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  1. PowerPoint File with Chinese Character Set (Sim Sun)
  2. Removing tool tips from an autoshape buttons
  3. Powerpoint 2003 File Menu Not Working
  4. Powerpoint
  5. Add options to select image quality when exporting a PPT to Word
  6. visual basic
  7. Placeholders on Master Slides
  8. Powerpoint Save Error
  9. Audio CD won't continue to play after first slide
  10. MP4's
  11. Setting Tabs in Notes
  12. Printing Handouts
  13. How do I get rid of "Perfecting image"?
  14. Saving PowerPoint as html using reflection in C#
  15. how do I make labels
  16. copying ppt w/ music to a cd
  17. Can I save a PowerPoint textbox value in an Excel cell?
  18. Do larger powerpoint presentations require more RAM?
  19. SendKeys using Find dialog box...
  20. Projector woes
  21. Save "Insert/Sounds/Record Sound" for each file as narration
  22. saving "Insert/Movies and Sounds/Record Sound" for each slide as n
  23. Cannot get transitions to work
  24. How do I add blank notation lines to right of powerpoint handout
  25. Images resolution
  26. end a slide show automatically
  27. condensing large PPT files?
  28. Powerpoint Text Labels - Mass Update?
  29. Copy several slides onto a single slide
  30. Keeping PowerPoint format with cut &paste w/o paste special
  31. Bookmarks in PowerPoint
  32. Powerpoint suddenly refuses to insert .JPG objects
  33. Edit embedded chart from VBA
  34. How do I wash out a ready made design template?
  35. Inserting a screen snapshot into presentation
  36. PPT graphics turn black
  37. Powerpoint presentation
  38. copy/paste text format changes
  39. Slide show using all jpg in a directory
  40. How do I get the music to carry on from one slide to the next?
  41. How to have webpage hyperlinks open in a new window?
  42. still looking....
  43. Stopping sound from playing over multiple slides
  44. Hide Notes in Emailed Presentation
  45. Text Boxes Do Not Print
  46. media player opening my auto powerpoint cd
  47. Hyperlinks
  48. convert word doc to pp for slide show
  49. no thumbnails in powerpoint slide sorter view... how to fix?
  50. how to add a print and a save button to a running slideshow anyone
  51. code could be improved?
  52. detect a custom motion path?
  53. Powerpoint 2003 automatic startup
  54. Why not valid win32 application when all installed?
  55. Can anyone point me to business graphics templates?
  56. text in a placeholder resizes when printed
  57. how can I launch a Google video within a ppt show?
  58. Content "flies in twice
  59. Content "flies in twice
  60. Text over a Video
  61. Slide Transitions
  62. why is my powerpoint page scrambled when some people try to view i
  63. Editing grouped items without messing up animations
  64. how do you replace tabs with spaces globally
  65. Carryover animations
  66. Show/hide paragraph marks in PowerPoint
  67. Launch embedded pdf whilst playing PPS
  68. Screen tips
  69. Powerpoint embedded object problem solved
  70. Power Point Sound 2003
  71. how to end show automatically
  72. Powerpoint Examples
  73. Autoformat is off - but still functioning
  74. "copy-paste" malfunction
  75. slide design not showing design
  76. Using Macros to end PPS - can this be done, if so how?
  77. VBA in module vs slide
  78. Powerpoint 2003 - Presentation
  79. Convert Media Player to Powerpoint
  80. Music stops when slide transitions enabled
  81. Saving Printer Settings as Default
  82. PPT Test
  83. Microsoft Office Vista
  84. Add a button to presentation
  85. PowerPoint should have fields and field codes
  86. How do I email an individual slide?
  87. Changing default colour scheme for charts - specifically pie chart
  88. How to delete Outlook updates
  89. Inserting Different Page Setups
  90. VBA code to copy into Powerpoint
  91. How do I make a build slide in Power Point 2000
  92. How to put in a synopsis in Powerpoint
  93. how can you undo a custom animation in powerpoint?
  94. Powerpoint presentation
  95. I'm importing 2 .eps files, but one looks pixelated when printed.
  96. Text boxes in Title Slide Master
  97. Is it possible to change the size of a powerpoint slide?
  98. Viewing options in PP 2003
  99. Powerpoint needs to have layers - similar to photoshop.
  100. Missing pics :
  101. Custom Animation in PowerPoint...
  102. fading out sound
  103. Insert a photo onto a WMV file?
  104. Discuss the problems surrounding E-commerce such as security and
  105. download: where?
  106. Printing Color/Grayscale
  107. Program aborts
  108. copy slides for use w/computer w/o PPP?
  109. Can't hear sound in Embedded Flash
  110. Scatter Chart in PowerPoint
  111. vba and triggered action?
  112. Projector Wizard problem
  113. Windows 2000 - Powerpoint
  114. Why my power point don't have LINK under edit?
  115. Incidental music in PowerPoint
  116. Powerpoint presentation and excel files
  117. Current Date/Time
  118. Navigating to slides - again
  119. music stops!!
  120. Question marks print instead of bullet (25BA Unicode)
  121. Persuasion converter
  122. Stack Column Chart
  123. How can I create an index page for a 290 slide presentation?
  124. picture size
  125. possible to make an automatic presentation as a website?
  126. Time
  127. power point web pages break with link to .pdf or .doc
  128. Can I jump from one presentation to another while projecting it?
  129. Strikethrough text in Powerpoint
  130. Formatting Lost After PDF Conversion
  131. can you recover a deleted power point slide?
  132. How do I convert my automated powerpoint presentation to DVD?
  133. A hyperlink sends me to the wrong slide. What could be the reason
  134. Possible to pause a timed presentation?
  135. Footer does not appear on all pages
  136. Resizing image copied from Excel
  137. how to change video file format from .mov to .avi
  139. upgrade from pack and go to package for cd
  140. PowerPoint browse to insert slides should remember last directory
  141. powerpoint printing
  142. How do I change slides from using multiple clicks to one click?
  143. PP presentation changes from outline to dot points when emailed?
  144. pdf file not opening from link
  145. balloon or speach bubble?
  146. Customizing Powerpoint chart displays (?)
  147. Slide Orientation
  148. any art clip for veterances day - a federal holiday
  149. I have more than one song playing at the same time, how do I stop
  150. power point colors
  151. import document from word onto powerpoint slide?
  152. copy and paste motion path between objects
  153. How do I fix an error?
  154. locking ppt 2000 files
  155. How do I add two effects to one line, in power point?
  156. power point office 2002 will not play slide show
  157. RE: Can you rotate objects using motion paths?
  158. how do save a ppt from online
  159. How do I retrieve a powerpoint presentation that was deleted?
  160. Converting from Mac to PC
  161. How do I extract a picture that is set as a background in PowerPoi
  162. My custom animations are not transitioning properly. Several cli.
  163. How do I turn my saved powerpoint into a screensaver
  164. powerpoint pictures
  165. Halloween powerpoint
  166. Can't get Autoshape to print in true, dark black
  167. How do I start a PPT presentation automatically from a web site?
  168. VBA, triggers etc
  169. Powerpoint 2007 format shapes
  170. How do I have an XY chart plot a 3rd vector rather than just marke
  171. new Ppoint user
  172. Can I convert a font to small caps in PPT?
  173. Can I convert a font to small caps in PPT?
  174. How do I get 3D Power Plug graphics to transfter to DVD?
  175. Print specific multi-slide page numbers on PowerPoint handouts.
  176. code not working - why?
  177. blurry font
  178. format page number in Power Point
  179. Windows Screensaver to display while Powerpoint Slides are On
  180. How can I hyperlink 2 power point presentations?
  181. 2007 PPT won't display slides that use enhanced metafile images
  182. clip art not working properly
  183. How can I display a timer which is counting down?
  184. All I want to do is to create a 'quadrant' - a curved hypontenuse
  185. how do I open a .pps file in Outlook Express?
  186. Anyone developed a custom XML schema for PowerPoint 2007?
  187. Using a projector showing comments only on laptop.
  188. General ppt VBA questions
  189. MS Word Table to Powerpoint for Mac -- Only Opens in All Caps Font
  190. Graphics not visible on all ppt slides; visible thru slide show
  191. Can I use Broadcast Add-In for a PPS i want to upload to a websit
  192. org charts
  193. Powerpoint 2000 and Sony Picture Package - Insert Video Error
  194. Anyone have a list of custom bullets in PPT2003?
  195. how do i get powerpoint to make a summary slide?
  196. Briefing
  197. Autoshapes
  198. how do i put video clips into power point
  199. How to add menu items under "Package for CD..." in PowerPoint 2007
  200. slide design
  201. powerpoint on firefox
  202. Timing errors when ppt saved as .htm
  203. how do I print slides with transition timings showing ?
  204. Powerpoint 2003 line style isn't flush around pic in Package forC
  205. Can I crop a picture to be round not rectanglular?
  206. music & images
  207. VBA to remove ppEffectDissolve?
  208. Office 2007 ... a little feedback
  209. VBA and kiosk/triggers etc?
  210. powerpoint flash player installation issue
  211. Flash Player Installation re Powerpoint
  212. Emdeding Video File
  213. Powerpoint 2003?
  214. Copy a Picture off a website and put it in to word
  215. no sound with pps file
  216. speed
  217. help
  218. Textbox
  219. How di i set a background of my own in powerpoint?
  220. work on two presentations side by side
  221. ANN: PowerPoint Heaven Updates - 3 New PowerPoint Anime
  222. Play PP with my Laptop through Projector
  223. Event Handler Problem
  224. need IDIOT proof instructions to create macros in PowerPoint.
  225. Making an image on slide master disappear when clicked
  226. Fikree's Projects - PowerPoint Game, LaserQuest
  227. custom animation vs. transition effects
  228. Pictures of design templates on Power Point do not appear
  229. save graph in grayscale
  230. Have never had Powerpoint with XP-Why?
  231. saving a presentation as an .htm file with automatic timings
  232. Type in Chinese in PowerPoint 2003
  233. Hyperlink-update box
  234. PowerPoint Customize Page Layouts
  235. biology
  236. detect imported pictures vs. non-imported pictures
  237. PPT animation
  238. startup with custom powerpoint slide
  239. Change delay between two slides in PowerPoint?
  240. Power Point on the Web
  242. Navigate (move around) on slide
  243. Constrain points when editing shapes
  244. Powerpoint error message I/O error 0?
  245. Power Point
  246. How do I reverse the credits animation in PowerPoint?
  247. Inserting Slides
  248. Make word wrap the default setting for AutoShapes!
  249. 2007 Technical Refresh Issues
  250. editing of math type equations in power point
  251. Inserting image from Word into PowerPoint
  252. Powerpoint webbrowser
  253. PowerPoint 2003 Refreshes Slow
  254. File too large with pics help
  255. Where can I find/purchase images like...
  256. Text in spiral
  257. Change the toolbar language
  258. Mention measuring tool in PowerPoint
  259. can't save a presentation!
  260. Cancel the macro
  261. First Time creating a PP Presentation I need help
  262. 1st time making a PowerPoint Presentation
  263. customise slide layout menu bar
  264. Converting PPT into DVD's
  265. Images fuzzy
  266. SmartArt is Awesome!!
  267. Powerpoint 2007 tech refresh crash when printing (app restarts)
  268. Slide Layout thumbnail Images not appearing in the Task Pane
  269. How delete temp. files from documments, narrated, seem to multipy
  270. How do I enlarge the notes at the bottom of a Powerpoint presentat
  271. how do i animate ONLY ONE sentence in a paragraph/bullet?
  272. Shyam and Steve - any answers?
  273. "Template Help" is not available
  274. How do I print a multipage banner for the title of a poster?
  275. Make a sound clip stop when a new one starts
  276. background problems on two computers
  277. Making a hyperling automatic in a continous loop
  278. Blank slide appears when in slide show. Not in sorter view.
  279. Thumbnails too small to read in Presenter View
  280. Can't hear audio in Viewer
  281. copy and paste
  282. Powerpoint: Red Cross where image should be.
  283. Is it possible to insert a file into a powerpoint presentation?
  284. slow rate to download and play training PPT posted in my Intranet
  285. PowerPoint 2003 keeps freezing
  286. Imported charts disappear
  287. PresentationBeforeSave
  288. Update OLE links, linking to Excel
  289. text box in white blanks out my text how do i change that so i can
  290. how do I make a .jpg into a .ppt,.pps or .pot?
  291. How to transfer custom toolbar in powerpoint
  292. 100% CPU Usage
  293. how can I get a dictionary font that shows phoenetical spellings?
  294. Rerun of animation
  295. Narration
  296. sound files in powerpoint presentation
  297. Powerpoint 2003 question
  298. Printing posters or banners from PP
  299. Which task pane in Ppoint merges cliparts in a slide?
  300. Y Axis truncates
  301. Using a Wireless Presenter
  302. audacity problem
  303. View Slide Show with no Toolbars
  304. Images embedded in PPT template views distorted
  305. How do I create a 3 dimensional chart?
  306. How do i amend a previous powerpoint chart in pp 2003
  307. White box around Flash object
  308. Narration does not play with PowerPoint web page
  309. How do I fit / scale snapshot file to fit a Powerpoint slide ?
  310. Importing Presentations
  311. Animation of linked data from Excel - horrible resolution
  312. remove a slide from design template
  313. Can I use MP3 format audio with power point 2003 or producer?
  314. design template
  315. Stop / Start slide show remotely - or Refresh
  316. Can you crop an embedded Flash movie?
  317. How do I avoid seeing the slide backgrounds in a slide show?
  318. is powerpoint free
  319. Hyperlinks disappear with "no fill" on PPT 2003 viewer
  320. HELP: imported MPG does not play in PPT, it plays in WinDVD tho
  321. Help !!!! How do I add a scroll bar to a power point slide?
  322. How can I download design templates to my slide design file.
  323. Where can I find more templates for the diagrams?
  324. Fuzzy Preview
  325. Power Point Pocket directly to projector ?
  326. Can't start slide show
  327. Can't get college website pp presentation to work. Do have pp.
  328. Edit slide at some point of the animation scheme/timeline
  329. How can I delete a ClipArt collection?
  330. Going directly to clip organizer
  331. How can I copy slides with backgrounds?
  332. Can I customize Chaging case as adefalut setting for the Title
  333. where can i find a summery of the health and safety act 1974
  334. How do I create a table title in a PowerPoint Slide Item.
  335. powerpoint won't open .pps files
  336. Keep Source Formatting doesn't save
  337. how do i put a video on my powerpoint ?
  338. PowerPoint 2003 POWERPNT.EXE dated 9/26/06
  339. Calling a Java Script from within a PowerPoint
  340. PP web specs
  341. PowerPoint Outline will not open
  342. Automatically insert total # pages into Powerpoint presentation
  343. 2003 does not work after latest updates
  344. powerpoint error message in slideshow mode
  345. Sound stops after 1st slide
  346. Where can I find a good FREE birthday template?
  347. How To Add 3d Effects To gif Animation
  348. data disappears
  349. Producer A/V capture error
  350. Powerpoint should allow me to print notes in a handout format
  351. 2 slides on Handouts
  352. Repeat wav file in Powerpoint 2002
  353. accents in Power Point?
  354. how do I create a chart with two series in powerpoint
  355. File Open Window Default View (set to details)
  356. How do I make the background of clipart transparent?
  357. links between word and PPT or between 2 PPT files with bookmarks
  358. Embedded spreadsheets and charts don't print in black and white
  359. How to arrange subordinates in PP org chart?
  360. slide show help!
  361. what is the use of master slide,and how is creating.
  362. Producer Audio files not playing
  363. powerpoint podacsts?
  364. Slide with black background problem . . .
  365. Macros not available
  366. Hidden text
  367. viewing and printing powerpoint presentations
  368. Auto-Fit picture to slide
  369. Powerpoint
  370. How do I change the default color of text that is hyperlinked in P
  371. Copy a Powerpoint w/linked object & Excel source to a CD and keep
  372. Cannot Copy and Paste Hebrew text from Word into Power Point
  373. Can't edit embedded charts and worksheets in PowerPoint 2003
  374. set up profiles in Power Point?
  375. added song doesn't play
  376. How do you dim music in PowerPoint?
  377. What key combination do I use to insert Unicode in PowerPoint?
  378. PowerPoint2000
  379. Problem printing Slides from PwrPnt. Master page prints okay.
  380. Font colours when copying from Excel to PowerPoint
  381. Insert Windown Movie Maker into power point?
  382. Cannot print text in Powerpoint Presentation. Master Page prints o
  383. parts of files, how?
  384. How can I put an active link to a web site on a PowerPoint s...
  385. Sound file icon
  386. PPS file would open on one laptop, but not the other
  387. Creating Content Placeholders
  388. OPening a Pasword protected file
  389. Retrieving a deleted file
  390. Text Box in pps file
  391. how to put logo in each slide
  392. Logo in each slide
  393. Laptop Screen Alignment is Off When Hooking Up Projector
  394. my powerpoint prsentation will not pring slides with objects
  395. Viewing Power Point on screen or wall
  396. How do I remove the flicker of a movie slide?
  397. CommandEffect in custom animation
  398. How do I convert from powerpoint 95 to powerpoint 2003?
  399. How do I get powerpoint, pc does not already have this program
  400. October 2006 update crashes PowerPoint?
  401. October 2006 update crashes PowerPoint?
  402. October 2006 update crashes PowerPoint?
  403. How do I forward an entire Power Point presentation, via e-mail?
  404. Dual Monitor support
  405. PaintShop Pro tubes in PowerPoint
  406. PP2DVD
  407. how do i save a slide into my documents?
  408. how can i bring in one text and then a picture on the same slide?
  409. notes, pp can i see, but not audience during slideshow
  410. check on site please?
  411. How do I make a jpeg picture the background for my slides?
  412. axis design template on power point
  413. bulk convert jpg to ppt
  414. Master template table
  415. printing animated slides
  416. Problems with an Addin
  417. doubt on automating powerpoint
  418. Trial??
  419. Powerpoint document to big?
  420. 2007 beta refresh powerpoint issues
  421. Can I print powerpoint notes alone (without slide images)?
  422. print slide handouts with slide numbers outside of slide
  423. Application hangs when trying to change design template
  424. advantages of visual aids and technology in powerpoint presentatio
  425. Slide view in grayscale. How to paste to Word doc in grayscale?
  426. RE: Red Oval Highlight
  427. words over a video
  428. Excel Color Missing
  429. Re: Red Oval Highlight
  430. Coordinates of autoshape
  431. How to Run a PPS at WIndows Startup
  432. Powerpoint 2007 crashes when applying chart templates
  433. Enable/Disable Commandbar buttons in normal view
  434. Associating files with extension .pps to Powerpoint
  435. custom animation problem
  436. Speaker notes without dual monitor
  437. Modularing PPT Presentations (reprise)
  438. Powerpoint to DVD
  439. Can I import slides created in Lotus Smartsuite into Powerpoint
  440. VBA and "start after previous"?
  441. Resolution Web/Screen
  442. design change doesn't change all slides
  443. design change doesn't change all slides
  444. Sub- & superscript shortcut keys don't toggle in PP2007
  445. VBA Find will not return NOTHING
  446. Picture replaced by Black Box after save
  447. How do I cite references in the notes section?
  448. PowerPoint
  449. PowerPoint
  450. VBA and PPT - new book to me
  451. Image distortion when changing page set up orientation
  452. VBA - add kiosk mode?
  453. Movie Fade in/Fade out
  454. hyperlink to a click-through PowerPoint presentation
  455. Opening Powerpoint 95 files in Powerpoint 2003
  456. Opening Powerpoint 95 files in Powerpoint 2003
  457. problem changing font PowerPoint
  458. How do i save a power point presentation as "read only"
  459. Where can I find a sports related powerpoint template (football)?
  460. How do i get information about telematches for my ppt?
  461. same heading for each new slide
  462. update macro recorder in powerpoint
  463. Powerpoint viewer 2003
  464. How do I send a presentation to someone without powerpoint
  465. power point
  466. how do u get a song to play once in your power point
  467. how do u get a song to play once in your power point
  468. how can I make each slide have a different template?
  469. Powerpoint API to extract Notes field
  470. how can i return to the slide i was using after i've used a hyper
  471. Custom Animation on KeyPressed
  472. help please, i need to make a pp jpeg
  473. Text Indents After the First Line???
  474. Second Text Line Indents???
  475. Bullets Not the Same Size as Text
  476. how do I break Word table across PPt slides? Remain editable?
  477. Ppt Notes
  478. Producer and Windows Media Server
  479. PPT design template previews
  480. powerpoint
  481. deleting a slide in normal view
  482. sound not playing
  483. sound not playing
  484. sound not playing
  485. OfficeFX
  486. PowerPoint License
  487. Cannot print notes pages
  488. Problems when trying to spellcheck with a template from other coun
  489. Object Settings - Object Action
  490. max slides
  491. music: possible?
  492. More complex challenge on swfs in powerpoint
  493. template needed
  494. Comparative stacked column chart
  495. How do I get seprately downloaded power point slides together
  496. equation problems ppt 2007
  497. PowerPoint 2007 viewer
  498. Manipulating Images in PPT
  499. How do I have several slides automatically repeat in PP03?
  500. Ability to scale shapes has disappeared
  501. Full screen shows
  502. working with Powerpoint in office 2007 beta is very slow
  503. Add Motion Path Problem
  504. vba - how to adapt macro recorded code?
  505. How to sum figures in a Powerpoint 2003 table?
  506. show a summary(pop up) on mouse over
  507. Black text box
  508. TimeLine and Shyam!
  509. exit to desktop after last slide
  510. exit to desktop after last slide
  511. Two Issues
  512. Insert graphic for PowerPoint background, then fade image
  513. PowerPoint Mood Music
  514. Printing a document (in Word) in PPS via a hyperlink?
  515. font problem with PP
  516. how to do a demographic presentation
  517. Copy a Presentation to play elsewhere
  518. Cannot successfully assign a macro to an action button
  519. assign macro to action button
  520. assign macro to action button
  521. best equipment for large image presentation?
  522. How to broadcast PPT over IP to multiple monitors from 1 PC
  523. Installing PP 2003 Design Templates in PP 2002
  524. pause video during full screen
  525. Can I interrupt a looped slides to go to a slide outside the loop.
  526. how do I create a family tree?
  527. Beginner Macro Writing
  528. Scrolling number in a presentation
  529. PP2007 vunerable to Bloodhound.Exploit.84
  530. Send form input data to a spreadsheet
  531. Showing a single powerpoint presnetation on multiple screens over a local network
  532. Compatibility Problems with Mac and Windows Office
  533. Having problem showing movies in PowerPoint.
  534. CONVERT Powerpoint to a MOVIE
  535. make text within a slide to move without mouse click
  537. Tracking Changes with PPT 2000
  538. To add a sound in a power point presentation
  539. page numbering
  540. Copy effects to slide in PPT 2004?
  541. mhtml Displaying incorrectly
  542. How do I reverse the order of a datasheet legend in powerpoint?
  543. Logo Help
  544. 97 Timing Out of Sync in 2003
  545. Template background design
  546. Template background design
  547. Template background design
  548. Red X on charts imported from Excel when logged as non-admin
  549. adding JPEG image for powerpoint slides
  550. Embedded PowerPoint files into ASP pages
  551. Can you open web pages in powerpoint?
  552. Red handwritten oval highlight
  553. I can't create a new presentation or add text
  554. how do i remove arrows from ppt table border?
  555. powerpoint presentation
  556. Inserting video from C Drive into presentation
  557. Unpredictable behavior with hyperlinks/action settings
  558. Flash, Powerpoint, and autorun
  559. Placeholders
  560. Stopping sound in PowerPoint presentation
  561. setting image to be transparent
  562. setting image to be transparent
  563. Default Bullet - where did it come from - how do I change
  564. Play .mov files in PowerPoint 2003?
  565. How can I find the name of the excel file that I linked into msgra
  566. Finding the source of the Excel data linked to a chart datasheet
  567. Pictures won't display in 2003
  568. How do I force a powerpoint presentation to be "always on top"
  569. How do I force a powerpoint presentation to be "always on top"
  570. design a genogram
  571. questions for 2007
  572. How do I send powerpoint presentation into Word (Office2007 Beta)
  573. Editing
  574. Games/Quizzes in PPT
  575. Presentations & DVD's
  576. PowerPoint - Can you add more than one audio clip to each slide?
  577. how do I set the page size in powerpoint 2007
  578. I don't want hyperlink (path) to show on hover.
  579. I don't want hyperlinks (path) to appear when you hover over it
  580. Lines in line chart are too short.
  581. open slides as a full screen show
  582. How do I brighten a scanned document in PowerPoint?
  583. Changing the aspect ratio for slides in PowerPoint
  584. Fade In - Level 2 Bullets
  585. power point viewer annoying window at the end of a presentation
  586. how do I make words reappear on screen after "fade" applied
  587. Does a "bookmark" feature exist in PowerPoint 2007 ?
  588. Does a "bookmark" feature exist in PowerPoint 2007 ?
  589. slideshow - how to limit to hyperlink navigation
  590. how to activate hyperlink toolbar
  591. B2TR coversion of ppt 2003 slide master
  592. Animation effects
  593. template is not in the center
  594. sound effect possible?
  595. Can't rotate
  596. Pasting Linked Objects
  597. Paste Special - Paste Link - MS Excel Worksheet Object
  598. Automating e-mailed PowerPoint presentations?
  599. Play Video in Window
  600. Slow typing and application hanging
  601. Specs for creating a background image
  602. Test Boxes
  603. swapping images
  604. Organisation Charts
  605. Can a website done in Powerpont be converted to frontpage?
  606. best equipment for large image presentation?
  607. It works.
  608. 2 movies in a slide will not play all the way through
  609. IE 6 Hangs When Launching a Producer Presentation
  610. VBA question
  611. How do I change tabs and indents in Notes MASTER?
  612. Changing diagram (pyramid) colours
  613. VBA error?
  614. FileDialog Open in PowerPoint
  615. Ink annotation features don't work
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