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  1. i want a c# database sample running in PPC or WinCE
  2. Re: socket Multicast problem
  3. Re: UDP - can anyone tell me if it works?
  4. Re: ThreadPool usage by Socket class in CF
  5. Re: I want to use Query Analyzer on ppc
  6. Visual Studio & Compact Framework
  7. Font & LOGFONT
  8. about upload files
  9. Fontsize on Design Screen and Emulator are different
  10. OT: Java Serendipity
  11. Re: call an event handler
  12. call an event handler
  13. menu graphics
  14. File Upload
  15. How to: copy files to the emulator?
  16. Porting software from XP on PC to windows CE .net on pocketPc
  17. Re: Custom form Icon
  18. can't find Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms.InputPanel
  19. Unable to connect to the remote server error
  20. Re: Trouble with color property
  21. Re: OpenNETCF.Registry Library
  22. about Golf
  23. Deploy a VB.NET Smart Device Application
  24. How to Bind in Compact Framework
  25. Re: CAB Web Deploy
  26. Re: Read string value from registry. Sample code please.
  27. .Net Compact Framework using Context Menu
  28. Setting the brightness of the background light?
  29. SDE
  30. RAPI CeFindAllFiles
  31. Hooking Windows events in compact framework
  32. WebDAV .NET
  33. Re: read only AND colored textbox on CF
  34. Question on deploying to Pocket PC with CF in ROM
  35. Which CAB gets deployed?
  36. Application.Doevents hanging
  37. Deactivate Event - UnauthroizedAccessException
  38. Here is a challenge
  39. deploy with debug on emulator not working
  40. Error handling
  41. Visual Studio 2003 Compact Framework Service Pack??
  42. Re: .NET CF Service Pack on a Pocket PC 2003 device
  43. Re: .NET CF Service Pack on a Pocket PC 2003 device
  44. Using the Compact Framework with the core license in CE.NET 4.2
  45. Performance CompactFrameWork VS Framework
  46. Re: about scroll
  47. Executing External Programs
  48. Font issue fixed with SP1?
  49. Re: No stacktrace property for Exception object ?
  50. about CPU processor type
  51. Re: about Grid control
  52. How to handle unhandled exceptions - doesn't work ?
  53. Re: colordialog
  54. SqlCE2.0, Blob and VB.NETCF
  55. Listview, Column click, what column am I in?
  56. Re: AcceptChanges hangs when executes outside main thread
  57. Deployment issues
  58. Control.Invoke & Dialog Forms
  59. Color pocketpc with windows mobile (2003) - VB
  60. Communication via ActiveSync
  61. ListView does not refresh properly
  62. SSL Socket connections
  63. DataSource ChildRelation DataBinding
  64. Clear Message queue
  65. system.DBNULL
  66. PrintDlg and custom Dialogs
  67. Could someone check out this code it corrupts my project file
  68. Handling the pop-up keyboard
  69. ListBox: how to "autoscroll" to the last item?
  70. ANN: In The Hand announces InTheHand.Data.CeDb public Beta
  71. Registry Editor
  72. Power Management API?
  73. Label: how to avoid flicker?
  74. Re: GetResponse timeout
  75. C# serial port code for CF
  76. How to tell a select returned no records?
  77. Re: UI Thread vs New Thread
  78. Re: Threading
  79. Getting and setting the focused control
  80. Enum.Parse
  81. ActiveX control
  82. ImageIndex
  83. UDP won't receive on PDA ?
  84. Re: Listing the colors
  85. Re: ListView: Checkboxes and an ImageList problem
  86. close button
  87. Re: How to draw over a PictureBox?
  88. Any Method of adding emails in pocket pc inbox??
  89. RSA Public/Private Keys generation
  90. Connection String to Server via Pocket Pc?
  91. wrapping MFC class in CF
  92. cab file transfer using http
  93. Build vs Rebuild
  94. One form to another
  95. Re: how do I create the .Design.dll
  96. Re: Native Error on sqlceconnection open
  97. Re: How to draw over a PictureBox?
  98. ActiveX control
  99. Re: PRINTING FROM A ppc
  100. Re: PRINTING FROM A ppc
  101. RE: SQL CE and Transactions
  102. PRINTING FROM A ppc
  103. Re: PRINTING FROM A ppc
  104. Re: Psion NetPad Demo
  105. SQL CE: Speed improvement?
  106. Re: Threading
  107. Re: A native exception occured.
  108. Build error using SqlClient in VS.NET
  109. Re: NullReferenceException
  110. ANN: OpenNETCF.Desktop.Communication v 1.3 released
  111. Receiving SMS?
  112. OpennetCF.org htmlviewer
  113. How do I access .MDB files ?
  114. How to AutoRun the setup of app from Flash Card
  115. Calling https site using HttpWebRequest
  116. Isn't it possible to inherit a WindowsForm in CF?
  117. LastModificationTime
  118. Re: how do I add a icon at the left of voice icon?
  119. I want to get the unique ID
  120. Focus Lost on Form Change
  121. [XDA] Hardware Flow Control on PocketPC2002
  122. Re: appending text to TextBox causes scrolling problem
  123. FilePermissions in CF?
  124. about IBuySpy
  125. threads / queues and listview
  126. How to wrap native control in .NET
  127. P/Invoke array para
  128. DateTime
  129. Smartphone sales rocket versus PDAs - End of the PDAs?
  130. Re: DateTime
  131. Re: DateTime
  132. Re: how to disable the task bar in .NET CF (Windows CE .NET 4.1)?
  133. [CABWiz.exe] .inf file for PPC 2000, 2002 and 2003 CAB - all-in-one impossible?
  134. file transfer using socket
  135. form icon in task bar
  136. Opennetcf LED.How come this doesn't work??
  137. RE: HowTo : create callback in managed dll and use it from a .net app and from a java app
  138. RE: Helpppppppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!! Udp Packet size
  139. ANN: Gapidraw.net 2.04 released
  140. Accurate Timer 1/1000 second
  141. ShowDialog Vs. Show
  142. Menu forms
  143. Can the emulator open a tcp socket to the host?
  144. Doubts about changing a replicated database in production
  145. How do I get the keyboard to pop up?
  146. Help from Chat GSLIM Comboboxes
  147. RE: Cnange SQL Authentication?
  148. RE: Execute Permissions Denied on Object 'tablename' 'databaseneame' owner dbo
  149. Re: Newsgroup Search Difficulty
  150. Pocket Access
  151. Re: Catch single click in ListView control?
  152. Missing (Ok) button
  153. DataSet Fetch/Update speed
  154. Text size into pixels
  155. Re: Error installing cf sp1 on armv4t
  156. ANN: Chat starts in 15 minutes
  157. Is it possible to debug unmanaged dll with CE.NET apps?
  158. List View Question??
  159. ANN: OpenNETCF.org needs help
  160. ANN: OpenNETCF.Multimedia 1.0 release
  161. Re: CF SP1 problem
  162. sqlce: change database directory
  163. Re: C#
  164. How do i get the event sent by the SIP
  165. Changing the URL Property of Web Service Dynamically
  166. Re: Web Service Problem - Urgent Help Needed !!!
  167. CE emulator configuration within Developer Studio
  168. Deployment query
  169. Re: Bitmap Compression
  170. How to install an application in Pocket PC
  171. Re: Web Service Problem - Urgent Help Needed !!!
  172. what is IOCTL_HAL_REBOOT?
  173. GetSystemPowerStatusEx
  174. Setting system time
  175. Is it .NET CF or is it C#
  176. DataGridControl
  177. Company name in .CAB File
  178. Hourglass or WaitCursor in .netCF
  179. Registry editor.
  180. RE: Create a multi-cab install
  181. OpenNetCF (Desktop Communications.RAPI) question
  182. Form lost focus
  183. RE: CeAppMgr
  184. ANN: Compact Framework chat with the MVPs tomorrow!
  185. Forms Designer quits working
  186. PocketPC App deplyoment on Smart Phone 2003
  187. General question about saving in vs 2003
  188. Re: How do you guys work around the missing Tag member in ListViewItems?
  189. Re: How do you guys work around the missing Tag member in ListViewItems?
  190. SP1 QFEs
  191. OpenNetCF (Desktop Communications.RAPI) problem . Please help.
  192. HTTP request in CF?
  193. CF socket help (consultant) needed $$
  194. Trouble With comboboxes
  195. tab order changing
  196. Timezone.CurrentTimeZone
  197. P/Invoke problem
  198. Irda
  199. Error clearing LISTVIEW items
  200. loadlibrary failed ?
  201. How to close an application when a button is clicked even when the application is running another process?
  202. how many may i own ??
  203. function counts wrongly
  204. about .net2003 and sqlce
  205. SQL CE
  206. VSD Setup
  207. GetCurrentThreadId
  208. Re: A Complete listing of .NET CF classes & methods
  209. Re: CF SP1 QFE for PB 4.1 ?
  210. No WinForms-UserControls in CF?
  211. Re: ANN: OpenNETCF.Windows.Forms v 1.0
  212. Re: Overload Resolution Of Overridden Methods (callvirt behaving differently on compact framework)
  213. Opennetcf htmlviewer??
  214. Intelligent Applications: Accessing System Information - (DEVBUZZ)
  215. about StockQuoteService
  216. Registry beginner, Please HELP
  217. Streaming Video in .Net Compact Framework
  218. Rolling back context menu!
  219. Re: Getting Started with VB.NET CF for PocketPC
  221. Re: CF SP1 & PlatformBuilder 4.1
  222. Re: Multiline text in button?
  223. Bitmaps on a button
  224. Simple question: How to add new folder in VS.NET 2003?
  225. which devices support the Compact Framework ?
  226. Pocket PC Registry
  227. DeleteDC hanging
  228. Re: Overload Resolution Of Overridden Methods (callvirt behaving differently on compact framework)
  229. Re: Negative performance implications of retargetable assemblies
  230. Re: Concurrence problems
  231. Infrared Question ( IrTran-P)
  232. Emulator Debugger problems - VS.net 2003 pocket pc
  233. Hardware buttons
  234. ANN: Get .NET Compact Framework SP1 Today!
  235. Re: disable "OK" button, terminate program
  236. Visual Studio.net
  237. List Views [INFO]
  238. Re: Upper Case in TextBox
  239. Creating forms in a background thread
  240. URL for Redistribuable .Net CF
  241. Re: Forms
  242. Use IRDA to command TV and DVD with a PocketPC
  243. Re: OpenNETCF.Windows.Forms v 1.0
  244. Add a shortcut to the Softinputpanel menu
  245. Add a control to the Softinputpanel menu
  246. I want to synchronize via GPRS with remote oracle9i datebase server
  247. Control with Multiselect-option?
  248. BUG
  249. Building Wi-Fi, GPRS application
  250. trouble with icons
  251. Re: disable "OK" button, terminate program
  252. transparent image
  253. I don't install IIS before I install vs.net2003...
  254. Date Format and Strings
  255. Programmatically drawing a Data Grid
  256. RE: 5 second delay when using datasets over webservices
  257. custom datagrid
  258. DataTable.Select with object reference type
  259. Catch Screen_MouseDown event
  260. ANN: OpenNETCF.Registry v1.0
  261. Re: Debug kills Release on Compact Framework?
  262. sharing .resx file between device and desktop?
  263. ANN: OpenNETCF.Multimedia v 0.9 beta
  264. ANN: OpenNETCF.WinAPI v 1.22 released
  265. No Cryptography in CF?
  266. Tool Bar button with popup menu
  267. Forms
  268. Custom Datagrid
  269. Connect to Irda device
  270. RDA pull problem?
  271. Repainting dialog
  272. Typed Dataset support when?
  273. Re: multiple sound playback
  274. Re: treeview icons
  275. Status bar
  276. modem hangup
  277. How to record using waveInXXX APIs (C#,.net compact frmawork)
  278. Re: Serial Port Printing
  279. Re: filling DataGrid - is there an easier way?
  280. Data Grid (VB.NET CF)
  281. retaining focus
  282. Form Refresh
  283. Can i make my app form transparent ?
  284. RE: ConnectionInterrupted from connection object
  285. Re: CE Development
  286. Delay
  287. Re: Pocket PC 2002 Emulator
  288. Re: Consuming Web Services using Compact Framework
  289. Dialog form with WS_EX_NODRAG style?
  290. SqlCeException
  291. ExecuteReader exception
  292. SqlConnection and MSDE
  294. Re: closing a menu from code
  295. Disable/Enbling controls
  296. RE: Pocket PC 2002 Emulator
  297. simple TCP socket connect (emulator - framework FAIL); framework - framework - Works [Help will be compensated]
  298. Any test tools for .Net on the Pocket PC and other handheld devices?
  299. Re: VS.NET 2003 Pocket PC Deployment Problems - Urgent
  300. Serial Port Printing
  301. SHFullscreen: can hide Start Menu but not Taskbar. Help!
  302. How can I obtain the value of AssemblyVersion attribute
  303. Tab Key Press detection using eVC++
  304. Re: Program Executing too slow
  305. Re: ConnectionInterrupted
  306. Can this be done?
  307. Mini database?
  308. Re: please introduce some excellent website to me
  309. synchronize with oracle or db2
  310. Mimer SQL?
  311. Combo Boxes - Empty or Full ?
  312. Is my PDA connected ?
  313. switch, case, strings
  314. Re: Getting Started with VB.NET CF for PocketPC
  315. sp1 available!
  316. Re: Error using OpenNETCF.DESKTOP.Communication.DLL
  317. Unable to create cab file
  318. Re: network rendezvous
  319. set BackColor for an individual datagrid row
  320. CE.NET 4.2 PROBLEM...
  321. Always-on process - like an NT service
  322. network rendezvous
  323. Re: How to detect number of rows in a datagrid?
  324. Input Panel
  325. Phew! That was a pain! (PPC's HtmlCtrl as a CF control)
  326. SelectAll in TextBox - DYNAMICLY
  327. Form on CF getting hide
  328. TLB and smartdevices
  329. Playing sounds causes unwanted pauses
  330. Re: Error using OpenNETCF.DESKTOP.Communication.DLL
  331. Toolbar on emulator
  332. Re: .NET WebService Fails over GPRS on 2nd+ attempt
  333. Emulator configuration
  334. Re: Adding to a Listview
  335. Re: printing under ce .net 4.10 and cf
  336. CreateMutex
  337. Can not deploy to iPaq h2215 with VS .NET 2003
  338. Network progragramming
  339. Re: Error using OpenNETCF.DESKTOP.Communication.DLL
  340. Re: Does compactframework work on past wince version?
  341. how can you print to network printers?
  342. Problems with OpenNETCF.Desktop.Communication ?
  343. Re: Capture of Device Screens
  344. App works on device but not properly on emulator
  345. Re: How to detect number of rows in a datagrid?
  346. Programatically insert data into Calender application of PPC
  347. Re: My emulator does not launch the applcation!!
  348. Button
  349. Re: Exception : 0xC0000005
  350. Rotating a control
  351. Problems with combobox - cant set the value
  352. Re: Capture of Device Screens
  353. URL Behavioron CF.NET App
  354. Activating application from Today
  355. System.NET.WebException operation timeout on HttpWebResponse
  356. what is NotSupportedException in P/Invoke ?
  357. Anybody notice massive system slowdown....
  358. Re: Force a specific TabPage to display?
  359. RE: Error: 0x80040e2f BD_INTEGRITYVIOLATION
  360. Single to Float conversion
  361. Can't connect to pocketpc?
  362. RE: .res HTMLs in AxWebBrowser
  363. RE: Truncate string
  364. RE: PLEASE HELP: using TreeView
  365. Ftp client
  366. Camera Sale -Nikon , Canon, Minolta , Sony ,Xcam2 , Fujifilm ,
  367. OT: Wireless gaming market to generate US$41.3 billion in revenue in 2007
  368. SD Card Autorun.exe on OS 2003
  369. Performance with the new HP 2210
  370. .NET CF on Handheld PC 2000 - HP Jornada 710
  371. Reading a CSV file
  372. How to install Compact Framework on Pocket PC2002 device
  373. Product Demo in Emulator
  374. Doubts using P/Invoking
  375. increase memory of Pocket PC emulator
  376. Re: Start an application on docking
  377. Authentication using NetworkCredential
  378. Read and write files from/to the desktop to pocket pc and vice versa in code
  379. Picturebox problem
  380. Reading from Clipboard
  381. Objects "Eating" up memory
  382. XML-FO In .NET
  383. Re: reading from clipboard
  384. Strip Chart
  385. translations: multilanguage developing and monolanguage builds
  386. Insert records with ADO.net
  387. Re: Focus
  388. Anybody can give me full C to C# data type mapping table ?
  389. stack trace
  390. Border on the text box
  391. How can user ConnMgrEstablishConnection in c#?
  392. Include an application in "Today"
  393. Re: How can i interrupt the execution?..
  394. Re: DbDataAdapter
  395. DbDataAdapter
  396. sql server access on pocketpc
  397. Re: Newbie question-args to pass to PaintEventArgs
  398. Re: Oracle on Server; what DB to use on PocketPC?
  399. Connection Pocket PC 2003 emulator to ActiveSync
  400. DataGrid scrolling
  401. TimeSpan Class doesn't support milliseconds ????
  402. Re: TimeSpan Class doesn't support milliseconds ????
  403. Re: Save Emulator State
  404. PLEASE HELP: datagrid class
  405. Error creating new project
  406. Uppercase Text Box - again...
  407. P/Invoke to CreateWindowEx()
  408. RE: xml documentation
  409. FileSaveDialog Difficulty
  410. Re: Panels vs. Forms
  411. How do you get the Compact Framework onto a PocketPC?
  412. Re: Panels vs. Forms
  413. Re: Zorder!
  414. Re: Panels vs. Forms
  415. Re: FileNotFoundException - where do you locate files on a PocketPC
  416. Re: FileNotFoundException - where do you locate files on a PocketPC
  417. Asynchronoius WS calls doesn't return
  418. Numeric text box
  419. Re: keybd_event
  420. Re: Duplicate value error?
  421. CF for CE 4.2 on a DAP microflex CE8640
  422. Event notification database location
  423. Re: Forms
  424. One resource file for device and desktop
  425. Re: MSMQ with CF Progress
  426. Duplicate value error?
  427. TabControl-TabPages
  428. Dissable TabPage in Tab control
  429. can't trap the action button event while moving over the items in the listview control
  430. The ADOCE Wrapper Demo Version Does Not Work
  431. Unable to insert record, unknown sqlceconnection error?
  432. Problem with Dynamic Array
  433. registry
  434. Re: Transparent Picture
  435. Re: To MS Support people...
  436. Re: Accessing Network Shares - Providing Username, Password Domain
  437. Dispose(bool) not getting called
  438. RE: How to implement the Socket Timeout when receiving data?
  439. Actively Refusing TCP connection (works in non-CF)
  440. RE: 3 questions about Storage
  441. RE: TCPClient & ActiveSync
  442. RE: GlobalAtom
  443. RE: Leak memory
  444. RE: How to control tab spaces in a string on a Label control
  445. Smaller Forms
  446. .NET CF 1.0 Service Pack 1 (SP1)
  447. Emulator
  448. Re: HWND in CF
  449. Preventing screen updates during initialisation?
  450. Pocket PC - Combo Box - DropdownStyle - NO Entry
  451. .NET Compact Framework 1.0 Service Pack 1 (SP1)
  452. Using Internet Explorer browser control host (SHDOCVW)
  453. Adding Custom Component to Toolbox
  454. Psion Netpad
  455. Questions regarding sockets and threads
  456. Re: EVB problem...
  457. Datagrid column alignment
  458. CString conversion
  459. Getting a window control's handle
  460. CFCollectionEditor
  461. IsDisposed
  462. Some Managed C++ experimants on Compact framework
  463. How do you get command line parameters in CF
  464. Re: Please tell me this is a VS bug -- I'm going CrAZy!!
  465. Joke: You can't draw strings on a common base line
  466. System.Threading.Timer - Does it Work?
  467. Replication Error:28557
  468. Re: CFcom ActiveX link
  469. Server Agent Errors: filed in renaming an .IN file to .OUT.
  470. Re: Expression Columns And Adding New Row
  471. Pocket PC autoconnect via GPRS
  472. RE: When trying to start an application nothing happens
  473. Forms, DialogResults & ControlBox
  474. Visual Inheritance & compact framework?
  475. Full Screen under CE4.1 device
  476. Deployment Newbie
  477. using mfc libraries in cf
  478. RE: Two is better than one????
  479. Re: EventNotifications
  480. RE: Opening pocket outlook programatically through C#
  481. RE: Threading across abstraction layers
  482. RE: Custom MessageBox
  483. Re: .exe fails on .Net Compact Framework...
  484. RE: Getting total RAM, ROM, Processor Type and Clock
  485. Re: full screen
  486. Re: Using Invoke to update Form from Thread
  487. RE: Icons in the mainMenu
  488. RE: hide title bar
  489. RE: App Performance declines until soft reset performed
  490. Error on device when calling a web service
  491. Re: No MouseDown event if ContextMenu defined?
  492. Re: dotfuscate... anyone?
  493. Re: Obfuscation - 0 out of 3 (now 0 for 4)
  494. Differences between ipaq and Axim and the CF
  495. Re: Background text
  496. Re: Visual Studio 2003 emulator serial port problem
  497. EVB problem....
  498. [ANN] HTML Rendering in C# for Compact Framework - Request for Interest
  499. .Net 2003 CF Listbox Click event does not fire.
  500. Re: Creating Program Icons
  501. File.OpenText and accented characters
  502. Re: Background text
  503. Re: Background text
  504. Tap and Hold cursor
  505. Still having problems with transactions.
  506. Form that has an owner
  507. Re: Creating structures to hold data
  508. Re: DrawLine very slow!
  509. Re: Marshalling problem
  510. RFIDs Compatibility With .NET
  511. Open shortCut folder with Large Icons
  512. COM Port communication on 4.1
  513. Creating structures to hold data
  514. [ANN] New Enumerations article and Library at OpenNETCF.org
  515. Reading Structures from File
  516. C# HTML Renderer - Any interest?
  517. Context menu position
  518. Virtual ListView using the Compact Framework?
  519. Device in cradle?
  520. Can't establish connection to Pocket PC
  521. How to build SQL CE Database on desktop?
  522. Using Spb Kiosk Engine for eVB and .NET CF Pocket PC enterprise applications - (DEVBUZZ)
  523. datetimepicker utility
  524. Re: Threading across abstraction layers
  525. How can i get data more fast in tokening the data?
  526. Dynamic Controls...how to ID?
  527. Re: Data acquisition thru serial port
  528. Re: Debugging network applications with the emulator - I'm going to go nuts
  529. Re: Adding A Button to Tool Bar of PPC built-in App
  530. Re: No MouseDown event if ContextMenu defined?
  531. RE: register ID
  532. C# preprocesor directives
  533. RE: Deploying CF .NET app to device from Windows Server 2000
  534. RE: Cannot connect to device
  535. Re: .NET2003 running (or attempting to!) on Ipaq 3870
  536. RE: problem connecting
  537. Help with Connection Manager PInvoking
  538. Re: Device Connection Issues: VS.NET 2003
  539. Re: DiffGram
  540. RE: Unable to launch application in Pocket PC devices with Intel PXA255 processor
  541. Re: Async calls
  542. Re: Creating structures to hold data
  543. Re: Data acquisition thru serial port
  544. Re: Emulator Clock does not keep real time!
  545. Re: webdav, ftp or other?
  546. Re: Data acquisition thru serial port
  547. Re: Data acquisition thru serial port
  548. Performance Problem witn WebService
  549. how do you..create a control
  550. Re: Lock Up on Axim
  551. Ghost errors! Please help.
  552. Re: GetCurrentProcessId import prblem
  553. Re: FileOpen
  554. detect pocket pc OS
  555. Transforming XML
  556. Re: GetCurrentProcessId import prblem
  557. Loading Dynamic Forms
  558. Re: Multiselection in a listbox
  559. Unspecified Error when opening forms in VS
  560. dll import problem
  561. Capital letters in Textbox
  562. Re: Concurrency violation on Update DeleteCommand
  563. Re: The designer could not be shown for this file... (Smart Device development)
  564. Re: Re:DirectPlay API
  565. Re: ip address of the desktop
  566. hint about this sqlceexception? please help
  567. Pocket PC vs. Win CE.NET
  568. Re: java api
  569. MemberwiseClone() with Graphics object
  570. Re: Threading across abstraction layers
  571. Programatically setting fonts
  572. Getting special folder names
  573. Re: Directory.GetCurrentDirectory()
  574. RE: Database Migration From SQL Server8.0 to Sql server ce 2.1
  575. RE: How to reuse SqlCeDataAdapter, DataSet and DataTable?
  576. Owner Info
  577. Re: Enumerate computers on network running SQL Server
  578. Native Exception caused by calling unmanaged dll in .net CF
  579. Re: TextBox ReadOnly ForeColor
  580. Retrieve computer name of CE device
  581. Re: Emulator skin issue - custom platform
  582. Re: SmartDeviceAuthenticationUtility for CE device
  583. Re: Emulator skin issue - custom platform
  584. RE: How can i build my cf app into my emulater using platform builder 4.2
  585. RE: Connection problem between Visual Studio .NET 2003 and 3.5" PC with Win CE.NET 4.1
  586. Re: can't connect HP iPAQ H5450 Device
  587. RE: problem getting type...
  588. Adding Custom Control via. Installer or batch file
  589. Simple SQLCE Question
  590. How do I reliably download and save files on CE4.1
  591. Re: bluetooth api for compact fw
  592. Re: REQUEST: webcast or tutorial on Gapi with .net
  593. Viewstate errors
  594. Re: Write to PPC
  595. Raise event from library worker thread.
  596. Re: Simple question