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Application Information Popups (ie NOT internet popups)

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      19th Jun 2006
Can anyone help? (I do apologise if this has already been answered, but
trying to find this was hard, mainly giving me regular popups)

Many applications popup [Yes | No] Popups or [Cancel | Continue] etc, etc
and while a machine is not doing anything else these are fine, but when you
are busy typing often any key, or an Enter will choose the default offered.

I find this rather annoying when I am busy typing something (like this) and
you see something pop up and before your brain can read and answer it and
click the answer you've already typed something and your choice has been made
for you.

My question is, can these be sent to the background (like MSN Messenger
behaves when a new contact types something - it DOES NOT annoy you but waits
behind until you are ready).

Unfortunately (sorry, I'm an Aussie and we usually ask and answer a question
in the same breathe - "How you doing? Alright!") I guess this may be down to
the application writers ("oh we'll be smart, we'll pop it up above ANY other
application, even the current one they are using").

Has Vista looked in to this?

Thanks heaps, I will get off of my soapbox now

And yes, I'm alright.


Perth, Western Australia
(and very proud of our socceroos - 0-2 against Brazil - Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie Oi
Oi Oi!)

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