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  1. Form constructor taking parameters by reference
  2. Swap function
  3. Convert Class Object to JSON string?
  4. Setting a controls properties from another form
  6. VS Setup project - modify a file after installation
  7. Need help getting started with WCF
  8. Filter out emailaddresses
  9. Getting the full path of an executing process - drive letters not devices!
  10. Windows CBT Hooks (Help!)
  11. Using Multi threading
  12. Accessing from C# to an vb dll
  13. Where are the 'most often used program' shortcuts?
  14. Custom Sort Order
  15. Listview
  16. regular expression
  17. Re: How do I make my windows service start automatically?
  18. Do-Nothing WinForm App Using 4 Threads?
  19. Convert to Char[] or just use String[i]
  20. RadioButton's in different containers belonging to the same group.
  21. Event Handles in .ASPX (.CS)
  22. Book: Windows Admin Programming with Visual C# 2005 Little Black Book
  23. Implementing System.ICloneable
  24. regular expression
  25. How random is random()?
  26. deploying webform?
  27. CommandBarComboBox problem: Text lost when combo box lost focus
  28. Compact Framework 2.0 & WM2003
  29. Create shallow copy of CollectionBase inherited class
  30. Can the index type of an array be determined?
  31. How random is Random()
  32. Emailing a web page to several addresses
  33. Enumerators that need to be changed at runtime, avoiding exception
  34. consuming unmanaged DLL from managed C#
  35. publishing problem
  36. Distributing signed assemblies
  37. SqlDataAdapter, Stored Procedure, how to add parameter?
  38. detecting changes of subproperties
  39. How to customize scrollbar of System.Windows.Forms.TreeView
  40. Removing modeless dialog from WebBrowser control.
  41. Combobox with checked list box.
  42. Allow Tab in a RichTextBox?
  43. Incredimail Data Format
  44. probleme with toolstrip
  45. Using a regular expression to retrieve the text between two parentheses
  46. Deployment project question
  47. how to refresh desktop items in c#
  48. Detect inactivity
  49. include sql 2005 installation in visual studio 2003 deploment project
  50. ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem worker thread quit quietly?
  51. Calling a generic method that has a return value
  52. MenuStrip shifts down in MDI-application ???
  53. Re: Monitor.Enter question
  54. newbie questions on http handler
  55. 'using' statements
  56. How to programmatically read the body text of Outlook email?
  57. Disabling internet access
  58. Issue inserting null value into a formview/gridview control
  59. Instantiate class from string
  60. DataGridView Cell Edit
  61. MdiList property in VS 2005 ??
  62. Review and contribute to my site
  63. Sorting a DataGridView ComboBoxColumn
  64. Error: Task executable could not be run. Executable not a valid Win32application !?
  65. Re: Wait One Second
  66. Window Hooks
  67. generics - constraint
  68. how to find hwnds
  69. How to find hWnd handle from enumerated process?
  70. How to find hWnd handle from enumerated process?
  71. Searching text in datagridview
  72. Service Wont Start Programatically (ACCESS DENIED)
  73. ASP.NET Singleton usage
  74. Menu - Eliminate The Triangular Arror pointer thing - How to do it?
  75. Expression Products...
  76. c# express edition and sql server2005 workgroup
  77. newbie csc doesn't work at winxp cmd line
  78. TreeView node in bold has incorrect length
  79. How to retrieve SMTP address from an EXCHANGE address ?
  80. chat application
  81. Playing sound using reference on data array.
  82. Using DropDownList control in GridView.
  83. Is it possible to hide methods to certain classes?
  84. WinForms.NotifyIcon doesn't vanish when program ends
  85. Re: Accessing Data and Try/Catch
  86. Setting focus on a form
  87. Validating an XML file
  88. Newb Question....Database Entry Form
  89. File Attachements from database
  90. Custom color option
  91. Combo box API trickery
  92. Boxing and Unboxing ??
  93. Re: GUID lenght
  94. Newbie question - User Controls and Events
  95. RE: Interprocess Communication
  96. Re: GUID lenght
  97. Retrieve Values from a ListBox
  98. So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye.
  99. Newbe DialogResult question
  100. Re: Setup project
  101. How read from Active Directory?
  102. Dataview sort
  103. Re: Wait One Second
  104. Re: Handling Nulls
  105. Re: Handling Nulls
  106. Determining project and file types in preexisting code
  107. pure scope and try catch scoping idea
  108. Re: Wait One Second
  109. stored procedure have no results
  110. How to find what was connected, when?
  111. Problem with Response.Redirect
  112. WinForms - Setting TabIndex Properties (Quickly)
  113. Placing images in external DLLs
  114. Designer throws Excepion : [System.ComponentModel.Browsable(false)] seems not to work as expected.
  115. DirectoryInfo.delete(true) access denied
  116. Eletronic Serial Number
  117. The input stream is not a valid binary format
  118. Test connection in Enterprise Library
  119. Marshalling: How to delete dynamic array from managed code.
  120. Problem in validating Form1 Controls in Form 2
  121. Blog
  122. How read file properties like Keywords, Comments?
  123. A nasty trap - Class Properties Changing Value Whilst A Program Was Paused !!
  124. Checked Combo Box.
  125. updating a textbox on a form from another class
  126. Bugs in VS2003 SP1
  127. Interprocess Communication
  128. Quick question - formatting the way time is displayed
  129. Web page size
  130. Cannot add property into Class when implementing ICollection interface
  131. typeof(enum) as argument to method
  132. Screen capture of a Form
  133. VisibleRowCount number question
  134. Generate a unique random string
  135. problem updating database
  136. Re: DHTML control
  137. Serialize and deserialize against interface??
  138. Printing window form having tab pages on it
  139. Editable datagrid
  140. How to marshal managed array to DLL.
  141. Lockbits vs BitBlt
  142. Clickonce, Windows Installer, or something else?
  143. Gridview not sorting numeric or fomating because of datatype
  144. Is this normal
  145. NUnit tests will not load
  146. C# threading & events
  147. can't convert msoeapi.idl to .tlb
  148. thrown exception lists the line number of throw
  149. fire an event at midnight
  150. Re: RegisterTask fails on LogOn trigger
  151. Re: Wait One Second
  152. Re: Book suggestion: "Business Objects"
  153. Re: Wait One Second
  154. Re: Wait One Second
  155. Example asp.net and Flash Media Server
  156. Re: Displaying printDialog in web app
  157. ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["foo"]
  158. Multiple apps with multiple joysticks
  159. Capture XML Response
  160. Re: Inheriting Image/Bitmap
  161. storing SMALL large objects to postgres with C# (.NET ODBC layer)
  162. Re: getting data from the web
  163. need some explanation with referencing controls on other forms
  164. Recursive XML serialization? XML serialization of cyclic objects?
  165. Parameter Passing from C# to C++
  166. C# 3.0: no additions to where clause? dang.
  167. Start up directory for my dll
  168. kerberos authentication
  169. how to convert logic operation stored as a string to bool ?
  170. Create filter using distinct values
  171. TraceSource configuration file for a class library
  172. Generics Question
  173. comunication between JScript and C#
  174. Known problem with LinearGradientBrush?
  175. using stored procedure
  176. Re: DHTML control
  177. Globalization: using another than the default language
  178. Re: vb has OrElse
  179. An error occurred while validating. HRESULT = '8000000A'
  180. Re: Getting strange result while running the code
  181. Day/Time Picker
  182. hiding public methods in the DropdownList.
  183. More regex questions (sorry!)
  184. Newbie: use Csharp for web development
  185. Searching 18,000 strings of an average size of 10Kb
  186. Work with listview - need to determine selected file
  187. Validate File Name (Not File Characters)
  188. reading a label from an user control
  189. Unable to run .exe application using C# code
  190. Can't access to any DataBase
  191. How to multiselect entries in drop down
  192. Passing values to a property in C#?
  193. Question about difference between text file and database
  194. Re: vb has OrElse
  195. Best way of implementing a multi-node tree in C++? (or C#, a close cousin)
  196. Marshal static array inside the structure from C++ to C#
  197. combobox SelectedIndexChanged event
  198. Re: C# calling C++
  199. How to make assemply unique.
  200. Does dot net truely platform independent?.
  201. RE: Converting a string to an array of bytes.
  202. Opinions on latest AMD and Intel processors, is one better suited for development?
  203. Problem emailing web page
  204. Re: vb has OrElse
  205. ListBox selection
  206. Menu Control and Sitemap, eliminate the home column on the menu display
  207. Microsoft OneCare conflicting with VS.NET 2005?
  208. Re: vb has OrElse
  209. RE: Conditional Compilation dependent on .net-Version
  210. Re: Control development
  211. Re: Can I use threading to launch a form with progress bar and update
  212. simple typedef equivalent in C#
  213. Conditional Compilation dependent on .net-Version
  214. Re: Function within method (Simple question?)
  215. Date Time Culture Format
  216. Re: Can I use threading to launch a form with progress bar and update
  217. Loading AutoCAD drawings
  218. Function within method (Simple question?)
  219. Query String or Connection String with Regex
  220. LOH behavior
  221. Re: Finding the path to the executable within a service
  222. Parallizing Loops with C#
  223. Re: Finding the path to the executable within a service
  224. Re: Help with Iterators
  225. List view auto column width ?
  226. combobox SelectedIndexChanged event
  227. MSBuild BuildEngine.Engine and MSBee Question
  228. Catch and manage IIS codes
  229. Custom Designer Cursor Behavior
  230. Static methods slower?
  231. Re: Converting a string to an array of bytes.
  232. Parameters passed to Stored Procedure not working
  233. How to access form controls from "static" methods?
  234. Activator.CreateInstance Question
  235. RegEx Help!!
  236. C# code generator
  237. Filestreams
  238. making a generic data access class wrapper for underlying classes
  239. Designer -> 'Collection' type property -> refresh control after adding new items
  240. Why is 0xff000000 a long?
  241. strange taborder behaviour
  242. Re: Converting a string to an array of bytes.
  243. Trouble with parameter
  244. Datagridview Edit Cell keyup event
  245. Built In web server painfully slow !
  246. Pinvoke LoadResource RT_HTML
  247. Editing URL before displaying it into the addressbar of the web browser
  248. SQL Server table Schema
  249. Re: Converting a string to an array of bytes.
  250. Re: Converting a string to an array of bytes.
  251. Re: Converting a string to an array of bytes.
  252. Re: Converting a string to an array of bytes.
  253. reading labels from an user control
  254. Problem using a COM object
  255. How to encode url string to eliminate spaces ?
  256. selecting one row from datagrid
  257. Re: Report Viewer in VS 2005
  258. Unmanaged DLL's
  259. C# DataGrid Row and Column
  260. Question about P/Invoke and Web services (just curious)
  261. Custom uninstall process
  262. Urgent Openings with the World's Leading Software Company !!!
  263. usage to datetime.ToString("yyyyMMddhhmmssffffff");
  264. Re: threadabortexception and web services
  265. zip and backup
  266. How to ...
  267. ANN: 3 days left to win a FREE license ModelMaker Code Explorer
  268. Drag & Drop into Custom DataGridView
  269. Re: threadabortexception and web services
  270. ref?
  271. Update MDB where there's space in header
  272. RE: Report Viewer in VS 2005
  273. Re: How to read a registry key of all users?
  274. VS2005: DataSet Parent not returning a value
  275. PerformanceCounterCategoryType in .NET 2.0
  276. Scanning uploads in my asp.net pages
  277. Stored Procedures and check for recordcount
  279. C# Resolve Windows Identity Group ID To Name
  280. Re: FxCop and exceptions
  281. C# x VB6 - EventHandler
  282. Sorting on a Gridview
  283. Re: There is an error in XML document (2, 2).
  284. First steps in C#......could someone help please ?
  285. Listview
  286. Error at constructor for SqlConnection
  287. SQL 2005 - call to get all tables in a DB
  288. abstract class and private member.
  289. how to find event handlers of given event using reflection
  290. I thought something funny was going on.
  291. Icon doesn't show up in task switcher
  292. Re: Object Array Syntax
  293. Best charting package
  294. Delphi and C#, Implementing Callback functions
  295. threadabortexception and web services
  296. Getting the index of image click event in a datagrid
  297. Re: FxCop and exceptions
  298. Create DataSet relation with more than 1 field
  299. read a multiline textbox and store each line into an array (c#)
  300. NUnit - tests in a separate project
  301. RTF Controls
  302. Re: English language vs. .net
  303. Start a Remote Process
  304. Console app & Base path
  305. SerialPort question
  306. Delegates and NullReferenceException
  307. no image for some TreeNode objects
  308. How to capture Add Control event on design time?
  309. Object creation of class having constant.
  310. Sealed class with constant.
  311. Does anyone know how to access embedded Crystal Reports in .NET/ASP.NET 2003?
  312. USAGE of DateTime.GetDateTimeFormats()
  313. abstract class and private member.
  314. Why .NET/C# will last at most 5 years
  315. Chuncked upload via socket
  316. Why "Protocol Violation" is not tolerated by HttpWebRequest by default?
  317. C# and gps
  318. How to find point in region
  319. Image Validations in c#
  320. C# Custom Paging, Reaper Control
  321. Compatability Issues?
  322. Image Validations in c#
  323. Problem in running .Net Service on a Quad Processor
  324. ADD-In to Read HTML data in excel file
  325. Trying To Load A Child Form From a Child Form
  326. parsing HTML text
  327. Re: distributed caching for .NET ?
  328. Re: Stored Procedure Problem
  329. aspnet_wp.exe and COM+
  330. Overriding of method.
  331. Programmatically determine service account
  332. Something Wrong?
  333. Question regarding initializing base class object to derived class object,
  334. Re: mobile agent using c#.net
  335. Problems with try...catch
  336. Calling Constructor conditionally
  337. Drawbacks of precompilation over jit compilation.
  338. Linked-List in C#????
  339. Passing Objects by ref keyword as a convention
  340. How to dispose dynamic menu items???
  341. Re: distributed caching for .NET ?
  342. take first 10 elements in a char array....
  343. MSBee fails on Properties\Resources.resx with DirectoryNotFoundException
  344. External Process will not end correctly
  345. Timeout expired. Max pool size reached.
  346. IWshRuntime library access to FileSystemObject
  347. Default value in CongurationSection class property
  348. Datagrid TemplateColumn
  349. form_unload
  350. Need to sort a very large list of words
  351. I can't get the value of an attribute in an xml file
  352. Re: Error with no line number?
  353. Re: Need help with multi threading, got error "Cross-thread operation.
  354. TableAdapter.Update() does not really change the database
  355. Class visible only within current project
  356. How to scroll two datagrid with one scroll bar
  357. Serves me right for trying something new!
  358. Re: Newbie Help Request :Class implements an interface that implem
  359. Re: Formatting Numbers/Leading zeros.
  360. User Control Component Sizing
  361. Sql Server 2005 problem
  362. Sql Server 2005 problem
  363. need help on regular expression pattern
  364. Re: Error with no line number?
  365. Re: Moving images
  366. Re: Add DropDown at Runtime Visual Studio Shared AddIn
  367. Application Within Application
  368. Errors in generated ASP .NET Temporary files
  369. Using template columns
  370. External Program like child in MDI Parent
  371. HTTPs with username and password
  372. Re: Instantiate A Class
  373. Re: Instantiate A Class
  374. Re: How to read from Resource Files
  375. Re: Instantiate A Class
  376. Re: Instantiate A Class
  377. help with stored procedure and parameters.
  378. c# bound a dataset to a datgridview with combobox
  379. Need help with powerpoint footer replacement with C# Office Automation
  380. SqlConnection - Reset
  381. run oracle stored procedure from c#
  382. Load Form Filtered
  383. Windows Services and Enterprise library DAAB
  384. send email via simple mapi -> exchange 2003
  385. Re: English language vs. .net
  386. BitArray bug or I am confused?
  387. Re: Strange behaviour with Directory.GetDirectories
  388. Re: detect keystate
  389. Customize ToolStripTextBox
  390. Drag & Drop from outside the form
  391. Search button
  392. Virtual file system mapped to an explorer drive
  393. Why Nested Classes?
  394. free c# calculus library
  395. WebClient HTTPS Credential Problems
  396. Best way to store user configuation
  397. prevent dataview from re-sorting once sorted
  398. simple architec question asp vrs asp.net
  399. What's the easiest way to edit a label in a TreeView?
  400. ClickOnce - microsoft.mshtml
  401. Re: executing a Stored Proc with optional Parameters
  402. encrypting serilized object
  403. How to develop WinCE applicaton
  404. How to determine encoding of a string.
  405. Bizarre error with no error information.
  406. MHT/MSHTML displaying in the WebBrowser
  407. ClickOnce issue - a file cannot be found
  408. Need help with windows form
  409. DLL stringtable
  410. Prevent method from being debugged
  411. Moving form with MouseMove or WndProc
  412. Check for .net 2
  413. Is it possible to dynamically create tooltips for ListBox items?
  414. WinForm WebBrowser print
  415. Re: Help with accessing .NET 2.0 COM interop libraries via classic ASP
  416. Microsoft.Ink and Journal Files
  417. Regex: replacing \n and spaces
  418. overloaded constructors
  419. Convert (managed) FILETIME to (unmanaged) FILETIME
  420. New file creation with Microsoft Application Block logger
  421. Serializing datasets
  422. Use Form Constructor or Load event?
  423. Compiling with the framework64 with Visual Studio 2005 (Warning CS1607)
  424. extracting integers from datarows
  425. C# - Test for Equality Among Several Strings
  426. Wireless Networks - Is this even possible?
  427. Change the colour of the disabled state of a control?
  428. Quick way to reference ALL controls on form?
  429. Authenticate user in OpenLDAP with username and password
  430. possible solution of web form rename problem
  431. Listview problem
  432. Disappearing of controls on custom control on compile time
  433. IIS / Remoting / SqL Server authorization
  434. Failed to rename!
  435. IIS SQL Injection woes...
  436. How to read web.config from console application
  437. Specializing Generic Type (or Method)
  438. Calling win32 C++ dll from C#
  439. RE: How can I change the subobject in a composite control list propert
  440. dice rolling problem
  441. Application.Run and Windows Service (Multithreaded)
  442. Flagged, typed, enumerations?
  443. How to convert UTF8 data to a ASCII data?
  444. Capturing External Events
  445. Capturing External Events
  446. help please
  447. SqlMoney for money/smallmoney
  448. copy array to List
  449. help needed with asp.net pages
  450. How to "overload" AND with &
  451. System.OutOfMemoryException with .NET 2.0 but NOT .NET 1.1
  452. set autoscroll bounderies
  453. Re: PrintDocument Object vs. 3rd Party PDFGenerator
  454. How read file attributes from within C# app?
  455. Documentation system
  456. Re: AssemblyInfo & Permissions
  457. Help, I am XML stupid
  458. NetServerEnum for sqlExpress
  459. SQL Server 2005 Schema from C#
  460. Re: static abstract?
  461. ClickOnce app available online only a good thing?
  462. Looking for C# development firm
  463. Commenting for document generator
  464. Access Denied on folder after using DirectoryInfo.Delete(true)
  465. isdn/capi emulation for development
  466. Which method is better
  467. Re: static abstract?
  468. No ASP.NET in express edition ?
  469. Re: static abstract?
  470. Calling C# dll from java applications
  471. TreeView only showing root node
  472. If C# is used for ecommerce..
  473. How to make custom control act like container for other controls
  474. On which processor is a thread running?
  475. listbox focus
  476. Fixed Byte Array to String
  477. Using recording user login and logouts using a C# service and WMI
  478. Newbie question - Form1.rsx points to "manifest resource name"
  479. Data Component, Data Layer
  480. Menu Control Horizantal
  481. Re: Sliding controls
  482. skmMenu and Breadcrumbs
  483. problem with string.split
  484. business class framework???
  485. skmMenu breadcrumb
  486. web service
  487. Binding an entity to an in place LookUpEdit item
  488. Getting updated string from unmanaged DLL
  489. Bulk data in windows form
  490. how to convert a multiline textbox to a single line string?
  491. Stopping application crashing when there is an unhandled exception
  492. when will .net application free the committed memory (or VM)
  493. Multline TextBox question
  494. problem of memory management
  495. problem of datareader
  496. Re: C# ASPX page loads more than 1 time
  497. main window deactivation
  498. Help - Writing Web Control to Access the Local FileSystem
  499. ANN: win FREE ModelMaker Code Explorer license (extended)
  500. Get set doesn't return value that I expected
  501. Is there a way not to display the BusinessObjects logo in CRViewer
  502. Setting a context menu for Datagrid field.
  503. Pause until complete?
  504. Variables and Try/Catch
  505. retrieve list of databases from .net
  506. dll get's added to my cache area "automatic"
  507. Development Question Regarding Windows Services
  508. How to show a form after install?
  509. Re: Displaying progress bar status in a dialog of another dialog windo
  510. Transfer or value object
  511. UDP Multicast losing messages
  512. problem with Form/SpliContainer/TreeView/AddOwnedForm ..
  513. WebBrowser navigating with DocumentStream to HTML anchors
  514. Include code in every method
  515. Object Lifetime.
  516. 32-bit .net 1.1 apps on Win2003 x64
  517. Windows Form App Within Another Windows Form App
  518. Caret style
  519. Re: dow do I publish a windows service?
  520. article
  521. Form Problem
  522. Re: using unmanaged C++ dll in C#
  523. Re: Jagged Array Problem
  524. Monitor socket dispose
  525. Re: using unmanaged C++ dll in C#
  526. Re: dow do I publish a windows service?
  527. Re: dow do I publish a windows service?
  528. reflection: problem creating new instance
  529. RadioButtons on PictureBox
  530. Assembly Error!!
  531. Reusing an 'existing' form in a new windows form project?
  532. Form refresh - Class comunications
  533. Re: pack dbf records
  534. VSS structure .. and common assemblies
  535. Copy items to another combobox?
  536. Re: URGENT "default template match" and XslTransform
  537. DataTable search performance
  538. Mobile Home key press
  539. Mobile C#
  540. Re: Calculating distances between post codes
  541. dynamic buffer size
  542. Calculating distances between post codes
  543. Form Problems
  544. Destroy a string
  545. re-parenting a user control causes tooltips to remember original form
  546. NTLM authentication
  547. Getting volume information
  548. Getting volume information
  549. stable DataGrid!
  550. hide application in Pocket PC
  551. System.Data.DataColumn' does not contain a definition for 'Windows'
  552. validate textbox
  553. Very Basic Form Opening Question
  554. Does C# use COM/DCOM "under the hood" ?
  555. How to change default browser for VS 2005
  556. use of properties - get - set
  557. Delimit the CSV by Semicolon
  558. csv read write
  559. CSLA framework
  560. Check for existence of server
  561. difference between private static and public static.
  562. Trackbar Mouse Click directly to Value
  563. How to determine coordinates on a pre-printed form
  564. Gridview rounded corners?
  565. RE: Grid View - Errors and Not Saving Last Row.....
  566. Dataset Issue - c# and .net 2.0
  567. Re: Getting a new form to do events on separate thread
  568. IE7 Adding a Toolbar
  569. conditonal breakpoint
  570. test-driven development with FitNesse
  571. Listing running applications and their icons
  572. How ClickOnce to multiple servers?
  573. Help with Datagrid
  574. open form when pdf document opens
  575. Dictionary Generic Class
  576. The old o/r mapper question
  577. Domain Model/Object Design question
  578. Conversion Issue VS.NET 2005
  579. Re: Making a DLL in C#
  580. ClickOnce TrayIcon Startup
  581. Re: ShockwaveFlashObjects breaks when I try to create a DLL.
  582. Session State problems for multiple users
  583. Re: Making a DLL in C#
  584. Service Pack for Visual Studio
  585. Printing Word documents with C#
  586. mulitiple sorting in a list.
  587. Web Interface for a c# Console Application
  588. Control array in design time
  589. i need a source code compute logical expressions in lex/yacc
  590. i need a source code compute logical expressions in lex/yacc
  591. i need a source code compute logical expressions in lex/yacc
  592. problems starting a Network service
  593. Binary Serialization - Checksum
  594. ddk, Longhorn, and C#??
  595. How can I add '+' or '-' before float value using float.ToString() ?
  596. Best location to start a thread
  597. feeding HTML in a string to the WebBrowser control
  598. Any way to cancel a dialog that's already called to showDialog?
  599. Is there a way to query Security Event Log with Filter in C#?
  600. Hiding Equals and ReferenceEquals?
  601. Dynamically add Style Link to header of html
  602. Network Health
  603. CSS object?
  604. Dynamic colection??
  605. [issue] overidding onPaint textbox to make lines causes problems
  606. Loop Optimizations for Arrays and Strings
  607. Regex for decimal and money
  608. Interop Dlls question
  609. automatic login to HTTPS website
  610. How do i use the IList interface, in my Asp.net page?
  611. Enums and types, does the enum really take the type?
  612. How do i draw on top of button control
  613. Regular Expression Translate
  614. Re: Question regarding this code and serialization...
  615. Re: checking for an internet connection. how?
  616. Can I ignore linebreaks in Regex Singleline mode?
  617. What is Smart Client Software Factory?
  618. .NET mix C# with vb.NET
  619. "MS Access Object Model" examples needed
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