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Siri Command List Article Author : Becky
Date : 25th Jan 2012
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Calendar, Reminders and Notes

You can use Siri to add new events to your calendar, and also to change or cancel existing events. If you want information about the events in your calendar you can just ask Siri for the details you’re after.

e.g. “Schedule a meeting with James at 2pm tomorrow”
“Move my 2pm meeting with James to 3pm”
“Cancel lunch with Susan”
“How is my calendar looking for tomorrow?”
“Where is my next meeting?”
“When am I meeting James?”
“Add Susan to my meeting with James”

Reminders are also a useful feature, and are quick to set up using Siri. You can also create location based reminders, which alert you when you get to (or leave) a specific destination.

e.g. “Remind me to call Susan tomorrow at 11am”
“Remind me to buy milk when I leave here”
“Remind me to email James about the book on Saturday”
“Remind me to feed the neighbour’s cat when I get home”

Siri will also record new notes for you.

e.g. “Create a note”
“Note that I need to buy milk, bread and cheese”
“Find my reading list note”

Unfortunately Siri cannot edit notes or delete them.

Clock, alarm and timer

You can ask Siri to set up or change existing alarms, and Siri will also give you world clock information. Here are some examples of the features:

e.g. “What time is it?”
“What time is it in New York?”
“Set an alarm for tomorrow at 7am”
“Wake me up in 8 hours”
“Delete the alarm for tomorrow morning”
“Delete all alarms”

Siri cannot edit existing alarms or set repeating alarms, but once you have set one up you can manually add a repeat if you want.

You can also use Siri to start a timer for a specific period of time, during which you can use “pause” and “resume” commands if needed.

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