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The amazing disappearing VBA code

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      9th May 2009
I have an MDB that was developed in Access 2003 and now running in Access
2007. It has not been converted to an ACCDB file format yet. The file is
around 30MB with over 40,000 records that are used daily by approximately
200 users across a network. It is not split into a back-end or front-end.
It is on a share network drive that everyone accesses. I cannot, for
several reasons, split it and put a front-end on all the users desktop
across the business.

The problem I am having since upgrading to Office 2007 is that for no
apparent reason, all the visual basic code vanishes. All the forms,
reports, queries and tables seem to be fine, but the code is missing. We
are running Office 2007 SP1 on all the computers. The database starts fine,
the main menu appears, but nothing can be done afterwards.

I first thought that nightly backups were corrupting it, but the start time
of those were moved to a later time just to see if it made a difference. I
put in a time-out procedure that if there is no activity at the user level
after 30 minutes, the database closes for that user. I was thinking that
maybe someone was rebooting the computer while a database was open.

Another thought was that there were network issues across the share drives,
but the network groups says that there is no indication of any problems.

I did not have this issue on Office 2003 and never once had to do a restore.
Now, on Office 2007, I am restoring the entire database and copying tables
at least once a week. We are planing on converting the database to the new
Access 2007 on May 11th to see if that helps.

Any ideas or suggestions would be very helpful. I am at a complete loss on
this one. Thanks.

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