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Accessing a control's properties from a user control

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      18th Dec 2006
I have a situation where I have developed a user control that contains
several ImageButtons with hardcoded values.

In the codebehind I have a property that is setup to receive a string value
from the parent page. The properties value is also the name of the control.
So what I am trying to do, is when the property is set I want to use the
string value to reference the appropriate imagebutton and change the
imageurl property without having to do a large case statement.

For example...this is one imagebutton in the ascx file:
<asp:imagebutton id="CompanyProperty" style="LEFT: 35px; POSITION: relative;
TOP: 7px" runat="server"

In the control's codebehind I have the following property:
Public Property ActiveTab() As String


Return _ActiveTab

End Get

Set(ByVal Value As String)

Dim iButton As New ImageButton

iButton.ID = Value

iButton.ImageUrl = "images/" & Value & ".gif"

End Set

End Property

In the parent page's code I am setting the ActiveTab Property =

So what I am asking is how can I get at the CompanyProperty ImageButtutton's
imageUrl property without having to do something like this:

If Value="CompanyProperty" then

end if

Is there a way?

Thanks so much!


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