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  1. Check all unbound text boxes for Null
  2. reference books
  3. Reading data from access to outlook
  4. Inserting Hyperlinks into table fields
  5. Comparing Recordset
  6. Programming PaperSize
  7. Too many message boxes
  8. Exclamation or Dot
  9. How do I update an MSAccess table without opening MSAccess?
  10. Saving a form as a report
  11. REPOST: Problem With Listbox Selected Property
  12. How to insert date at caret position in text control.
  13. Filter a form based on a value in a subform
  14. Upgrade to Access 2k3?
  15. Update Syntax error
  16. Printing a label in a certain area on a report
  17. Can this be done in Access
  18. shari
  19. need access 2000 code for searching any part of the field
  20. On Update cascade
  21. Automated file opening
  22. Is DLL Loaded?
  23. Populate textbox with data source name when data linking
  24. Updating a part of a field
  25. error 3622 open sql server table with identity column
  26. Compare
  27. RE: DAO Recordset Filter
  28. DAO Recordset Filter
  29. Debugging Visual Basic
  30. Waiting for finish Shell Function
  31. Creating zeros from non-existent data
  32. Using MODI ON Office XP, 2000
  33. Referencing Field names in Parameters
  34. Consulting
  35. consulting with dates
  36. Merging two Tif files to one file
  37. Error in Listbox
  38. VBA error trying to export table/index SQL
  39. Compare all VBA-code in two versions of same DB
  40. detect if arrow key down or up is pressed?
  41. Save form as report and export as SNP file
  42. Excel Automation Code Fails To Quit Excel
  43. Database FE decompiling
  44. open appointment window in Calendar (Outlook)
  45. Subtracting and Adding Times
  46. Disable "Run Query" message in status bar
  47. what is wrong with this select statament: select [all items]![For
  48. How to set Default value for Parameter in a query using a paramete
  49. Debug/compile filename wrong?
  50. OpenRecordset() can't take parameter inside query?
  51. envelops
  52. Trying to calculate the change from a value in one row from anothe
  53. Dynamic WHERE statement or criteria
  54. Create Mailing Label Switchboard with Access and Word (2000)
  55. Undefined Function "xxxx" in expression
  56. Can a program in Access 97 be uploaded onto XP
  57. TreeView Drag/Drop Code
  58. Attachments.Add
  59. Macro Doesn't Work on Hidden Sheets
  60. Creating font picklist
  61. Locked Record
  62. Inserting Hyperlinks into tables with VBA
  63. Validate data value within two data Fields
  64. SQL Statement
  65. Formal Complaint
  66. Using BeforeUpdate on an unbound text box
  67. RE: Using BeforeUpdate on an unbound text box
  68. dynamicly accessing fields in a record source
  69. RE: Using BeforeUpdate on an unbound text box
  70. how do I enable font/fore color in runtime?
  71. RE: dynamicly accessing fields in a record source
  72. Suppress Warnings in Excel
  73. Exporting and Importing
  74. Ranking results in Access
  75. ActiveX error message, help needed
  76. Get value ListBox to a Msgbox
  77. Index, appendix, the whole world....
  78. Filling pdf files
  79. Transfer Excel Worksheet
  80. copy values from ListBox to a TextBox
  81. Could not update record locked by user
  82. Add Tables to RelationShip-Windows with VBA
  83. Output Debug.Print to file
  84. Find and Replace Text????
  85. Managing connections to attached tables
  86. Update a field in a "generic" function
  87. what causes database filesize to increase rapidly
  88. on error does not work suddenly
  89. How to remove MISSING library
  90. Trapping Click With Calculated Check Box
  91. foxpro STUFF function
  92. output to microsoft office document image writer with code
  93. UPDATE: Crosstab Queries as Subform SourceObjects (KLATUU)
  94. Is there something screwy going on with acCmdSave?
  95. updating a record from another table.
  96. VB and Batch file from Access
  97. Select Record Commond Button
  98. Creating new textbox at run time
  99. product inventory for multiple locations
  100. Working with pivot table properties
  101. Compacting db not deleting temp file
  102. Copying databases
  103. sending email questions
  104. Search Commond Button
  105. How do I display data select N a combo box in individual txt box
  106. Suspending code for form input
  107. Help! ADO and editing
  108. Exclude Values from a SELECT statement
  109. update values in a table
  110. Alpha Numeric sequences
  111. Setting a Field to Empty
  112. How do I post a comment to existing post?
  113. posting information on more than one table
  114. Reference another Microsoft Access .mdb does not enable classes
  115. using .AddNew in nested subforms
  116. .mde format
  117. htm DAP doesn't display dropdown
  118. using psftp through VBA
  119. unzip files from VBA
  120. Launching Internet Explorer
  121. query doesn't show records after table addnew update procedure
  122. how can I run set up the macro to run overnight by itself.
  123. Docmd.runmacro
  124. For Each SubForm in Form
  125. MS Office 2000 with SP3 problem in Access
  126. Set Print Orientation in Access VBA
  127. Import Automation
  128. VBA Loop to Print All Snapshots Saved in a Folder
  129. Get Values SQL in table
  130. Getting the Hard Disk serial number
  131. custom class module
  133. If record does/doesnt exist
  134. Remove indexes programmatically by field name
  135. pulling info from another table
  136. refreshing linked objects
  137. navigate in a treeview and write checked nodes into a table
  138. Loss of VB in Access
  139. Microsoft Access
  140. Print/Save report onto the shared drive and EMail attched file.
  141. Problem with UPDATE
  142. Revealing the Database Window
  143. local connection
  144. OPen and control of another mdb...
  145. Distinguishing root cause of Form_Close event
  146. Controlling the VBA window
  147. Button on Form running a Query
  148. path to backend
  149. filter to another textbox
  150. MDE file and VBA
  151. not enough memory
  152. local recordset
  153. How does one code the tab strip control events and make them fire
  154. How do I display data select N a combo box in individual txt box
  155. Using IN clause in SQL via VBA
  156. Best practice on establishing DB connection
  157. Using report values in Event Procedure
  158. Modifying Name AutoCorrect Options From Code
  159. Cursor should not move until value is entered in the control box .
  160. what is wrong with this code? very simple one
  161. openning a Mail Merged .doc
  162. Openning a Mail Merged .doc
  163. Opening a Mail Merge .doc
  164. How can I pull a random percentage of records from a table?
  165. Kill Active Connections Programmatically?
  166. display a msgbox after a form loads
  167. Feeding Access Data to a Fields in a PDF File
  168. Feeding Access Data to a Fields in a PDF File
  169. Help with code
  170. copy values to a report
  171. regional settings
  172. disable alarm
  173. Setting a variable equal a current incident of MapPoint
  174. Passing SUM value from query to textbox
  175. Check for & delete column name
  176. Exporting a report to multiple files
  177. User-Defined Variables
  178. Default query properties
  179. "ghost" break
  180. Single-quote in SQL Statement?
  181. Cascade delete selectively NOT
  182. Insert value into a form
  183. Bring an Access form to the front via VBA
  184. Using Command Bar Elements
  185. How to check for "Nothing"?
  186. Collection in vba
  187. How can I disable the mouse wheel in Access databases?
  188. Joining Fields to a sub-form
  189. How to synchronize combo boxes?
  190. VBA code to run a make table query
  191. dlookup multiple criteria
  192. Runtime vs. Retail
  193. Bibliography key words
  194. MS Access Packaging Wizard .. Set-up install error
  195. Scanning Revisited
  196. Help with Array
  197. ===>Delete record(s)/record set based on a criteria
  198. un-hiding tables
  199. set value of object
  200. managing References
  201. Joining results from 2 querys
  202. Strings - variable-length string
  203. Quick Scanning question
  204. Delete all, left only the last 10 records.
  205. Can a db be intermittantly corrupt?
  206. generating automatic email notification of new record from web
  207. How can breakpoints stop responding?
  208. how do i create an event procedure for a form to open with no inf
  209. AddNew / Update Error
  210. Page Footer
  211. Auto Fillin
  212. using "OR" in OPEN event if then statement
  213. Object required "ERROR"
  214. Slowing Record Navigation
  215. Fully Justified Text
  216. Find record
  217. Need generic function to extract an OPENARGS parameter
  218. How to INSERT (not replace) some text into a TEXT control
  219. Excel Ole Embedded Files becomes Hidden when saved using SaveAs me
  220. Tracking software execution line by line
  221. What the H#!! is wrong with this?
  222. Runtime Error 3170
  223. dns-less connection no prompt PLEASE HELP
  224. Time between Two Dates
  225. Programming Loop with SQL Update Query
  226. Non-programmer needs code to find file on user's hard drive
  227. saving an outlook apt to a specific folder
  228. synchronize
  229. Closing Map Point from Access
  230. Create report with EARLIEST date for several different participant
  231. Get values from fields in VBA
  232. Undocumented Filter?
  233. Printer dialog on acViewNormal
  234. using VBA to create a report
  235. Creating a Macro replacing data in Table with data in an Excel file
  236. Run time Error 2427
  237. dynamic query to insert rows from sql server attached table to mdb table
  238. ODBC Login Failure
  239. Add record only
  240. Protect MDB any MVP
  241. Create .MDE file in scheduled task
  242. Multiple Lines in Access
  243. Report Hangs When Access Looses the Focus
  244. Displaying PDF files stored in an OLE Data Type
  245. Connecting Access to Excel
  246. variables do not accept values
  247. Filter Report using form with list boxes
  248. rich text
  249. Using query values for field name in table
  250. Easy ADO database update question
  251. Access to Access
  252. Navigation Button by week
  253. Not in List
  254. Displaying Excel Workbooks In Access Forms
  255. forms periodically changing size
  256. Audit Log on form with Tab Control
  257. How to check if a form is open.
  258. Problem with Update
  259. Using Excel
  260. Escape button --> code?
  261. Inserting hyperlink in Body of email sent from Access or Outlook
  262. Error when opening Access DB connected to MSDE back-end
  263. "No data at execution values pending" Error
  264. Recordset Help!
  265. Running PowerPoint from Access
  266. Access 97 Recordset Problem
  267. How do I stop Access2002 freezing its window while code is running
  268. Edit Data Access pages across network
  269. Handling back end "compact on close" failure
  270. Option buttons
  271. continuous form
  272. Can I open a data access page on a shared server (not web)?
  273. combination
  274. JAR Archive
  275. Recordset
  276. Using VBA to place a subform on a form.
  277. DAO 3035 error, update problem under Windowx XP x64; "system resource exceeded"
  278. Stop Shift Key Override On Open MDB
  279. CopyFromRecordset Error
  280. Option Buttons
  281. Access 2002
  282. delete a record in a child table when a field is changed to null
  283. filtering a ADO recordset error
  284. open template as document
  285. Making Access release Excel spreadsheet when done
  287. Tips on domain aggregate replacements
  288. Bypass username/password prompt when updating Oracle table via ODB
  289. InputBox Mask ****** & Call it 3 times.
  290. Need the equivalent of a substring function
  291. Exporting a Dyanmic Query to Temporary Excel File
  292. JAR Archive
  293. Arrays from Access to Excel
  294. how to populate a field in a table based on a conditional statemen
  295. Find only specific part of a record
  296. Setting Excel version in Access Basic
  297. Access Data in Excel Connection Errors
  298. During huricane lost. I can't get access to reinstall.
  299. Access VBA
  300. Sending mail using CDO via Ms Exchange which forces authentication
  301. how do i output ole fields to a file in any image format
  302. Opening JPG files via "followhyperlink", or other code...
  303. Select Case for a Recordset(Please Help)
  304. Setting a value of a text field on a report
  305. Hiding the Access App. Window to leave only a "pop-up" form
  306. Passing a Date parameter to a Parametrized query
  307. Using GoToRecord with DLookUp
  308. Tony's auto fe updater issues
  309. Populating a continuous form
  310. Prevent read-only message on opening
  311. Category-selective access of outlook-contacts, Acess 97
  312. Exporting Query Data to Excel
  313. Outlook Calendar in a form of Access2000
  314. Adding Report Filter By VBA From Function A2K
  315. Graph, How to set the position of a datalabel in VBA
  316. 2 simple questions (I hope)
  317. tab control form - goto new record
  318. initializing global variables when they are defined?
  319. RE: initializing global variables when they are defined?
  320. RE: initializing global variables when they are defined?
  321. RE: initializing global variables when they are defined?
  322. Find if a specific path exists on harddrive
  323. Access 2K Dies on Running OpenDatabase; Tried Everything!
  324. How to populate a field with another field?
  325. How to combine two rows values into one row in Access
  326. Writing Data with unbound controls
  327. TableDef, RowHeight
  328. Select Case Problem
  329. Why does Access 2000 SP 3 crash when using TableDefs.Append?
  330. narriative log
  331. Print Single Pages to PDF Files
  332. VBA convert dates from dd/mm/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy when opening a rec
  333. Private Sub Worksheet_Change
  334. reading the active directory?
  335. SendObject getting out of memory error
  336. Slow Synchronizing Combo Box
  337. Variables
  338. Template file
  339. Save "+" "-" date as default date.
  340. stock performance dara base (investor portfolio)
  341. Weird Excel Behaviour
  342. How can i focus a popup menu ?
  343. Mousewheel on/off ?
  344. Strange VBA Editor Problems
  345. Code to Update Recordset only works intermittently
  346. User Defined Type - Not Defined
  347. specify record
  348. code for inserting a displayed image from webcam to access 2000
  349. please help!!!!
  350. Opening a connected word or excel file from acces
  351. If Exist function in Access.
  352. printing hyperlinks
  353. Report design access runtime
  354. many to many
  355. runtime text box erroe messege
  356. Export Graph to Powerpoint via Code
  357. Active Directory
  358. Broswer / Saveas Help!
  359. Need to use references to Office 9 from Office 11 in VBA
  360. Change a constant? Keep a variable?
  361. Code that finds all referecence objects
  362. Calling another Dialog box from an Event Proc
  363. syntax error
  364. Why is part of my translated Excel macro not working?
  365. Dynamic Field Names/Labels
  366. Send Email - Addresses, subject text and body text in query...
  367. Imorting Excel Files by Records
  368. How do I, for a Report with No data, Give a Message and Close It?
  369. Copying Data to Excel & Pivot Tables
  370. how do i set up a repeating task in access
  371. Eliminate message box duplication for the 'On No Data' event w/Rep
  372. SelStart scrolls lines out of sight...
  373. Screen Updating
  374. How do you create an option group using VBA?
  375. problems reading a field in Data Base
  376. Outlook signature
  377. Save a picture in teh database
  378. Late binding with the VBA or Access libraries
  379. VBA - Program question
  380. Problem with Merge to Word document with Fields
  381. Sending Access report in the body of Outlook email - formatting.
  382. Sending an email with a Word doc as an attachment from Access code
  383. VBA - How to run code on closing application?
  384. Asterisks in fields...
  385. Asterisks & Pound signs in text field.
  386. Bookmark, part 2
  387. This should be simple?? Get Field names
  388. How can i use dlookup to display data in foreign table
  389. query recordset expression field
  390. .ADP Filter View & use as source for Word Merge Wizard
  391. Print Access Report to PDF V6 or V7, using VBA - is this a secret?
  392. Copy Files using VBA
  393. VBA SQL
  394. inserting a image from webcam
  395. Automatically printing to printer other than default
  396. Using MODI On Access
  397. Need Access to copy range of cells from Excel to Word
  398. How to get the week number of a particular date in Acces
  399. Repair & Compact Utilities
  400. Opening explorer and getting its thread
  401. Password protect VBA code
  402. prevent user to log on to 2 computers at the same time. access 2k
  403. ODBC UserID and Password Window bypass
  404. Recordset that displays files that meet criteria
  405. Data Access Pages
  406. Broken references, Please check my code !
  407. printing code
  408. Form help
  409. Pulling data from a form into a subform
  410. OK, so where does all the Access 2003 white space come from??
  411. Does Microsoft Access 2000 support freetext searching & indexing?
  412. Automate Sending a filtered Report as an Attachment to an Outlook
  413. Help with Write Conflict?
  414. ADP CurrentProject should NOT change Connections automatically
  415. Data Source
  416. Digital Pens
  417. DAO vs. ADO
  418. RefreshLink and SQL Server
  419. Visual Basic Script and Visual Basic 6 Code difference?
  420. Multiple Email Recipients
  421. How to open a windows folder from within MS-Access VBA?
  422. Checkbox Set Value
  423. VBA Controlled fields on a report
  424. TreeView Drag/Drop Tutorial
  425. Bookmark/cmdDelete Record in a Sub-Form
  426. Copy a table using code
  427. Access 97 VB
  428. Toggle Breakpoints not working
  429. Handling Text files through VBA
  430. SQL insert record return value?
  431. Access closes when code is invoked
  432. How to copy linked table to a different database as a local table?
  433. Date for this month
  434. Corrupt .mdb ??
  435. Create a recordset
  436. Making calculated Negative numbers a different color in access 200
  437. Culling records with Key words
  438. Using calculated query field in Recordset
  439. Access Error Messages
  440. Disable the Shift key
  441. Auto generate number
  442. Readin line after line of a memo field in VBA
  443. MS Access 2000 and MS Access XP
  444. code organization
  445. TransferSpreadsheet / Excel Export Problem
  446. Inserting Boolean values into a table
  447. Can "Null" values be inserted into a table?
  448. Access VBA mailmerge to Word broken in upgrade from '97 to 2003
  449. Date/Time Values when Exporting CSV File
  450. Expected: end of statement error
  451. Jumpy MS Date Time picker control
  452. automatic update of database over internet
  453. Equations
  454. Quit & Open
  455. DoCmd.RunSQL Error
  456. Output of query as variable in code
  457. How to update a column in do while loop ?
  458. Automatic Email
  459. VB Help!
  460. General Question Regarding Posting
  461. Run Time Error 3061
  462. Bookmark
  463. VAT Expression/Macro builder
  464. How to change the files atribute by code ?
  465. Printout unhides the database window
  466. ADOX creation of relationship
  467. Generalize information through different access tables using VB co
  468. creating a password to access forms
  469. function value?
  470. Generate Number
  471. auto gen no. based on fields
  472. save textbox value back to table
  473. Stored Procedure not found
  474. Copying a Part of a String Into Another String
  475. Copying Part of a String Into Another String
  476. Updating a form that is open
  477. Running Query in Code
  478. Get a module to fill in a text field
  479. Regular Expression Help
  480. Opening Excel
  481. How do I translate this into a connection string?
  482. Hyperlink Base
  483. find a table and populate another in a different form
  484. Function to return earliest date
  485. Sending Embedded Objects by Mail.
  486. Retreiving records to a form
  487. Dealing with HTML Code in a memo field.
  488. Trouble with SELECT ... INTO SQL statement
  489. limit trial use of xls programs for prospective purchasers
  490. consistent error on first record
  491. Search directory
  492. Auto FE Updater and error message
  493. Help! Access isn't responding during long calculations...
  494. Compare Two Tables
  495. tabbing does not seem to work
  496. Correct SQL Statement
  497. Reference Library Objects list
  498. Recordset doesn't refelct changes
  499. Spell check resets listbox
  500. Updating One Field in All Records
  501. Save a word file from Access
  502. Running DoCmd's in an MDE
  503. Type Mismatch Error
  504. adding criteria to LEFT JOIN - SQL
  505. Programmatically locate date
  506. FileDialog vs. API and Multi-Select
  507. Access Pages
  508. Updating unbound OLE object to a database table
  509. Problem using RunSQL in VBA code...
  510. Msgbox alert for existing records
  511. Writing Report Description Property Via Code
  512. Where can I get ACCRT and setupacc.exe?
  513. Publish how to force Access to purge its Excel memory
  514. CommEvent help????
  515. Force Access to purge its Excel memory?
  516. SQL development tool - practice
  517. Finding path of installation folder
  518. DoCmd.OpenTable
  519. Promblem with Name Files into Different Directory
  520. Numbering system
  521. Error 554... using CDO
  522. Alter tables in ms-access
  523. Getting the Computer Name
  524. Reset autonum field programatically?
  525. RecordSet Edit Method
  526. Get start with Outlook from Access 2000?
  527. program
  528. Date Formulas for budget "burn rate"
  529. Strings located in SQL statement - how to quote..??
  530. Cycle forms and set font type and size
  531. Rename files into different directory
  532. Enumerate Relations Fields
  533. Closing Excel Instance
  534. DateTime Picker-On Updated Event doesn't trigger after picking dat
  535. Trying to use SQL in VBA to send to Word template...
  536. No License to Use Common Dialog Control
  537. Printing to a specific printer/Using the Print Dialog Window
  538. access bug importing from excel
  539. Divide one field into 2 seperate fields
  540. Extract hyperlink from a Word document?
  541. something wrong with and/or logic in if...then statement
  542. How do I publish Access Data Pages to the Internet
  543. open form read only
  544. Disappearing Forms In Access 2000 - BCP
  545. Help needed with "Operation not supported in transactions" error
  546. Visual Studio Tools for Office system: where? how??
  547. Preventing other mdb files from Importing table objects
  548. Can't call custom functions created in Access
  549. Connecting Access Data Base With QUICKBOOKS
  550. Display Settings
  551. Collection Bug
  552. counting unique values
  553. Changing what prints on a report
  554. RowSource Dilemna
  555. Table selection in Query
  556. Runtime Error 3134, Insert Into statement
  557. SetFocus in If Statement
  558. recordset from multiple backend .mdb
  559. treeView key change tracking
  560. Managing a data list and removing duplicates
  561. Using filter by form on a subform
  562. Editing modules dynamically
  563. Complex problem - Need help with formula or coding
  564. Data Definition using VBA
  565. Closing current instance of Excel
  566. Picture Laoding Error in an Image Box - Crossposted from 'formscoding'
  567. if exists
  568. Problem connecting to Access Database programatically.
  569. Access & MAPQUEST
  570. OpenProcess Lib "kernel32" in Access 2003
  571. format phone number
  572. How do I get an output paramater back from an oracle stored proced
  573. Excel Automation
  574. Recordset Question
  575. Invalid Data Format
  576. Passing temporary data from textboxes to listbox
  577. Automate Saving Access 2003 to Access 2000 and Access 97
  578. Dynamic Coding Loop - Never thought I'd miss pointers...
  579. capture OLE object from camera
  580. database cannot be opened
  581. Runtime error - 2147221164 (80040154) class not registered
  582. * Saving Calculated Control Source
  583. A Way to automatically delete records
  584. how to call a sub which is a database record
  585. Access object error
  586. How can I detect the current SetWarnings setting?
  587. Convert C-style long to access field value?
  588. Providing default value from table for drop down
  589. Access 97 VB
  590. opening excel spreadsheet from access form
  591. code doesn't work on other computers
  592. Public Sub or Function to manage Control settings
  593. how to register Date and Time Picker thru code
  594. Two Questions: FileSearch & Excel Instance
  595. Checkbox in report detail
  596. Constantly refreshing textbox from a module
  597. Re-ordering Combo Box Values
  598. Application Error
  599. Transpose and calculate- Challenge
  600. Replace Iif statement with Function
  601. Saving a form as a picture
  602. Reference Class Module in Access from Excel
  603. How can I send automatic emails from an Access 2000 database?
  604. Run time error '6': Overflow
  605. if a chr = a then move it to b if b then c
  606. Apostrophes in code
  607. scrolling a form with an interactive script
  608. MVP Book Suggestions
  609. Query Records and Detail Section of Report
  610. try again get values from another tabel
  611. Access 2003: Data Access Page
  612. INI files
  613. VBA Problem
  614. Copying field values from table "A" to table "B"
  615. ODBC
  616. ChDir Question
  617. check boxes
  618. When using application.FileSearch, file not found
  619. pc id
  620. blocking access to more than 1 user
  621. count results from filter
  622. Problem with Rename Tables using Prompt
  623. using modules to append and delete data
  624. Appending and Deleting Data using Modules
  625. using modules to delete and append data
  626. Using Modules to append and delete data
  627. TransferText from a table with a selection-parameter
  628. Get values from another table
  629. Programmatically Import Toolbar
  630. Files of type when browsing via API call
  631. Why not have "make it fit" on format instead of changing font's
  632. How do I add desktop links
  633. Calling Excel function..having large dataset
  634. Rename Tables with Parameter Prompt
  635. Crosstab Query SQL
  636. Sum a tabular subform
  637. Field highlight on a Continous Form
  638. Removal of spaces within character string
  639. RowSource in VBA
  640. Efficiency: function vs. query/dlookup
  641. XML import
  642. Run a module
  643. Run a macro in my Form
  644. How to populate a subform programmatically?
  645. Compile error faced
  646. String spanning multiple lines
  647. How do I setup autoexec
  648. Number Records in a table using VB... Please help
  649. Using DAO.RegisterDatabase for AS400
  650. form/report problem1
  651. Reading File lines
  652. Updaing Excel charts in Access reports
  653. pull data from one table and save it in another
  654. Check if file exists before importing it
  655. Redim Preserve a multidimensional array
  656. User access - fields
  657. Filter on Form
  658. Creating an unique ID number in sequential order
  659. MDB corrupt after rebuild, decompile & LoadFromText()
  660. TreeView Wackiness
  661. examples of VB for pivot tables
  662. trying to exc. program (shell problem)
  663. Debugging Breakpoints Not Working
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