from 2 tables?
  460. parameters
  461. Insurance Certificates Database
  462. Lookup Field Issues
  463. linking tables for maximum efficiency
  464. Access Log in
  465. Tables and info
  466. Avoiding duplicate fields in a table
  467. Ensuring only one commission per product in Access Table
  468. Which table to put fields in?
  469. Data Fields Changing
  470. Combo Box
  471. Importing data from excel spreadsheet
  472. Re: Does Access store data in fix lenght or variable length records?
  473. Can't change data type
  474. RE: Report
  475. RE: Report
  476. MS Access file
  477. Re: Does Access store data in fix lenght or variable length records?
  478. Does Access store data in fixed lenght or variable length format
  479. Does Access store its data in fixed length or variable length rows
  480. can't change the data type or field size
  481. RE: Report
  482. FORM OPEN only show the header
  483. Allow Multiple Values check box not showing up
  484. Best way to design tables for cascading on my form
  485. RE: counting yes in yes/no data types
  486. Need Help with Totaling
  487. Lookup fields referring to tbls w/o relationship
  488. AutoNumber vs. Natural Primary Keys
  489. How do I break a link to an external database but keep table data?
  490. making a row height automatically adjust to cell contents
  491. How to design relationship between tables
  492. Look up boxes
  493. Design theory for maintaining historical address communications
  494. Blendcode table and multiple plants
  495. Data Validation Rule in Table Design
  496. help designing query to get results
  497. Set up my table
  498. Re: Pull Data From Multiple Tables ????
  499. What is clip art made of?
  500. Allow mulitpul users to see a linked excel table at once?
  501. Linking First & Last Names in a table to a Full Name field in anot
  502. stop the rounding
  503. Table structure for Course Attributes
  504. Proper table design for monthly tracking of activities
  505. Re: Player Statistics
  506. Re: Set auto#
  507. Show all from tables in my junction...
  508. Blank Field in Form
  509. How do I save the date a record was last modified in Access 2003
  510. auto number
  511. Budget Table
  512. Access Many to Many relationship
  513. Economical Auction Site
  514. can I use Access for Stock Trading analysis?
  515. Dear Abby - I have a Relationship problem - so slow its un-usable
  516. Relationship Help
  517. design help needed
  518. Re: Option buttons for subform viewing
  519. Needing help automatically generating info from a table to a form
  520. "expression in argument 3 invalad value"
  521. Access 2003 Look up field not displaying properly
  522. Dates Validation for Overlapping & Gaps (Leo asked)
  523. Binding fields from PDF to Access
  524. Change all Names: objects, fields, code, etc.
  525. Limitations on WHERE Clause in lookup query for a table column
  526. a Challenge for me
  527. Importing of TABLES TO A BLANK DATABASE
  528. Re: ACCESS version migrating from 2003 to 2007
  529. Looking for a template for all the websites I manage
  530. Appending Excel data into an Access table while inserting the file name
  531. Food Pantry Database
  532. Re: Access 2007 Does Not Confirm Design Changes
  533. Enforce Referential Integrity not available.
  534. Set up db to lookup and concatenate large amounts of text
  535. Data Type
  536. Hidden Field in Datasheet view for a table
  537. Re: need band-aid for poorly constructed db
  538. RE: "Normalizing" imported data
  539. RE: need band-aid for poorly constructed db
  540. when to use many-many relationships or different data bases
  541. Re: "Normalizing" imported data
  542. RE: relationships of 3 tables
  543. Re: "Normalizing" imported data
  544. DB guide
  545. "Hexidecimal" Index
  546. Re: relationships of 3 tables
  547. Design Mode Button?
  548. 'bad filename or number' in access erro when trying to split datab
  549. RE: Sum based on subforms
  550. Does a free HOA template exist (locations, owners, billing, fines,
  551. finding my product key number to install it on another computer
  552. Design Question. It works now...but how to redesign it?
  553. "recover access database"
  554. RE: Unable to have multiple useres share database concurrently
  555. Unable to have multiple useres share database concurrently
  556. Access Note table in date order, when go to note form, dates are n
  557. Access 2007 Note table in date order, note form is not. What can I
  558. Locate a table using VB
  559. Many to Many Data Integrity (Alway confuse myself)
  560. How do i recover a database lost during compacting?
  561. Temporary Variables
  562. How do you prevent the mouse wheel moving to the next record?
  564. Linking Tables
  565. Look up tables vs. value fields via combo box on form
  566. Look up tables vs. relationships design
  567. Table vs. query in forms
  568. Best Practice
  569. What tables and fields should I use?
  570. Best way to setup a field if different info needed based on type
  571. Access2003 - Relationship
  572. Creating a query to select 1 of 3 tables
  573. Re: Filtered Form
  574. Need template or "how to" for tracking daily/hourly animal activit
  575. Challenge: One table associated with several fields - but avoidin
  576. Search on one field & fill in the correct matching record
  577. Table Design - Spreadsheet-like data
  578. Change default value without influencing old records
  579. Re: How do I create a form with multi-tabs
  580. How can I set one field to return data into another field?
  581. Design Questions
  582. Re: Avoid redundant table design
  583. Asset tracking design problem using MS Access 2007
  584. Military Unit Database
  585. Re: "Rewrite" an application without affecting old calculations
  586. RE: "Rewrite" an application without affecting old calculations
  587. Re: "Rewrite" an application without affecting old calculations
  588. Re: "Rewrite" an application without affecting old calculations
  589. Use of a Date Field in Primary Key
  590. Relationship Question
  591. Re: Have I reached MS Access Limitations?
  592. Brain Cramp Db design
  593. Re: New to the whole DB world
  594. New to the whole DB world
  595. Re: Have I reached MS Access Limitations?
  596. Re: Setting up Observation Database
  597. Re: Setting up Observation Database
  598. multivalued lookup columns
  599. Invoicing database
  600. Re: changing info layout
  601. new db with 25 items w/ different types of amounts
  602. Collecting form data offline
  603. How do I link one person to another in the same table?
  604. want to save the record number in a field
  605. How big a record size is too big from a performance standpoint?
  606. Records in Listbox Identified in Reverse Order
  607. RE: training database - required training per employee
  608. Database Schema help
  609. Classification and the role of special tape
  610. Re: splitting a database, where question
  611. Re: splitting a database, where question
  612. access 2003 (sp3) The program stops responding
  613. Re: new table from same data as report
  614. Calculations in Access 2007 Reports
  615. Left function
  616. Best Practice Value list or linked table?
  617. Look up wizard in tables
  618. Access Database
  619. Your Input and link record to the date it is entered
  620. Two-line fields
  621. one to many or many to one
  622. Suggestion - Make a new section for Templates & Example Databases
  623. Re: What tables forthis database
  624. autonumber not working
  625. Questionaire
  626. coin collecting database
  627. Sum of field value based upon multiple instances of another value
  628. Need help with calculation if field is null
  629. Nested combo box
  630. Sum of every page in a report
  631. RE: Need a little help with syntax
  632. Table design help!
  633. setvalue macro
  634. where can I find Dallas Cowboy clip art?
  635. referential integrity and tables
  636. Design with no experience
  637. Re: 2 different Qty in order details in northwind
  638. command button not opening related fields
  639. Help with pivot table
  640. how to handle meter readings
  641. shipping database
  642. Format of temporary variables
  643. how to best structure this?
  644. Re: Need a little help with syntax
  645. Store similar types of records all in one table or separate tables?
  646. (Object invalid or no longer set)
  647. Field Privacy
  648. Date Format
  649. Re: Show employees and others in combo box
  650. Appending table autonumber problem
  651. RE: Need guidance for Inventory dbase, want to avoid calculated field.
  652. Invoicing database design
  653. Access auto numbers
  654. Re: Need guidance for Inventory dbase, want to avoid calculated field.
  655. Re: Need to have two autonumber fields in one table
  656. real estate database design
  657. Re: Need guidance for Inventory dbase, want to avoid calculated field.
  658. Re: Need guidance for Inventory dbase, want to avoid calculated field.
  659. Re: Strategy for groups within recordset
  660. Where should relationships be created?
  661. Defining Relationships/Primary Keys between two tables
  662. no political relations in internaional ....
  663. Re: Relationships bwtween more than one table
  664. Need help with several many to many relationships
  665. Data of many records of 1 form to populate another form via Cmd bu
  666. Tracking competencies with Access 2007
  667. Form Design
  668. client/server setup
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