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  1. Re: Distributing .NET Merge Modules with ActiveX Control
  2. Re: mixed mode DLL causing non-continuable exception during process load
  3. weird problem,program run without error,but didn't display the BMP img.
  4. Copy image to Clipboard not working in Firefox & Chrome
  5. c# interop dll method seems to return wrong values
  6. fatal error LNK1120 in VC++
  7. BindingSource based on object::typeid (how to fill data from DB)
  8. A weired thing in VC++/CLR compiler
  9. Hicalc - Online platform to create program with C# 4.0 and share withother people
  10. Urgent: Need .NET Developers in Richmond,CA
  11. Sr. DOTNET DEVELOPER - Hyderabad - Permanent - Very Urgent Requirement
  12. Windows installer problem
  13. Weird issue when launching processes.
  14. Get Enroll in New Session of C Sharp 3.5 & ASP .NET 3.5 Training
  15. FREE SEMINAR on PHP Web Development in Lahore
  16. What Library to use?
  17. how to call same webservice with different parameters?
  18. COM DLL registration failed
  19. COM DLL registration failed
  20. Threading in applications
  21. Troubleshooting MFC Message Maps
  22. exe ok but not dll VC2008 express
  23. /ehopt, /noehopt compiler options
  24. Visual C++ 6.0 - Win 7 compatibility
  25. Windows Search
  26. Forms in VS Express C++ and Help
  27. Determinig the FQDN of a domain
  28. security center has stopped runing
  29. Problem on a sample code in "Windows SDK" (COM interface)?
  30. SMTP Traffic
  31. Re: auto_ptr
  32. Linker Error
  33. Buy Rocket Spanish
  34. Reliability Monitor in Windows 7 Ultimate
  35. Creating window with menu in ATL using VS2008
  36. 85 WIIKEY FUSION Informacion
  37. I don't have "ActiveX Control Test Container" in my Visual Studio?
  38. SMTP Mail Sending Problem Windows 7
  39. How to write a degree sign into an XML file created with _wfopen()?
  40. Converting Activex application
  41. fwrite() in VC++6.0
  42. Need a suggestion on how to make a button do something.
  43. Need more choices in Shapes gallery for Word 2007
  44. Question about "Unresolved Externals" error
  45. CHtmlView zoom in/out images
  46. Binary Diff Utility
  47. Windows 7 Speech recognition Microphones
  48. Printing a form with VB.Net
  49. Regular Expression
  50. how to concatenate
  51. VC dot net MFC question
  52. VC dotnet program won't run
  53. Why am I getting a "TypeLoadException"
  54. return string
  55. Configuring WSUS 3.0 SP2
  56. Internal Compiler Error
  57. Moving controls in the dialog area
  58. ++i
  59. foreign language box
  60. Help converting to C++
  61. ANN: The Security Development Lifecycle - Three New Announcements
  62. Attachments in Outlook 2003
  63. Earth-4Energy Review!!!
  64. float or double validity
  65. Managing shell icons programmatically
  66. Re: Usage example for BigInteger and C++
  67. IntelliSense won't find some functions
  68. Dialog window won't update display
  69. open (print )a text file to the screen
  70. MD5 implementation in program
  71. ANN: CAX Caching Api for Xml
  72. Conversion: Totally newbie question
  73. Re: Linking error
  74. Picture it 6.0.829.0
  75. Sockets and Network
  76. Unsafe native methods
  77. Install x64 & x86 managed assemblies in GAC
  78. "using" declaration and template (generic) classes
  79. linking problem with VS2008 c++
  80. Please help, how do I fix error C4346 with the code here...
  81. Problem with recv() using c++
  82. Where is DEFAULTLIB defined
  83. gcroot<> objects and finalization
  84. upside down picture
  85. Error 1001 during starter kit installation
  86. Can I show a Dialog in console program ?
  87. question about intermediate file
  88. ANN: Beta Available for CAX, a caching API for XML
  89. Map of string string
  90. Looking for a communication package between C/C++ and Flash
  91. ANN: XMLMax Virtual XML Editor Released
  92. Mixing different versions of CRT lib in one process
  93. regtlib.exe
  94. Unable to declare a class in 2 forms
  95. How to add all my files from existing folder/subfolders?
  96. Absolute newbie question
  97. Use unmanaged code in VS2008
  98. Re: Shadow Copies not created on schedule
  99. VS2008 C++ Won't save x64 include/lib/... paths
  100. Pass a Hex value into a unsigned int function
  101. Problem running VS2005 application on another machine
  102. what happens behind the seen user account creation AD?
  103. Elapsed GPS seconds between two struct tm times?
  104. Import Native C++ dll into C++ Class Library
  105. c++ mfc dialog window & exe plug-in
  106. C++ -- GUI Hang Stack Trace -- Help Needed
  107. Network Adapters
  108. RTF in RichTextBox
  109. Error C2471: cannot update program database, Visual C++ 2008 project
  110. DdeConnect() on network machines does not return a correct value
  111. Deploying a VS 2005 from VISTA to an XP target machine
  112. Rumors of reduced support for C++ /CLI
  113. [ANN]: TFS Keyword Expansion..
  114. statistics libs question
  115. Breaking change in MS DLL's ?
  116. E-mail not being sent in outbox but received by recipients
  117. backup data
  118. How can I pass a file to a function?
  119. Static Library Question
  120. problem turn off computer - windows xp professional EN
  121. CTreeCtrl
  122. Question about function template
  123. How Directory Properties Windows Works
  124. Create DLL from MFC C++ VC
  125. Windows 7 RC Start menu
  126. Too Long to Open / Save
  127. how to Create a progressbar to show Copy operation Progress
  128. Test web server applications using ACT5.5
  129. compiler bug -- mistaken C3821 when invoking new in ctor-initializer-list (regression)
  130. installing Framework 3.5 SP1 on Windows 2003 SP2 Enterprise IA64
  131. ABI changes between VC++6.0 and VC++9.0
  132. named events in C# - do they exist?
  133. Integer template argument warning
  134. Re: HD Monitor
  135. Question on HtmlHelp
  136. MSVCR80r.dll was not found
  137. Re: Build Error
  138. IE in kiosk mode problem
  139. Vista admin priviledges question
  140. ....comment or even space in the program can affect the program...
  141. VS2005 Serialization Bug
  142. PowerDVD
  143. NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'mt' : return code '0x1'
  144. Tring to get dialog to use WS_EX_NOACTIVATE for VC++6.0
  145. clxx : fatal error C1027: Inconsistent values for /Ym between crea
  146. Drastic slow-down in the execution time of my program
  147. Problem in correct performance of calling a dialog in a DLL(Window
  148. Compiling a 32 bit DLL project in x64
  149. How do I forward declare a delegate in C++/CLI?
  150. variable inside loop
  151. Re: Call C# managed method from Unmaged callback
  152. Re: Call C# managed method from Unmaged callback
  153. App.Config
  154. Constructor issue
  155. Generic Interface syntax in VS 2005 using Old syntax
  156. Public native types
  157. DLL creation: exporting library symbols
  158. Can Not Repaint Window for ARGB data (DirectShow)
  159. Re: MSJVM and msjava.dll for windows XP 64bit
  160. MSJVM and msjava.dll for windows XP 64bit
  161. Re: Find Serial Number HD
  162. binary execution
  163. How to set REadonly permission of a folder.
  164. Free Webinar about .NET 3.5 New Features
  165. To add a reference for "Microsoft Parallel Extensions" to Vc++
  166. To add a reference for "Microsoft Parallel Extensions" to Vc++
  167. How to build x64 DLL on VC++2008 Expressedition from 32-Bit Project,...?
  168. How to build x64 DLL on VC++2008 Expressedition from 32-Bit Project,...?
  169. Re: #pragma make_public
  170. Re: #pragma make_public
  171. ANN: XMLMax Public Beta Available For Download
  172. ANN: XMLMax Public Beta Available For Download
  173. Encrpytion routine - embedded nulls in BSTR
  174. Encrpytion routine - embedded nulls in BSTR
  175. RegNotifyChangeKeyValue
  176. RegNotifyChangeKeyValue
  177. Explorer slow on folder with high number of files
  178. Explorer slow on folder with high number of files
  179. Question about mixed managed/native code on x86-64
  180. Question about mixed managed/native code on x86-64
  181. Re: Unmanaged Types and AppDomains
  182. Re: Unmanaged Types and AppDomains
  183. Team Foundation Workgroup Edition and Reporting Services
  184. Team Foundation Workgroup Edition and Reporting Services
  185. Errors returned by OleInitialize
  186. Errors returned by OleInitialize
  187. IE 8 settings vs. Visual C++
  188. IE 8 settings vs. Visual C++
  189. unmanaged memory and large object heap
  190. unmanaged memory and large object heap
  191. visual studio 2005 SP2 redistribution issue
  192. visual studio 2005 SP2 redistribution issue
  193. VS2008 C++ Compiler Throughput
  194. VS2008 C++ Compiler Throughput
  195. Passing structure pointer within structures
  196. Passing structure pointer within structures
  197. Linker error
  198. Linker error
  199. Marshalling Array of UInt64
  200. Copying Folders
  201. Installer remove the Manifest and policy files in WinSxS folder
  202. Installer remove the Manifest and policy files in WinSxS folder
  203. Leveraging RPC IDL file
  204. [IMP Notice:] Attend Microsoft TechEd 2009 and Get free certificate
  205. How to Deploy WinSxS assemblies as Private assemblies?
  206. Exposing method with const char *
  207. Domian is unavailable when PDC is down
  208. Can fopen tell me the coding of a file?
  209. Migration a project from visual studio 6.0 to 2008 problem
  210. e-mail pictures
  211. Inter thread - Event communication
  212. GetSystemTime causes exception?
  213. pure mode versus mixed mode
  214. BadImageFormatException when using TaskDialog
  215. Re: Find whether a application is alive or terminated
  216. Find whether a application is alive or terminated
  217. problem with Processess
  218. Bluetooth Programming
  219. How much memory does a process take
  220. debug assertion failed
  221. 0.3360636 I Feel Curious About It ... 0.9876248
  222. How I can place hook to control internet traffic
  223. application configuration
  224. Inconsistent results from divide-by-zero
  225. Why does this compile correctly?
  226. Creating circular plot using c#
  227. Converting unmanaged struct to .NET struct
  228. Can we close Windows taskbar tooltip popup ?
  229. pure virtual functions
  230. ANN: XMLMax Virtual XML Editor Beta
  231. Namespace Extension Sample
  232. Crystal Report error when using sql native client driver withunderscore in database name
  233. Arrays
  234. 0.242815 Take A Peek Inside 0.4070801
  235. 0.4475364 Look In Here Now ... 0.2445911
  236. Re: tracking reference in native class
  237. Re: tracking reference in native class
  238. Re: How to get error details from CDOSYS in C++?
  239. mixed dll doesn't load from Remote Desktop
  240. mixed dll doesn't load from Remote Desktip
  241. Colored output on console
  242. parameter passing to unmanaged code dll
  243. Re: Linking C# code to Win32 program (gives LNK4248 error)
  244. Re: Linking C# code to Win32 program (gives LNK4248 error)
  245. Stopping threads when the app is closed
  246. Converting to wide character strings
  247. FStream and locale
  248. Checkbox/Registry Help
  249. Trapping windows messages in a native DLL
  250. Create Your FREE Niche Search Engine For Earning Affiliate Program
  251. quiet_NaN()
  252. Usage of double.epsilon
  253. what does psz mean
  254. Fstream open fails
  255. How to find if path is readonly
  256. Obfuscation question
  257. DotNetRocks - Free Podcast For .Net Developers
  258. create dll problem
  259. Any API to find if a particular drive is mapped
  260. Memory usage of my application
  261. Link errors in Release mode
  262. Where to download specific SxS assembly versions
  263. Core dump files
  264. How To Enter and Add Two Numbers on a Form?
  265. UML
  266. VS 2005 creating manifest with 2 entries for the VC runtimes?
  267. How to disable creating vc80.idb file by VS2005 ?
  268. How to import activeX control to VC2005
  269. makecert.exe problem with special characters,...
  270. exe becomes zero kb
  271. Bad entry in Shim-Database
  272. VC2008 SP1 -- vcredist vs. merge modules
  273. Beta Call - DB query tool
  274. Want to Modify DLL Binary without Compiling
  275. Error 998 when running from remote server
  276. Error 998 when running from remote server
  277. StgCreateStorageEx on Network Drive ??
  278. No Inline-Assembly for x64 Builds?
  279. Windows Server 2003
  280. DataGridView - DataRelation + display
  281. Red X's instead of pictures in Comcast email
  282. subnetting in windows server 2003
  283. Buildin a 64-bit lib
  284. CListCtrl and inserting a button
  285. works suite 2002 product key not accepted
  286. Missing Database support in Visual Studio 2008 C++/CLI
  287. Working set memory dependent on exec name ???
  288. unmanaged C++ apps --> .net Reportviewer component ?
  289. Buffer overruns
  290. Main window not displayed
  291. Linker error when linking unmanaged library with manged exe
  292. How to enumerate all Version Information with Pointer to Version Information Block or another Pointer,...
  293. Powerpoint errors with sounds
  294. bool native->managed conversion
  295. Convert wchar_t 40 to System:String gives length 43?
  296. Exposing properties in a nexted class?
  297. Passing method pointer
  298. Calculations in Word 2002
  299. Configuring Lotus Notes for MSN email
  300. SetWindowsHookEx and WH_KEYBOARD_LL not working on xp sp3
  301. ASA Firewall and Group Policy
  302. VC Project settings
  303. LoadLibraryEx query
  304. Best practices for C++/CLI use of forms?
  305. Keeping Updates
  306. Native C++ to UML?
  307. Parameter not valid exception. Extending menuItem.
  308. Add a User Control in managed Winforms C++
  309. Basic question about determining SD Card Size
  310. How to execute a method at specified intervals
  311. remote SBS users who only use OWA
  312. C++/CLI - Integers and text boxes
  313. Migrating vc++6 to .NET
  314. Register Window Class in managed C++
  315. Folders in c++ project
  316. Speed and graphics related
  317. Crash using C++/CLI to let MFC use .Net
  318. Error 998 when running from remote server
  319. Error 998 when running from remote server
  320. Framework
  321. IMediaControl DirectShow
  322. combine "include files" in one
  323. C++/C# Developer==3 month contract==Foster City , CA
  324. Setting a breakpoints in VS2005
  325. Help with removing hex data from a file in VC#
  326. Access violation in C++ postamble
  327. A Webservice Platform for Transport Optimization
  328. R6034 Runtime Error
  329. Error 998 when running from remote server
  330. Re: Registry rights under Vista
  331. Re: Registry rights under Vista
  332. Re: Registry rights under Vista
  333. Re: Registry rights under Vista
  334. Calling managed code form unmanaged code
  335. Ctrl + C
  336. C++ exe and library search paths
  337. Where is MSFLXGRD.MSM for the OCX distributed in new VB6 Update Ro
  338. Extending MenuItem
  339. ListView virtual mode problem
  340. Does a file have to have a corresponding project associated with i
  341. ATL::CString and operator<<
  342. Winlogon
  343. How do I compile and run C code in Visual C++?
  344. plugging windows form application to mfc application
  345. Singleton and Local static object:
  346. Findwindow fails
  347. FindWindow fails
  348. _DWORD
  349. New Mother Board and SATA Drive Copying settings from old drive to
  350. Converting types: long to CString
  351. Including file in *.exe.
  352. long to CString
  353. Automatically install (register) dll
  354. Using Access 2002 database without installing Access Server
  355. specify def in project settings
  356. msado15.dll and ADO using
  357. Disabled a status bar pane
  358. How can I used packed typdefs in Visual C/C++
  359. Clearing a listview
  360. Debugger
  361. Any API to find if cstring contains special characters
  362. Error when loading form designer in visual c++ 2008 express
  363. Displaying unicode text from access 2002 database in VC++6 control
  364. VC 8
  365. MySQL sample ?
  366. Compiler Error
  367. Red X appearing in C++/.Net windows application
  368. Direct3D
  369. help with constructor
  370. definition vs. declaration
  371. VS2008 && /clr && boost::thread == error LNK2022
  372. Dynamically change a Resource string.
  373. C Run-Time Error R6002C Run-Time Error R6002
  374. Calculator in C#
  375. Calling managed code in a class library from a standard DLL
  376. Compiler errors with Delete and RemoveAll
  378. Exchange 2003 transaction logs FUBAR
  379. Mixing VB and VC++ in solution
  380. How can two C++ processes communicate?
  381. Accessing file extended properties.
  382. General question about memory allocation using new
  383. Additional Manifest Dependencies?
  384. Exception handling and Stack Page Guards
  385. SendInput fail
  386. Can't export vector<> from DLL
  387. Unable to access hotmail webpage
  388. Warning C4251 - Chicken & egg problem
  389. Slow binary mode fwrite() in server 2003
  390. double double data type
  391. C++/CLI Death 2008, 2009 or 2010?
  392. Remember network password
  393. How to: Recive Windows Messages in a dll
  394. RichtextBox add URL
  395. passing IStream between managed & unmanaged code
  396. C++ interop & P/Invoke
  397. Circular declarations
  398. dotNet 3.5 application does not run on Vista Home
  399. Chinese antique
  400. WPF
  401. exe file question
  402. Show MessageBox in front of active Window
  403. Virtual base classes and dbghelp
  404. Visual studio 2008 IDE application R6034 runtime error - MSDN news group moderator Please Respond.
  405. Update Microsoft.NET Framework 3.0 Service Pack 1
  406. C++ and Office (Excel) development
  407. function pointer to a delegate
  408. C++ equivalent for VB TypeOf operator?
  409. IE 7 (64-bit) Hijacks App
  410. Redistributable Package (x64)
  411. Can't debug DLL
  412. Problem with COleDateTime::GetCurrentTime()
  413. Single instance of windows form application
  414. Editing a video with windows media….
  415. Install c++ windows service on the system
  416. Install c++ windows service on the system
  417. iostream Upgrade Problems
  418. i want asp.net
  419. Dependency issue with a Managed C++ DLL depending on a C# Assembly
  420. Newbie Question
  421. MFC call C#
  422. Re: Calling a VB DLL from VC
  423. Ax controls in VS 2008( and VS 2005) .NET Web Application grayed out
  424. marshalling c style command line arguments
  425. VC++: Trying to change taskbar icons using notifyIcon1 and imageList1
  426. Fastest math library for C++
  427. Best Practice for Converting MFC Dlls to CLI/C++
  428. VPN File security
  429. port a MFC application to .NET
  430. "Static" (VB6) equalivent in C++?
  431. Killing a dependant process
  432. Accurate timer events w/ no window available.
  433. Accurate timer events w/ no window available.
  434. Accurate timer events w/ no window available.
  435. Accurate timer events w/ no window available.
  436. Marshall::Copy and BYTE* and byte[] conversion?
  437. Update Properities of Recycle Bin Programmatically
  438. cannot open file 'LIBC.lib', /VERBOSE not revealing anything
  439. Wrong Microsoft_VC90_CRT_x86.msm merge module
  440. Ambiguous call again
  441. Included file not found, but I don't know why
  442. Compiler crash (VC2008 Prof)
  443. Undeclared identifier
  444. C++ hiding Dispose is BAD
  445. GetEffectiveRightsFromAcl fails with "Circular service dependency"
  446. Deployment Project OCX reg, Temp File, Customized UI Dialog
  447. Multi value in edit control
  448. Debugging: expression evaluation (VC++ 2008)
  449. Ambiguous call
  450. The problem with sockets using Visual C++ windows form application
  451. Writing a DLL which can be loaded by an app that doesn't initialisethe CRT
  452. Explosive Memory Usage Not Listed In Any Process
  453. MM intrinsics not supported in the pure mode!
  454. Initonly - but it is not (bug?) VC++ 2008/CLR
  455. Re: sample code for setting up ReportViewer Page Layoutattributes or methods before running the program! - Davood Riazi<7e4b6cb7-30b8-4eb5-bf7c-ac925dfd566c@developmentnow.com>
  456. app with many view area windows
  457. Single Step Mode and breakpoints in a mixed mode DLL are broken
  458. logprintf syntax
  459. Can I get Windows app pixel data and click some point ?
  460. 6 errors in 3 lines of code :-)
  461. VC6->VC9 Errors
  462. Installing VC2008 SP1
  463. Cluster Hard Drive
  464. Prototypes
  465. Add Condition to Watch the Memory Address in VC90
  466. Managed Code From Unmanaged Code Issues On Vista
  467. Debugging not working correctly
  468. ReadProcessMemory fails with 299,...
  469. Can I get other process UI data and app client screen pixels data
  470. Can I control other process UI and input some data ?
  471. Strange pimpl problem - const correctness not respected
  472. 64-bit lib version for CPUInfo
  473. Realtime Class Usage Monitoring
  474. v2005 vs. v2008 Configuration settings
  475. Can I compile in VC2008 with a makefile?
  476. emoticons
  477. C2955: Where's the difference?
  478. Native .LIB linked to managed .EXE?
  479. Switching from Multi-Byte to Unicode character sets
  480. PCCOR_SIGNATURE from GetTypeSpecFromToken
  481. System::Windows::Forms; // won't compile
  482. How to detect multiple lib versions?
  483. porting from C++Builder
  484. Cannot solve these linker errors, please help
  485. Help Workshop HCW
  486. Delete build from Configuration Manager
  487. Resources in Microsoft Project
  488. Analysing mfc/atl assertions
  489. Independent interface implementation
  490. Bug in C++ /CLI 2005
  491. Help wih hard drive support.
  492. Remove Express Edition Tray icon from System Tray,...
  493. DLL export, decorated function
  494. Dotnet Interview Questions
  495. Access Control Library DLL in different directory
  496. question about windows server 2003
  497. Marshalling ArrayList
  498. Exporting Managed Code as Flat API to Unmanaged World
  499. VS express
  500. VC++ bug with code optimisation enabled?
  501. C# to VC
  502. Operator new overloaded
  503. Could you give Simply Video Process Example
  504. DVD disc and DVD drive seen as CD disc and CD drive
  505. Convert time_t to System::DateTime ???
  506. VC2003 & Last PSDK for Legacy Platforms
  507. How to create an array of delegates using managed C++? (within aWindows Form class)
  508. error LNK2016: Absolute symbol '@comp.id' used as target of REL32relocation
  509. OpenSSL projects in VC2008
  510. Adding objects to array in vc++
  511. VC 2003 on Vista64
  512. Compiler warning with C++/CLI & ON_BN_CLICKED
  513. How to check whether there is already an ngen Image or not,...?
  514. How useful is UML?
  515. How best to install Windows Vista Ultimate on a new computer
  516. Reading Excel Data in VC++
  517. new
  518. Colon in C++ private member declarations?
  519. Setting breakpoints in a mixed mode file? (New post Google HasCorrupted Link)
  520. Setting breakpoints in a mixed mode file?
  521. microsoft word--document recovery
  522. err: "the app failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005)" (debug
  523. managed and unmanaged project.
  524. Using MS SQL from C++ guidelines
  525. How can I get the identity generated by the SQL SERVER when I insert a record
  526. A tool to view C++/CLI assembly attributes
  527. Catching a C# COMException in VC++ 6
  528. Should I report a bug or somebody will help me here
  529. C++/CLI and unmanaged code
  530. How do I use diffferent version values in different executables?
  531. VS2008 Code Coverage and C++/CLI
  532. Mangled static library entry points
  533. Missing class in wizards and class view
  534. Allocating memory for part of a C struct
  535. Re: IT - Jobs, Interview Questions, Certification
  537. Displaying Text in a RichtText Control Problems,...
  538. Why it can not work after I delete breakpoint.(attach the CSocketFile object to a CArchive)
  539. Book Recommendations
  540. Internet Explorer XML parsing error in Windows Vista
  541. (cont'd) Callback interface to communicate from native C++ -> CLi\C++Options
  542. Callback interface to communicate from native C++ -> CLi\C++
  543. Help!! How can I get current visual studio version in VC projectbuild event?
  545. How to implement affine transform stack
  546. Software Testing – Unit Testing With Typemock Isolator
  547. Access denied fro GetShortPathName in Windows Vista
  548. Log on as Administrator
  549. Overloads for iostream
  550. Re: Application Icon and resources
  551. Activator::CreateInstance( unmanaged type )
  552. Managed C++ - the debugger can't see local variables
  553. change title bar & system menu for properysheet/page
  554. In multiprocessor,we can not assume instruction's order even in one thread? we must write synchronous instruction in every function?
  555. RE: KeyDown Event Handler Generator Code Disappears
  556. How to Print?
  557. Re: KeyDown Event Handler Generator Code Disappears
  558. std::cout not working in Release mode from a mixed-mode assembly
  559. exclamation mark on WLM 8.1 connection status
  560. system function doesn't show console window in Vista window servic
  561. Add a "Yes/No" dialog
  562. How to use the registry
  563. VStudio 2008: How to create simple console tool?
  564. No Sound at All
  565. Fast String operations
  566. VS 2008 Project Wizzard - Windows Service
  567. The symbol "^"
  568. Problem with sending UDP packets
  569. Obtaining File Version Information (VerQueryValue) Queries
  570. .settings file and ConfigurationManager in C++/CLI ?
  571. exception question,
  572. Win32 DLL def file question
  573. Weird memory issue with /clr, no problems without
  574. Sql Server Access in C.net
  575. Indexer on generic argument
  576. swap for property
  577. A question about WaitForMultipleObjects
  578. How to dllimport a dllexported class
  579. How to initialize an array
  580. Split a Window Into Frames
  581. Wrapping IList in vector-like interface
  582. Event Handlers
  583. How to change instance variable value in instance function
  584. where to add a component
  585. Calling a Delphi DLL
  586. Using a win32 application in c#
  587. Convert bitmap color depth
  588. How can I manage/encapsulate failures of an Active X control
  589. How can I manage/encapsulate failures of an Active X control
  590. File Copy
  591. Changing the Text In a Text Box
  592. How to create a window on a non UI thread within a C++\Clr?
  593. CSharp Web Question
  594. Initialize an array of classes?
  595. Timer and GDI+ Window Update
  596. Memory stream for bitmap
  597. How to dynamically load an exported class?
  598. Compiler Intrinsics for "__asm pause"
  599. How to embed meta info for an executable?
  600. This works from C#, but not C++ / CLI
  601. List View text background color different in comctl 5 vs. comctl 6
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