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API for Live Communication Server in .NET CF ??

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      1st Apr 2005
Hey Guys!

I am developping an application for videoconferencing on pocket pc for
academic use. I consider using the SIP protocol. I just discovered the
product of Microsoft called "Live Communication Server" (LCS) which seems to
be a great SIP Server for entreprise. I would like to know if there is any
API or SDK for LCS available for .NET CompactFramework.
If not, do you know any good .NET SIP Stack/SIP Client ?

I would really appreciate any suggestions!
Thank you very much!

Lionel Reyero
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Steve Maillet \(eMVP\)
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      1st Apr 2005
You can always P/Invokle the RTC APIs in the underlying OS. I believe they
are the same as on the desktop so you could search there for .NET classes
that could provide a starting point.

Steve Maillet
smaillet at EmbeddedFusion dot com

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