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  1. VBA Active-X object references
  2. How to get multiple options into a text box
  3. Can't refresh report in code.
  4. Update and Delete cascade
  5. String to find Recordset Field Value
  7. Where are the CONVERT & CAST functions in MDB?
  8. Open another form on the OnLoad
  9. DLookup (again) A97
  10. Error When Trying to Calculate R Squared With Only One Datapoint
  11. unwanted info in reports; how do i get rid of it
  12. Exporting table contents
  13. Hiding a Form (Completely) A97
  14. Customize input box?
  15. Deploying an Access 2000 application
  16. Sending and deleting meeting invitation via Outlook
  17. Creating Autonumber Field
  18. Insert form information into an email
  19. Add records to tdfNew as TableDef
  20. Access equivalent to Excel's CLEAN function
  21. How can I stop my CDO e-mails triggering spam rules?
  22. Date & Time A97
  23. RecordFetch Optimisation with ODBC drivers - advice needed
  24. Work Schedule
  25. Corrupt records Error 3709 - will splitting the database help?
  26. SendKeys not working
  27. transaction processing in MDB?
  28. Recordset automatically updates
  29. Deleting and Updating records in Access
  30. Error while adding browser object to form in Access
  31. bound properties
  32. Use function to return recordset?
  33. Migrate FE to different development environment
  34. Monitoring module activity
  35. TextBox Before and After update Events - what if filled from cmdBt
  36. Pessimistic Record Locking
  37. Re: Relative Path
  38. Relative Path
  39. Access - Visual Basic question
  40. recordset open' option
  41. How to use query as recordset data source
  42. how can I retrieve information in a dbx file with access
  43. Fingerprint reader
  44. SQL "Insert Into" question
  45. inserting a range of numbers
  46. Programming a value into a record field
  47. List Box Position
  48. ListBox
  50. Show bookmark as 5th record in continuous form
  51. Mediaplayer object on form
  52. Media player methods
  53. IsNull strange problem
  54. Progress bar showing progress of a make table query
  55. Control Source not returning expected value
  57. How to Get Memo Box to "Can Grow" On A Form
  58. AXP Bookmark Properties List
  59. Embedding images
  60. getting locale country name
  61. use of me
  62. Basing the values in a drop down list from a value in InfoPath
  63. DAO Transaction - dbFlushOSCacheWrites ?
  64. Report Filter with VBA
  65. Saving data
  66. Data Access
  67. IN
  68. SAP interface with access 200 via VB
  69. database help
  70. Convert MS-Word macro to an Access function
  71. From access to SQL
  72. Reports with more than one pages only when needed
  73. Script needed for Access Page on web
  74. Need to convert integer MM into decimal inches
  75. Edit a macro using VBA
  76. How to force a compile through VBA code (Rather than manual)
  77. Access -> SQL
  78. printing/emailing pdf's
  79. Auto Updateing a Number as Text field
  80. Passing value from unbound textbox to bound textbox
  81. customize error msg
  82. Querying in VB Code - UTC time
  83. windows xp gone
  84. ADO Error - ODBC Microsft Access Driver Toofew parameters. Expecte
  85. auto size rft field in report
  86. Is it possible to return 2 pieces of data from called Function?
  87. Can Access in a Citrix session automate Word on the workstation?
  88. Vertical scroll bar not appearing
  89. Form edit
  90. ask end-users&developers before dropping Application.FileSearch!!
  91. No Application object, no Printer object?
  92. Make database window open Maximized
  93. Updating Fields On A Datasheet Form
  94. CreateField
  95. Omitting Duplicates
  96. Just venturing into the wprld of modules
  97. Date Variable Won't Populate Date Field
  98. add a filter to combo box
  99. How to automate the "Analyze report with Excel" ?
  100. Have you heard of this?
  101. Extract info using Shape
  102. Hyperlink or Memo?
  103. uncheck checkbox to delete fields within record
  104. Need some help with error trapping dates
  105. Data Access Page-Auto fill text boxes based on combo box selection
  106. ODBC microsoft.jet.oledb.4.0 Connection Timeout in ASP VBscript
  107. Auto numbers
  108. Auto numbers
  109. Disk or Network Error on Large Access Database
  110. Outlook view control issue with Access 2007
  111. Problem with activeX button
  112. Multi-selected records in a form?
  113. closing access with button vs X
  114. how do i put music in a database?
  115. Access 97 to Access 2000
  116. If statement for e-mail
  117. Access 2002 versus 2000
  118. From Access - Automating Word - Mail Merge - plus Inserting text.
  119. Referencing Objects in Another Mdb
  120. Error 3011
  121. Script to make new posters
  122. MsgBox based upon Combo Box Selection
  123. Exit Access - Execute code
  124. Vertical scroll bar not showing on form with tab control...
  125. Adding records to multiple tables
  126. how do i type sentences and have each word start with uppercase?
  127. Auto-write to CD
  128. Updating Datasets
  129. Error handling on a replicable data base
  130. XML functionality
  131. Server Fileter in an ade file.
  132. Excel macro running from Access is un-stable
  133. Tab Control Click Event not firing
  134. record source does not exist message
  135. What replaces Application.Filesearch in Access 2007?
  136. 3 work days prior to 18th
  137. Trend function
  138. 2501 error not going to error handler
  139. How to install MsWds_en.lex?
  140. Retrieve no. of forms, tables, etc. from Access DBs
  141. Leading zeroes dropped in combination box
  142. Timer, Record Selection, Loop, If statement ... Suggestions??? Hel
  143. >> LDBView.exe and Vista
  144. Close DB if date has expired
  145. acPRORLandscape
  146. Quotes and Ampersands
  147. Access run-time crashes after printing report
  148. Sum certain items in a continuous form
  149. RichTextControl(Stephan Lebans RTF2)
  150. VBA, VB, VB.Net, ASP.Net ?
  151. Printing
  152. SQL CREATE TABLE from existing table
  153. Alter field type using VBA or similar
  154. Indexed.Yes(DuplicatesOK)
  155. usys tables in Access 2007
  156. Automate save on close
  157. Record Set not updateable
  158. how do I convert an integer field to a string
  159. SQL syntax Question
  160. Loading an array from a table
  161. Lookup email addresses for programmed email report
  162. Drop Down box and select statement.
  163. Registry issue when FE opens
  164. exporting data to Excel
  165. making code more 'compact'
  166. Extract first name in a string
  167. ODBC connection
  168. General Programming Question
  169. Rich text control
  170. How to Reference a Property in a Linked Library - I think
  171. Y axis labels in report
  172. List objects in linked database
  173. Appending files using VBA
  174. Transfer Text
  175. Detect position in control
  177. using ocx
  178. Saving Library code-changes
  179. Disappearing subform
  180. Get Windows Login "User Name" from within Access.
  181. How to open, refresh, save Excel workbook from Access?
  182. Custom command and Menu bars in Access 2007
  183. Is connection closure implicit?
  184. ControlTip text not appearing
  185. Printing a document via access
  186. Query through code
  187. Pass Variable from procedure to function
  188. Exporting Forms returns Error 3011
  189. why Sendkeys in window vista give me an error ?
  190. Adding labels to a Graph Report in Access
  191. Convert Date to Text
  192. Check a option in an option group via vba code?
  193. Programming Report to print only 1 page
  194. List box Responds to sting in Text box
  195. MSFlexGrid
  196. User Login start up form
  197. No items selected in multi-select list box
  198. Error 3211 - tbl already in use
  199. Open a form and automatically scroll through the records
  200. Can combo box me made to ignore the prefix street number on addres
  201. Select Statement
  202. Concatenate in a query not working.....syntax
  203. Go to previous workday if weekend
  204. Setting parameters for FindRecord
  205. Call Shell("C:\MWV\findreplace.exe", 1) Intermitently works!
  206. Query problems
  207. Bolding a word doc from Access
  208. Help with hours and minutes
  209. Renaming Excel Worksheet Names after creation in VBA
  210. How to read text files from Folder and Sub folder
  211. SQL Syntax in macro with & "
  212. Relink To Backend DB that Protected
  213. Access Built-in processes
  214. New module prevents further design changes
  215. "Cannot expand named range"
  216. Screen flashing
  217. Images and Reports
  218. automatically select combo box row 0
  219. Help with Help
  220. Access to Outlook Automation (Hopefully Easy Answer)
  221. unconcatenate a strinp
  222. Opening Outlook items through Access
  223. Opening Outlook items through Access
  224. How keep ADO connection to get AutoNumber
  225. How to automate new record in table into template worksheet?
  226. mde updates
  227. Help correcting syntax for DCOUNT
  228. unconcatenated
  229. I need a schedular program w/ auto print function for days ,weeks
  230. Dim a table's field
  231. compile error cites Error function for missing library
  232. Alter Decimal Places property in table with SQL
  233. Inactivity detector
  234. % symbol deleting List Box content
  235. Create hyperlink to folder
  236. text manipulation function help request
  237. Oulook from Access - Designating the Email Sender
  238. transferSpreadSheet problem importing excel to access
  239. Connect to Oracle via ODBC
  240. Importing Data w/VBA
  241. Opening a Non text file in word
  242. IsNull help! No recordset Error 3265
  243. Open access file with button
  244. Popup
  245. If Then Statement for Null Value
  246. I can't delete a record
  247. Cross-Access-platform databases 're-compiles' or refreshes references for a long time
  248. Run time error 2448
  249. Import/Export
  250. Formatted Email with Access vba
  251. Timeline ActiveX Control
  252. Timer
  253. autonumber reset again
  254. Where is getstring?
  255. Retrieve data from a column in another table
  256. tweaking code
  257. Access SendObject for Mass Mailing causes Outlook popup
  258. Cant detect lost focus when moving to parent form
  259. error message
  260. Find first active record
  261. Programicly check References ?
  262. SendKeys Process
  263. VBA porblem with monthly payment
  264. CurrentDb.TableDefs.Delete Slow to Execute
  265. terminal window
  266. Can't open a Database for a Recordset
  267. Copy forms to front end
  268. Query to check for values in multiple tables
  269. control break to stop query
  270. Change Background Color of Text Boxes and Command Buttons
  271. ACCESSS helllllppppppp
  272. Programmatically add AutoNum
  273. import updated records
  274. Where Used
  275. Is an Array a solution here ?
  276. UsedRange
  277. Creating appointment items in Outlook with Access
  278. Carrying Date field info to next record.
  279. Find Certain Text in Field for If Then Statement
  280. how do i disable quick access toolbar (Office 12) ?
  281. Using group by in select query..
  282. Positive Record ID for tracking changes
  283. Read Only Link
  284. Update or CancelUpdate without AddNew or Edit. (Error 3020)
  285. Making a Text Field Case-Sensitive (Password)
  286. Problem copying a file with FileSystemObject.CopyFile
  287. Use VBA to auto-adjust column widths of subform
  288. Enough Memory Problem
  289. How to Compress folders & files from my programs...
  290. very strange problem while trying to show multiple images in a report.
  291. Images in a report
  292. Formatting the text in an input box and setting the format of the resident cell
  293. validate XML against XSD via VBA
  294. Can you use source control with VBA?
  295. Why does Access and Excel use different SQL formats?
  296. How do I learn and where do I start?
  297. Dlookup using dates
  298. Access to Excel Automation Way over my head.
  299. Unable to resolve 2147217865 (Invalid object name) Error
  300. Webpage design
  301. How to create a Custom Progress Bar while waiting in Access 2003
  302. how can i use a list box and command buttons
  303. no Chart Wizard
  304. Date function help needed
  305. strange error when trying to import via code
  306. For median, how to pick higher of two values, Access
  307. For median, how to pick higher of two values, Access
  308. Access to Excel Automation Runtime Error
  309. Get a Variable from a form Command Button
  310. Access 2002 runtime deployment on Vista
  311. Set Values on Report
  312. Will Access 2007 Run Access 2003 ADP Application?
  313. Adding numeric data available in text field
  314. Mouse scroll button and moving through form...
  315. Event when field value change
  316. Immediate Window
  317. Creating a table in code
  318. Passing Access.Form object to a class module variable
  319. Recordset loop updating correctly but for one field
  320. Whats a good resource to learn the basics of writing expressions?
  321. duplicate function names
  322. Looping through records
  323. Macro vs VBA
  324. Determine if a Form has Header/Footer
  325. How to reference a subprocdure to a button
  326. open arguments.
  327. Combo allows not in list but after update causes runtime error
  328. Access VBA count nodes in XML
  329. selecting a combo box item programatically
  330. error when opening vba editor
  331. AUTONUMBER reset
  332. referring to global variable
  333. Learn Access Programming Book - Website Recomendations?
  334. VBA programming - Loop Coding Question
  335. Combo box Array
  336. Me! pagesum = Me! RunSum - x ??
  337. converting DoMenuItem to RunCommand
  338. Access Programming/VBA Question
  339. search option for access web page
  340. Co-workers computer doesn't recognize date in script
  341. Parsing (Contencate?) 2 fields into 1
  342. automating data
  343. zips failing to unzip
  344. Correct syntax error in DSUM using variables
  345. Set a combo box to an entry and clear it of everything
  346. mail merge locking
  347. how can i read visio shape propertys with access vbacode
  348. modules tweaking
  349. problem with report grouping
  350. Lock Unlock Command Button
  351. $ in field name
  352. Passing and using field name strings to vba
  353. Archiving old data to improve performance
  354. Autonumber running out - please help
  355. Accessing field on remote form indirectly
  356. Using combo box to syncronize form
  357. Windows Network IDs
  358. Getting Function name of the function currently running in VBA
  359. Go to next field on form after running code in previous field
  360. Capture UserName
  361. table of claims
  362. Sending Email via MS Access
  363. Converting MDB to MDE
  364. Using query info to open word document
  365. passing string variable into sql query
  366. textbox controlsource
  367. "filter by selection" and "filter toggle button"
  368. Cascading Combo Boxes
  369. Importing a text file with a schema.ini file
  370. Printing from Access to Word
  371. ADO compatibility
  372. Populate a subform using VBA
  373. ony combox to display the control value to a diffrent Combo Box
  374. Quick Question about calling a combo box
  375. timer alerts
  376. searching a table using multiple criteria
  377. Using form to populate fields in table w/date from another table
  378. NotInList when Split
  379. Order characters in one field
  380. Logfile
  381. Help with my code Exporting to multiple excel spreadsheets
  382. How to Alter Code Programmatically
  383. Problem with SQL and Recordset
  384. Runtime error calls for macros that are Module subs
  385. Visual Basic Editor question
  386. Alter Table - VB Approach
  387. RE: Pass value into Query from Macro or Module
  388. RE: Pass value into Query from Macro or Module
  389. Re: ftp code
  390. Error 3011 when using TransferSpreadsheet
  391. Invalid Procedure Call/Argument
  392. Help needed with finding next date in a series!!!
  393. Overloading function calls
  394. ? for Allen_N
  395. Re: Increasing field by one
  396. RE: Function to adjust column widths automatically
  397. Date Range Dialog Box
  398. RE: Using Excel Variable in Access
  399. RE: sending a message from accress to Outlook
  400. Re: Getting File Updated Rather Than FileDateTime
  401. Create recordset programatically
  402. Re: Populate a multi-column listbox
  403. Re: Populate a multi-column listbox
  404. Re: Clear all items from a list box control
  405. Re: Clear all items from a list box control
  406. Re: HELP!!! Debug this code
  407. Cryptic compile error
  408. How do you find data in a range?
  409. Re: How to continue a line without letting it auto wrap
  410. code to display Excel range in Access Report
  411. What good are forms in ADP?
  412. Overflow using InetTransferLib from Access Web
  413. Re: Unable to save changes to, or copy, a report with too many labels
  414. Re: Checking for KeyPressing In Code
  415. Re: Where Clause and "Not" Expression
  416. Saving Caculated Text Fields
  417. Re: separate string (Numbers from letters)
  418. print out Table Description Property (and Field Descriptions)
  419. RE: SQL Server Express, an Access alternative?
  420. Search Directory Structure in Access VBA
  421. Help with function
  422. Precision of fields in a view
  423. RE: access vba sum of an excel range
  424. replications of output
  425. Re: count business days
  426. Returning Minutes and Seconds
  427. Newbie to API needs to take next step
  428. Summing olumns in Access
  429. Re: cretate Record Counter in Query
  430. Re: Retrieveing Data from views containing modules...
  431. RE: Importing Date / VisualDbase
  432. Re: how to get the list of processes in Task Manager
  433. Re: Dynamic Collections?
  434. Re: Running a function using a macro
  435. Re: Retrieveing Data from views containing modules...
  436. Re: Retrieveing Data from views containing modules...
  437. Access 2002 vs 2003
  438. Shell Command to Close Acrobat
  439. TransferText problem
  440. Report Footer totals
  441. URGENT: Selecting a particular values in a combo Box
  442. LIsting Query Description
  443. Re: Help with printing large report with Jpeg files to PDF
  444. Please........
  445. Input masks and time values
  446. Emailing a Report
  447. How to rename Modules ?
  448. A97 and dao350.dll: 0x8002801C under MS Vista
  449. How to know the login password ?
  450. Running JETCOMP from VB
  451. option group true/false
  452. How to break up a 9000 record table into smaller ones using VBA?
  453. Parsing data to Googlemaps with optional string ending
  454. defining variables and issues with running different queries based
  455. RE: Need Help with ListBox Routine
  456. Re: SQL Server Express, an Access alternative?
  457. Re: PDF Filename for Acrobat
  458. Listbox Question
  459. Fill A Listbox In A Continuous Form
  460. Re: Need Help Getting earliest date
  461. Need Help Getting earliest date
  462. RE: Random choices for creating a sequential list
  463. Re: Setting AllowBypassKey Property
  464. Re: Help referencing class library to use openfiledialog
  465. Re: Setting focus to a text box in a subform
  466. Calling all Experts!!!!
  467. Copying files
  468. Dealing with a macro through DAO
  469. Re: MS Access & SQL DTS Packages
  470. Resetting a required date field from subsequent fields
  471. Re: Setting AllowBypassKey Property
  472. RE: Setting AllowBypassKey Property
  473. No duplicates
  474. Object invalid or no longer set on CopyObject method
  475. Re: Self closing DB
  476. Re: Self closing DB
  477. Re: Self closing DB
  478. Re: VB Error
  479. Re: how to convert number to text
  480. Re: how to convert number to text
  481. Re: how to convert currency to text
  482. Problem With VBA Code - Help
  483. File Picker Dialog
  484. Canceling OnKeyUp Event within a module
  485. Open Access automatically
  486. Re: binary vs. textual comparison
  487. Process Lingers After Code Execution
  488. Re: Creating tables
  489. Re: Creating tables
  490. Re: Update a subform
  491. Move Excel Column
  492. Re: QueryDef Object
  493. Re: Maximize form on open
  494. Re: Maximize form on open
  495. Re: Interacting forms
  496. Re: Interacting forms
  497. Filtering subform
  498. Regional settings modification
  499. Need Help With API
  500. Re: Best programming language
  501. Re: Best programming language
  502. Re: Tricky DoCmd.Runsql
  503. Re: VBA to make MS-Access close itself
  504. Re: AutoExec macro not found
  505. Re: use the results
  506. Re: Cross-ref IDs and de-dupe
  507. Re: Create variable name from concatenated strings
  508. Re: Create variable name from concatenated strings
  509. Re: MS Access Backup
  510. Insert File
  511. Re: change primary key
  512. Re: copy access database
  513. varying expressions in tables
  514. Re: Cross-ref IDs and de-dupe
  515. Decimal precision change - MySQL & MS-Access
  516. Program controlled Power off
  517. RE: Automatically shut down
  518. Scheduled Tasks
  519. Adding Fields property DecimalPlaces using the fields collection
  520. Access and Photos
  521. Still not working - ".SetFocus" on a form element and then havingthe combo box ".Dropdown"
  522. Syntax error for INSERT INTO WHERE statement
  523. Activating IE and going to a specific page
  524. Re: No Current Record Inner Loop
  525. Re: Email Message Reminder To users
  526. source safe problem
  527. Use of Flag field across all events
  528. working with check boxes
  529. Decimal precision change - MySQL and MS-Access
  530. Run Word vba in Access module
  531. Re: Running multiple queries and displaying all output to one form
  532. Automating a table update?
  533. Create a Record Set, Then Update Table from Record Set
  534. Re: SQL SELECT and Yes/No Boxes
  535. Re: Globals defined in a Function Module blank on MouseDown Event (For
  536. Re: Dynamically change the value of a combo box
  537. VBA to maximize the Application Window
  538. Auto Email Error in VBA
  539. Re: StrComp method
  540. Re: Adding records to table via recordset
  541. Re: Updating tables with a loop
  542. Re: Replace Existing File?
  543. Re: Downloading emails out from Exchange
  544. RE: executing module from form
  545. Need urgent help - My userform doesn't show up in run-time
  546. Re: Class Module Scope
  547. Assigning a value to an unbound textbox
  548. Re: How create a text file on users local drive
  549. Trying to run SQL ststement in an event procedure
  550. Auto Email
  551. Re: Requery A Report
  552. Re: Requery A Report
  553. Re: How create a text file on users local drive
  554. Re: Updating data fields
  555. Me.FieldName.Undo not reverting back to previous value
  556. Re: Running multiple queries and displaying all output to one form
  557. Re: TreeView Control will not work
  558. Re: finding duplicate values in different fields
  559. MS Access Auto Email Error
  560. Re: NULL can't be managed with <>?
  561. Re: TransferText Dropping NULL Columns
  562. Re: NULL can't be managed with <>?
  563. Re: How to use the concept of "OnNoData" in this situation...
  564. Re: Table can only be eddited by form
  565. Requery form from another form
  566. Populating a combo box from a Function
  567. Re: transaction - rollback
  568. Free for All: help me speed up my Access Database
  569. Re: Set up an ODBC connection Programmatically?
  570. Re: Overflow Error When Running Through Code
  571. Re: Overflow Error When Running Through Code
  572. Re: NULL can't be managed with <>?
  573. Re: GDI+ objects with CMetaFileDC
  574. Re: NULL can't be managed with <>?
  575. Re: NULL can't be managed with <>?
  576. DIR for valid directory return blank
  577. Re: setting field type or definition to binary
  578. Re: Clear to Build
  579. Re: using sql to get a number
  580. Cannot validate against a string variable
  581. Re: Import Word form Into Access table with VBA Code
  582. ShowToolbar method not working?
  583. Re: Error 6 Overflow
  584. Re: Access Instances Question
  585. Re: Program Escape Key to Close Form
  586. Re: Error 6 Overflow
  587. Re: Field Look-up
  588. Re: Program Escape Key to Close Form
  589. Re: Program Escape Key to Close Form
  590. Re: set form = nothing
  591. Re: setting field type or definition to binary
  592. Re: Auto Number field in Access reset itself back to 1
  593. Re: using sql to get a number
  594. Re: Importing a csv file
  595. Download linked files from a web page
  596. Exporting a query to XML
  597. change external database properties programatically
  598. Re: converting a decimal to a binary to a HEX
  599. Re: key violation error
  600. Re: Calling functions using DLL
  601. Problem with creating an Audit Log
  602. Date Import from Text File
  603. SQL and Access VB Problem
  604. dropdown property
  605. Object variable or With block variable not set in simple Query loop
  606. Running 2 access versions at work
  607. IIF Statement used in ListBox RowSource
  608. Calling a Sub Procedure Within a Form Based On a Variable
  609. additem Column(X)
  611. Re: How do I search for a directory?
  612. Re: HOW DO YOU ENTER A LONG SQL statement in code?
  613. String Value not being assigned
  614. Find record problem
  615. Re: Change Table Structure
  616. Re: convert an 18 digit decimal to a HEX value
  617. how to open a form based on the text value in access 2003
  618. Re: Checkbox Code Help!!!!!
  619. Re: convert an 18 digit decimal to a HEX value
  620. Re: variable as part of a field
  621. Re: Change Table Structure
  622. RE: Search
  623. Re: Can't change fields in MySQL through Access
  624. RE: variable as part of a field
  625. Automating Individual reports to Lotus Notes
  626. Re: Counter
  627. Re: Counter
  628. Re: Date/Time Diff without out of hours
  629. vba international (croatian signs )
  630. vba international (croatian signs )
  631. Force Column Break in multi-column report
  632. RE: Loop And Update?
  633. Re: mda addin database
  634. Module is stopping that once worked
  635. RE: How do I search for a directory?
  636. Re: Undefined funtion 'Concatenate' in expression
  637. Re: How do I search for a directory?
  638. Re: Seting computer date/time through VBA...
  639. Re: Seting computer date/time through VBA...
  640. Re: Mouse scroll wheel doesn't work in VBA
  641. Re: Why does this script not work
  642. Re: HOW DO YOU ENTER A LONG SQL statement in code?
  643. Re: Loop And Update?
  644. Re: Updating tables with a loop
  645. How to search for specific Text in a field in Access and return what is between that?
  646. showing result of SQL in a control
  647. RE: Print preview a word document
  648. RE: Send object emails from a list in a table
  649. RE: getting data form a field
  650. Re: Change query critery in code
  651. Re: Using cmd.exe commands on a Form Command Button
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