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  1. Access with Linked SQL Tables
  2. Looping through controls
  3. recordset - incorrect number of records returning
  4. Time (hh:mm) when a specific fiel is changed
  5. Assigning data to a readonly subform
  6. exif data from jpg's
  7. linking?
  8. releasing mailing data cource
  9. passing control names as parameters
  10. Message Box
  11. ADO
  12. Relationship help
  13. recordset?
  14. Compact & repair cuts connection to networked mdb
  15. Exporting Query to Excel - Multiple Files
  16. Exporting Query to Excel - Multiple Files
  17. db.execute strSql
  18. query criteria based on list box
  19. Background of individual records
  20. WHERE clause
  21. PDF Loop
  22. SQL Back End - Access Front End
  23. Check for a table
  24. How to stop the procedure instead of continuing sending a mail afternone of criteria match
  25. Do I need a Nested Loop?
  26. Getting Procedure Name
  27. Field properties
  28. check for excel workbook
  29. Generate Email
  30. Forms - Calling Data from A table
  31. Forms - Calling Data from Another Table
  32. Refreshing Links
  33. Problems with Access 2003
  34. qty in table1 minus qty in table2 equal to result column in table2
  35. Require some help with MSXML2.DOMDocument.4.0 capturing the headerinfos??
  36. better way
  37. Export location determine by Query Criteria
  38. Export to workbook by Query Criteria
  39. no option selected
  40. Button in form header
  41. method 'range' of object'_global' failed on XL sort
  42. Audit Log
  43. Is there an utility.wlib_AutoDial replacement?
  44. Send Object Action
  45. arrays and loop question
  46. excel cell value
  47. DAO Recordset Type
  48. Wrong number of arguments
  49. CVar Function
  50. update a field
  51. DSum
  52. Combining two tables into a query to make a report that displays o
  53. data entry mode subform
  54. Please help me reguarding this matter. Thank You.
  55. Send Object question
  56. Waiting for input from a form
  57. Table records are being deleted for unknown reason
  58. Compile error
  59. Compile error
  60. Update query
  61. VBA future in MS ACCESS (or VSTA)
  62. Correlation coefficent (CORREL in excel)
  63. Code Issue
  64. Export error
  65. VBA Security
  66. Linked tables to SQL Server
  67. conting by letter rather than number
  68. Desktop shortcut for secured database
  69. Check SQL Server Table Permissions
  70. Variables
  71. TransferSpreadsheet Command error
  72. Balloons
  73. Delete the last record
  74. Adding Records
  75. Query Hierarchy within a Database - Help!
  76. Repair/update database
  77. Macro? ode?
  78. Insert large base64 into memo field
  79. VBA Word Wrap?
  80. Customizing Ribbon - Close Print Preview Button?
  81. Calling Module function in query
  82. loop query dates
  83. DCount Function and Variable
  84. Passing linked table data
  85. Get a file from the web
  86. How to Build Form/Report Dynamically
  87. Too few parameters, expected n when executing SQL from VBA
  88. sql question
  89. Array to SQL question
  90. Help
  91. Access 2007: Form timer events not firing and vba slowdowns
  92. Emails sent through Exchange/Outlook slowed and require click
  93. DAO 3.6 Object Library moved down the list
  94. Using Combo Box to Populate a Form in Access
  95. Run-time access
  96. Populate dropdown box with information from other fields
  97. My VB scrip doesn't work in Access 2007
  98. Automatically open a drop down list
  99. colours and bold in a query
  100. Find what form opened another form
  101. How to list existing variables ?
  102. how to transform text to code
  103. how to write code table1 into table2
  104. What Code Do I Write ?
  105. Array
  106. >> Refresh tables causes bloat
  107. combo box data entry error
  108. dynamic linking/referencing Office libraries
  109. Where to DIM
  110. Code does not 'see' the required related record.
  111. cdo attachment corrupted
  112. Passing a value from Access to Word
  113. ADO Update Question
  114. Delete query using a sqloledb connection
  115. Code problem - Displaying Images
  116. powered by message
  117. Status Bar
  118. Hyperlinks Lost in ADO Recordset
  119. Select Top 5
  120. DAO Transactions via ODBC
  121. Common object for public function
  122. Linked tables - Oracle
  123. DoCmd.SendObject xls landscape
  124. Code for List Boxes
  125. Why my code take time 10 Seconds
  126. Giant Toolbar In A2007
  127. Make a table with VBA (Access 2003)
  128. Default value on a Subform
  129. MSAccess Query as recordset
  130. Disabling notifications
  131. Strange behaviour
  132. Compressing/Zipping Files from Access
  133. drop table, import delimited text
  134. Switchboard code
  135. Stop Macro in VBA
  136. Insert Date & Time on click
  137. Access 2000 mdb VBA and Concurrency
  138. need help renaming duplicate URNS
  139. move excel workbook
  140. running app -> make the Access menus hidden
  141. Problems with using Microsoft Document Imaging View to print image
  142. Multiple Queries
  143. Access control to Access
  144. Error checking code
  145. change recordset
  146. Undefine Function "FunctionName" in expression
  147. DoCmd.OpenQuery
  148. Database loading.
  149. Setting the Calendar Property
  150. rename excel workbooks.
  151. Basing forms records on another forms records but not recordsource
  152. Q: changing Table in form
  153. create a new database?
  154. Need to turn List From Query Results into an Array
  155. Declaring Public Variables
  156. Passing listbox values to Excel Spreadsheet
  157. Debug Errror
  158. Different DATE behaviour for same code on different PCs.
  159. comparison and get the result
  160. Displaying a Access report using VB 8.0
  161. Setting allows permissions for a subform in datasheet view
  162. One Access record updated to subsequent Excel row
  163. Launch Error Message
  164. Filtering Null values from a Multi Select List box used to generate query
  165. Create a query in a new database
  166. runtime error
  167. Dynamic Textbox
  168. Q: .filters.add method
  169. Cursor Location
  170. Combo Boxes and dynamic drop downs
  171. Opening successive form via code events
  172. Runtime error 3020
  173. email verifier
  174. VBA FOR Data Freezing
  175. Validate filds and go ahead
  176. how to reopen the same sheet in Access not a different one
  177. Works first time not second time
  178. How to save a record in access to a new row in Excel
  179. Creating fields in tdfNew
  180. Cannot Get Cancel Button to Work correctly
  181. Product Pricing/sales quote Template...
  182. Build recordset of filtered table names?
  183. Using Shell to invoke cmd script with argument
  184. VBA runtime error 429: ActiveX component can't create object
  185. value of a text box
  186. Execute a string as a VBA statement
  187. runtime error, does this query look right?
  188. Public Functions in SQL statements...
  189. Addendum
  190. Some Access Database programming, Access 2000
  191. Round Function
  192. Docking toolbar to a form
  193. Validation in adp project
  194. export many querys to single spred sheet
  195. Transfer 2 querys to the excel workbook but to different sheets
  196. individual password
  197. re-launching Word -> fails to Save document
  198. Log-in and Linking to Database - Need Help!
  199. Module not Found error
  200. Calendar Report
  201. reservation and Paying online by credit card
  202. Search string for Excel carriage return
  203. Rebuild Links from Access 2003 to SQL server 2005 using Vs.net app
  204. run time error #75, path/file error
  205. Subform row selected
  206. Word Automation
  207. create function problem
  208. I need function to Get Class by Name
  209. Looking to verify users via Active Directory
  210. using sql to update a table
  211. can't compile, user defined type not defined
  212. Check all Records
  213. swtich DAO to ADO, how to get a record into Excel
  214. Determine Rating Based on average score
  215. Folder Object and Access 2007
  216. VBA 6 vs Net
  217. Name AutoCorrect Save Failures
  218. How to Anchor a toolbar in a form
  219. Use particular record
  220. date and time picker control error
  221. Sending a Microsoft Outlook Mail Message Programmatically
  222. RTFcontrol of memo fields
  223. ADO Jet Error: "Cannot open anymore databases"
  224. Variable Reference Table
  225. Delete codes
  226. List View Control
  227. cycle through all the records in a table for a report
  228. New frontpage 2007
  229. save to multiple tables
  230. rid Access 2007 of its annoying Splash Screen (or replace it)
  231. Filter records in subform with VB code.
  232. GoToRecord..... acNewRec
  233. Saving New record using Stored Procedure in Access
  234. intermittent lookup box info message
  235. Create a procedure to evaluate two alphanumberic fields and then manipulate
  236. mouse click error
  237. DAO Add/Edit/Update Methods
  238. Export Access 2007 report to Excel as a text file
  239. Adding field to an existing table
  240. Holiday - Error
  241. Query using VBA with local and remote tables
  242. Repost from General Questions- Bizarre Behavior
  243. UDF not working perfect in access
  244. Code for Break on Unhandled Errors
  245. Too few parameters?
  246. afterUpdate() event does not fire
  247. Issue editing a recordset
  248. Convert string containing numbers and decimal points to the numer
  249. Get Data From List Box Selection
  250. Unable to enter the data through a form.
  251. Invalid Reference
  252. Macro to check data from excel list against access query and return value back to excel
  253. how to show last record
  254. Split function
  255. Using a function for a query field
  256. What is the difference between CurrentProject and CodeProject?
  257. Sorting a Collection by a certain field
  258. Re: Nulls & variables
  259. RE: what is the wrong with my code?
  260. Re: Dlookup
  261. creating and executing queries in VBA.
  262. CrossTab query in SQL
  263. xml export error
  264. Re: Tab Page and Set FOcus
  265. Re: How to loop through records on a form locking the form
  266. Passing Values to a module
  267. Re: Nulls & variables
  268. Re: Nulls & variables
  269. RE: what is the wrong with my code?
  270. Linking front and back ends
  271. Importing text files into length specify parameters
  272. Need urgent help
  273. Importing data from txt ignoring headers and footers
  274. Machine Name, User Name
  275. Access 2000 - Counting records with specific criteria
  276. Query Issue
  277. Loop through filter and output report with filter in filename
  278. DAO;OpenRecordset;dbInconsistent option affects number of records
  279. Open a form with all records, but you have to see a specific recor
  280. cascading combo boxes
  281. help with a function
  282. 1 syntax error, need to create a directory and an excel file
  283. syntax error creating an excel file
  284. How to convert text to UTF-8 character set.
  285. How to edit an excel file programatically using Access VBA?
  286. How to programmatically rename table names in access
  287. insert a value in an excel row
  288. Importing Excel Files into Access
  289. How do I load documents into SQL Server tables from Access?
  290. bottone in grafico pivot
  291. Check directory for Access
  292. Delete Record in table with code
  293. Compare table definitions
  294. Printing and date
  295. Function to compare dates in a table
  296. Inserting Record into SQL database
  297. loading the same record from one form to another
  298. Calculation of average value
  299. Public Variables in Module
  300. Access 2003. Script to run qry at 1630hrs daily
  301. DAO recordset object
  302. RunSql Insert Into
  303. Table transferring HELP!!!!
  304. Question for expert : control in form not verticaly
  305. Modules lost
  306. SendKeys: Repeating Keystrokes in ASP Form
  307. Report RecordSource
  308. use access to open excel
  309. Error Handling
  310. Run Time Error 3027 Database Read only message
  311. fIsAppRunning Application running issue
  312. Text following the Cursor...
  313. Controlling another forms recordset
  314. HELP! Conditional formatting in an access data page, Null values
  315. Cmd Button to word file
  316. Query without repetitiveness
  317. Access 2007
  318. Error in query referring to Combo Box
  319. dynamic field name
  320. Exporting Access Query to Excel Code
  321. Break Code within While Loop
  322. export form results to an excel file?
  323. Why is Service Pack 3 causing issues with reports in my database?
  324. Recording spaces from spacebar:
  325. Backup problem after DB split
  326. seperating information
  327. Create Record
  328. Transfertext import from csv- want text fields but saves as number field so lose data.
  329. Right Function with InStr
  330. Leave database open
  331. HOW to find the value of data in a list box?
  332. Identify Logged In Users
  333. Reformatting a data table
  334. Force a save
  335. Read last line in a file
  336. capturing images from medical equipment
  337. Toggle Buttons
  338. Syntax error in query expression
  339. filtering date
  340. open excel thru access and then change column format
  341. Add images to a database table
  342. funktion mit Recordsetfeldübergabe
  343. string checking
  344. Counting Attachments in Access 2007
  345. change column in excel from number to text
  347. Calling an SQL UDF from Access 97
  348. chaning bound column in VBA to get different values
  349. how to limt access to database.
  350. subform control change
  351. How to create a report to export to Outlook
  352. Changing the format of table fields with code
  353. can't see code modules
  354. what is MS Access error -2147216496
  355. CSV without Quotes
  356. Error on insert: "Invalid input parameter values"
  357. If Statement
  358. DAO.AddNew and ODBC 3146
  359. If date is Holiday then go back to prior BD
  360. Help with Import-overwrite reports
  361. xcopy problem/question
  362. How can I copy from Access then paste in Excel
  363. Transferspreadsheet not working
  364. Reading Tables and Printing Lines
  365. How can I use this complex function with a query
  366. can users chat within Access like an Instant Message?
  367. query to SQL
  368. Will this formula work in Access (distance between Lat/Long points
  369. change number field to text
  370. Placing my database on the web
  371. recordset objects and joining them in VBA
  372. Access 2007 Compact & Repair
  373. Open Word from Access
  374. navigating controls in control tabs/subforms
  375. Re-Linking ODBC Tables
  376. Problem with format when printing to Word from Access
  377. How formatting Excel cells from Access 2003
  378. Use query to Calculate Distance with geocodes or Lat/Lon
  379. When FindFirst is Null... How to test and skip the following code
  380. Runtime error 3014 - Can't open more tables
  381. Requery
  382. Conditional Closing of open Word Doc
  383. Only use hours/minutes for time
  384. how to write VBA for DELETE RECORD?
  385. adding a header
  386. declaring variables as form types
  387. Partial part of field to make new field
  388. Email & Font
  389. Custom Autolist
  390. Previous Months
  391. vba masking bits not working
  392. Problem hiding the access menu bar
  393. How can I send email out of Access without Outlook blocking?
  394. Background Processing
  395. query problem
  396. Replace and a bit calculation
  397. access to excel
  398. How to use ODBC From Access to an SQL Database
  399. Rename caption using code
  400. methods to display/update related data
  401. Populate many reports with the same code
  402. Createing linked forms: "Object is closed or doesn't exist"
  403. XML Utility
  404. Keyboard language
  405. Listen to a table
  406. Finding missing invoices
  407. ADODB reference?
  408. launch Word from Access 2007
  409. Creating subroutine with Function using sql recordsets
  410. set location of access window in .net???
  411. Recordset updates crazy
  412. Adding data to a subform programmatically
  413. Suppress the "You are update to update..." message
  414. VBA and runtime access2007
  415. Syntax for referring to a Me.FormField w/ "FormField" code generat
  416. Syntax for referring to a Me.FormField w/ "FormField" code generat
  417. Text File Export VBA Script Help Please
  418. Office Automation
  419. Remove table property Caption
  420. findfirst with multiple columns
  421. update query
  422. Random Records
  423. Append data and then delete original record
  424. Report Record Source
  425. Randomize
  426. ado.execute problem
  427. How do I minimize the Ribbon using VBA or a macro
  428. XML File Import
  429. Password
  430. How to use Call Shell to run a VB execute file with arguments
  431. Treeview Properties
  432. Treeview Properties
  433. Concatenate rows in same field
  434. unrecognized database format
  435. Run time error - (-2147467529 (80004005))
  436. Shortcut Menu
  437. Execute DOS commands
  438. 1GB bloat while importing
  439. Recordset in Access doesn't function as expected
  440. Loop statements
  441. list, combo, subforms, relationshps...which to use and how to use?
  442. Username and password
  443. Converting year & day of year to mm/dd format
  444. Compacting a DB
  445. late binding of mscal.ocx calendar object
  446. Using SQL to create a mathematical expression using < and =
  447. Name string and query criteria
  448. Find/Replace with code
  449. What does Public really do?
  450. readonly error
  451. Print multiple copies of Word doc
  452. Working with Access & Excel
  453. 6th Business Day of the Month
  454. Help with ADO connection string - Access 2007
  455. Disabling a single record from a subtable
  456. How to search for vbCRLF within a string
  457. User List
  458. Dynamic dimming
  459. creating a standard form in access
  460. creating a standard form in access
  461. How to change Dim statements from Access 2000 to 2007
  462. pulling from tables
  463. Look up in query or For Each In Next?
  464. Persistent Connection to SQL tables
  465. vba loop
  466. Compare two fields in table and delete oldest record
  467. Insert records access 2003/2007
  468. Tree view for access 2007
  469. close button upper right corner (X)
  470. Automatically Delete Records from a Table
  471. Convert rich text to plain text
  472. What is the best way?
  473. if then else
  474. how can I program in MS Access to get the last modified date of a.
  475. Outlook not created
  476. msgbox multiline
  477. Shell Acrobat Issues
  478. Does record already exist?
  479. Informing user of a process running using MsgBox
  480. Having trouble with extra NEXT code
  481. Running code from the VBA editor Window
  482. If then else Sql statements HELP
  483. Use unbound Check Box on Continuous Form for User Selection
  484. VBA code to produce random passwords
  485. Linked Path in Vista
  486. Works on XP but not Vista
  487. Error 3079-
  488. Print to pdf
  489. ODBC and password
  490. Table Format Property > not recognized cuasing no data to be displ
  491. General Sanity Check on Programmatic Resetting of Links
  492. Need help Split phrase
  493. Date to Julian date format
  494. Open an Access Form based on a class
  495. Generate Excel from Access Problem
  496. Chinese characters appearing in my strings ?!!?!?!
  497. Refering to Opened ADO Recordset as Datasource
  498. Target path variable in Packaging Wizard
  499. How do I activate the new document after I run a mail merge?
  500. Auto number field Outlook 2003
  501. populate subform after update
  502. Looping functions in an event procedure
  503. xcopy with embedded spaces in the file name
  504. Email from a Form the content of a Record
  505. Sending a URL to IE from a Form button
  506. extract from a field in Access
  507. Security Notice
  508. Code to wait 10 seconds ?
  509. How to Find Similar Strings Ignoring Hyphens
  510. Deleting Files Using Access
  511. Access Replication between multiple partial replicas
  512. return without gosub error
  513. Visual Basic with Access
  514. Lookup and add
  515. Retrieving Data from Bloomberg Through Excel
  516. Change address Combo on form
  517. output a series of field records to a text string using a loop?
  518. Split Form Problems
  519. Watch NFL Games Online
  520. acCmdSavedImports - Does it accept Parameters?
  521. Access 2007 wery poor performance upon startup
  522. Fields Properties
  523. Nulls
  524. SharePoint2003>Areas menu refresh on runtime user Roles change
  525. Popups in Access 2007
  526. DoCmd.Openquery question
  527. Recordset multi-table query failure
  528. FileExists
  529. MonthName Function
  530. Excel export is converting string to number
  531. email HTML doc from within access
  532. Pay roll coding
  533. Sorting date in subform
  534. Delete primary key
  535. Automating Outlook in Access - Error Loading DLL
  536. Primary Keys
  537. How to close Access from Excel VBA
  538. Run Time Error 16388
  539. Challan and Deductee Worksheets - Creating New Tables Every Quarte
  540. dlookup criteria problem
  541. Need Help
  542. expressions
  543. Double Click Copy Paste
  544. Wiered Access Parsing thing happening
  545. Creating a seating chart application
  546. Add a line/row number in front of query results
  547. Encoding string
  548. ActiveX Grid Control for Access 2007?
  549. Report grouping in Visual basic .NET
  550. Webcomponent Problems
  551. Find personnelIDs previous record based on date
  552. Changing WINDOWSTATE and MESUREMENTS of access window
  553. Table relationships
  554. Unsanctioned Database Copying
  555. Clicking on a record in a table to display a form
  556. Opening another Access db with variable name from same folder
  557. Help with an SQL Statement plzzzzz
  558. using "or" with strings
  559. Determining the Sequence Number of random lottery values
  560. Access Version Launched
  561. "Dim qdftemp as QueryDef" gives me rrror Message...
  562. Is there a way to determine if a column exists in a table?
  563. Selecting columns
  564. disabling the menu bar
  565. Multiple Form Instances: Restore Form
  566. Strange files/modules in VB window
  567. Cascade list/combo box
  568. Report to PDF
  569. Hide ribbons on database startup
  570. Veiwing pictures
  571. SQL for List Box Row Source
  572. Use a form for data Entry
  573. Edit Record from a Query result
  574. Close Database Event
  575. Requery to same record?
  576. Calculating a Text Formula
  577. refreshing linked tables
  578. My Forms Collection
  579. adp vs mdb
  580. Query that can number records on the fly???
  581. Append query with multiple joins
  582. Aging an invoice
  583. Follow Hyperlink
  584. VB - Display SQL Statement from Query
  585. Help with code
  586. Object required error
  587. How to created different dataset from Single Table
  588. Insert First and Last Date from a related table
  589. Cannot hide navigation bar in Access 2007
  590. Customizing Quick Access
  591. Combo box Question
  592. register activex in package
  593. ADO Query w/ Form Parameter Error
  594. Export to File with Current Date
  595. Passing a record to a function
  596. Collections - logging file details to a table
  597. What happened to Connection.Errors?
  598. Get SendObject into e-mail body
  599. WHERE clause for SendObject
  600. Calculate Percentile by grouping fields in Database
  601. Vista Or Not ?
  602. ADO AddNew Error 3219
  603. Date queston for Allen Browne
  604. Reserved Error (-3087)
  605. I need program to control share portifolio buying and selling
  606. Trim() not trim(); SetFocus() not setFocus()
  607. Help with date function
  608. Excel Automation - Export TXT
  609. Formatting
  610. Using a Public Array
  611. Hide content of unbound text box from non-current records
  612. Access 2007 New attachment field
  613. determine if reference library exists
  614. outlook
  615. Traditional Ledger Report - Wthi DAO Recordset
  616. Form to close itself after double-click event in a control
  617. Saving querry results in vba
  618. run-time error 2282 -- trying to write to Word
  619. acDialog in Openform not working with acFormDS
  620. User Defining Problem
  621. Get values for function
  622. Permission Denied error Access Project
  623. Open a form with a tab control to a specific page in access 2007
  624. A97 Rst to XLS on Office 2007 client
  625. creating an audit log
  626. Dlookup and Dates
  627. "File 53 not found"? in Access
  628. Type Mismatch Error
  629. Expand TreeView Node with SendKeys
  630. Access 2007 Runtime: Missing Excell Object Library
  631. Duplicating Form records
  632. Schedule tasks
  633. What database am I using?
  634. Removing field programmatically
  635. List open xls files
  636. WebBrowser control Automate Save Web PageAs *.mht
  637. How change Ribbons dynamically?
  638. Allen Browne DirListBox Module
  639. appending tables
  640. Auto Number
  641. Fully open a form
  642. Save a record when switching between forms
  643. Check for Data
  644. RecordsetClone and Subforms
  645. Searching field on the table
  646. getting errors and warnings from ADO
  647. Looping to find status
  648. Automatic Adding Record from prompt
  649. Converting seconds into Days, Hours, Minuites
  650. Load ref libraries in real-time
  651. Using DLookup on Record ID?
  652. Recordset findfirst
  653. Problems with Vista and Access 2003
  654. Using two options in Execute
  655. DLookup in Access 2003
  656. TransferDatabase command, link DBF from DBC to Access 2003
  657. mailmerge to word from access creating a .PDF file
  658. Mailmerge to word from access creating a .PDF file
  659. Passing data from sub form to main form
  660. Docmd.Menuitem in Access 2003 generates error
  661. Multiple of
  662. ADO episode
  663. Control permission to send email
  664. RE: Paste query results to Excel
  665. Paste query results to Excel
  666. I'm Blanking Bigtime
  667. TransferText
  668. Navigation buttons
  669. Send text to web page
  670. Wildcard problems within vba....
  671. KeyPress and Enter key
  672. make backup of table before edit
  673. SP3 and Access with VSS Integration
  674. Many to Many Relationships
  675. Email Notification When Field Updates
  676. Add Attachment to E-mail
  677. Change Text box back colour on sub form
  678. MsgBox
  679. run-time error, "can't recognise ContactId" when using FindFirst
  680. run-time error, "can't recognise ContactId" when using FindFirst
  681. GoToRecord 2007
  682. Recordset Based on Select Query
  683. How to link a DBF in DBC file of Visual Foxpro to Access 2003
  684. Last 7 records
  685. If statement depending on part of string appearing inside combo va
  686. You tried to assign the Null value...
  687. view not in CurrentData.AllViews
  688. Access + digital imaging missing reference
  689. runsql syntax
  690. Key into form text box and update record immediately
  691. How to determine version of Access from a .NET 3.0 app?
  692. Set Recordsource for a subreport
  693. How is a report object's property accessed ?
  694. set start options for access 2007
  695. Hide Ribbon
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