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  1. Simple SQL Help Needed with DAO
  2. Compare record data
  3. Clear Field Upon Msg Box Click
  4. Set Paper Size
  5. VBA Conditional Stmt Question (IN operator)
  6. Functions not working on different machine
  7. Data Validation - Help Required
  8. call query to populate txtbox
  9. Summing Check Boxes
  10. RecordsetClone to copy a record/referencing other forms
  11. how to use "After Update" instead of <After I Update> ?!
  12. LCase and Shift Key
  13. Field population based on previous combo box selection.
  14. Filter Form with Combo Box
  15. edit mask MM/YYYY
  16. help me please.
  17. problems passing a null value as part of a function...
  18. Insert a single record from a form to a table.
  19. Truncate a Double to 1 decimal place
  20. Detecting new record
  21. expression error
  22. Sorting Combo Box
  23. Error - Data Has Been Changed #7878
  24. weekday function
  25. Msgbox Form Reload
  26. Generate new customer numbers
  27. how to use a field value in hyperlink?
  28. ComboBox Search with Like
  29. put in a name next field auto fills with address
  30. edit a record from a list
  31. SQL as Textbox Control source
  32. Synchronizing State and County Combo Boxes
  33. Combo box / memo problem
  34. Manually advance unique numbers in Access?
  35. Password Protected
  36. Calling a command line
  37. ComboBox Fields
  38. Changing field size
  39. Maximum value from table
  40. Problem with duplicate values
  41. Combo Boxes
  42. checking for duplicate entries in database
  43. 2 subforms in one form, how to make them talk?
  44. lookup calculation value from a different form
  45. Error checking a date field
  46. Combox Filter
  47. Problem in Relationship I guess !?!
  48. Selected
  49. Saving Variables in VB events
  50. drill down choices in form
  51. How do I code for function in subforms?
  52. Show current month and next months in a textfield?
  53. Listbox Source
  54. How do I connect a combo box with a pivotchart?
  55. Access trying to save a blank record
  56. Listbox selection altering table value
  57. Compact And Repair Freezes the Screen
  58. How do I know a query is finished?
  59. continuous form scroll issue
  60. subform update issue
  61. I can't "add a button to dial a selected phone number"
  62. Can I disable the "X" for the app?
  63. Error Message - Do Menu Item action cancelled
  64. Deleing fields in a subform
  65. Result of Text Box in Msgbox!
  66. Multiple Criteria in Combo Box Dlookup
  67. Syntax error
  68. Open Multiple documents with different programs linked to an access value
  69. filter report based on list box selection
  70. Automation error
  71. kader
  72. How to compact database through code
  73. Message box for no records found
  74. Moving Records of one table to another
  75. Requery ALL controls on form
  76. bringing query into table
  77. followhyperlink question
  78. In joining 2+ records together seperated by commas replace last comma with 'and'
  79. Date criteria producing inconsistent results
  80. Listbox: Borders won't go away, Reappear when Printing
  81. Select multiple values from list/combo box - writing to seperate r
  82. Adding multiple records with the same info
  83. Gotorecord on Close_Form I don't know what I am doing wrong...
  84. Asking too much?? Form-subform based on 4 tables, one is a junction table.
  85. Unable to edit data in filtered form
  86. Field Name syntax, nested subforms
  87. Can't get frmLogOn to close - Please Help...
  88. SwitchBoard
  89. New Record
  90. Titlebar Close Button handling
  91. Combobox column number qwerky
  92. Help with largest values and counts of those values
  93. Syncronizing sub-forms
  94. Parameter Query in Query Def
  95. Auto populate a control
  96. Send Outlook object from Access
  97. Day of Month
  98. Update records in tabled based upon listbox selection/s
  99. subform combo box code
  100. Move from one Tab control page to another
  101. Help with DLookup
  102. SQL Guidance Seems Simple Cant Figure it out
  103. Help with Message box code
  104. How to show MDI Child Form in a SplitContainer Panel?
  105. Help Needed with Printing Reports from Form
  106. Query Report Issue
  107. On dirty backcolor
  108. Values not being recognised???
  109. Problem with combobox and list
  110. Change Multiselect List box from multi to single select
  111. Subform Junction Table Combo Box PLUS Additional Info
  112. Why doesn't this work? Please Help...
  113. Adding data in continuous subform
  114. Have to click twice to get AfterUpdate to work.
  115. Check box on subform not working
  116. Help Needed: Run combo row source query
  117. Complex If Statement
  118. Limit Combo content on DS Subform HELP please
  119. Problem with memo field
  120. Change backcolor with IsNull
  121. Help with printing link table manager
  122. Text Box Validation
  123. Access to Multiple Tables from one Form
  124. Duplicating a Record in a Form that's based on a Query
  125. Form/SubForm Edit Mode
  126. DSum Incorrect Total Continuous Form
  127. object to indicate project status on data entry form
  128. Creating a link between google maps and form
  129. File Properties
  130. I have some problems with searching in MS access 2003
  131. Parameter for query from Continous Form
  132. How to evaluate x="" with nz or isnull or isempty functions?
  133. need help with subform
  134. Need Command Button to Pull Up A Pivot Table
  135. Open/Close Forms using buttons and If/Then
  137. Examining records in a subform
  138. If statement
  139. filter with wildcard
  140. Updating real time between two or more users
  141. Disable The X in the Top Right Corner
  142. Combobox does not allow a blank entry
  143. Maximum width if a subform in Access 2K
  144. Stephen Lebans's ExtractInventoryOLE
  145. How to set a property on all text boxes in a form
  146. Stephen Lebans's ExtractInventoryOLE
  147. Search String in VBA Code
  148. Stop code running
  149. I love DMAX - not!
  150. transpose a label
  151. button - adding a return in a memo field
  152. Repeating Text within an Unbound Text Box
  153. Correct use of IF ElseIf
  154. Searchable listbox using Combo lookup box
  155. Second Parameter Query in a QueryDef
  156. Global variable seems missing
  157. Open Directory
  158. Help! Per earlier post re:show/hide controls based on checkbox ev
  159. show/hide group of radio controls when checkbox value = 0
  160. Auto populate form field from previous value in field
  161. Form / Subform question
  162. open args and subforms
  163. Update Error
  164. combo box value
  165. Docmd.RunSql does not work in .mde
  166. ReQuery but stay on selected record - Please Help!
  167. Copying Records
  168. Refreshing Single Control
  169. If Statement Query is empty Then Do...
  170. Page Down Issue
  171. Req A Gentle Help
  172. VBA Distinguish Between Running mdb and mde
  173. Getting "you tried to assign the null value to a variable that is not a variant data type" error with MS template
  174. Referring to Control on a Subform held in Tabs (Pages) on Form
  175. Calculations from Form Fields
  176. Control on subform not working properly
  177. Automatic Reporting
  178. Exporting To Excel
  179. inputting stop watch time
  180. link microsoft word title to a value in access
  181. Count the number of values in a combo box
  182. Logged in user & DLookup
  183. Populating form txt boxes from tables
  184. Referencing a child's child form
  185. set listindex value
  186. Sidestepping validation code on entering subform
  187. Bookmark Failing
  188. SendObject
  189. passing values between forms
  190. Summing up Text Boxes that are based on expressions
  191. After Update Move Focus to Subform
  192. Creating a chart - help
  193. dynamically adding conmtrols at runtime to a form...
  194. Creating a query from a form
  195. You can't move to a previous control . . .
  196. Inputing numbers but displaying text on reports
  197. Can't enter records through subform
  198. forms adding records
  199. Count code
  200. run time error 2001
  201. Controltips and subforms in datasheet view
  202. SQL Percent Problem
  203. set combobox properties for subform on another tab
  204. SubForm Requery Not Working
  205. Count question
  206. Better then Timer Event?
  207. MS Access VBA After update Prevent Duplicate Entry
  208. If statement question
  209. Creating a new Subform record - problems
  210. SQL Date Problem
  211. Vanishing Treeview!
  212. How to prevent treeview automatically expand and highlight.
  213. How to assign a state to checkbox in Visual Basic.net ?
  214. Solid Background colour using conditional formatting on combos in datasheets
  215. clear records
  216. Run-time Error 3246 - Operation not supported in transactions
  217. Compile error when running form
  218. Could someone help with this code please?
  219. Unable to set ControlSource of a textbox on an unbound sub form.
  220. Changing Database Options
  221. concatenation of a field value and a counter
  222. How to specify more than one input parameter in a form
  223. Monitoring User Network Activity Via Access
  224. Porting Access applications to the web. ASP or PHP?
  225. Totals expression in query using the OR line in criteria
  226. Multi-Record Append Query
  227. Reading a value in another subform
  228. Form Display
  229. clear fields on a form
  230. Any way to really discard/close a form object with calculated controls?
  231. problems passing an OR clause to a query from a textbox
  232. Back up access database
  233. do not save blank form
  234. Problem with Retrieving records into Access form
  235. passing params to a query from a screen field..
  236. Using command button to open another application
  237. Using an imported code module
  238. assign a value to text box with an input mask
  239. Mod function
  240. Error Passing Arguments, Entry Required Function
  241. Tab Control - Default Pafe
  242. On Click event - Create a New Query
  243. loops and dynamic variables
  244. AutomatingForm Display
  245. Variable visible to all forms?
  246. query name in ado/dao raises error
  247. Using Variables From Queries
  248. Double-click event error
  249. set checkbox condition based on comparing two fields
  250. set checkbox condition based on compared field values
  251. Send Report in the E-Mail Body
  252. Filter values in form
  253. Opening form from switchboard manager - Access 97 versus Access 20
  254. Dcount Problem - Can any one help?
  255. Rent direct from owners of French gites
  256. Dcount problem
  257. ComboBox - Default Value - Urgent
  258. How to Count number of Records in form Coding
  259. Hide the REPLACE tab problem
  260. Highlight text - Can not use conditional formatting.
  261. listbox control
  262. updating subform
  263. Dcount on filtered records
  264. Append Data in Table from VB
  265. Custom (?) error page?
  266. Multiple selection list box
  267. Inputbox entry list
  268. ADP form vanish when underlying query has no data and it contains join.
  269. Displaying events and objects
  270. Prompt when closing form
  271. Label Picture
  272. RecordSet update confusion
  273. List Box Won't update Text field
  274. binding a combo box to with 2 lookup columns to two source columns
  275. SetFocus to ComboBox, please help !
  276. Auto fill form values
  277. Auto fill form values
  278. Filling fields automatically
  279. Force Save with Main Form and SubForms
  280. Database Question
  281. Subform References: Repeating Browser Object In Continuous Forms
  282. Function to open windows explorer
  283. Best way to pull and display data
  284. How hide listbox selection?
  285. Message PopUpBox
  286. SetFocus to ComboBox
  287. Concatenating strings in a report
  288. Turning off Warning Message
  289. Go to a report last page
  290. Form to Subform to popup form and pass value
  291. Assign Recordset to Subform Help
  292. Setting up a form to Sort a report
  293. find total question
  294. Listbox--actions based on selected items
  295. Edited Record Lock
  296. Inserting Data
  297. How do I run this code?
  298. Problems with SQL coding on VB command button
  299. Verify linked tables by code
  300. Help with Code: OnMouseDown
  301. Listbox and Transferring Records
  302. Row source for form cbo to drive qry from M:M link tbl
  303. Forms Help Please......
  304. Filtering Information on a subform through a Text-Box on main form
  305. Changing forecolor in selected subform records
  306. Strange Compile error using Access & ODBC SQLServer
  307. Multi Select controls another List Box
  308. Default "add record" button edits current record, doesn't add new
  309. Changing mouse pointer to Handler over a control
  310. Copying an OLE object
  311. Validating Data on form with sub form
  312. How do I code for a button in one form to do the funtion in anothe
  313. Need to create a 14 ages form.
  314. Combobox Disable Scrolling through Records WO Lebans tool
  315. Listbox ListCount issue
  316. wildacard character
  317. Having a Problem with a Button Function on my form
  318. this should be quick
  319. Next Record from subform
  320. oops on opening Form
  321. Delete value in another table
  322. Multiple Entries in Single form with common D/T
  323. coding missing for next record
  324. Using a Find Macro in a tabbed form
  325. FilgraphManager alternative in VBA
  326. Listbox -- Need help with modifications
  327. An Automatic Update Field To Show New Number Of Contacts
  328. Multiple Timer Events
  329. How do I implement order entry funcionality with ADO?
  330. How do I run this code?
  331. Close and open
  332. Multiple "And" record selection criteria
  333. Add Form Control for autonumber
  334. Outlook
  335. OLE Image JPEG from SQL Server to Access 2003 Form
  336. Quick Search
  337. Validation Rule -> No Quotes
  338. Problems with Calculation
  339. Checkbox Selection
  340. EOF not working - using find record routine
  341. To open a subform only displaying a new record
  342. Need to open Excel Modify and save and close
  343. Need macro button to view a directory with windows explorer
  344. Changing Colours of current record in a countinous form
  345. Undesired Flickering of Controls When using mouse move event
  346. On Mouse Move Event
  347. Remove a Reference Library from code
  348. auto fill same key on same tables with one form
  349. dealing with Null and zero-lenght string and...listbox
  350. TableDef Referencing Problem
  351. Problem naming controls
  352. Change a picture in a form based on record?
  353. Access Formfilter.
  354. Blocking form changes
  355. Help me about Filter
  356. On what event can new record code be added ?
  357. VBA code not working ni Access 2007 Beta
  358. filter many fields with checkbox
  359. tab control question
  360. Get Path Name
  361. Coding for Form if Error on loading Image
  362. Multi Select and Add Records:Need Help
  363. Pad Month() and DAY() Functions
  364. Invalid outside procedure
  365. Storing Vairables
  366. Converting date entry from mm/dd to mm/yy
  367. Pass Though Queries/Stored Procedures to load combos
  368. After Update Event Issue
  369. recordset Edit/Update confusion
  370. too many rows to output
  371. Speed Issue on Server
  372. Filter many fields on checkbox
  373. Action based on Combo Box Selection
  374. Go To New Record on Subform
  375. Form's Before Update event always runs before deleting record
  376. Quitting access...
  377. How hide combobox without selection?
  378. multi-user access really slows down app...
  379. Access 2003 Conversion Toolki
  380. I need a form to select the items to be presented in the report.
  381. auto complete checklist
  382. Auto Close Form
  383. How can I create a conditional validation rule in Access
  384. Error when adding a new record
  385. How to block mouse wheel in Access forms?
  386. Save Data on form when exiting
  387. Get a due date
  388. How do I get a calculation field to equal a record field?
  389. SELECTING SPECIFIC Reports from a DataSheet to be Used in a Report ??
  390. cmdButton Help
  391. Text Box Length
  392. combo box issue
  393. Variable as part of field name
  394. Run Tim Error 3066 - using Transfertext
  395. Passing a variable
  396. Looping through a query to update records
  397. get the value from user entry and save to the table
  398. Run a Macro from a different database
  399. Locking and Unlocking Specific Records on a form
  400. ByRef argument type mismatch
  401. Code works on step-through but fails on run!
  402. Control datatype?
  403. Unattached subform
  404. Undefined Function Now() in query
  405. SQL using VBA
  406. Show a default text for NULL values with DropDown lists
  407. Form problem when inserting data. (Hit or Miss)
  408. Need Help with simple code
  409. Text Box on Form, Control Source from Report
  410. Refresh form contol when record has changed in a table
  411. conditional formatting problem
  412. Simple Nest IF Statement
  413. Grey fields out but still make data entry possible
  414. Checking Total
  415. reference to Back end
  416. outside datasheet color
  417. moving button on form's resize event not working right
  418. Special characters INSERT INTO command
  419. Refreshing a chart on a form
  420. Requery chart on main form from subform
  421. Form PopUp Property at Run Time
  422. Help contineu form
  423. Clicking on "templates on Microsoft.com" in PowerPoint
  424. Copying a form with event procedures
  425. Which Printer is Currently Selected
  426. Code for text that doesn't match that required
  427. Validating Data Entry - Long explanation
  428. Need Help with form/query ...
  429. Saving Data Conflict
  430. Best way to handle a code composed of two parts?
  431. Error Code 2046
  432. Change Password
  433. Print ListBox contents directly?
  434. Forms!drmName!comboboxfield
  435. Adding .jpg's to a Word document via Access
  436. Popup ListBox can't see main form control
  437. Distributed Application
  438. Access Recognising Who Is Logged Onto The Machine
  439. OutputTo Report to Excel - Chart not shown in Excel - Why?
  440. Extracting Excel Data into New Access Tables
  441. how do we list the details of main form in subform
  442. Date Formating
  443. Report Control Reference
  444. color coding datasheet
  445. Event Question
  446. Web Success
  447. Between not working, please help
  448. Frame is not appearing using select case
  449. How to invoke external access VBA codes?
  450. Requery subform combobox based on other subform selections
  451. Re-Posting - How can I (if Possible) formulate data in the manner.
  452. dlookup problem
  453. Retrieve the number of record found
  454. name string
  455. DAO Error Opening Recordset: "User-defined Type Not Defined"
  456. Window Height
  457. Convert Sting
  458. Setting combo box default value
  459. How can i capture name of a form?
  460. String Handling
  461. DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet
  462. Form Design Idea using the "Tab Control" dynamically
  463. subform loading - blank form?
  464. Coding a search form (sorry if this is duplicate, computer locked
  465. Concatenation to variable names. Any Ideas?
  466. ow to enable CRTL-F (Find) in Access 97 app
  467. prevent sreen refresh/repaint with OLE sound object
  468. Using Loop to fill ONE of TEN text boxes.
  469. Ignore Error Not Working???
  470. display results from combo/ narrow list as typed
  471. Multipul timer objects
  472. Updating a field from a subform
  473. Add a new record using VBA
  474. Form checkbox coding query
  475. Setting a string with option groups in Access
  476. Urgent syntax error
  477. Setting Validation values
  478. WHERE String ? Please Help
  479. puzzling results from dlookup
  480. Setting the Default Value of List Box
  481. order of forms loading...
  482. Access Automation outside of Microsoft
  483. Coding for a single Debits/Credits Field
  484. Can a Dlookup return multiple records
  485. Trouble with creating relationship
  486. Loop through Textbox controls
  487. Access Duplicating Numbers
  488. Find Next Month from a Field
  489. Use Set statement to reference a form
  490. Combo Select Records on Form: Doesn't restrict results
  491. Updating Records with a string from a text box.
  492. Problem n 1: no event happens
  493. Setting Controls Via Code
  494. Close first form
  495. DLookUp
  496. refreshing recordsource of form
  497. Cant set focus back to textbox on exit
  498. Play mpeg, wmv on access form
  499. Require Data Entry on Pop Up Form
  500. Showing Database Window
  501. Re-post...Form/Subform Update question
  502. Total a subform and update the main form with result
  503. DLookup Question
  504. How to change font od datasheet window
  505. The requery method not work After updating the main form combo
  506. compact a mdb
  507. linking two tables ?
  508. Rescaling Forms with Access Developer's Handbook
  509. clear contents of unbound object frame
  510. Picture Property & Mouse Movement
  511. Automating the display of a form
  512. AutoFill Records
  513. Date Question
  515. same old "Data has been changed error message", way around this?
  516. sub form coding problem
  517. Close Excel after TransferSpreadsheet
  518. Change control for one record in subform, not all?
  519. Count records dynamically in a form
  520. how do I set up two search fields on one tab control in one form?
  521. msg box before update also show 'old' value
  522. Using CDO Email within Access
  523. A Way to make extra money: Please Take the time to read all the way through, it really is worth it.
  524. How can i get the index number of a form ?
  525. decimal to round off
  526. Subform not updating
  527. Selecting more than one value in a combo box
  528. Subform FilterOn = False; is locking up
  529. Altering Form Query
  530. Get first Child Node of TreeView
  531. Error when run ADE file
  532. Set Table Location
  533. Connect to text file using ADO?
  534. Returning a value from a query field to a form in Access 2000
  535. ADO recordset can not be updated
  536. Make data entry required in one field if another field is entered.
  537. OpenRecordset: I would have thought this would work
  538. loop through rows on a continuos form
  539. Form is editable even after setting it to false
  540. Set Focus and DoCmd GoToControl
  541. Capture Data Type
  542. You can't save this record at this time
  543. Dcount criteria coding problem
  544. Adding a Date Criteria to a report
  545. Type Mismatch
  546. Type Mismatch
  547. Vertical Page Breaks
  548. How to link table from code
  549. HTML
  550. sql in textbox?
  551. Database Backup
  552. Show label
  553. Access 2000 Lookup music CD contents from a Web Service with VBA
  554. Change Password
  555. auto scroll down or up...
  556. Error 3101 for illogical reason
  557. re-positioning the Access 2000 window scroll bars...
  558. clock
  559. Forms are fun (except when they need combo box VBA code I don't kn
  560. Populating fields ... one or the other
  561. Running Parameter Query from a form
  562. Totalling Subforms
  563. edit menu
  564. Update a field on a form based on it's subform
  565. Run a SQL query via VBA based on which fields the user selects
  566. How do I SAVE A FIELD in code
  567. Assign value to variables
  568. How to sort data in a table?
  569. Color on the button
  570. SetFocus after IsLoaded returns true
  571. Requery
  572. Remove a listing from the List Box dk
  574. update a subform A from subform B based on MinPaymentField
  575. Exchange Servers, why do different domains cause logon fail ?
  576. Requiring user data entry
  577. Multiple search criteria (combo, list & text )?
  578. New line problem in memo box
  579. Associating New Data with a SQL statement
  580. Need Help in 'Query by Form' feature ...
  581. Login Forms
  582. Using value in unbound combo box in a calculation for another fiel
  583. Text in a Text Box
  584. Text transfer and selection
  585. I'm New--entering code
  586. Form control value based on combo box
  587. Combo Box Check for value, if blank two more txt boxes blank ok
  588. Access 2007 beta and VBA
  589. Checkbook Balance with 2 Accounts
  590. Drag and drop to form with a DTPicker
  591. Not In List and Synchronized Combo Box CODE CONFLICTS
  592. DLookup Dilemma
  593. Main Form Sub Form links
  594. date control question
  595. Help...Error with Dim Statement
  596. Re: deletions moved not deleted
  597. deletions moved not deleted
  598. Create a database in code
  599. Check subform is not null
  600. Insert Problem
  601. Returning control or focus to an open form (2002)
  602. Refresh - Requerry - Update?
  603. In-built and User Events
  604. MultiSelect list box
  605. ONCLICK: Using the CLICKED ITEM as INPUT for a Query ???
  606. Cancel on Calendar - best way??
  607. DoCmd.OpenForm problem
  608. data errors
  609. Using Date Features to create Form
  610. Time tracking attendance
  611. Reading a value from a field in a table into a variable.
  612. Changing form colours on field selection.
  613. The future of VB and of my databases
  614. Compact Current Dabase
  615. Popup Menu
  616. Re-assigning links from subform to form
  617. Apply Filter
  618. Update a field automatically when updating a record...
  619. Help with sql statment - ASAP please
  620. sql value in a text box
  621. This code doesn't work!
  622. docmd.printout
  623. On Mouse Move Question
  624. common code sequence
  625. Open form based on combo box selection
  626. error 3464 -- data type mismatch in criteria expression
  627. ListBox Index Lookup
  628. Listbox: I am stumped!
  629. More than one field results in DLookup
  630. Shell to On-Screen Keyboard
  631. Access does not save some records...any ideas why?!
  632. Get IP Address
  633. Presorting & autofilling fields based on a choice in another field
  634. How to loop through excel files in folder
  635. can access disable a field based on the format of another field?
  636. Text Box Calculations
  637. Retrieve Login Name
  638. Validating ComboBox Entries
  639. dynamic crosstab report and page numbering
  640. "Autofill"?
  641. Parameter Query Form Problem
  642. Edit Date Field on a form
  643. my autofill won't work ???
  644. Subfrom from a JuctionTable with YesNo on the form.
  645. question about CreateQueryDef
  646. Select All on Filtered Record Set
  647. using an Access Form checkbox with a mysql field which is 0/1
  648. Database breakdown
  649. Enter Data Script Works But Not During Data Entry
  650. access command in form to export query results to excel
  651. Problems referencing controls on subform
  652. If (Start_Date = Int(Start_Date)) And Not IsNull(Start_Date) Then MsgBox "Please include time"
  653. leave information in the field of an access 2003 form btwn record
  654. How can I make "mailbox" the default for advanced searches?
  655. update value without rolling back to first record
  656. Add New Record
  657. display number in another format?
  658. VBA number format syntax
  659. ApplyFilter
  660. Flickering when saving form
  661. generic error handling
  662. Set PDF Doc Title property from report data
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