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  1. OT: LED projectors
  2. power point producer
  3. Producer Output Files
  4. read-only files
  5. Total label on stacked bar chart?
  6. Handout Printing Issue
  7. Immediately triggering slide effects
  8. Have to click twice to move to next slide
  9. How to use the CommandEffect in custom animation?
  10. Can I save PPS to DVD's? Is another software pkg needed?
  11. PPT2007 corrupts TIFF images
  12. Disabling cursor slide advance
  13. VBA code to disable ESC key in Slideshow
  14. How can I delete more than one indentation mark on the rular?
  15. Disable the esacpe key in Powerpoint using VBA...
  16. How do I center text, save it so next open the text is centered?
  17. I need Microsoft Organization Chart OLE server program
  18. Animation lost if another PPt presentation is inserted
  19. Reconnecting to Source File
  20. Movie Maker video audio out of sync in powerpoint
  21. How do I create a puzzle-piece presentation?
  22. How to avoid "Click to Exit"
  23. Powerpoint Veiwer
  24. Help me!
  25. Hyperlink in Word to open PPS
  26. Excel Graphs in PPT
  27. recursive code for running sub-routine
  28. move
  29. How can I save edited power point file with revision for tracking
  30. Selected shape on Notes Page?
  31. How do I remove an objects position
  32. words breaking on layout in PP2003
  33. Delete all Note pages in briefing
  34. shut down
  35. Customize numbering
  36. I need a quick option to translate ppt file to another language?
  37. Run PPT on web server without saving as HTML
  38. Powerpoint 2003 Freezes when inserting Clipart
  39. How to prepare a Powerpoint Presentation for 9x16 display format
  40. How do I change the language within in a presentation?
  41. Paste Special Unformatted Text in PPT 2003
  42. Big need for medical oriented templates--possibility?
  43. Powerpoint Graphs
  44. Excell spreadsheet within Powerpoint
  45. how do I flip a trapezoid without flipping its text?
  46. Shared location for design template
  47. PP call and loop a short saved pps. from another pps.
  48. How do I embed Video in PPT (to send to another user by mail)?
  49. Printing and dummy slides
  50. Update a powerpointshow
  51. How to download Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Show?
  52. how to link...mov in web page...help
  53. Add multiple songs to a slide show?
  54. can i drop photos in and out of the same slide?
  55. Creating Websites.
  56. Shape.Table goes missing when filling Powerpoint table with Excel
  57. Set fonts in a powerpoint chart
  58. Music
  59. PDF files
  60. Printing hyperlinked documents
  61. Presentation distribution b y CD
  62. just in the thinking stages
  63. How do I fade out the music, instead of stopping abruptly?
  64. turkish music otantic mp3
  65. how to make a canyon chart?
  66. World map, with facility to highlight specific countries
  67. sound in PPT 2003
  68. My addin crashes PPT at random intervals.
  69. ppt file to pdf file
  70. Office 2007 VBA question
  71. MS PowerPoint: How To Include a LINK
  72. How do I stream a list of names at the bottom of a PPT slide
  73. numbering powerpoint slides 1 of 10, 2 of 10, etc
  74. Inserting Video into PPT
  75. How do I make several slides upon clicking go to a previous slide
  76. Disable keyboard
  77. arrows
  78. rotating a pyramid
  79. Handout master
  80. To show a "hidden" object when you point the mouse on another obje
  81. New slide
  82. Custom Animation
  83. PPT to PDF conversion
  84. Powerpoint streaming
  85. How to Link PPT to DVD in Drive?
  86. Running Presentation without it pausing
  87. How do I get the power point pointer to be larger?
  88. Trying to hide an object from view. let me explain...
  89. How do I pause and resume during a streaming slideshow? Commandos
  90. How to assign a text hyperlink to a macro???
  91. slide order array
  92. Insert countries-maps as objects
  93. custom animations not shown when slide used again
  94. Indenting bulleted text...
  95. Hyperlinking to *specific slides* accross multiple presentations
  96. When I highlight the text to edit it, I only see the bottem half
  97. burn CD w/slide show only
  98. PowerPoint cropping tool not working.
  99. How do I share with an IMac user
  100. How do I get rid of translucent arrows bottom left of PPT slide?
  101. Putting a "ceiling" on a scrolling effect
  102. Thumbnails of ppt files
  103. Slide transition - automatically after
  104. import slides from other shows keeping individual backgrounds
  105. Burning PowerPOint slideshow to DVD that will play back on TV
  106. powerpoint autoshapes connectiors should connect to corners
  107. Flow Chart
  108. Help with code for keyboard events
  109. Embedded Sound Issues plus Size Issues
  110. Feature to add a flag to slide(s) in Slide Sorter view
  111. embed sound track to play through out Show when emailed
  112. using mpeg-4 files in a power point presentation
  113. PPT 2003 PPS transitions differ from Slide show view in PPT
  114. Hyperlink won't work within PowerPoint presentation
  115. Shadow Softness Issues
  116. Font size reverts
  117. How do I insert a text slide into a Photo Album presentation?
  118. How can I keep my font sizes from changing in Powerpoint?
  119. Legacy keyboard shortcuts
  120. How do I turn 3D default off?
  121. Connection of powerpoint online broadcast to media server
  122. Animations inaccessible in Power Point
  123. buttons like forward and rewind for movie in powerpoit
  124. Free rotate is not free
  125. Hardware acceleration issue
  126. Can I insert current temperature into a powerpoint presentation?
  128. Before and After effect on pps file
  129. Insert entire email into presentation
  130. Power Point 2007 beta 2 grayscale problems
  131. I am having trouble with distorted voice recording in PowerPoint
  132. How does this PowerPoint Design look?
  133. slide navigation
  134. RE: slide navigation
  135. navigating between slides
  136. Has anyone had a problem playing a Mini CD with a PP in a cd drive
  137. activate graph
  138. dvd disc
  139. help with pictures
  140. File associations
  141. Using JavaScript to Write Macros
  142. Create new master with 3 text placeholder ?
  143. PowerPoint XP or 2000 over Office 2003
  144. Classmates info on a CD
  145. saving presentation as pdf read only file
  146. Need help on exchanging pages
  147. Welcome input from all on manipulation of images/pictures!
  148. drawing arrows
  149. Footer - used as editable placeholder
  150. powerpoint bullets?
  151. is there a way to make a chart look like this?
  152. building links within a PowerPoint presentation
  153. pptviewer trying to make TCP connection!?
  154. Need Help On Something...Thank You
  155. Automatic Show Start
  156. Superscript words in graph legend
  157. RE: Automatic Show Start
  158. PowerPoint Objects
  159. PowerPoint XP Pack and Go
  160. Where do I download maps for Powepoint?
  161. Any easy way to convert a PPT slide show to a DVD or avi files?
  162. powerpoint only prints bottom half of slide
  163. Differences between Producer and Movie Maker
  164. Set NotesMaster width?
  165. Anyone have problems with Sound when burning ppt to CD?
  166. How do I get a Video in v.2000 to work?
  167. How do I use my Outlook calender in a Powerpoint presentation?
  168. previewing fonts in drop down
  169. Determining the size when Copying an Excelgraph in powerpoint
  170. slide show
  171. multiple instances of pptview.exe?!
  172. Powerpoint won't save changes...
  173. formats - templates
  174. How do I transition between slides as pages turning...thank you.
  175. Designing my home?
  176. Audio not playing in PowerPoint 2004
  177. my .avi movie file won't play with sound.
  178. How to achieve this effect?
  179. Burning PP to DVD
  180. PC relative links break on Mac - sometimes...
  181. Presentation
  182. Animation Lockup
  183. how to recover a file in powerpoint
  184. virus warnings using the Viewer?!!
  185. printing macro
  186. Google video files
  187. Presentation Stability
  188. need trial product key to access
  189. PPT Hyperlink propblem
  190. Difference between "Reapply Slide Layout" and just clicking on the layout?
  191. How do I autostart a Power Point document without pressing F5 ?
  192. How do I print one slide in multiple pages
  193. How do I reuse a write protected flash drive?
  194. ok, I give up, please help fix this macro code.
  195. multimedia tab
  196. ignore paragraphs within text
  197. How I get two images by motion path
  198. PowerPoint background
  199. How do I remove an embedded mp3 voice file from Powerpoint?
  200. Documentation the COM interface PowerPoint exports?
  201. Action Button questions
  202. Re: disapearing background
  203. disapearing background
  204. Making my sound work
  205. Pastor Looking for templates for his messages--Help??
  206. how to add text to pictures
  207. "Swish" only works when there is text involved?
  208. PowerPoint to Front Page
  209. wav music folder why play the other computers.
  210. Equation Editor symbols disappear in PDFs
  211. Round Corners
  213. "Markup" Tool is grayed out
  214. PPS pkgd to CD has inconsistent sound glitches
  215. Linked Objects
  216. Audio Question
  217. Problem with FileSearch
  218. Identify selected slidemaster or titlemaster
  219. How can insert text balloons (call-outs) into JPEGs for e-mailing
  220. Controlling the "page up" and "page down" keys from PowerPoint
  221. Portrait and Landscape on the same presentation
  222. saving new from old presentation
  223. new footer invisible
  224. Image fly-in Animated Bullet-points
  225. Tables
  226. hyperlinks stop working after presentation being idle
  227. Jigsaw puzzle animation
  228. Powerpoint Font Issue
  229. Streaming video to PowerPoint
  230. AVI won't play within Powerpoint
  231. How do i download Power Point?
  232. How do I re-create a PPT template that used to be on MS's website?
  233. Skipping a link to a URL on Power Point startup
  234. Inserting subtitled clip
  235. Template Question
  236. Powerpoint does not play my movie
  237. Create hyperlink that opens a new window?
  238. WAV file won't play
  239. Automatic Text Entry from database?
  240. Combining two PowerPoints ASAP Help!!!!
  241. page turn effect - transition or custom animation
  242. Using Power Point in HTML Page
  243. Bizarre slide advancing
  244. Hide movie in custom animation until ready to play
  245. Converting Ms.Word to powerpoint
  246. Ole Server Program?
  247. Template will not show up on another computer
  248. Extract an animated gif
  249. exception
  250. How to do a floating tool bar in slide
  251. compress a picture to reduce file size in powerpoint
  252. view last and next slide while delivering presentation
  253. activate window
  254. activate window
  255. Importing Video Clip
  256. Do I get your vote on ".pps" ranking?
  257. Action Buttons
  258. Show at less than full screen
  259. Need advice on how to explain work flow to clients
  260. Expand PowerPoint handout print options
  261. ActiveX component can't create object
  262. a handy idea: automatically shrinking entire PPT for DVD use
  263. Loop through types of shapes
  264. Why can't I move multiple objects by forming a box with my mouse?
  265. moving object without snapping to grid?
  266. Printing postcards
  267. Problems with web page
  268. Excel => PowerPoint automation - Excel looses focus
  269. Saving as HTML
  270. Saving files in a different format
  271. Animated GIF
  272. PowerPoint 2007 and prior versions
  273. How do I use Landscape & Portrait slides in the same presentation.
  274. How do I convert and save a .ppt file into MP3 capabilities?
  275. Copying Powerpoint presentation to DVD-R
  276. What is fade in and how does it work?
  277. Best PPT to Flash
  278. Animation
  279. autorun
  280. Help! ppt2003 & acrobat 6.0 pro
  281. How to choose the order of text to fly in during the presentatati.
  282. Naming and Finding Text Boxes
  283. Inserting Excel into Power Point - extra cells
  284. Axis Text Formatting question
  285. Errors when copy/paste charts from Excel 2007 to PPT 2007
  286. Powerpoint should let me add the filename path to the masterslide
  287. Pop up window
  288. Lock the size of an object
  289. Check translated tutorials so that terms used are the same.
  290. Excel VBA to update OLE Linked files in PPT
  291. How do I make columns appear one at a time in a table in powerpoin
  292. PowerPoint won't show presenter view.
  293. Action settings to jump to another slide not working.
  294. ActiveX Text box on mouse over
  295. Newspaper headline spinning in animation
  296. power point
  297. how can i make 5 different templates for the same presentation
  298. Can I print transition indicators?
  299. Is there any way to hide a callout when printing the handouts
  300. How can you design your own template for powerpoint?
  301. Title Object on Master
  302. are powerpoint templates with dark backgrounds are hard see?
  303. Why do my Design Templates disappear in the Slide Design Screen?
  304. inline equations in PowerPoint: long overdue!
  305. Convert Power Point Slide show
  306. CD loader not displaying justified paragraphs
  307. Scale of Axis
  308. Windows Media on Server and in PPT
  309. Error when ClipArts not installed
  310. sound file doesn't work inside powerpoint
  311. Just another MPEG2 question.....
  312. Bullet and Indents
  313. Powerpoint: Want data table to be visible on the slide
  314. Outline in PowerPoint 2007
  315. Pause and restart audio file?
  316. how do I get the Object Action to Play in PowerPoint to work?
  317. Automatic Progress Bar on Slides
  318. Only Allows Certain Autoshapes
  319. Scaled objects disappear
  320. Video in a presentation
  321. override the saveas function in powerpoint
  322. Documents in Multiple Monitors
  323. Need to copy motion paths to new pictures
  324. How can I put a border around an entire PowerPoint slide?
  325. How can I get my windows media files to play in powerpoint?
  326. Making Viwer CD in non-standard way?
  327. How do I compress very large files?
  328. The music's not there!
  329. PP Music !
  330. I can't copy and paste anymore in powerpoint.
  331. powerpoint should print 3-slide handouts with notes on the right
  332. powerpoint should let format fonts all caps, like in word
  333. Any tips for 1 page PowerPoint animation presentation to repeat?
  334. PPT won't stay as "print color"...
  335. Inserting 3D objects in Powerpoint
  336. Problem with HTML file in Powerpoint slide
  337. OfficeFX presentation details
  338. how to make check marks in a powerpoint checklist?
  339. Audio cut off
  340. How to sort a table in Powerpoint? (NOT an excel table)
  341. Why are my slides not advancing in Powerpoint 2003
  342. Export Movie from Powerpoint to file
  343. Changing Master Layouts
  344. Enhancement to PowerPoint text-exporting macros
  345. Something special about the "number area" in the master?
  346. 2007 BETA word art issue
  347. Bullets do not appear
  348. Replace of PresentationClose
  349. web page
  350. WMA in powerpoint?
  351. Transition - Automatically repeat some slides
  352. Not all gif images "move."
  353. Rotated text in slide master title?
  354. Motion Path Speed
  355. Pasting webpage to Powerpoint
  356. Switching Window Stops PowerPoint Presentations
  357. Convert Traditional Chinese to Simplified Chinese in Powerpoint
  358. Title master placeholder disappears in Normal view
  359. Powerpoint should let me put in a song and it should play.
  360. Why doesn't practice session of Power Point Training not work ?
  361. Identify existing placeholders on notes master
  362. Presentation devices - Targus-Kensington-Logitech?
  363. Problem with slides
  364. why is on-screen res 89.33 dpi - used to be 72 dpi?
  365. Slide re-entry
  366. Some controls on this presentation can't be activated
  367. Package for CD and files with same names?
  368. How do I make a ransdmized slide show in PowerPoint 2007?
  369. Need to "crop" photoshop pic in ppt
  370. Is there detailed training couse with voice instructions?
  371. Global font color changes for print vs projection?
  372. narration?
  373. Sounds on multiple sounds
  374. extract sound file
  375. Conversion of Powerpoint 2007 to earlier versions
  376. How do you make movie files play one after another?
  377. How do you make movie files play one after another?
  378. Presenter View 2007 Beta 2
  379. "how to set custom animation off for all slides"
  380. How do I preapare a CD with a pps to autorun on a DVD (no compute
  381. Midi file causes slide show to stop
  382. How to add an oval picture?
  383. Inserting music in my PowerPoint
  384. Using/Applying Multiple Slide Masters
  385. Sound file will insert, but not play
  386. Publishing Full Screen Powerpoint 2003 to Web with audio
  387. The PPT Converter for 2007
  388. When I add a song to the slideshow...
  389. Make a slide w/4 text lines on top; 3 boxes under; 1 under that
  390. Email action button
  391. how do i save a photo from a presentation?
  392. can i add a pps to my web site??
  393. Power Point Video Not Playing in Presentation
  394. OfficeFX Update
  395. Circular Text
  396. How do I set the default to "Keep Source Formatting"?
  397. Some controls on this presentation can't be activated.
  398. Charts
  399. How to insert a string before the text of a selected word
  400. graphics wont display in window pane
  401. InsertFromFile - question
  402. Power Point can't start the application required to open this obje
  403. How can I autoformat my diagrams
  404. PowerPoint Related to Nursing
  405. Apply Excel Charting Template to All Graphs
  406. links from Word doc to ppt file not working?
  407. Print
  409. relational link
  410. Adding music from file corrupts my PP pres. How do I fix?
  411. Midi File stops presentation
  412. package for cd
  413. Autorun download to hard drive
  414. Editing a ppt presentation
  415. Is it possible to change the PPT->HTML template?
  416. How can i edit my powerpoint slide show?
  418. Text Box - can it automatically wrap around a chart or picture
  419. How do I change/add commands to the right mouse button menu?
  420. Collapse and expand bulleted lists on a slide
  421. How do I set up a slideshow in portait not landscape?
  422. Formatting Spreadsheets in PowerPoint
  423. How do I display a hyperlink linked to PPT on a separate monitor?
  424. Embedded Sound Won't Play
  425. How do you change the x - axis on a scatter chart?
  426. Where can I find the html codes for my Powerpoint?
  427. How do I automatically start presentation once file is opened?
  428. tiff corruption in conversion to powerpoint 2007
  429. How do I find "Shadow Settings" for text in PPT 2007?
  430. Add-in, replace save menu item
  431. My pp Phot album if faulty
  432. How do I allocate different templates onto one presentation?
  433. powerpoint
  434. link files in power point
  435. Unable to load MS Organization Chart in PPT2000
  436. Custom Animation - PowerPoint
  437. Music
  439. How do you insert a .SWF into powerpoint 2007?
  440. Powerpoint add-in
  441. How can I add music? PLEASE HELP ME!
  442. Auto_close() Problem
  443. 1/4 point line in tables doesn't work
  444. Plugin events fire multiple times when multiple presentations are opened
  445. how can i embeded mp3 file into my presentation in power point ?
  446. Switch between PowerPoint presenter view and another application
  447. embeded MP3 file into prensentation
  448. 2 different size text boxes
  449. Scrolling text using animation credits stops early?
  450. How do I add text in the slide show (as in using flip chart)?
  451. Embedding sounds!
  452. removing transitions from powerpoint slides
  453. Printing Powerpoint handout in b&w shows text boxes
  454. Changes revert back to layout default -- why?
  455. Linking Presentations versus Inserting Them as Objects...
  456. Text box boarder in presentation mode
  457. Installed mspam and my computer locks up.
  458. what mpg formats can be used in PPT; is it just 1 & 2?
  459. export notes?
  460. logon script and power point
  461. How do I import Access data into forms on PowerPoint slides?
  462. Save file for read only access
  463. Have information on slide appear after clicks
  464. Can I dim an Image after animation in PowerPoint 2000?
  465. How do I loop sound in pps
  466. how do I make a power point slide with rounded corners?
  467. why does a new add-on go directly to disabled items in powerpoint?
  468. Object offsets when moving object by clicking and dragging
  469. Movie file Issues
  470. VBA: How to tell if selected text starts with first word of a paragraph
  471. Incrementing slides with queries
  472. Hyperlinks non-functioning in .pps
  473. Slide show - video sequence - internet
  474. I need a powerpoint template for a genogram
  475. my presentation will not open displays "can not read"
  476. Automatically slide all day
  477. Expanded Character Space in PowerPoint
  478. help
  479. Video in PPT
  480. Powerpoint new & old, Compatible or not?
  481. Why won't my slide show display when Slide Show button is clicked?
  482. Advance Slide Show with keyboard
  483. Lost pictures
  484. Clearing drop down lists
  485. png or eps graphic in Powerpoint
  486. Every time I open an existing presentation it opens as a new prese
  487. How to run an unattended powerpoint show on the extended desktop?
  488. Publishing to website
  489. File corruption
  490. edit>links
  491. 2007 compatability
  492. Why does my slide show stop at #97 of 100 slides?
  493. Pop-up glossary with action buttons
  494. PowerPoint Mac PC differences re slide shows
  495. Avoid manual slides
  496. How do I insert a picture in Power Point footers?
  497. fax cover sheets
  498. add html picture
  499. how to get powerpoint to recognise mp4 files
  500. how do I change this code so it will work?
  501. how do i make presentation continue when it is not the active prog
  502. How to capture desktop actions and movements to a presentation?
  503. Excel chart in PowerPoint resizes itself on laptops only
  504. Show tekst in ppt show only on click when requested
  505. Animating a chart. Where is "Chart Effects tab"??
  506. Getting movie clip visuals?
  507. Security options disabled on PPT
  508. powerpoint presentations
  509. can't find where to save as a .pps file
  510. Hiding objects from the start of a slide
  511. Flowing Lines/Arrows
  512. how do I set the default view when opening a file?
  513. Producer support
  514. Some links may contain viruses message
  515. How do I set a whole slide show to music?
  516. Page numbers on slide master.
  517. Slide titles truncated
  518. Powerpoint should let me change the style in photographic album
  519. Importing Chart from Excel and continue updating
  520. Adding music to a presentation
  521. I can't see a template I created when applied
  522. Slide Show Ending
  523. Slideshow loop
  524. Linking the Excel file to the PPT
  525. On Powerpoint, I can insert some sound, and some I cannot, why?
  526. Determining the ZOrderPosition. What shape is what?
  527. Cannot save a ready only file
  528. How do I save a presentation on a CD w/o losing background sound?
  529. Runtime Error with AddOleObject
  530. Issue copying Hyperlinks
  531. powerpoint custom animation grow/shrink custom size does not work
  532. Powerpoint 2007 Beta 2 : context menu not created by plugin
  533. Powerpoint language problem
  534. could not show presenter view to come up on monitor(have mult moni
  535. music
  536. Can a presentation be setup to run automatically on a DVD player?
  537. powerpoint presentations are geting corrupted.
  538. when ist not appropriate to use custom animation and transition
  539. Power Point 2003 and Power Point 2007 Beta compatibility Issue
  540. enter key not working
  541. fading a sound file
  542. Hardware or Software problem?
  543. how do I hyperlink a text box to print for the end user?
  544. Changing From Read to Write Format
  545. Copy to CD problem
  546. what is a slide?
  547. Toolbar view doesnt saved
  548. Need macro to delete all slides then propagate them again
  549. Change a rectangular picture to round picture
  550. Cannot play song ripped from CD
  551. Using animation to remove items from a slide
  552. How can I show a autostart powerpoint show through a DVD player?
  553. Why does my screen not change when presenter view is clicked?
  554. Fikree's Projects - Locking the File
  555. Powerpoint Chart Title and Legend with Shadow Font
  556. How do I use MP3 music files in power pt?
  557. Build array of Shape Names With VBA
  558. Which version of powerpoint do I need if I don't have one?
  559. Using Flash movies in corporate and sales presentations
  560. Embedded video in ppt has black blotches during play
  561. Create new chart
  562. how to insert autodesk dwf viewer files into powerpoint
  563. animated gifs
  564. Master format for text in native tables?
  565. Applying fly-over ability to a power point slide?
  566. Custom animation
  567. Jeopardy Game
  568. OfficeFX?
  569. Powerpoint objects and VB.NET
  570. It would be great to be able to randomize powerpoint slides.
  571. Powerpoint "hanging indent"
  572. How do I reverse the order of all my slides in a presentation?
  573. bullet transition
  574. paste function is not operational
  575. Extra lines appearing on printouts
  576. Is there a family feud style template for PowerPoint?
  577. how do you draw a pyramid
  578. Inserted movie in powerpoint blanks out
  579. Next slide selection from a hidden slide...
  580. the rotate command dialogue box does not work
  581. How do I change the new Microsoft Office file type?
  582. Why does the "play" box get unticked after I play shockwave/flash
  583. Not being able to edit text
  584. powerpoint internet explorer behavior
  585. How to reopen a .ppt file at the last slide being edited?
  586. how do i include an m4p file into ppt
  587. Inserting a Word Doc as an object
  588. Copying a Word table into PowerPoint
  589. Inserting videos into PP
  590. How do I lock graphics?
  591. Can't paste into PP from non-office programs
  592. Shadow applied to text in PPXP and PP03
  593. In Memory, Sonia Coleman
  594. problem w ppt 2003 semit transparent shadows....
  595. how do you...
  596. Why do fonts show smooth edges in slide show?
  597. Why does Powerpoint not have the strikethrough feature????
  598. PowerPoint emails pictures are upside down
  599. Saving MPEG files in presentation
  600. linking from powerpoint to excel
  601. How can I play a sound with a slide, everytime I go to that slide
  602. Grey lines under Titles in Outline View
  603. Powerpoint/ChangeCase/TitleCase: don't capitalize, "at, the etc"
  604. Articulate Presenter--Can the last slide link to a website?
  605. assign different master to one (first) slide
  606. font warning when saving
  607. how to make bullets appear on left side
  608. How can I use Smallcaps in PowerPoint?
  609. Can .ppt or.pps be cheaply, easily saved in Flash/like for wesbsit
  610. PPT vs PPS; Save As jpg
  611. Am desperate, need help with a PPT
  612. powerpoint to dvd!!!
  613. Origin graphe and animation
  614. Resize an organisation chart automatically
  615. How do I make an embedded sound fade out after a particular slide.
  616. Slide show
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