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ECTS 2004

ECTS 2004 Article Author : Ian
Date : 6th Sep 2004
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This years European Computer Trade Show has come to a close, showcasing some of the up and coming products that will be appearing on shelves over the next year. Between the 1st-3rd of September 2004, developers, manufacturers, press and publishers all meet up in Earls Court to showcase and browse the latest gaming products. Ian and Matt both attended ECTS to see what they could find out.

The event is trade only, but dwindling numbers no doubt led to many members of the public being invited anyway. This years ECTS was the smallest yet, and 2 hours was plenty of time for people to get a glimpse of what was on offer. Luckily, there were several exciting products that caught our eye - and a chance to play against the "best gamer in the world" at a special ABit arena in Leicester Square in London.

Some of the main exhibitors included:


S3 / VIA

The S3 stand was one of the most interesting booths of the day, and PC Review managed to get a chat with Nadeem (the Product Manager for North America and Europe). Nadeem demonstrated the new OmniChrome S4 which is due for release later this year. The card has similar specifications and claimed performance of the ATI 9600 AIW, but with a price tag similar to the ATI 9200.

We reported the launch of the Deltachrome last year in a separate article, which will have a few interesting figures in it. The main selling point of the card will no doubt be the TV tuning capabilities, which comes with an impressive "Windows Media Centre" clone. This will be ideal for a SFF PC, which could be used as a TIVO box and a mini game station.

This is a product worth keeping an eye on, as S3 are aiming for a mid-low range performance graphics card with some extra features at a very attractive price. Expect a review of this card once review samples are rolled out.

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