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  1. Returning Value from a Form
  2. 3021 runtime error .EOF Acc97 VBA
  3. How to display recordset in datasheet view
  4. ACC'97 VBA execution of a SQL SRVR 7 DTS package
  5. Re: "External name not found"
  6. VBScript Automation of Data Entry to an Access Database
  7. ODBC call fails.
  8. Print Members of Groups Via Code
  9. Changing the Default delimiter
  10. Default database folder Q
  11. Auto-populate multiple Fields
  12. VBA Code to copy value?
  13. Insert Autonumber Row into selected tables
  14. Trapping error line number
  15. Status of transaction
  16. Copying problem!!!
  17. Date Error
  18. Changing Backround Color.
  19. statments + letters
  20. Parameter Drop Down List
  21. VB routine leaves msaccess.exe running after quit
  22. Running find and replace in word from access
  23. Launching a word document
  24. count records
  25. Re: Launching a word document
  26. ?Link to enternal modules?
  27. Re: Memo and Text data type combined.
  28. Re: Memo and Text data type combined.
  29. Recorset
  30. Valuable resource for learning VBA for Access?
  31. Re: Delete tblDefs that fit a certain criteria
  32. Note Password Change
  33. Sending data in a report to an Excel template
  34. ![column] AS variable
  35. Finding record with code
  36. Re: MSysDb
  37. Re: Trouble with DSUM
  38. Password application in TransferDatabase A97
  39. Message Boxes
  40. Ignoring Blank fields
  41. Dates Query
  42. Code causing Access to unexpectedly Quit
  43. Calling A Module
  44. Compact code not working-
  45. Re: Exit a Sub/Function Access 2002
  46. Out of memory error
  47. Search strings
  48. FTP from within Access
  49. Exit a Sub/Function Access 2002
  50. Lookup Fields alternatives
  51. Re: Undo Changes in a form in Access 2002
  52. Duplicate search
  53. Re: Undo Changes in a form in Access 2002
  54. Private Sub
  55. Query generated autonumber
  56. Create Table in module: references
  57. OT: Pls submit your Access 97, 2000, XP/2002 databases to help build conversion tool
  58. System error! Please contact the site administrator :
  59. Cmd Button Module
  60. Visual Basic Variable DIM as Date
  61. option group security
  62. Query Problem in VBA
  63. Exit a Sub/Function Access 2002
  64. Copy portion of a record into a new record
  65. Outlook Automation
  66. Question -- Or more appropriately -- HELP!!
  67. code not working
  68. Copy part of a record
  69. Ken Snell FU: Requery Filtered Combo Box
  70. Export a filtered from mutliple reports to word
  71. Access 2000/Outlook2000 Hanging Users
  72. MouseWheel Scrolling Bug Help!!!
  73. My code isn't working
  74. Exit Function and Subroutine in Access 2002
  75. Code Library Crashes Databases
  76. move module
  77. DatePart errors in Access 2000
  78. Re: Simple "IF" statement
  79. export form to word
  80. Rank function in MS Access.
  81. Add day to current Day.
  82. It almost works perfect and thats almost good enough
  83. Controlling Word mailmerge from Access VBA
  84. Access run-time and CurrentDB()
  85. Close Common Dialog from hookproc
  86. Losing Form Object Reference in Module-Level Variable
  87. Last Active Control
  88. search criteria - VBA
  89. numbers
  90. Exporting the maximum characters.
  91. automation q: center text in a spreadsheet cell
  92. Requery a Filtered Combo Box
  93. How to rename a file from within access?
  94. Strange VB Editor Behavior
  95. Unable to get the ADO Seek Method to work
  96. Using a temporary table....TempDB?
  97. tranfer to excel
  98. tranfer to excel
  99. Changing font size and style in MsgBox
  100. how to write VBA code retrieve data from Excel to Access
  101. Run Code on Close of Database
  102. Copy a record and all related records
  103. Updating main database from record subset
  104. Error Msg: Object Invalid or no longer set
  105. export filtered data to word
  106. Run time Error
  107. calculating behind the scenes
  108. Using Seek with value array for an index index
  109. output/sendmail
  110. Re: Still having module code issue
  111. wayne Morgan...Need your help again.
  112. copy data from one subform to another subform with recordset
  113. Copy Detail line from one Form to another Form
  114. Re: passing query field as variable
  115. Trying to populate field with random generated date
  116. Turing off EXCEL warning message from VB in ACCESS
  117. I need Windows Version
  118. Updating Fields Through Code
  119. Parameter
  120. Downloading files from the internet
  121. VBA Module for a subform giving an authority violation after implementing db security
  122. speed up vba data analysis function
  123. How to Copy a Recordset and test to see if changes were made
  124. New reporting tool launched. One license could be yours!
  125. get database path programmatically
  126. Ctrl+F problem
  127. Determine if form is open in Access 2002
  128. OT: Pls submit your Access 97, 2000, XP/2002 databases to help build conversion tool
  129. Record Count
  130. problem with outlook automation routine...
  131. Denormalizing in VB
  132. Page orientation and pop up confirmation
  133. Access 2000 - Insert OLE object programatically into a forms OLE object field
  134. VBA - Excel PageSetup property
  135. Problem with RecordCount method
  136. MsgBox: only if macro succeeds
  137. Programatically Setting Boolean Format To Yes/No
  138. Sending Word data into access
  139. Count Module Lines
  140. Auto Print from multiple tables
  141. Runtime Error 2501 --- Why?
  142. problems with RecordCount method
  143. Defineing variables
  144. Pass API dialog selection to control
  145. sending the current record via email
  146. Need an explanation on DoCmd
  147. redirecting printer and page setup
  148. Help: error message using GoToRecord vs the navigation buttons
  149. "More Controls" on the Toolbox
  150. How to assign password for output to command
  151. How Do I do this one..code to run macro if event doesnt happen
  152. Date() and Time() functions not returning values
  153. Path not found with XP
  154. Access Problem
  155. ADO in Access 97?
  156. Any other thoughts on Time Zone Code
  157. Form Level Validation
  158. Re: Canceling Edits / ESC Key
  159. Re: Calling an Access Function from ASP
  161. "run time error - 462"
  162. Code to "wait" until resources released
  163. OT: Pls submit your Access 97, 2000, XP/2002 databases to help build conversion tool
  164. .what is wrong with this code
  165. Import data from another database
  166. DAO Support
  167. programming sort order for unusual date time format
  168. Canceling Edits / ESC Key
  169. VBA Modules Disappearing
  170. Re: Time Zone code...
  171. Relationships and Importing
  172. adding record trough subform
  173. Nested SQL in VBA
  174. Website for beginners
  175. calling Subs
  176. Read and Write to .ini file
  177. Close method
  178. how to perform this Simple Command
  179. sending multiple attachments using outlook automation.
  180. Calling an Access Function from ASP
  181. Print Image using Path/Name
  182. Whats wrong with this code??
  183. Add day to current day.
  184. read com1 information to table
  185. Q: retrieve control's properties of an external database from code
  186. "Browse" function available?
  187. Form Not Deleted In Project Window After Deletion From Access
  188. Ensuring that fields correspond
  189. Help calling a custom dll
  190. Data Type Mismatch
  191. Get file names from within a folder
  192. Build Dynamic If Statement
  193. Queries Corrupted
  194. Sending Lotus Notes e-mail from Access
  195. inputbox - cancel button
  196. Vba question
  197. Record lock fix?
  198. ERROR 3188 and Memo Fields
  199. Re: Calling a VB function from within ADODB
  200. DAO - Access 2003
  201. Opening Databases in FullScreen
  202. Re: Placing result of Input Box into a query/report
  203. Compile Error (from Windows 2000 converted to Windows XP Pro)
  204. Transferspreadsheet glitch
  205. Changing Field Property AllowZeroLength Doesn't Change Design
  206. Placing result of Input Box into a query/report
  207. Chart / Graph
  208. Why there is an error in my Sub in VBA
  209. Why there is an error in my Sub in VBA
  210. File open dialog
  211. Modify API that calls the standard windows file/open dialog
  212. Read File properties
  213. Access crashes with "out of memory" message
  214. Using VBA to identify what security group a user is in
  215. Numeric Data Written to Text File
  216. Form Question? Correction
  217. Recordset.Seek problems
  218. Form question?
  219. Can't open subform for Data Entry
  220. Access 2000 connecting to SQL server questions
  221. startup module
  222. Combo list of database objects
  224. Access corruption - New Idea
  225. Me.RecordsetClone
  226. Re: Recordsets
  227. Deleting a temp query
  228. Accessing "Publish It With Word" through Code
  229. export a calendar item from access to outlook
  230. Highlighting Field Headers on Subform
  231. Enable Function to list system users
  232. Copying an attachment from Outlook to a harddrive folder using Access
  233. Asking if User Is Member of Group Using Code
  234. Controlling a scanner
  235. e-mail hyperlink does not get created!
  236. Array
  237. Function not returning value
  238. date search range in
  239. PLEASE HELP! Photo capture from digital camera into Access.
  240. ! How Do I Check Form is Opened !
  241. Coping Excel Worksheets To New Individual Excel spreadsheet from Access
  242. Is it possible to determine if a form is restored.
  243. writing fields to another table
  244. Initialize database
  246. Help: detecting a CancelEvent in an event which occurs later
  247. DLookup
  248. HyperTerminal use as Table
  249. Default properties changed !! mysteriously during operation
  250. Darktwin Exile teams up with Indian American Star Anand Bhatt WXK9834Q0
  251. Calendar Control
  252. Edit a text file
  253. Suppress Run-time errors!
  254. If Data in field, then prevent change
  255. Filter Form
  256. Re: validate a form's fields before exiting?
  257. Re: CrossTab Report - Error in Code
  258. FTP Scripts / Automation
  259. How to Get Default path name used by Access?
  260. Append Query
  261. Filesearch object misses zip files
  262. Back Color
  263. making a number off labels
  264. parameter query - form
  265. hyperlink to e-mail address
  266. Can I use a sub as a reports data source?
  267. Filter by form and Apply Filter
  268. Cannot Do Record Searches While Module Running
  269. Multiple users?
  270. Determining wether a form is maximised minimised or restored
  271. Generating and AutoNumber that increases by 2
  272. Any Suggestions
  273. form nesting in vb
  274. Access Number of Days Query
  275. Manipulating wif Table Data
  276. Personnel Database
  277. Setting Table Defaults
  278. Help file Imaging
  279. MDE problem
  280. Undefined function FileDateTime in expression
  281. Mail merges
  282. Me.Requery & DAO.Recordset
  283. Date Diff Problem
  284. Controling Microsoft Graph on vb via access report
  285. OT: Reminder: Snapshot Viewer Available for Download
  286. Print via an IF THEN command
  287. Delete record problem
  288. Outlook Meeting Request
  289. Database Growth
  290. Outlook Meeting Attachment
  291. Disk or Network Error
  292. Invalid Argument - TableDefs.Append
  293. Text string manipulation
  294. Format Currency
  295. Still need help
  296. Timer to assess runtime
  297. How to expand selection in listbox
  298. Run Time Type Mismatch error
  299. Avoiding the Jet Engine
  300. Import File List into database
  301. run-time error '53'
  302. Visual Basic 6 and acces 97 converted to access XP
  303. Using Function keys with toggle buttons
  304. Application Error
  305. DAO/ADO Recordset Question
  306. How Generate Exe of the Modules .
  307. How to open Reports with bespoke zoom setting
  308. Too Few Parameters Error
  309. RE: Error 3167
  310. Command object providing a form's query parameter
  311. reducing redundant code
  312. How to run many instances of procedure
  313. VPN Code
  314. RecordCount Property
  315. Appending Data
  316. Eliminate Duplications
  317. Call an Access VBA module from SQL Server.
  318. Procedure Too Large
  319. Code to see if a user already has a file open
  320. How to sort a forms's record
  321. wrong data type?
  322. Active Directory and VBA
  323. Re: counter code and command buttons
  324. Must close recordset?
  325. primary key
  326. Photo capture from Access
  327. Re: Ctrl F
  328. Flashing Alert messages
  329. Open a form after searching for records
  330. Huge Access Icons on XP
  331. need help
  332. Problem sending reports with DoCmd.SendObject
  333. Font sizes on reports
  334. How not to select duplicate records in a listbox
  335. OT: Pls submit your Access 97, 2000, XP/2002 databases to help build conversion tool
  336. Re: Counting number of records returned by SQL.
  337. add 1 "0" to an existing already filled in field
  338. Re: add 1 "0" to an existing already filled in field
  339. add 1 "0" to an existing already filled in field
  340. Still Need help
  341. Thank you so much to all...
  342. Option Groups
  343. Re: dbSeeChanges in SQL statement?
  344. date functions
  345. Counting number of records returned by SQL.
  346. How to use currentDB instance with Microsoft access project
  347. PlaySound
  348. Requery subform
  349. Re: Convert currency to English
  350. Re: Coloring Alternate Lines in Access table
  351. VBA Help
  352. How to check table is empty or not?
  353. Adding user-defined function
  354. Re: Copy to clipboard w/ VBA?
  355. Column with auto-value
  356. Recordset problems
  357. mkdir and UNC path
  358. Inserting Records in Access
  359. Different Versions Of Access XP?
  360. set a value to use throughout the database
  361. Re: Easy module issue?
  362. Re: Easy module issue?
  363. Re: Code Error at EOF()....please help me!
  364. Re: Easy module issue?
  365. Re: Code Error at EOF()....please help me!
  366. Re: Code Error at EOF()....please help me!
  367. Re: Still having module code issue
  368. Mail Merge from .MDE
  369. French access2000 vs english
  370. Re: row-colum problem
  371. Re: Formulae Query
  372. Random Sort Order
  373. Inserting Records in Access
  374. Automating printing of multiple tif images
  375. insert error
  376. Re: Problem sending reports with DoCmd.SendObject
  377. ActiveX DLL problem
  378. Barcode 39
  379. Navigate to correct record?
  380. Re: TransferDatabase
  381. Re: Going to a specific record
  382. RE: MZ Tools or equivalent for Acc97
  383. Re: User-defined type not defined
  384. XP runtime on 2k machine?
  385. Re: Print # command
  386. Importing Excel spreadsheet
  387. Re: Sending mails via SMTP server
  388. Web Service References Dialog Box in Access 2003 Beta
  389. Saving ADO recordset to Access Table
  390. Kill Command & deleting from an ftp site
  391. Code trouble please help
  392. Shell ( ) Function Returning 0
  393. Re: Using query data to specify email addresses
  394. refering to fields in VBA
  395. Module not doing anything
  396. HELP - New to this - or Get your laughs here
  397. Object Control Reference Problem
  398. Determining Current User
  399. Power Point (ppt)
  400. Module code help
  401. SHELL command question
  402. Add Attachments to email
  403. Re: OpenCurrentDatabase fails in Access 2000
  404. Assign Variable Value from Store Procedure
  405. problem with connection string
  406. Copy data from tables..
  407. Re: Help with SQL Statement
  408. Get current line number in module
  409. Find out if a field exists in a table
  410. AutoSizeFont.zip Problem
  411. Starting synchronize dialog from VB
  412. INSERT INTO syntax error
  413. Re: Tim Ferguson... please reply
  414. Re: SendObject(e-mail) problem with Lotus Notes
  415. Re: Translation of code
  416. Access 2000 phone dialing?
  417. Re: Translation of code
  418. Re: Age
  419. Re: Age
  420. Re: Age
  421. Re: force formatting
  422. Re: Updating Jet
  423. Sending an attachment via VBA through Goldmine
  424. INSERT into table function
  425. maxlocks
  426. Using "Enter" and "Tab"
  427. Problem with Sub when date is Null
  428. Re: CurrentDb.OpenRecordset
  429. Var for Multiple Select ListBox values in query criteria
  430. Hiding a dialog box while creating a pdf
  431. Can't view a word document.
  432. prevent user into code
  433. Object Control Reference problem
  434. Problem with my search module
  435. Re: CurrentDb.OpenRecordset
  436. Update fields
  437. compiling error but working script
  438. searching Data Access Page text field
  439. ACCESS 97 carriage returns in memo fields
  440. Psuedo Audit Trail
  441. DAO vs ADO for setting database security
  442. Conditionally run code/macro
  443. Re: MZ Tools or equivalent for Acc97
  444. Creating an Excel Sheet from an Access Ap.
  445. Re: MZ Tools or equivalent for Acc97
  446. Re: AutoNumber uses less than greatest value!
  447. Pulling Up Appt ID
  448. Re: Passing Paramater to form
  449. Error 5: Invalid procedure call or argument
  450. RE: Network access error
  451. Embedded CorelDRAW Graphics
  452. Person's picture in report
  453. Need extra money try this
  454. Modify table at start up
  455. Re: Basic advice
  456. Re: Basic advice
  457. ADO help file
  458. Re: How do I copy a table in VBA?
  459. Error 2004 in Access 2002 using ERwin 3.5.2
  460. Control : eight squares surrounding it at design view
  461. Re: function vs sub
  462. References problem with RecordsetClone
  463. LastModified property in Reports
  464. Duplicate Records
  465. Packaging and Security
  466. Very Important! Stop The virus before .....
  467. CreateField("ID", dbAutoIncrField) results in another data type
  468. Custom Menu Bar - Print Command
  469. Run-time error 3027
  470. Hyperlinks to stored procedures
  471. How to make a tabular form refresh???
  472. Copying a folder
  473. Importing Data
  474. understanding EMBED_OBJECTLINK (1452,etc)
  475. Re: Passing Paramater to form
  476. Can DLookup Do This
  477. Limit access to database
  479. Re: access97 nz function now broken
  480. OT: Pls submit your Access 97, 2000, XP/2002 databases to help build conversion tool
  481. Re: errors trapping
  482. Compile Error
  483. Re: Optimizing Linked SQL server tables
  484. Re: use SHBrowseForFolder with initial. folder
  485. Re: Count records in text file
  486. Re: Code a Hidden Admin
  487. ctime conversion in Access
  488. Access Extremely slow from Server.
  489. Re: MDAC 2.0 required
  490. executing code after form is opened
  491. If NULL don't Save Record
  492. "Clear" Textbox (delete data)
  493. SendObject
  494. VB access to tables collection
  495. Dictation Software with Access
  496. Invalid Argument Error
  497. Combo box that automatically update a sub-form record
  498. Automatically creating pdf through VBA
  499. Re: How to obtain record count without using the RecordCount function
  500. VBA To Fix Broken References
  502. Howto automatic VBA to copy outlook attachment to a folder
  503. How to obtain record count without using the RecordCount function
  504. Excel Import Specifications
  505. Re: How to obtain record count without using the RecordCount function
  506. Opening DB error
  507. Re: Bypass shift key code
  508. Re: Bypass shift key code
  509. Re: Bypass shift key code
  510. Need some code
  511. Error in calling a report
  512. Searching A Folder For Files
  513. Application.Filesearch fails on WIN2K box
  514. Ken Snell... please reply
  515. Direct SQL against MySQL.
  516. "Call Form_Error" function error
  517. Rowsource MSGraph on Report - Crosspost
  518. Recover Design Master
  519. finding a table
  520. Re: Export into SQL server from EXCEL?
  521. Importing information from an Excel Spreadsheet into Access - Programmatically
  522. Error: -2147217900: Syntax error or access violation
  523. OnError for Textbox
  524. Search Engine in text
  525. Memory leak using AddNew()
  526. Proximity cards
  527. Unhide Textbox when creating new record
  528. Import from text file
  529. What went wrong-Please help!
  530. Re: Dim variable as Database
  531. Re: Code a Hidden Admin
  532. Re: Code for securing a database
  533. Possible Match in Textbox
  534. Move to specific row in listbox
  535. Changing Field Name in VBA
  536. Connecting to ODBC (oracle) with VBA
  537. How to detect if a user hit <Esc> to exit loop
  538. OT: Pls submit Microsoft Access 97, 2000, or 2002/XP DBs to Help Build Conversion Tool
  539. Database Window: How to hide via VB ?
  540. BeforeUpdate
  541. Print to PDF
  542. Nulls in Modules
  543. Error statement for ADO
  544. Setting a date despite international setting
  545. Requery not showing table or record changes
  546. Startup Options
  547. Drag and Drop
  548. Opening database error msg
  549. SQL DateSerial problems
  550. Temporary Admin Permission
  551. Howto update two tables at the same time
  552. Re: OLE Pictures and Importing in VB
  553. ip address mgt system
  554. How to make the shift key inactive
  555. Re: Debug Window not activate
  556. VBE6.dll missing in Win98/ME
  557. Sending Attachment with email
  558. Re: String Functions
  559. Re: Combo Boxes
  560. OPEN 2nd DATABASE
  561. Re: visible
  562. ! Finding A Char From A Variable !
  563. Re: sb6ent.ocx
  564. Re: Converting from Julian Date
  565. VBA Code for Changing Printer in Access 2000
  566. Combo Boxes
  568. String Functions
  569. opening a connection
  570. how to reference name of module running code
  571. Adding Constraints with Cascade
  572. Building an SQL query string to include "&" as part of string
  573. Message Box
  574. Re: Error handling before or after Dim statement?
  575. Locating Procedure by name
  576. Third Party Access Components
  577. Re: Impossible get a file
  578. Re: Tool to Convert Access to Visual Basic
  579. Nested iif statements
  580. CurrentDB error
  581. Upgrade from Access 97 to 2002
  582. Re: Random
  583. combo box query
  584. Problem with ADO DC RecordSource, SQL query
  585. Problem with ADO datacontrol RecordSource property
  586. Re: ! Finding A Char From A Variable !
  587. Initiate PDF from VBA Code
  588. My Replace function with Regular Expression support
  589. doCmd.transferText problem
  590. Re: Output a report in MS Word to a specific folder
  591. Re: ! Finding A Char From A Variable !
  592. Changing Printer in VBA
  593. Can and Can't insert using DAO on SQL Server linked table
  594. List box troubles
  595. Re: VBA Help file
  596. Re: ! Finding A Char From A Variable !
  597. Re: Calculating/Totaling Working Days
  598. Cannot close Access - recordset problem?
  599. Using a general File Spec in VB to import many tables
  600. Day of the week
  601. Re: OpenDatabase. . . again
  602. How to code this kind of code?
  603. How to convert DAO to ADO
  604. update table variable
  605. Null value in SQL statement
  606. "Function is not available" Error
  607. Outlook to Exchange
  608. OpenDatabase Method
  609. Popup Ads
  610. Subroutine to display pathname
  611. Help - Type Mismatch?
  612. Year(Now()) issues
  613. Re: Need Help with Simple VB Command
  614. XP - OLE Automation not working
  615. DoCmd.CopyObject fails when run from Word VBA
  616. Re: insert codetext into active module window
  617. Sendkeys "("
  618. Where Condition
  620. Programming the AutoCorrect object through VBA
  621. Object Required
  622. OLE Error
  623. Printing
  624. Programming Syntax
  625. Re: How to determine whether a user has a specifc permission on an object
  626. create primary key via VBA
  627. help with VBA syntax
  628. VBA Code to Enable "Always show Full Menus"
  629. Is there any "done" command???
  630. Setting forms
  631. Go to hyperlink question
  632. Re: Trying to set up automatic email notification from Access db
  633. Dlookup need refresh
  634. Re: "External name not found"
  635. Re: Trying to set up automatic email notification from Access db
  636. Links and security
  637. import data
  638. Customize default query results
  639. Afterupdate
  640. Re: Module aborts
  641. can't find input table or query...
  642. Help-Module can not be found for a form
  643. Changing next value of Autonumber using a module or macro
  644. WinFax 10.02 SDK and Access 2K
  645. Can't figure out error message.
  646. Reports
  647. db grows from 2,000 KB to 1.1 MB !
  648. let user specify table name when importing excel?
  649. Export in an earlier version of Access
  651. subform data validation
  652. Re: Help! Naming Spreasheets in Exported Excel Files
  653. Lock and Unlock
  654. User Defined Type Not Defined
  655. Pass-through query with reference to a form
  656. Are newer versions of "mdac_typexe2.8" backward compatible
  657. Run-time error 3027 problem
  658. Re: can't find input table or query...
  659. Help - Modules Disappearing
  660. Re: Newbie: Cursor Control
  661. Re: Updating fields in database
  662. Re: Info. store in a combo box
  663. How to unique records to the Users
  664. ASAP Please - ComboLink
  665. how to run an excel macro from access?
  666. VBA Trouble
  667. Debug help
  668. Editing a query's criteria from VBA
  669. Calling a procedure
  670. Re: Wrong error message returned from custom navigation buttons
  671. Assigning values to a filtered form
  672. SendObject method: sending no Access objects
  673. Re: Returning current machine name with VBA
  674. Export Access Query result to Excel via macro
  675. Naming an Excel Spreadsheet from Access
  676. Mail merge problem
  677. Does it work with a loop
  678. reference a control on a form
  679. Too Few Parameters Error
  680. Re: open application with arg !?
  681. Event handling in VBA generated forms
  682. Re: New Table using ADO Recordset
  683. Publishing Access to Word loses formatting
  684. DoCmd.OpenTable
  685. totaling a vba calculation in report footer
  686. Inserting Row in an Excel Table
  687. Re: How to use acsyscmdprofile !
  688. importing non-contiguous ranges from excel to access
  689. How do I return more than one value from a function?
  690. Re: Now()
  691. Now()
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