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Twenty-five years ago Finnish developer Linus Torvalds shared his free open-source operating system with the world. Linux, as it became known, is now used across the world by millions of corporate and private users and is apparently the 'largest and most pervasive open source software project in history'.

Read more about it at Wired.
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Facebook acquired WhatsApp back in 2014, but for the past four years there has been no change to the privacy policy... until now. WhatsApp has announced that it will be sharing more data with Facebook, which the company says will lead to better friend suggestions and targeted ads. Understandable, many users are not pleased with this change.

However, it is possible to opt out of this change during the update to the terms and conditions. You need to view the full text of the T&Cs, and tick the check box at the bottom to opt out of the data sharing with Facebook.

Read more about the changes at Tech Crunch.
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Fans of Dark Souls III will be pleased to know that the first DLC will be available on 25th October 2016, it was announced today. This expansion is called "Ashes of Ariandel" and unlocks an entirely new area to explore, as well as new weapons, armour, magic and also new multiplayer features. Check out the announcement video:

The expansion will be available on PC, PS4 and XB1 on 25th October 2016, and is currently available to pre-order. The second DLC is due to be released in early 2017 according to publisher Bandai Namco.
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Sony recently announced that two new consoles would be revealed on 7th September 2016, and judging by some photos leaked online today it appears that one of these may be the PS4 Slim. This console is expected to be a cut down budget version of the PS4, but we will have to wait until 7th September to find out for sure. The other console to be unveiled is the PS4 Neo, or 'PS4K', which will be more powerful that the existing PS4 allowing users to game in 4K.

ps4 slim.jpg

Read more about both consoles here.
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The 2016 Intel Developer Forum is currently taking place in San Francisco, and during the opening keynote speech yesterday Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO, unveiled Project Alloy. This is Intel's "all-in-one virtual reality solution", which incorporates their existing RealSense 3D camera technology. The platform differs from products such as HTC Vive and Oculus Rift due to the fact that it is a stand-alone product and does not need to be connected to a PC. Furthermore, the cameras are able to register your environment and hands, so external sensors and hand controls are not required. Overall, it seems to be a combination of VR plus augmented reality.

Project Alloy is not a stand alone product and it is not ready for consumers yet - instead, Intel are hoping that VR companies such as HTC and Oculus will incorporate the technology into their headsets.


Read more at Intel.
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You might have already heard about the 'NSA hack' (National Security Agency, USA) which came to light recently. In fact it was not the NSA which was directly hacked, it was a group that has been associated with them called the Equation Group who are themselves a hacking group.

Shadow Brokers, a separate hacker group, have claimed responsibility for the hack, and they have announced that they will be holding a bitcoin auction where the code will be sold to the highest bidder. Edward Snowden has been sharing his thoughts via Twitter, and Forbes reports:

Read more at Forbes. You can also read more about the hack at The Hacker News.
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There has been no formal announcement from Google, but a page has surfaced on GitHub (a site for sharing code) showing a new operating system called Fuchsia. There is no detail about the project, the only description is simply "Pink + Purple == Fuchsia (a new Operating System)". Android Police has speculated that the new OS could replace Chrome OS and Android with Fuchsia in the future:

Read more on Android Police and Business Insider
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