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Siri Command List

Siri Command List Article Author : Becky
Date : 25th Jan 2012
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When Apple released the iPhone 4S, the world was also introduced to Siri, the voice activated personal assistant. Whilst voice recognition is not a new concept, the way that Siri works is different to software previously seen. You are not required to phrase commands in a specific way, or remember keywords – instead, you speak normally and Siri will ask for more information if needed.

There are a huge range of tasks that Siri can help with, and although it is still in beta (as of January 2012) Siri could change how we use our mobile devices forever.

Whilst we are all used to speaking to other people on the phone, having a conversation with your phone can be an alien concept. The attitude that a lot of people have is “why use Siri when you can simply type in the information / query etc yourself?”. Hopefully this guide will inspire and encourage a change in the way you use your iPhone 4S.

Meet Siri

You can access Siri in one of two ways: either press and hold the home button, or hold the phone next to you ear. Depending on your settings (Settings > General > Passcode Lock > Siri on/off), you may need to unlock your phone first. You will see a purple microphone icon and hear two beeps to indicate that Siri is listening to you.

Siri can provide information and examples of the kinds of tasks it can help you with. You can access this information either by simply asking Siri “what can you do?”, or by pressing the little ‘i’ icon next to the mic icon to bring up a list:

By clicking on one of the entries, you can bring up suggestions of things you can ask Siri. For example:

This article will start with a recap of the built in apps which Siri works with, and then move on to a more detailed look at the types of task Siri can help you with.

Apps Siri works with:

Alarms, World Clock and Timer
Find my Friends
Wolfram Alpha (you do not need to purchase the app)
Wikipedia Search

When speaking to Siri, you don’t need to specify which app you would like used; Siri is clever enough to figure it out.

Siri can also interact with social media apps, such as Twitter and Facebook (more about this later).

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