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how 2 share applications across all user accounts?

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      3rd Jan 2007
appreciate the help, should be easy, just can't figure it out....have comp
set up w/ administrator acct and 3 accts one for each kid...have tons of
programs loaded and visible under my user/administrator's identity; none of
"my" programs visible to the newly created kids' user accts...can't believe i
would have to individually load, for example...iTunes, Photoshop, etc etc etc
etc, individually, on each of my kid's three separate user accts, when
they're already loaded on the machine for the admin/me to use...call me
crazy, moved from a Mac to PC, just cannot get in the groove with some of
this easy stuff i guess...thanks in advance if anyone can clue me in!!!!!!!

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      3rd Jan 2007
Chances are these programs ARE available to all users, it's just that there
are no shortcuts.

A key difference in philosophy is that Macs actually store the programs in a
desktop folder, whereas in Windows (and Linux) what you see on the desktop is
a shortcut to the executable, the program itself being in "C:\Program Files"

To fix this , you just need to move the shortcuts from your own desktop to
the "All Users" profile. Then they will be visible to everyone.

You may also find that the Start menu has these entries under "All Programs"
- if so just hold the Ctrl key and drag them to the desktop.

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