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  1. Excel template for recording local weather.
  2. Copy from 1 book to another
  3. Pivot Table Lesson Corrupts XL???
  4. Re: Date Format Doesn't Work
  5. Open Workspace in Excel 2002
  6. Checking for black cells
  7. Protect sheet Excel 2007
  8. Finding interest
  9. Date Format Doesn't Work
  10. Using calculation in a cell like a variable
  11. How to synchronize rows between worksheets
  12. Cell Change as a Trigger Macro
  13. creating pivot table with similar columnames
  14. error
  15. how to shift with in sheets by keybord
  16. Macro chart problem
  17. Problem using more than 1 Excel version on same workbook?
  18. Workbook versions
  19. Excel 2007 crashes, causes reboot
  20. copy/paste disable
  21. items in list B that are not in list A
  22. Sum - Sum <> Zero ??? How is it? Bug in Excel formula?
  23. Using SUMPRODUCT
  24. Select items from list and show in text box
  25. Tab spacing in formula...
  26. Trouble with Control Toolbox checkboxes and macros
  27. Code to create a new worksheet (based on an original pre-format sheet)
  28. reference a range based on a cell value
  29. Excel 2007 VBA
  30. Complicated pickle
  31. How to paste long numbers eg 210000000000026324 into Excel
  32. "Name Conflict" when Excel 2007 open an old worksheet
  33. formula help
  34. Hyperlinks Changing on their own
  35. Drop-Down List
  36. Enable Command Button base on UserName
  37. sense conditional formating
  38. Multiple Criteria in a SUMIF or COUNTIF function
  39. Building Chart based on Column Value
  40. how to publish excel workbooks
  41. Cond. Formatting Trouble
  42. image send to bak
  43. How do I display a text message when a cell has a certain value??
  44. Importing text into a Text Box
  45. Silly question?
  46. Pivot table from olap cube Warning and datasource
  47. file properties
  48. HELP!!!!!!!
  49. change 90- to -90 in excel 2000
  50. Order a property field with Analisys Services 2005 Pivot Table Dat
  51. Macro question opening external text files to retrieve data
  52. Calculating number of weeks between dates (start and end dates)
  53. INDIRECT as part of array
  54. Macro to call maiMerge function
  55. Grouping and Protection
  56. Re: INDIRECT as part of array
  57. How to test an adjacent cell for blank in conditional formatting
  58. Column headers are numeric
  59. How to copy a Macro to another PC
  60. Hidden rows in shared worksheet.
  61. Macro giving different results each time it is run - bugs maybe !?
  62. How to restrict cursor placement?
  63. Rows of data, using status columns to sort data to pie chart on another worksheet tab
  64. Document not saved
  65. Saving As .CSV
  66. how to determine the size of the sheet
  67. function returning Text to cell
  68. Vertical Scrolling
  69. Lookup Problem Matching on Two Criteria
  70. Macros.
  71. AutoFilter & Hiden Rows
  72. Named range in a different sheet
  73. blank cell conditionally formatted
  74. test if data fits between two columns
  75. conditional lock format
  76. ActiveWorkbook.SendMail With No Attachment or Can't Open Attachment
  77. custom paper size in excel 2003
  78. Excel 2007 Checkbook Register Question
  79. How to "recode" data in Excel?
  80. How to record data in Excel?
  81. Show Excel in two separate instances/two monitors?
  82. Does Excel 2003 have CDF feature in its histogram plotting function?
  83. Does plots have interpolations in Excel?
  84. how to make Excel application GUI look better?
  85. Project Ghant Chart...
  86. Runs Intepolation.xla in Excel 2007?
  87. VBA, Matrixfunktionen
  88. colorof one cell depends on content of another
  89. Message from Pivot having OLAP cube as datasource
  90. Global Change of Hyperlinks in Excel
  91. Conditional total
  92. Validate Textboxes
  93. Charting - 2 X-Axis Setup and Totals
  94. Simple Form: How to copy a value from one object to another?
  95. Integer and Decimal
  96. Calculating 40hr work week
  97. Filter for Pivot Table
  98. Referencing cells
  99. The opposite of the "sort" function
  100. UnHide rows?
  101. PMT calculation is negative number
  102. financial formula
  103. Adding Strikethrough to the Ribbon
  104. shared workbook update interval
  105. Re: File Not Found
  106. Re: File Not Found
  107. File Not Found
  108. File Not Found
  109. Complicated formula
  110. Questionnaire to letter
  111. using VBA when printing
  112. Repeat rows when printing
  113. change cell name to text nmae
  114. Table Lookup (Using Hlookup and Match) not Working Right
  115. Excel 2003 versus Excel 2007 calculation speed
  116. I can not stop save warning message when I click Close (x) botton or Alt+F4
  117. cell names
  118. IF in cells
  119. automate save and close of excel
  120. Suppress macro warning on my own workbooks?
  121. Listbox Columns and Code
  122. How do you make the labels of the columns back to letters from numbers?
  123. How to get the 1st of the next month's date?
  124. Sum of products
  125. Copying date from sheet1 cell to sheet2 cell
  126. How do I Auto Populate a cell with a chart based on a value
  127. Superscripts
  128. Excel Runtime error message
  129. Excel 2007 problem
  130. tricky formatting Q (perhaps not so tricky)
  131. Calculated field in pivot table
  132. Link from Word to Excel
  133. Refreshing a Microsoft Office Excel Chart Object
  134. Break out numerical data range
  135. Chart updates on different worksheet as date changes
  136. Solver and Goal Seek-Tutorial
  137. Functions greyed out when using Pivot tables
  138. Opening an Excel 2007 workbook with older Excel versions ...
  139. Remote clearance
  140. File Not Found error
  141. Sum according to font colour
  142. Duplicate Entries
  143. Upgrade to VISTA -- Switch to Excel?
  144. Need formula to Identify Cells that contain both Numbers and Text
  145. Drop Down List Two Lists of Data
  146. Info text box
  147. row autofit
  148. How do you recover a parameter?
  149. Problem with excel
  150. Excel cannot complete this task......
  151. RE: Excel 2000 trying to access the internet when trying to paste
  152. file lock with excel when file, close workbook instead of exiting Excel completly
  153. Shared Templates in 2007
  154. Worksheets Locked
  155. chart links
  156. pivot table formatting
  157. Consolidating Information
  158. Changing Color in Cells
  159. List in different formats
  160. from offline excel to online access problem
  161. Worksheet management
  162. launch excel attachment from outlook - does not work
  163. "Print This Page" Macro
  164. trouble with row height auto sizing
  165. check boxes + autofilter - is it possible?
  166. slide show of charts from excel
  167. Excel and C/C++
  168. Matlab & Excel interface?
  169. Macro required to copy -past data to first empty row
  170. Help with Lists (tables), Filters, & Worksheets
  171. Convert Cell Text to Matching Hyperlink?????
  172. Cell Referencing In Header
  174. Ranking Percent of Increase
  175. Should be Simple...
  176. Scan and remove column data query
  177. COUNTIF: seems easy but....
  178. Hyperlinks to '[workbook]Sheet!'Range(Cell)
  179. push rather than pull cell data.
  180. A way to identify and delete duplicate entries?
  181. Simple formula help please...
  182. Re: De moment faig internet
  183. Excel 07 + iSeries Excel Add-In crashing
  184. Re: IE7 + Excel + Addin = 404 Error
  185. Create a list and use drop down in other worksheets..possible?
  186. Protecting data validation Drop DownColumn
  187. looping through columns and rows
  188. weird behavior when checking check boxes
  189. Leading Zeros are lost when importing spreadsheet data
  190. Subtotal Average excluding zero
  191. How do I Lookup and SUM multiple "finds?"
  192. Importing text from an Explorer window
  193. auto update of conditional macro
  194. Reducing data points?
  195. conditional formatting
  196. Excel Sum with Filter & Copy specific Data
  197. inserting a hard return with replace in a cell
  198. default template in Excel 2007
  199. Compile error in hidden module: distMon
  200. How can I replace a value??
  201. Lotto Formula
  202. hyperlink or what?
  203. Line break function?
  204. Issues with 3-Column Sort
  205. Importing .txt data into existing spreadsheet without overlaying formulas
  206. Scheduling staff depending on their seniority and choices
  207. Staff Rota
  208. Launch Excel cleans the clipboard
  209. Transfer text from Access table into Excel
  210. Help! with code to open word
  211. Problem reading Excel 2003 file through OleDB
  212. Excel problem reading data when aflanumreic field is numeric
  213. Adds-ins/tools for publishing Excel data as web pages?
  214. date formula
  215. Default Disappearing Text
  216. pivot tables
  217. Can you search for a value output by a formula?
  218. File association oddity
  219. chart SLOW when axis range fixed
  220. How to Select Multiple Cells Conforming to A Certain Criteria Automatically?
  221. Changing font within cell using VBA
  222. Formula Help Please
  223. Excel07: where did Draw Object Fill Patterns go?
  224. Adding a button with a function on protected sheets.
  225. Formula,help please.
  226. Excel --> powerpoint
  227. Count condition true for 3 lookup columns
  228. Need help on this....thanks
  229. Same Code, Different Cells
  230. Request to Simplify Sumif Formula
  231. Custom Toolbars Disappear
  232. Using Excel/programming in Excel to plan meetings
  233. Data validation and default values
  234. Authenticated Digital Certificate
  235. Find/Replace changing cell format, googled solutions don't seem to help
  236. Compare 2 Pivot Tables
  237. Font Size in Labels on Forms
  238. How to stop warning about non-existent macros?
  239. requesting assistance with cell formating
  240. help with macro to read and sort data from multiple text files
  241. Excel automated validation!?!?
  242. issue
  243. Pivot tables / source data - Please help
  244. Editing worksheet tabs & chart/axis labels
  245. Displaying data based on Drop Down List Selection
  246. VLOOKUP
  247. Vlookup Problem
  248. formula fill not working correctly in 2007
  249. Excel 2007: Cannot open documents by double-clicking
  250. Capturing date changes
  251. Simple Conditional Format with more than 3 options
  252. macro to read and sort data from multiple text files
  253. Page Break Macro
  254. remove all formatting
  255. start excel 2007 in seperate processes
  256. Formula for Months in a Year
  257. Pivot Tables and Trend Data
  258. Hiding $ on a spreadsheet
  259. Excel 2007
  260. what is not run
  261. Conditional Formatting
  262. Need help with excel functions retrieving data
  263. Functions in charts
  264. Link to Network Drive
  265. Removing blank rows
  266. Remove Leading "0" on Serial#'s
  267. Conditional macro
  268. Sorting dates in Excel
  269. Searching for files
  270. chinese langueage in excel
  271. Unable to edit formulae
  272. concatenate two columns
  273. Leave Zero's in cell
  274. Hiding worksheets
  275. Version conflicts
  276. revised replacement text
  277. replace text in one column
  278. Excel to track inventory?
  279. date lookup, summing numbers
  280. Exiting an Excel file Errorr
  281. Conditional formatting formula behavior
  282. Select sentence using a variable
  283. Conditional Format Formula Needed
  284. Random Number Generator
  285. Changing Tab Colors (Globally) In Excel 2007
  286. Learning VBA
  287. wrap on
  288. Conditional Formating - Exceeds Cutoff
  289. Extracting several values from a string
  290. How to insert a formula in a worksheet thorugh userform
  291. most often occurent value(s)
  292. Counting the number of "Y" in a row
  293. ABV little Over my head
  294. Filtering in a PivotTable
  295. Copy just the values
  296. Find the filename of header image
  297. Help with conditional formatting?
  298. limit of named ranges
  299. Stand Alone Program to start Excel files
  300. Lookup values in a two way table
  301. How can I convert seconds into minutes? (mm:ss -> min.x)
  302. sumif question I think
  303. cell formatting & Input box
  304. vba code ...
  305. Pivot Table Is Not in Order
  306. CSV file date format
  307. Run application in 2nd workbook
  308. Save As Date and Time
  309. nautic& astronomical degrees, minutes, seconds
  310. Reset to default font for both Excel and Access 2000
  311. DDE - Chart.Wizard does not work in Office 2007
  312. DDE - Chart.Wizard does not work in Office 2007
  313. DDE - Chart.Wizard does not work in Office 2007
  314. DDE - Chart.Wizard does not work in Office 2007
  315. Get rows from another tab where cell in column is empty
  316. Document is corrupt
  317. SUM rows in column if cell in different column is empty
  318. Can't hide far right columns:"Shift objects off sheet"??
  319. Page break stay on 1 printed page if room?
  320. sorting date
  321. Problem with Excel 2007 recovering from crash
  322. FL-Vero Beach/Stuart Expert
  323. Excel 2003: How to create new automatically updating worksheets using data in an existing sheet
  324. Condtional format with formula - Part 2
  325. XL 2007 : Noty able to move data values in XY Scatter chart
  326. wrap
  327. Time
  328. Conditional Formating with a formula
  329. Filter options disabled for pivot tables.
  330. Counting Values
  331. Counting option
  332. View a Tabbed List of All Worksheet Names Simultaneously
  333. Excel to Access link
  334. Too few columns
  335. TRIM()
  336. Filter from user selected drop down list
  337. opening excel file
  338. Adding standard deviation error bar to graph
  339. Count Frequentness
  340. Refering to other objects in other forms
  341. Conditional Formatting Question
  342. Typeahead feature in data entry form?
  343. VBA question: Sheets() vs. Worksheets()?
  344. Look inside .xls files
  345. macro's after transition office xp to office 2003
  346. VB Macro Code to Save Excel Ranges in Access Tables
  347. Need help with worksheet navigation
  348. Excel to PDF produces multiple PDF's instead of one.
  349. Convert multiple rows of text into columns...
  350. Unable to Open URL which has long list of validationd orconditions
  351. Prevent format change caused by pasting. (office '97)
  352. Function for transforming long file name in 8.3 format
  353. Select rows meeting criteria into another worksheet?
  354. Is there Excel for IBM AIX
  355. Annoying save requests...
  356. charting
  357. Need help emailing worksheets in Windows Mail
  358. Can multiple users enter data into a spreadsheet simultaneously?
  359. Extract Hyperlinks
  360. Help me save my job
  361. Cell format help needed
  362. Save-As Macro
  363. msn stock quote does not work with excel 2007 ?
  364. Using moExcelApp_WorkbookBeforeClose() event
  365. Test Please ignore
  366. adding a user defined function to the library
  367. sizing pie chart category data label
  368. need to compare dates and count the results
  370. Validation in excel
  371. Sumproduct & Empty Cell
  372. INDIRECT() makes my head hurt...
  373. distilling a column of text entries
  374. Cannot COPY then PASTE
  375. Happy Daylight Savings
  376. Total editing time
  377. Opening from New Office Document error
  378. Validation
  379. What is the best way to set up a spreadsheet to do this....
  380. Sorting trouble
  381. Inserting Excel into Access Reports
  382. Calc Prorated Cost based on Specific Days in a Given Month & Year Range
  383. excel vba - open workbooks hidden?
  384. need help with copying rows and making new rows
  385. Re: Access 2007 ADP, and Sub-Forms
  386. Excel Lists
  387. Cannot COPY & PASTE
  388. Comma Delimited Export
  389. Data Entry - Avoid Duplicates
  390. Excel 2007 "insert shape" problem...
  391. Data refresh problem
  392. Excel Merge
  393. cannot copy same value twice
  394. Time Save msg box
  395. Specify BOLD within a formula?
  396. Save-skip-cancel-help ?
  397. Problem with PDF creation
  398. Stars instead of numbers
  399. rank question
  400. Sort
  401. Pivot, MSQuery or crafty use of MATCH and OFFSET?
  402. File Not Found
  403. Discarding zero's
  404. Increment Formula
  405. Sumif using VALUE() in sum range
  406. add a zero
  407. 'Contains Macros' When it doesn't...
  408. Basic data validation question
  409. Admin password to Individual protected worksheets by users
  410. Excel 2007 crashes on exit - steven.lecluys
  411. numeric format
  412. Q: automaticly changing colours from a cel by visual basic
  413. How to amalgamate 1000s of rows of data into a usable chart
  414. How to chart nonzero values?
  415. convert to tiff or jpg
  416. worksheet window couldn't be maximized
  417. alt down arrow<1172865042.325500.123680@s48g2000cws.googlegroups.com>
  418. Access denied on save *sometimes*
  419. 2 separate worrkbooks
  420. Column mailing list needs to be converted to rows
  421. Multiple windows for multiple Excel files...
  422. Pivot table caused 50 MB excel file
  423. color coding a stacked column graph
  424. Newsgroup Host
  425. File Not Found dialogue
  426. Hyperlinks between two cells and referntially copying hyperlinks
  427. Mark zero variables
  428. Trimming an excel file
  429. * Need serious help with formula/function *
  430. a comment box that only displays when the cell is actually selected
  431. Address List Conversion Column to Rows
  432. Command Buttons Duplicating Function
  433. How to write current time to the cell?
  434. If statment with two conditions
  435. Excel keeps taking me back to cell A1 !!!
  436. Cell Value + open application
  437. nomalizing numbers charting...
  438. How do I prevent a formula range from changing when Iinsert a column within said range?
  439. Autofilter using macro
  440. Opening a CSV file makes MSI want Office 2000 SR-1 Premium disk (DATA1.MSI)
  441. subtract only the highlighted
  442. a function which accepts a number and returns it in words
  443. import nultilinkage sql table into excel
  444. Hiding rows with VBA
  445. VBA speed problems
  446. Trouble opening excel files
  447. Excel 2007 Import Issue
  448. Lookup Value based on a formula
  449. CommandBars Temporary not working
  450. Specifying the last character for advanced filtering
  451. COUNTIF
  452. Help please with cell colours
  453. How do I delete rows selectively?
  454. Merge cells selectively?
  455. correct total column in filtered list
  456. Userform help
  457. Userform Help!!
  458. adding a column
  459. Importing txt or csv file as text and only text
  460. how to get around the Enable Macro security message?
  461. Auto filter Query??
  462. save as
  463. correct total column in flitered list
  464. copy and paste data from website
  465. Misplacement of objects on a sheet
  466. Pasting into columns...
  467. How to format a paragraph.
  468. Format Paragraphs.
  469. NAICS Code Cell Format
  470. Excell 2007 compatiblity
  471. password protect the button in Excel?
  472. Alt+Down Arrow For Drop Down List Doesn't Work When There Are Blank Cells
  473. Excel loading CSV problem
  474. division cell
  475. Excel 2007+AnalysisServices2005SP2: Pivot Table to SSAS why menu item "Options"->"Formulas" is disabled?
  476. Sorting formulae
  477. Removing the data tracking add-in link
  478. Formatting a Date field into a form?????
  479. ribbon and event
  480. Deleting macros?
  481. rate of change using dates and number values
  482. Is there any way to make the format (General, Number, Text) of the cells visible?
  483. Solving for variable with a circular reference
  484. Closing a Cell When Excel goes Inactive
  485. Converting varying length Vertically-aligned records to Horizontal Rows of list (tabular)
  486. Converting varying length Vertically-aligned records to Horizontal Rows of list (tabular)
  487. Changing to lower case
  488. Help with countif function..
  489. trouble with macro
  490. Formatting .. is it possible to ....
  491. how do I add 2.5 hours to a column of data
  492. Imported as YYYYMMDD but need Month Day Year
  493. Excel 2007 and the context-menu mini toolbar
  494. Excel 2 Word
  495. recient doccuments
  496. Calculate Data Field To Data Field in Pivot Table?
  497. Excel 2 Word
  498. converting plain text url to http link
  499. Access Data Base linked to Excel needs to be moved
  500. XML Mapping in Excel
  501. Excel import - formatting question
  502. Designing a spreadsheet - a brief guide
  503. Spreadsheet security
  504. Find Content of cell refernece
  505. Searching for an attay within a data set
  506. how to import sql database into excel from excel 2000
  507. Do I need to use VBA for the following control structure?
  508. Simple radio button form help
  509. How do I specify row 1 as header row that is to be printed on every page, regardless of other page setup choices?
  510. #VALUE! When Attempting To SUM A Funtion that Does Not Print "FALSE"
  511. #Value! error in one cell but not another....
  512. Problem importing XML
  513. Delete Column
  514. Insert / remove a row from protected sheet excel 2003
  515. Insert / remove a row from protected sheet excel 2003
  516. Cannot insert new rows
  517. Sorting Numbers as Text
  518. Excel 2007 problems with AS 2005 calculated members
  519. VBA macro to hide certain columns even when new columns have been added
  520. export to email
  521. Slanting headers
  522. Sum corresponding row values for Saturday only dates within a date range
  523. Sum corresponding row values for Saturday only dates within a date range
  524. Counting contents for Saturday dates within a range
  525. more in Max min relatives
  526. sum value then insert row
  527. Excel 2007 Minor Problem
  528. VBA OLAP Cube
  529. Calculate single sheet only?
  530. Counting number of rows with Cond. Formatting to avoid save problem (KB 215783)
  531. Formula to calculate text or letter in cell
  532. Excel97: Änderungverfolgung
  533. Copy chart into Word exactly!
  534. VBA Code...
  535. Macro to Print Similar worksheets??
  536. Excel 2007 unrecognized file format in Excel 2003
  537. recently opened files in the Open section of the Task Pane
  538. very slow first time i make a cell bold
  539. Importing MS Word table to Excel
  540. Replies with attachments
  541. How to move entire row?
  542. Macro to invoke mail merge from Excel
  543. Link to cells in other worksheets & workbooks
  544. Error message using DEata/Form
  545. populating mulitple worksheets
  546. A Macro required or where to start or is it possible ?
  547. Viewing Specific Columns at Various Times
  548. Changing two way tables into one way tables
  549. Excel Timestamp That doenst change
  550. Bug when calling sub within a sub
  551. UDF: How make volatile
  552. Can I attach an Excel file to a post?
  553. Getting rid of #N/A in empty cells
  554. callouts
  555. - Excel 2007: Pivot Table to SSAS why menu item "Options"->"Formulas" is disabled?
  556. Macro question - Selecting varying ranges of cells.
  557. Excel leave calendar
  558. Narrowing a table into an area
  559. Resctricted menu
  560. Multilne comment in an excel cell
  561. Re: Request for assistance with an Excel workbook that I automatically want to break into multiple worksheets.
  562. Copy from Excel 2003 status bar
  563. Calculate very slow
  564. Named Ranges
  565. Charting
  566. Date Modified
  567. Plot named formula
  568. Dead Cells
  569. Overwriting Conditional Formatting
  570. How to find selected row?
  571. How to change links to regular text
  572. Change Cell Background Color Based On Search Results
  573. hide the personal
  574. How to format text in the cell, so the end of text will be visible?
  575. Using templates and forms to create new excel document
  576. Help in transferring data from one sheet to another..
  577. Conditional formatting in empty cells
  578. Excel Table Question
  579. How can I delete every other row ?
  580. Looking for a tool to repair corrupt excel sheet files
  581. Adding Time Cell Was Changed
  582. Get the counting of something to get unique info
  583. Stock quote add-in compatible with Excel 2007???
  584. Linking Filters
  585. How to restore cells forecolor back to black?
  586. IF OR formula
  587. Multiple documents search&replace without opening a single file
  588. Data Validation: Prevent Cell Input If Condition Exists
  589. Hotkey to apply formula to LAST valid cell in row or column
  590. My maths failing?
  591. "ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select" for filtered cells?
  592. Alternate row colouring that works with filtering?
  593. How to produce totals of a filtered column?
  594. Works in 2003 but not 2007
  595. Numbering a filtered list
  596. Add items together after a sort
  597. Excel No Longer Working
  598. Office 2007 Excel
  599. Unlocked protected hyperlink to defined range not work but others
  600. Mixed fonts in one cell
  601. Looking for tool that repairs corrupt sheets
  602. Getting same number to appear over and again
  603. How to be notified when user changes cell value in selected column?
  604. Basic Spreadsheet Help
  605. Translate Excel to html including formulars
  606. Conditional Highlighting
  607. Simple(??) lookup question
  608. Keyboard shortcut to Name Box
  609. Magnifing Programs
  610. Excel automation: are there some timing constraints?
  611. Auto renaming of Worksheets?
  612. Error message using Data/Form
  613. Excel 2007 .csv / .txt import bug!
  614. Multiple search condition
  615. Lookup next non-empty cell
  616. plotting indirect data
  617. Worksheet Tab names?
  618. XML to Excel XLS conversion
  619. Putting text into a cell
  620. Excel 2007: File Extension Warning
  621. Referencing two (or more) cell values in formula
  622. Sorting in Excel
  623. DSUM
  624. Pivot Table Calculations
  625. Transfer of Data Between Sheets
  626. making all formulas appear in the cells instead of values
  627. How to force Excel not to do arithmetics when reading data from cell?
  628. find and replace hyperlinks
  629. Solver32.dll is unavailable
  630. VLOOKUP formula searching multiple worksheets ??
  631. RE: a problem
  632. How many rows are occupied by data: How to find that?
  633. Extracting Data To New Worksheet
  634. Excel 2007: Pivot Table to SSAS why menu item "Options"->"Formulas" is disabled?
  635. time-stamp
  636. Creating hyperlinks
  637. Referring to other worksheets...
  638. Who can help me with a VBA
  639. Relative sheet reference?
  640. VLOOKUP
  641. Automatically move row from one tab to another..
  642. How do I make this load and save faster?
  643. Some questions about Borders in Excel 2007
  644. Cell format changes General into Text after focus + Enter
  645. Excel 2003 Format Painter - Keyboard Shortcut doesn't work!
  646. programatically creating worksheets
  647. Excel XP (2002)
  648. Status Bar | Filter Mode | xx of xxx records found
  649. large text in a cell?
  650. sorting columns of data
  651. Pivot table novice
  652. error in formula
  653. An optimization problem
  654. Slow Excel!
  655. New macro question..?
  656. Wont copy and paste using VBA
  657. Conditional Formatting Help
  658. Extract URLs
  659. hyperlinks and email addresses as links from CSV
  660. Excel 2000 / send email to a group
  661. Format: enclose content of cells in parantheses
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